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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Mar 2002 >schalke 04< This site is really the pits>>>>
16 Mar 2002 Simon Cowell No Mouchette, I didnt expect you to reply.
16 Mar 2002 Cant take downs butthole When I was 8, I tried 2 jump off 9 stories building with my younger sister only 6. In the end, we went back to bed instead. Right, you're thinkin "Hello?! 8!!?? What problems is there supposed 2 be?!" Being eight years old wasn't an easy task for me. I'm 13 now, and I'm still lookin 4 the way n courage 2 die. Life has ups and downs, well, just take it that I'm that butthole who can't take the downs. Struggling my whole life to meet my parents expectations are crap. They just can't accept that I'm 1 of those students who's lazy, always wants fun, super money spender and just waste my life away. People just don't seem 2 understand what I think and that pretty much suck. I have 2 asshole parents who think they're doing all the good sorts for me but...
15 Mar 2002 Simon Cowel I do have friends Mouchette but I, like everyone, have a certain amount of spare time. When searching for advice to help a suicidal friend, I did not expect to come across such a site as this.
More than anything it disgusts me. And if you want 'amusing' posts then you could surely think of a better way than this? Have you considered that many of the people here are really toying with the idea of taking their lives, and, how do YOU personally feel about that?
Does it not bother you, even if very deep down?
I do not know much about you, but I guess you are quite fucked up. Have you ever experienced suicide in its rawest? I seriously doubt you have - to see a cold, pale dead body hanging there in your garage, or to see a young girl whos face has turned yellow and her kidneys are failing, and she is in so much pain, well have you?
Since you are so proud of your site maybe you should get out there and see it all for real.
15 Mar 2002 Paolo the best way to kill yourself is by ODing, ya get so high ya can't feel a thing. just don't puke it out or its useless(Obviously) i tried it once and am planning too again when no one suspects anything. i would have been dead if my GF didn't call and notice i was high as shit and have to call my folks.

"Death is Life's only reward!"
15 Mar 2002 Judas I most people overestimate the amount of pain they can take and the amount of courage they have, so, the easiest way is to swallow pills, but this is a very uncertain way, and is only recommended if all you want is attention. the most certain way (with the right equipment), with not too much pain, and not too much courage required, is hanging, if you have the right rope (strong enough!) and the right falling-distance. this is not required, but if you manage to break your neck, you won't feel pain, otherwise you will suffocate, which isn't really a nice feeling, but since you can't do anything about it, you'll die. Remember that taking alcohol gives you far more chance to succesfully finish your attempt. further: sliding wrists is a failure in 99% of the attempts, injecting air in your veins and electrocuting are extremly painful, jumping takes an enourmous amount of courage, suffocating from gasses is something I didn't try yet, so I can't tell... taking an overdose on drugs is rather expensive, but if you do, take preferably heroin or cocaine, not XTC or other soft-drugs. poison from plants is rarely strong enough, and certainly not with plants growing in our climate. everything orally taken is vomited, try to gradually take pills if you haven't the courage for hanging, two or three every half-our or so, so you won't vomit them...
15 Mar 2002 Gudrun Anneken I don't really know because I'm not 13 anymore. But I remember the feeling of suicide wanting when i was 16. in that time i was often limitless lonely and wanted to die with albert camus. but then there was life and it seemed to me more interesting than death. But the question never left me and now i'm sure it's a part of life to think about how to cross the last limit. Greetings and congratulations to your site. you are really 13? i think sometimes it's hard for you to move so many different thoughts in mind, heart and body, isn't it?
15 Mar 2002 renit anyway anyone else would die. eat some nails.
15 Mar 2002 cyndi lauper suffocating them in my muff
14 Mar 2002 André grandir, ainsi tu tueras l'enfant en toi.
13 Mar 2002 A Suicidal Helper I'm still here for help you not for judge anyone I just want to hear you becouse I know why are you here, and probably you have so much pain and want to kill yourself, but I could help I have pass for this.
13 Mar 2002 objective observer I was reading your favorite entries and I see you posted many from Lucy Cortina. A LOT actually.

Well I didn't mean to cause such consternation with my objective observer entry. How could I have predicted anyway? Truth is I am just some dude who was screwing around.

Mouchette you ARE INNOCENT!

Now, while I have got your attention there is one thing which bothers me about this site and that is giving dangerous advice on how to commit suicide. Could you post a category on how not to commit suicide or something? Do you really want a 12 year old to drink drano (which is painful and should NOT be done)?
13 Mar 2002 Mouchette to Simon Cowell Do mean to say you have friends? If you really did, they would've kept you away from sites like mine... Your post did make me laugh and yes that is the reason why I find it worthwhile to maintain such a site. *bisou*
12 Mar 2002 Simon Cowell Mouchette, you make up all this shit yourself. Why bother? No one thinks you are great or anything, and, what do you have to gain from this site? Ok, a few laughs at funny posts, but suicide is much more than that! God knows even who the hell you are and you must have a such a sad sad life. Go and find some friends like the rest of us!
12 Mar 2002 David Bradley stick a glass bottle down your neck and smash your windpipe with a hammer and in doing so you will break the glass, which will cut the lining of your throat, leaving you to bleed to death with very little blood present
12 Mar 2002 Mr Wimble visiting this site on a daily basis which becomes a living death for the 13 year old and continues into adulthood.
12 Mar 2002 Julio No Mouchette... MARRY ME!!!
12 Mar 2002 Nicole Actually, what I was thinking is that it might, in a way, comfort someone in their time of need. I've been in a suicidal position a few times before, and really it sobered me to think how much I could actually do it. Most of the time when people (especially the "children under 13" you talked about) think about suicide they aren't realizing what it means to die; they're not thinking straight because they're worked themselves into a panicked feeling that doesn't allow them to have perspective over their thoughts. But actually confronting death usually will snap something human and instinctive inside of them that says "Woah... Hey there, I can't die yet, maybe it will get a little better tomorrow if I just wait it out a while..." and many of us know that waiting, just delaying the act, usually will stop the person thinking about suicide. And it's almost obvious that no matter how depressed you actually get, if someone on the street mugs you, you'll be scared... The fear meaning fear of death, resistance do dying. This might sound a little barbaric too, but if the person, child especially, seriously wants to commit suicide, bad enough that it ends up happening, I'd be fairly positive that it ISN'T because of MY POST. If they were that serious about ending life, they'd do it another way even if my post didn't exist; possibly in a way that disfigured their body so that it would be extra-traumatic for people to find them. I think my way is best, that's all.
12 Mar 2002 masoud D'avaler beaucoup de cachettes,
de se faire tomber d'un endroit trop haut,
de se faire naufrager comme Mouchette même...
12 Mar 2002 ian tomasiak marry me mouchette

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