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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Dec 2001 Philly The best and most painless way is to die of Hypothermia. Get totally pissed- till you can hardly walk, soak your clothes in cold water, find a quiet spot outside when the temperature is below o degrees c, and sit there for the night. You'll soon fall asleep from the alcohol, and most likely not wake up. Painless effective death. However theres always a chance of being brought back even after you've 'died'. Best way in my opinion.
10 Dec 2001 freddy od?
10 Dec 2001 cai lewis jhonny p is a dick, it's only a life, personally I don't give a flying shit if I killed my own mother, and the sooner all mankind dies out the better.
but the first I would enjoy to see go is either, george bush, the pope, or jhonny p for being such a dick.
paracetamol pills dont work they just, eat away at your stomach and liver, I want to go the good way off with a friend, bottle of whiskey, and a knife to wrist (downward slice across all the veins and arteries) and I would like to do something artistic with my dying moments, like hang from a public bridge, covered in my own blood.
I want the world to stare in wonder at death, something they'll all have to go through, and hopefully let the moron side of the world see that, there is no hope, and death is a better way for all.
Thanx for reading, sorry if I droned on.
10 Dec 2001   getting married
10 Dec 2001 Jessica i really need to know the answer. i'm not 13, more like 18. people keep saying that everything is going to get better? well, WHY THE FUCK HASN'T IT?! anyways, for the first time in my life i am not scared. i may feel empty, but certainly not scared. i've tried taking a bottle of my sisters seroque, but all that got me was 2 1/2 months in the psych ward. i've already disappointed my parents, unfortunately i was able to live and see the look on their face. hopefully next time will be better. what do you think slitting my wrists? i was thinking maybe to overdose on exstacy... would that be painful or pleasurable?
10 Dec 2001 *fag*in*van* well these people doesn't know anything about suicide, trust me. ok try this things.
-sleep on a highway at night, I'm sure you'll never wake up.
-or tie yourself on a train tracks
-slit your wrist
-take a whole load of pills
-try taking poisonous substances like
bleach or washing detergents etc.
and if all of those doesn't work then get a gun and shoot yourself in the head and if that still doesn't work well then you know what it means........
you're immortal.... oooh.... Immortal...
10 Dec 2001 A+ passer 1 heure à me voir "vivre"
10 Dec 2001 youngpup i too was hoping to find the best way. i would have assumed slitting of the wrists would be the best.
After hearing the stories of cords that break, knots that untie, and drugs that don't overdose - the more i realize i wasn't so sure of any method.
i suppose the best methods aren't mentioned here because the people who used them can't fill in a web-form anymore.
So i would suggest further research everyone.
09 Dec 2001 Life Sucks I wish I had known a good way when I was 13.
09 Dec 2001 Chump I'm not under 13, in fact I am over 40. I've thought about suicide off and on since I was 10. Tried it a couple of times in my 20's but always chickened out. Now I am 42 with two kids, a shitty job and a piss poor attitude. My ex plays me for a chump all the time... last week I loaned her money to help her get a place, helped her move in to her new place and helped her get a phone and pay her deposit for electricity. My reward? I get to watch the kids all weekend while she goes out drinking, dancing and fucking with her boyfriend. The bitch can't even see how much she hurts me. I have had three long term relationships ove the last 22 years and they all treat me the same... like a chump. I don't remember the last time I was happy, I'm so sick of feeling like shit. Tomorrow is my day off, the kids will be in school, I'm going to clean my house then sit in the tub and slit my wrists. Fuck you all.
09 Dec 2001 Wanting to escape wrap a plastic bag around your head then tie your hands together
09 Dec 2001 Wanting to escape eat poisonous mushrooms
09 Dec 2001 Wanting to escape go sky diving with out a parachute
09 Dec 2001 Wanting to escape get into a burning furnace
09 Dec 2001 Wanting to escape perform a lobotomy on yourself
09 Dec 2001 Wanting to escape chain smoke cigarettes until you die of cancer. ouch
09 Dec 2001 Wanting to escape make a pipe bomb and stick it up your rectum
09 Dec 2001 looking for ways out Take a hundred viagra and while you masturbate die of a heart attack
09 Dec 2001 looking for ways out Eat a million daddy long legs
09 Dec 2001 looking for ways out join a suicide cult and find eternal peace. Or better yet, start one and get as many people as you can to join.

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