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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Jan 2002 Happy Angel Let's see - who wants to go the sweet way? Me!!! Ok, get the BIGGEST bars of chocolate you can buy. Lots of them. Stuff your face like the flying pig that you are. Eat and eat and eat... Your stomach will no doubt burst or something like that. That way you die happy. Yay! I feel happy, oh so happy!
21 Jan 2002 MANNIBAL Eat your wife
21 Jan 2002 Krackpot * Are you a Yoga fanatic? If so then you will probably be able to perfect the 'up your own a$$' position. When you have done this stay up there and don't come out. It shouldn't take too long before the lack of oxygen or the smell gets you.
21 Jan 2002 Ilya Well... I have read a lot of interesting stuff on this page! But to tell you my truth: the majority of suggestions on "how to kill yourself" involve to much physical or moral pain. Even the experience of watching your own death is a horrible/painful one. The easiest way to do it is thru drugs. Sleep pills are a good choice. Make sure you eat as many as you can in 1-2 minutes. A better, albeit a more expensive one, is to get a lot of cocaine. As to me, I just don't have the guts to do it... That's it.
21 Jan 2002 :-) I have an idea, watch the movie VIRGIN SUICIDES with Kirsten Dunst in it, there are so many different ideas in that!!!! It's my favourite movie!!!
20 Jan 2002 emily That's too easy, you slit your wrists, it may not work the first time though. Unfortunately it didn't for me but I am always looking for another opportunity when my folks aren't around to do it properly.
20 Jan 2002 there are 8 billion people in this sit world. does mine matter? clog the exhaust of your car... start the car and sit in the car while reminiscing of the good shit in life. The smoke will eventually kill you and take your ass out of this world like i am going to do tonight at 1:00 am when everyone's asleep.
19 Jan 2002   enlist in an african children's army
19 Jan 2002 fuckin sucks Well let's see, everyone you see walking around is full of shit. Litterally they are carrying around a ton of shit. Not to mention bacteria and other shit. People are full of it rich poor alike. There are no assurances only the lucky fucky get the money and bank. But here's the funny part most of the rich people are not happy, in fact they are far from it. Trust me I know many people and have travelled the world. Life simply is not worth living. So you may get a few ups here you're bound to get even more downs there. What's the fuckin point??? THERE IS NO FUCKING POINT!! PEOPLE LIVE THEN THEY DIE THAT'S IT, THATS THE FUCKIN POINT!!!! Suggested suicide make sure you have two 45. cal guns loaded and try to fire them at the same time at your head. Hope this works, may be trying soon...
19 Jan 2002 ariosto jumping from a second floor to a barbed wire fence and obtain terrible injuries so to loose all blood in your body in the way to the hospital
18 Jan 2002 rae drowning
18 Jan 2002 hunkydude The best way for a man to kill himself is always ALWAYS to drive a fast car over a cliff. There is nothing quite like it. You can better it only by driving fast out of a road fly-over into and over another traffic lane below........ and keep your gas pedal floored and engine roaring, till you hit whatever you are going to hit........... eventually......
17 Jan 2002 Lahash What is light without darkness, joy without pain? Life is a series of ups and downs. We may be on top of a mountain one day and deep in a valley the next. Anyone can tell you it takes a lot less effort to get down into that valley. You have to work hard to get to the summit of a mountain, but sinking low is easy. When we feel good it's hardly noticed by our little brain. There is a reason we have the saying "Time flies when you're having fun". But when we don't feel so good time is an eternity. Every second stretches on into hours and the very experience of feeling such a black mood quickens our path down the spiral. We forget what it was like to be happy, even start to think we never were. Eventually you get so emotionally, mentally, and physically tired that you just want it all to end. But it won't. No matter how much you wish, no matter how much you pray (and you will pray for death, pray hard, before you try to help it along) it isn't going to happen. And in your heart you know that things will get better. You know that, eventually, you will find something to place you back on that mountain. You may not believe what you know, but it is how life works. Unfortunately you also know that waiting is its own form of torture. Is it worth spending 5, 10 ,15 years waiting for a purpose? I don't know. But I'm at 5 years now. Life is still bleak. I still pray for death everyday. But I also add a little prayer for hapiness. I figure I have a better chance getting an answer if I provide a list of options ;-) And after all, isn't that what life is? Not that B.S. about "oppurtunity". Oppurtunity denotes getting something you want - and you may have noticed life ain't exactly a great provider. It's always been about options. A or B. C or All the above. Too bad you can't turn back the pages when you choose a wrong answer! And once you die you're not going to be making a whole lotta choices are you? As I said "life" is about options. And, as a gambler at heart, I like to keep mine open...
17 Jan 2002 __/)(__ If you are under 13, I recommend that you go to an overpass on a highway, not during rush hour, but when it is fairly busy. Time your jump into the fast lane so that you will get slammed by a car with a velocity of 75 mph, in addition to your falling speed. Hopefully all the bones in your body will become broken, and then you will be pulled under the car, and shot out the other side. Now your limp and very dead body will be bouncing all over the highway. In addition to killing yourself, you might cause the unlucky soul what was driving, to run into a cement wall. Or perhaps they will be driven into deep depression...

good joob
16 Jan 2002 Noelle Dawson I typed in "How to Commit Suicide' into and this was the best it came up with. There's a few good ideas here once you weed out all the bullshit (some of which I found VERY amusing--seriously I was laughing my ass off) and the goody-goody-bitches who want to save our asses by saying they love us. Seriously, this is a suicide page, so if you aren't suicidal then fucking press the 'back' button and leave. please. I was really disappointed in this site though. There aren't very many good ideas on here. Oh well. Humanity will get more creative next generation huh? Well, good shot though anyway. I admire you for making out this page--it was the only half-way helpful thing on this damned inter-fucking-net. Stay sweet, y'all...
16 Jan 2002 elena playing at the playstation more than 20 hours a day
16 Jan 2002 sophie Overdose of boiled lollies - leading to hyperactivity and eventual death by choking.
16 Jan 2002   I admire some people that are already dead. They don't have to see the world now and feel unbearable of anything. I wanted to jump (Building) before. But I asked myself that: what if I jump and 1/2 way through the 5th storey, I tell remember Oh crap, I don't wanna die yet! What am I going to do? It's funny to think how some people manage to kill 'em self. Not an easy work, really. I tried. Many many times and many many ways. But I just never had the courage. I know 1 painless way.
The next thing you know, you're either in heaven, or hell. I never had the courage to give it up either. I'm a idiot
16 Jan 2002 Someone It does take courage 2 die and I confess till now, I haven't got that courage. I'm only 14! People tell me I've got a way long life in front of me but who cares when you have to face the world everyday you're facing now?! I've done many things, broke many laws, never got caught and my parents just have no idea. It's hard to die when you have a big career dream in front of you and even if you know it might not come true, you're waiting for it. I have 2 dreams in a row about me going to die and I wake up n go: 'Oh thank god it's only a dream' then I began wondering if I really wanna die. But when you get real fucked by some stuff, you don't give a crap. I dunno... Life is messed up for me.
16 Jan 2002 Evelyn I dunno... I'm 13 n I'm still seekin 4 that answer

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