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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Apr 2002 Becky There's a lot of ways... I should know. You can cut your wrists, Overdose on perscription medicines or tylinol<sp?>. You can inhale helime for like 10-20 mins. Stuff like that
10 Apr 2002 Noelle Eat those little packets of that grainy stuff that comes with various things that says "Do not ingest"
09 Apr 2002 Phil DAN, 15 paracetamols will not kill you - they will make you puke up blood and put you in a lot of pain , even 25 paracetamols won't kill you (I should know) - you just puke them up with blood and its fucking painful, I CAN TELL YOU.
I dont want you to die, but if you're going to do it DO NOT use paracetamol!!!
Your liver fails and you can die in the most painful way possible. If you are going to do it without pain then jump off a very tall building, or sit outside in the snow when the weather is FREEZING and you will die of hypothermia, which will be painless.

The best thing when you are suicidal is to try to keep going for one more day - find something like a TV show or something to give you reason to live a little longer. I wanted to die not so long ago, but now things are looking positive. Ok, things are still very shit, but I have a reason to live, and SO DO YOU. Please find that reason, cos we all have one!!

Good luck and lots of love,
09 Apr 2002 demonic angel Hi i really need some help here. I've attempted suicide so many times I've lost count, my life is really messed right now too. Most people think i'm a loser and treat me like shit, my own mom even made fun of me, life is getting a little better but i still feel like shit, last year i was really fat, my mom called me a 500 pound freak. MY MOM!!! and my dad? well i don't know him so i cant really say anything about him except the fact that he beated the shit out of my mom while she was pregnant with me! He sliced her with a beer bottle and left here for dead. unfortunately she didn't die and i wouldn't experience all the tortures of life. I haven't seen my father all throughout my life and i'm not allowed to see my mom because of childrens aid, i live with a mentally insane grandfather who treats me like i'm 2 years old, and an over pretective grandmother who's lost control of my grandfather. I am not sure what i'm going to do right now. i don't think things will get better for me....
09 Apr 2002 sonofabotch about the 12 year-old girl who got raped by her grandad, i know this girl who got raped and beaten up by her own dad, he survived, i mean, you're gonna forget it along the way. i contemplated the fuking thing when i was younger. look at me now. i'm not the screwed up 13-year old anymore
09 Apr 2002 Karlynn hi i'm 14 and i attempted suicide around 10 times, once i slit my wrist damit it hurts that's not the best way, the other time i took a tylenol because the docter said that i have a 50/50 chance of dying. All that happened was i got vilently ill. other times were pretty much the same.
09 Apr 2002 Karlynn take a knife and slit your throat, the pain won't last that long
09 Apr 2002 The Laminator Laminate yourself.
08 Apr 2002 LIFE=SHIT hi there i'm 15 and i have already attempted suicide last january with sleeping pills but i was found out and saved. I wish i could get my hands on more sleeping pills and this time i would do it right without anybody knowing or any other drugs which would make me just go to sleep permanently. So could somebody please help and give me some painless suggestions. And don't bullshit me with your sentence life gets better cos it doesn't. I've realised that after waiting 3 years after going through sexual abuse from my grand father. Well I took him to court and got nowhere the bastard got away with it. But life doesn't get better. I lost my virginity to a 57 year old man when i was only 12. I've lived with that for years and no i don't want to live any more so please give me suggestions.
08 Apr 2002 Suicidal4-life (which shouldn't be too long) Mouchette I would just like to say that I read some of the posts put up by Simon Cowel and he is wrong, I think you're great. This site is very creative and it deals with the problem of suicide which most other people are afraid to even mention. Yes, you do have ways to commit suicide listed in this site but that is what freedom of speech is for. It is not your responsibility if people choose to actually go through with it or not, and along with the suicide methods I've also seen many people offering their help. So don't listen to what people say and keep this site the way it is for the rest of us out there who feel like i do.
07 Apr 2002 Ashumz Okay I was reading like almost all your quotes and responses! You people are f-cking stupid! There is NO reason bad enough that you would have to kill yourself and for the girl who tried to jump off her fire escape and her parents caught her THANK GOD! You need help hunny! Go somewhere! My friend Kate tried to kill herself 3 days ago cuz she didn't get along w/ her MOM! omg that is SO crazy, she is 14 only 4 more years b4 she gets out of that damn house!! You people are just plain stupid if you think that suicide is the only way out! Cuz you can ALWAYS make things better... there are no excuses
07 Apr 2002 maya i can't answer, i'm already dead
04 Apr 2002 David Under 13? How aboout 31
03 Apr 2002 sarah j by drinking poison
03 Apr 2002 cowie well if you wanna kill yourself in a slow and painful way then i suggest that u just get a 6 inch nail and shove it up ur nose into ur brain cavity then turn it in little circles while that sets in.... get another object and puncture the thin layer of skin in the back of ur throat... it will kill u instantly... if not cause so much pain u will want to put yourself out of ur misery so.. it will happen pretty damn quick...
02 Apr 2002 Ian You should be happy and not want to kill yourself.

Do you want to kill me instead?

I love you!
02 Apr 2002 conal Wait... sit around... watch the world... if you don't like what you see, go somewhere else (preferably somewhere warmer & cheaper) doesn't really matter. the whole trick is, just see the world as a story, with good and bad, drama and boredom, and it's live! and 3D & all, and you can even interfere and change the whole story...
And in the last chapter... you will die.
So will I. So will we all. So why hurry?
(Ok, so maybe you are serious about it, and have a lot of reasons to hurry... come on: change the reasons, don't just kill yourself. that's the most boring thing to do, really...
02 Apr 2002 conal ok. my last one probably wasn´t really funny... at least for people who have found themselves in similar situations in real life.... so: the best way to kill yourself, when you´re under 13 is of course: hashish ! loads of it, consumed in any possible way... the best thing about killing yourself this way is, that it won't work ! (the deadly dose for good hashish is about 5.5 kilos in one go), so, it will leave you with the choice to continue smoking (eating, drinking...) tetrahydrocannabinol for years and years until the damage on your brain, lungs and social life will kill you, or ! to quit smoking on a later occasion, thereby cancelling you suicide.
And this is the real advantage over other methods of suicide: the option to cancel...

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