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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jan 2002 moe there are a lot of haters of this site, but i support you. just get those pills or drinks that can kill you. it may hurt for a while, but, in the end, IT HAS TO BE A FUCKING LOT BETTER!!!
22 Jan 2002 Meika overdose a fucking sleeping pills and hope you die... we're smarter than one may think
22 Jan 2002 does it matter? u start smoking like me
22 Jan 2002 chris ok i have thought about it again!!! and i said that gas is the best way b/c it would just kill u in under one minute, trust me i used it on my dog and it's killed in damn near instanly. but since i was sitting here thinkin about it i came up with a better solution: what u do is get some gun powder, i mean get a lot of it. and what u do with it is put it in ur mouth and make sure that u have ur mouth completely full. and what u do next is get a match and put it in your mouth. and before u know it ur head is off of the rest of ur body. this is what i think would work better than swallowing a cupful of gas. and ppl say that slitting ur wrist doesn't work. i have never tried it but most ppl are pussies when it comes to slitting ur wrist. if u are going to do it make sure that u use a big kitchen knife and it would be better if it had a schraded edge. don't press down softly either. make sure that u press down with all of u might and make sure that u are excluded from ppl. be somewhere in the country or some shit. and i have one last way that i am going to tell u about. well i sat here and thought about this one for a while. but u have to find someone that is willing to take the death penalty!!!!! but u put ur head on a cinder block and the u have ur comrad that is there with u get a sledge hammer and in just one blow to the upper part of the skull ur are dead instantly. so find someone that wants to die so they will be willing to go to prison or have them have a gun and as soon as they have hit u. they take their own life. well, ppl while i was writing this i thought about which way i'm going to go. i'm fixing to end this letter to y'all. but as soon as i get off the computer i'm going to get a knife and just slit the fuck out of both of my wrists and then im going to light up a ciggy and remember all of the good times in life like smoking that kill. so ppl i hope that i have helped u in anyway that i can. but plz don't send any responses b/c i won't be here to answer them. so peace to all of my suicidalholics. and i'm going to be dead in the next 10 mins. hell i may even light up a ciggy and a joint, no fuck a joint i want a sweet (blunt) well im outa here. and mom and dad if u read this i just want u to know that i love u . bye bye dead 17 yr old
22 Jan 2002 chris yes ppl the best way that i can think of to kill urself is to get a metal container and and fill it with gasoline. and don't drink it real slow b/c u wont be able to. just take it and gulp down as much as u can b/c its doesn't take that much. well ppl i hope that i'm of some assistance to u. and feel free to email me.
22 Jan 2002 figuresk8r82 Well after going over many forensic pages I would have to say that drinking lysol would be the best way to go about things... it would sting terribly I'm sure but hey it would get the job done...
22 Jan 2002 chris hey ppl i am not 13 i am 17. and today i got arrested by the cops b/c of my parents. and now i'm thinkin about doin it. and i hope that they really know that i love them so much. but i am just sick and fuckin tired of living. they don't know how i fell right now. i am most likely going to be put on probation and i'm not goin to cut for that shit. i was on it for 15 mths and i hated it . it's all their fault b/c they didn't have to call the cops. i swear i think about this all day everyday. and i don't know which is the best way to do it but i think that i'm going to get a cup full of gas and just drink until i'm not here anymore. god i just love y'all so much, mom and dad and even jason. and at my funeral i want want y'all to play my favorite song. and that would be high so high by south park mexican. and i want y'all to know that i love y'all very much and it all didn't have to come about this way, but it is the best thing to make me and y'all both happy
21 Jan 2002 ~@*+-=)$%£ Become a Satanist. Oh, somehow I don't think that will work. They are usually the ones killing other people right? Well since they drink blood maybe they could get blood poisoning.
21 Jan 2002 Happy Angel Let's see - who wants to go the sweet way? Me!!! Ok, get the BIGGEST bars of chocolate you can buy. Lots of them. Stuff your face like the flying pig that you are. Eat and eat and eat... Your stomach will no doubt burst or something like that. That way you die happy. Yay! I feel happy, oh so happy!
21 Jan 2002 MANNIBAL Eat your wife
21 Jan 2002 Krackpot * Are you a Yoga fanatic? If so then you will probably be able to perfect the 'up your own a$$' position. When you have done this stay up there and don't come out. It shouldn't take too long before the lack of oxygen or the smell gets you.
21 Jan 2002 Ilya Well... I have read a lot of interesting stuff on this page! But to tell you my truth: the majority of suggestions on "how to kill yourself" involve to much physical or moral pain. Even the experience of watching your own death is a horrible/painful one. The easiest way to do it is thru drugs. Sleep pills are a good choice. Make sure you eat as many as you can in 1-2 minutes. A better, albeit a more expensive one, is to get a lot of cocaine. As to me, I just don't have the guts to do it... That's it.
21 Jan 2002 :-) I have an idea, watch the movie VIRGIN SUICIDES with Kirsten Dunst in it, there are so many different ideas in that!!!! It's my favourite movie!!!
20 Jan 2002 emily That's too easy, you slit your wrists, it may not work the first time though. Unfortunately it didn't for me but I am always looking for another opportunity when my folks aren't around to do it properly.
20 Jan 2002 there are 8 billion people in this sit world. does mine matter? clog the exhaust of your car... start the car and sit in the car while reminiscing of the good shit in life. The smoke will eventually kill you and take your ass out of this world like i am going to do tonight at 1:00 am when everyone's asleep.
19 Jan 2002   enlist in an african children's army
19 Jan 2002 fuckin sucks Well let's see, everyone you see walking around is full of shit. Litterally they are carrying around a ton of shit. Not to mention bacteria and other shit. People are full of it rich poor alike. There are no assurances only the lucky fucky get the money and bank. But here's the funny part most of the rich people are not happy, in fact they are far from it. Trust me I know many people and have travelled the world. Life simply is not worth living. So you may get a few ups here you're bound to get even more downs there. What's the fuckin point??? THERE IS NO FUCKING POINT!! PEOPLE LIVE THEN THEY DIE THAT'S IT, THATS THE FUCKIN POINT!!!! Suggested suicide make sure you have two 45. cal guns loaded and try to fire them at the same time at your head. Hope this works, may be trying soon...
19 Jan 2002 ariosto jumping from a second floor to a barbed wire fence and obtain terrible injuries so to loose all blood in your body in the way to the hospital
18 Jan 2002 rae drowning
18 Jan 2002 hunkydude The best way for a man to kill himself is always ALWAYS to drive a fast car over a cliff. There is nothing quite like it. You can better it only by driving fast out of a road fly-over into and over another traffic lane below........ and keep your gas pedal floored and engine roaring, till you hit whatever you are going to hit........... eventually......

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