Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Feb 2002 marry poppins i'm 21 and in college. My life isn't going the way i want it to go. I'm not really sure what it was about it, just everything in general. I have thought several times about killing myself. I thought about cutting my wrists, but i don't think i could do it. I don't see any meaning to life, i find it all rather silly. I want to die, i'm just afraid. any suggestions?
20 Feb 2002 R. Rodabaugh Suvorov Ask your mother for a postpartum abortion.
18 Feb 2002 Tom Brown (Just so you know before I start, I'm 18) The Best way to kill yourself is the good old-fashioned knife to the wrists. Sure, I've done it before (with little success) but I'd do it again. It costs nothing for the knife and it's quick and easy. The only time I'm ever happy is when I'm on E pill or speed, so I have two decisions; 1, Buy loads of drugs with no money. 2, Attempt the classic suicide again. What would you do?
Just so all you 13 year olds know, Life doesn't get easy and pain doesn't go away.
18 Feb 2002 Big Daddy You Americans, you're all so, so dull. And the language used on the site is like that of a sailor ...ladies, gentlemen please, you're really doing the English language a disservice. Finally, as a closing remark, I think you're really underestimating the intelligence of the average teen. Kids remember, a 13 yr old commiting suicide is like a dog walking on it's hind legs - it is not done well, and you are suprised if it is done at all.
18 Feb 2002 Nayf Guys if u wanna kill yourself just go ahead and fucking do it don't moan about it. Just know this it is THE most selfish thing anyone can EVER do!!
18 Feb 2002 Bick Make a giant sling shot out of your dad's bras (yes you heard me correctly) and fire yourself out the window onto the pavement. If it doesn't work the first time, you'll be forced to try it again because it's so damn fun.
18 Feb 2002 Chrissy To live a long life and let age do it for you.
18 Feb 2002 andy take a sringe and inject pure air into your vien, this is quick painless and easy.
17 Feb 2002 orc love the best way to die:

grab some sunshine tunes and go for a walk. read some escapist fiction. clean your room. write an email to one of your friends. eat a granny smith apple. read poetry.
17 Feb 2002 chris shoot yourself in the motherfuckin head
16 Feb 2002 nick i already rote but everythin i read so far is juss like me im a really big fuck up and did basically every drug there is and now im addicted 2 a bunch of shit and have no more will 2 stop i neva new i would b such a fuck up at 13
16 Feb 2002   i cant handle this shit i wanta kil myself everythin is fuct up i cant chill wit any1 cuz there parent think i m a bad influence i wanta die
15 Feb 2002 Rene Colmenares (nick: Too Much) I'm here for help you so if you have a suicide idea and you must know that one of the things that keep me alive is that I find help email me.
15 Feb 2002 SATANZ MINION OF SCUM! hey, I'am 13 and i fucking hate the world. i have fucked up everything already! my mum is ashamed of me, can i blame her? every thing i fucking touch turns to shit. no wonder my dad started shaggin sum slut who is young enough to be his daughter! but she's not his little girl, i am. but does he pay any attention? like fuck does he! He is a twat and i swear one day I'll rip his bollox off and use them as earings!!! poor innocent little me, Ha! I'm fucked in the head and i need help! but do i get any, no! I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE! DIE DIE DIE! bye bye happy smiley peeps gonna go and get fucked!
15 Feb 2002 Dead Need suicide Partner
email me
15 Feb 2002 the whore in the bak room talk 2 me. please. yeah, im a hooker and a junky, i know pain. i dont want no fukers 2 die cos i can help. im manic depressive and im here 4 any1 who needs me. thank u 4 ure time.
14 Feb 2002 Meika In response to my own sugestion:

What I meant is that it does'nt give a person the right to kill themselves. It is just an understanding of why people do.

I've been there....and I'm still alive to prove that we all have suicide thoughts at one time or another. We are not alone in this thought. Every one starting at the age of 9 to when we die will have these thoughts. As a child we may have had some rough dealings and believe that by killing ourselve is a way to spite those who did us wrong. When I was 10 I threatened to jump off the bridge, all because I was confused and did not understand the situation at hand. My suicide thoughts did not end there. I was later diagnosed with clinical depression and it was traced back to the age of 3. The only thing I have'nt tried is to hang myself or to shoot myself. I have OD'ed many times. I also have had an abusive relationship of which my partner mentally, physically and sexually abused me. I now because of this am a much stronger person.

I now see what the situations are and personally believe that for myself....time heals.

I have studied, got a degree in fine arts. I am a professional artist. I manage a web magazine based in fashion and soon another based in art. I will also be dealing art and fashion as time goes on.

Life is not what it seems when you see the greater picture.
14 Feb 2002 harry i want to die.... grades and parents are too much pressure... what home drug that i can swallow will kill me and will not let me live such as: let me live with brain problems... i just want to die... i can't get my dad's guncase open... i want to die... can u help me.... tell me what kind of drug will kill me but cause no cardiovascular disorders.... I just want to die... that's all
14 Feb 2002 tweak sniff so much cocaine that your bound to die and go on a city rampage.. and if you get caught.. shoot yourself
^_^ have a nice one!
13 Feb 2002 kate Mouchette,
I urge you to take this page down. I'm guessing that your essential reason for creating it was to gain attention as an artist. Well, I'm a senior at a prominent art school, and I have to tell you, this idea is crappy.
Shock value is simple and easy (both to create and to understand) but it is often devoid of richer readings. And in your case, tasteless.

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