Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Aug 2014 reject wish I knew. cuz I want to end it on my bday. I,llo b 30 this yr and there is not a damn thing to keep me here aside from my dog. if I only knew the best painless way to end it I would be doing so on my bday. life is just never been meant for me. so fuck it. im out. bye
06 Aug 2014 HAMED Really?
23 Jul 2014 Val Jump from a bridge
20 Jul 2014 maple syrup and meatballs Ladies and Germs, you are invited to turd fest 2014. It will be the last week of august and will take place in any major city in canada. Planes and helicopters will fly overhead dropping tons of human feces on the cities as people below grab handfulls of excremint and rub it all over thier naked bodies and sing canadas anthem, O Canada, O Canada...
17 Jul 2014 edgar the edgar They are putting microscopic microchips in the food and water. They are inside you. They are cyborgs that know every thought you have. These cyborgs control various spytech from hidden spy cameras in the flowers to a hidden spy space station 10 miles deep in the sun. They even have human slave spys with cloaking suits that hide in bushes and trees. They have satelites that hide behind clouds. They video record everything you do. If they catch you they will shove a rubber hose into your nose and shove it all the way into your throat and feed you pure pork fat and calcium supplements. This will make your bones extra brittle and they will slowly crush your bones with a hammer. You will become a motionless blob with explosive diarrhea. Then they will launch you into outerspace all the way to the space station so the astronauts can sell you into the intergalactic sex slave trade. This is how they get all thier money so they can fund false flag opperations and the pro russian nazis in the ukraine.
11 Jul 2014 Marco Dorian Mi fa schifo la mia vita!
07 Jul 2014 Lucrezia Siete malati per caso?
Penso di si.
Persona want live, not die
05 Jul 2014 cai I am going to kill myself. Sooner or later. There is nothing sad or weird about this. I cannot remember what it was like before I was born. I will not remember what it is like after I die. Life is great while I am here, but shit... at least for me, it is temporary.
04 Jul 2014 me I Want to end my life whats the bast way to end it
03 Jul 2014 bandsaw Set up your bedroom so when someone walks in party poppers pop and streamers and balloons fall from the celing. A song also needs to begin to play. They find you on your bed lifeless. Then in a few moments a television comes on with a doll on a tricycle that says I want to play a game....
03 Jul 2014 world famous in 17 seconds Wait until the world cup. Run out center field totaly nude and shoot yourself in the head.

Tip: aim so your brains splatter on the security guards.
02 Jul 2014 sarah connor This site is full of witches that are casting spells on your mind for you to commit suicide and become so lustful you will nonstop maturbate 24/7. I know this because I had to go to the exsorcist and be sprinkled with water that made me catch on fire and smoke. They beat me with a rod until the demon came out of me. To stop this from happening I had several surgeries that transformed me into a cyborg. Now my problem is invisible robots keep molesting me in my sleep.
02 Jul 2014 my little pony Snort some bath salts.
02 Jul 2014 butt cheese and crackers You should never kill yourself. If you situation is the problem just leave. Make a new life. If your brain is the problem they make medications. If you are farting and cant stop point it away from me. I am allergic to farts and I may vomit on you.
02 Jul 2014 zane overdose on Viagra,your gentials will fly off and hit china. and you die.
30 Jun 2014 midget stew Take everything out of your refrigerator. Unplug it. Crawl inside and shut the door behind you. The door will seal and you wont be able to open it. You will suffocate.
30 Jun 2014 Yogi Tape some fish sticks all over you and go find a bear in the forrest. Maybe take a jar of honey and a picnic basket.
30 Jun 2014 McSuicide super size me Go to McDonalds. Go in the playland ball pit and lay at the bottom with all the balls covering you. Be very still and wait until your parents leave. Keep waiting until they close. Now get out and go eat all the free ice cream you want. Then you will be happy.
30 Jun 2014 :( :( :( I ran over my kitten with my bike and its intestines squirted out its butt. It started to run away and the intestines were trailing behind. I feel so bad now. It ran under the house and it died. It smells bad. It was an accident. I did not mean to kill mr. Fluffy. I just want to die now because I did such a bad thing. I am going to jump in front of a truck. I am so sorry mr. Fluffy.
28 Jun 2014 broken and crushed in Hind sight is seeing out your arse. Life blows. I am going to climb in a tall tree and jump on concrete sidewalk. Head first. All of you that want to email me to say no wait dont do it it will get better.... you are a liar. It wont get better, you just need me to think that it will so you can continue on In your own delusion that your life is good. At least I am honest. All I want is a picture of my body outlined in chalk posted on the internet. Then you can see for yourself what my the brains of someone who doesn't lie look like.

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