Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Mar 2002 mouchette I would beg, if I feel like it. But only in my own name, not in somebody else's.

Now Lucy Cortina, if you can write good stories (with a title) write them, otherwise shut up! It's not a good place here for arguing and getting personal attention. Suicide candidates are not in the mood for that ...
08 Mar 2002 Lucy Cortina Still not convinced.. it wasn't so long ago you begged me to come back, and self conceited? I'm too young to understand such a fancy word! Ok, time for a dictionary...
08 Mar 2002 lisa all of my grandma's pills (for her heart, blood pressure, pain, etc) and a big bottle of pop to wash them down with!
08 Mar 2002 mouchette Non.
I wouldn't go into such tricks. This is my own board and I don't need to pretend I'm someone else to write what I want. I sign with my name and email cos' I'm the boss.
Aren't you being a bit self-conceited Lucy Cortina?
08 Mar 2002 Lucy Cortina HEY MOUCHETTE! Ok, I may have a brain as large as an orange, but I have finally worked out that 'Objective observer' was YOU! Eh? Trying to provoke a reaction from me cos I wasn't posting for such a long time, non?
08 Mar 2002 steve hamlin dress like a hermaphrodite. then hang your self upside down so all the blood drains to your head. shoot your head with dads gun over their bed. then they get home and see the mess
08 Mar 2002 Will Hey, to everyone who has sent in a message and who is reading this one. This is all coming from the bottom of my heart. I'm 15 years old and I hate my life. I agree that if one has the right to live, then you have the right to not live as well. No one should get in your way of doing this! Ya, you might hurt your loved ones, but does it really matter in the end? I mean, when you leave this world, you've left and that's it. Nothing more. I'll tell you a little bit of my life, because I too am looking for a way to kill myself fast and painless. Life was great all the way up till 6th grade, from there life dropped. Nothing went right after that. Something is wrong in my personality or something! i don't know what it is. I've tried to help myself but nothing works. I was never one of those nerdy guys or anything like, a matter of fact i did a lot of modeling but still this did nothing for me in any way to help my confidence or anything of the such. The more I tried to help myself the more depressed i got. I haven't decided when i'm going to do it or how. But i'm definitely not doing any of that cutting yourself crap. I thought the best way is a gun, but it's hard to get hold of those sometimes. So help me find some way to do it with household items. In conclusion, i'm a failure, and i finally give up. I don't want to deal with it anymore. Anyway thanx for reading this.
07 Mar 2002 To meika from mouchette What shock value for heaven's sake?
Nobody in the art world is interested in the suicide kit! No art gallery or museum curator would come to read or write in it. For them, the question is provoking enough (I've put that question online more than 3 years ago), that's where the art is, and not in your answers. If it was only for provocation I wouldn't bother updating all your entries, people, correcting your typos and sending an automated email to warn you that your message is published. And what do I get for that? Your moral blames!
The internet is full of suicide sites where you can publish, why do you come here?
07 Mar 2002 minky Here is something from a diary that i found hidden away where no-one could find it.

Last night I could'nt sleep. It has been 6 weeks now. What's one to do? I took a knife and craved little crosses all down my arms and took photos of the blood. Both of my flat mates asleep (lucky bastards) and bored out of my mind I decide to get horribly stoned and get paranoid from all the sounds and shadows that lurk across my walls. What fun at 3.21 in the morning. Later on I might wake up one of my flat mates... only cos I'm stoned of course. And I'll probably fuck him too. Eh... flat mates who have sex... stupid but it happens... and it's easier that having to go out and find someone. yippy
07 Mar 2002 meika This one is for you mouchette. Do you think that by enabling a site such as this that you can possibly give suicidal people good ways of executing themselves?... Do you feel that by creating a site that relies on shock value is able to get more notice than an artist in an art gallery?... If I was to take a picture of myself taking a shit from the back end and grinnin' do you think that it would cause the same kind of publicity that you have managed to gain here?

I want a personal answer not the same one that you send out to every one that writes something down here.

If I get that same answer I will know that the idea of mouchette has lost its potential value as art.
07 Mar 2002 Anara Lynne The best way to kill yourself if you're under 13 is a noose! or maybe pills... gather all the pills in the house and swallow them all... and pray that you don't throw up.
06 Mar 2002 Lucy Cortina I'm so sad that i've resorted to looking at my old diaries. I will share them with you -
My fabtastic holiday in "och-aye land" (or scotland, if u prefer)

5 hundred years after driving with a madman at the wheel (dad) and 2 mad things in a basket (Angus & my sister). After 2 hours of trying to find a cottage and listening to Vati ramble on about the 'wonderful countryside' I was ready to pull Dad's head off, steal the car and drive, drive like the wind back home. The fact that I can't drive stopped me, but I'm sure that once behind the wheel, i could pick it up?
We finally arrived at some crappy cottage in the middle of nowhere. When I first looked at the cottage I couldn't stop myself from saying: "You can tak' our lives, but you cannae tak' our freedom!!", although I didn't much feel like Mel Gibson at that point.
So, I was completely stuck in Braveheart land with the nearest shop 12 hundred miles away...
04 Mar 2002 Graham Norton Did you see, did you see - Kylie Minogue is rumoured to have had cosmetic surgery on her bum. Apparantly it was a gift from her boyfriend, who loves splashing out on her ass!

It's all just SO surprising!
04 Mar 2002 w wank non stop under a cover and lose oxygen
04 Mar 2002 stifoo connecte-toi 1000 fois par heure sur le site de mouchette après avoir pris le soin de lire toutes les pages "suicide" tu découvriras bien une solution... n'oublie pas de dynamiter ton ordinateur avant de mourir... bonne chance!
04 Mar 2002 KK the killer s'immoler par le feu. ça dure plus longtemps et les souffrances sont plus atroces encore
04 Mar 2002 Already Dead Well it's a done deal. I am officially going to end my life tomorrow, March 4th(my birthday). What's the meaning of life anyway? Pain and suffering+ being a slave of money until you die. To all you peeps who think it will get better as you age, it won't.
Now if you are depressed and wanna kill yourself, I suggest, it helped me get through some bad times but it's just not helping anymore.. I gotta go, cya on the otherside..
03 Mar 2002 nauruboy please don't die.
03 Mar 2002 Earl Kim Hi, its me I got alot of suggestion from my e-mail. ..........
So i liked to say i Agree on what people have said. School shootings, i can give you good ideas but I shall not be a part of it.

The best way to die in a school shooting is wear all black suits (REMINDER MUST WEAR ALL BLACK, EVEN THE GUNS)
Get suicidal people at your school, Get about as much as you can get. But some want fame so jus let them. I would get about 50 people on my army, start planning this massacre on senior graduation day so theyll remember their graduation forever HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Buhahahahhahahahahahhah .........
After planning really carefully get guns that a military would use.
OK NOW THE GOOD PART weeeeeeeeeeee

Ok go plan which class room your friends are in after that do something dramatic (like say Im sorry I hope you forgive me) after that point at your friend look at him an then aim at other people in your friends class, leave your friends the only one alive)

If its a girl you like
Then the take down you may die
03 Mar 2002 Lucy Cortina And something else... Dr. Harold Shipman, I live quite near to you.

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