Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Feb 2002 Julie I had a friend that i was close to, we did everything together. we were like sisters. we changed together, we went through the prep, fucked up and that is were we stayed. we often cut our wrist, od on tionl, and did all the fucking drugs we could get our hands on (for being only 12 & 13). I stopped because i had been sent away for a wile. when i came back she was almost dead. she had cut-up most of her body from head to toe, i had to convince her she was doing something wrong. Now WE are going thrugh the freak stage but when people look at us they see all of our scars on our arms, legs, and during the summer on our stomachs. we lived through it and now we are happy that we are still alive.
24 Feb 2002 Lucy C PS - Stop it Mouchy... you've got a mind like a sewer!!
24 Feb 2002 Lucy Cortina A large pair of... ******, Mouch. Or in other words my nunga nungas. If you're comparing me to my aunt Fanny, then I guess I would be beautiful. You can see her nunga nungas when she takes her shoes off! I think I may recommend that she goes for some reductions.
23 Feb 2002 classified I would like to talk to someone about this... all my friends do not want me to kill myself but i can't find a reason why not to. My e-mail is and my sn for aim is doglovrlizzi
23 Feb 2002 Isaac Hey,, the best suicide site out there. Made by suicidal people. Go there, and understand the real suicide.
23 Feb 2002 LaDonna To anybody of any age that thinks of suicide: I went through many years of actually planning it and almost carrying through. I have gotten past that but it the thoughts of suicide, death, and dying cross my mind often. I suffer from depression and anxiety. These thoughts still happen though take medication. I have times of joy and inbetween as well. I am labelled a bipolar or manic depressive to some. I believe we can't ever get rid of the bad completely. I am learning to live with the flow. Music is a great help as well as are other people. Feel free to write to me if you want to exchange thoughts. You will get no preaching from me about whether or not to do anything. Everyone must make their own choices in life. I choose to keep living. To me, it is the best choice. I care about me. It did take a long time for me to care when no one else did. Peace.
23 Feb 2002 To Lucy Cortina A large pair of what? Tits?
Is that what makes you beautiful?
And happy too!!?!?!!?!!?!!!
Is that the answer?
(I should've known...)
23 Feb 2002 Lucy Cortina Mouchette darling, do not despair - I'm still here and I've got a large pair.
(I've always been krap at poetry). Anyways, I will get back to business as soon as my UHM (Ugly home membership) has expired.
23 Feb 2002 Earl Kim im 15
i been through worse im still a little poor im doin bad at school have a lot of pressure from my parents and everyone. I dont have any friends I try to make some but there is no out there that are similar to me
Im not that socially gifted and i try hard to get friends but people are mean!!!!


I say COMMIT SUICIDE I hate my life i like a girl name Megan thats why im still alive but she is perfect and im not, I think of her as a Goddess or God and im like the Devil UGLY. if everything starts falling down ill commit suicide and ill post it when i die Please INSPIRE PEOPLE TO KILL THEMSELVES LET THEM GO OFF THERE PAIN
22 Feb 2002 Misskathyx Pour les moins de 13 ans, je conseille le bain chaud car les enfants aiment bien prendre des bains chauds, puis de cette manière ce n'est pas très douloureux et puis c'est amusant de se baigner dans de l'eau colorée en rouge... il suffit de te faire couler un bon bain très chaud, puis tu prends une lame de rasoir à ton papa, tu t'ouvres les veines des deux bras... attention ! tu ne te coupes pas dans les sens de la largeur, c'est pas pour des vrais suicides, de cette manière ça foire une fois sur deux, tu ouvres ton bras dans le sens de la longueur, comme ça tu saignes beaucoup plus... deux trois ouverture de 10 cm de long sur chaque bras et tu plonge ceux-ci dans l'eau chaude, avec la chaleur les veines vont se dilater, les blessures aussi et le sang sortira beaucoup plus vite de tes veines, et tu te sentiras partir lentement, en douceur... en plus, l'avantage du bain, c'est que si l'on te retrouve avant que tu aies perdu trop de sang, il y a des chances que tu te soit quand même évanouie avant et donc noyée... voilà, bonne chance... bisette petite...
22 Feb 2002 skipsilver grow pimples
21 Feb 2002 elsa faire une overdose de milky way
21 Feb 2002 Tormented Live with my father for a month
21 Feb 2002 moe ok, whatever you do, do not slit yourself, it doesn't kill you. only a little amount of blood will come out. i haven't heard of anyone who died of slitting. if you're found after the day you slit yourself, there are still chances that you can survive
21 Feb 2002 Too Much Hey you need to do something and this stop to think in suicide an everything you could do it for this is right, one of the things that could help you is stop, an one is stop to think in what u don't have or what you had loose or what's wrong in your life becouse the 90% of your life is great and this little thing that make you feel as bad to try to suicide must stop to hurt you.

If you're here for help you need to know that deep in your soul you just want that the pain stop and really not suicide

This could help you a lot as it done for me I find help and belive it can keep you alive, don't hesitate belive it.
20 Feb 2002 total failure hi. i'm a loser, a failure. terrible grades, won't graduate, overwhelming bills, no friends, nowhere to live now (getting evicted), no electricity (doesn't matter anyway cause I won't have anywhere to live), I owe my school too much money, I'm just a total failure. I love my mom, my niece and my two sisters, but I can't go on any longer. what can i do that is easy, fast and painless? I just want to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
20 Feb 2002 marry poppins i'm 21 and in college. My life isn't going the way i want it to go. I'm not really sure what it was about it, just everything in general. I have thought several times about killing myself. I thought about cutting my wrists, but i don't think i could do it. I don't see any meaning to life, i find it all rather silly. I want to die, i'm just afraid. any suggestions?
20 Feb 2002 R. Rodabaugh Suvorov Ask your mother for a postpartum abortion.
18 Feb 2002 Tom Brown (Just so you know before I start, I'm 18) The Best way to kill yourself is the good old-fashioned knife to the wrists. Sure, I've done it before (with little success) but I'd do it again. It costs nothing for the knife and it's quick and easy. The only time I'm ever happy is when I'm on E pill or speed, so I have two decisions; 1, Buy loads of drugs with no money. 2, Attempt the classic suicide again. What would you do?
Just so all you 13 year olds know, Life doesn't get easy and pain doesn't go away.
18 Feb 2002 Big Daddy You Americans, you're all so, so dull. And the language used on the site is like that of a sailor ...ladies, gentlemen please, you're really doing the English language a disservice. Finally, as a closing remark, I think you're really underestimating the intelligence of the average teen. Kids remember, a 13 yr old commiting suicide is like a dog walking on it's hind legs - it is not done well, and you are suprised if it is done at all.

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