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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Apr 2002 jour rêvé sucette au fond de la gorge serrée
26 Apr 2002 Lucy (feelin' juicy) Cortina. ADVICE DESPERATELY NEEDED:

I've always thought Mum's bedroom smellt rather fishy. I just assumed it was dads socks. but no, there is a stronger smell.
Since Mum was out babysitting (pay me as much as you like, but i will NEVER look after 3 puking, screaming little brats in my life), i decided to get to the *bottom* of the odour.
Mum's computer had been left on. I switched on the screen and discovered the most awful disgusting abuse i have ever seen - PRAWNography!!! Eughh!!....
i feel like i don't know my mum anymore.
How could she approve of the abuse of innocent prawns?
I'll never look at fish pie in the same way again, especially if mum is cooking it.

(If any police trace me, please be gentle on mum. The thought of a policemans truncheon sends her slightly wacko, and although dad likes his pink knickers, he stands by his woman (mum that is, not himself!) and will protect her).
I would be grateful for some friendly, (unsexual) advice, thanx.
26 Apr 2002 Heather You don't you need to live
26 Apr 2002 demonic angel (responding to "in search of an answer")
hey i have an idea: run away from your problems, u say you have an abusive brother, run away to covenant house or some other place, it's better than killing yourself, you don't really have that many reasons to anyways, ok? And so your mom's a bitch and she wants you to be the best... HELLO!!! THAT MEANS SHE CARES ABOUT YOU!!! AT LEAST YOUR MOM DOESN'T MAKE FUN OF YOU AND SAY THAT YOU'RE THE CAUSE OF HER PROBLEMS!!! (that i'm not sure of, though) my mom nearly died of alcohol poisoning and she blames me for it! She beats the crap out of me sister who is gonna turn 12 soon while my brother (6) is screaming bloody murder at her! oh and at least you have a dad! he may be in a wheel chair but you have one! my father walked out on me and my mother, she was so mad at ME for that, that she left me with a schizophrenic grandfather! And you know what he did when he found out that i wanted to kill myself? Instead of giving me help the motherfucker yelled at me! So you think you have problems? Have you ever had to live off the street? Eat out of fuckin garbage cans? When i ran away form home i went 1 week withought food! At the end a half eaten wendies hamburger looked good enough to eat! One week all i had was an open bag of peanuts i found behind a dumpster! and i didn't kill myself, i just went with it even when i got cought stealing some food at a mall and i got arrested i didn't kill myself. Thing will get better for you and if your brother bugs ya again let me know i got fucking connections around here........ if you live in Toronto i can help you.... and if not just run away, or get a fuckin swat team after him! You can charge the bastard for assault! Tell everyone you know and you're not a piece of shit! Think better of yourself and things will get better, they sort of for me....
25 Apr 2002 Heather To take a knife and carve pretty little designs in your skin then, as you cut go deeper and deeper until the last petal on the flower means the last of you.
25 Apr 2002 richard west cut your nob off and look at porn
23 Apr 2002 elfi bronsard se jeter sous un train
23 Apr 2002 Candy Razor/wire
21 Apr 2002 FatBoy John I'm Fatboy John and I'm really fat and everyone at school hates me, even my own family hates me... they say it right to my face. I have long greasy hair and big juicy pimples all over my face, I really like playing online games because I have no friends and, as I said before, everyone hates me. I've never attempted suicide but my dad has a gun so I guess i'll just paint the wall with my brains, buh bye cya in hell
21 Apr 2002 Matt the same as the best way to kill ur self whatever age u are, there is no best way, sides they all = the same result, so which ever is the least painful i guess
21 Apr 2002 Loser I am 19, I am going to college and doing really well, I'm also a pretty good hockey player and a play bass guitar in a rock band though we haven't played in months. Of course I have no friends, I have never had a girlfriend and I can't remember a day in my life where I haven't thought of suicide. Gee, I feel so much better writing this on a site where nobody will read it.
20 Apr 2002 Sam the Butcher When I was 13, I used to cut myself with a little knife that my father bought me as a gift while he was traveling. If I hadn't had those, I probably would have stolen something else to do the same thing. I thought things, back then, would never get any better. But then things got a lot better! One chance occurance lead to another, which lead to another, and another! And then I started leading a really interesting life -- but then, as my "interesting" life became normal, it became background scenery, and the blandness and imperfect of the world krept back in. And now, the only reason I stay here is because I'm concerned about hurting other people after dying. I just don't like things. I just don't like things at all. I just wish I had never met anyone. Then this would be much easier.
20 Apr 2002 Dumb_AND_Dumber run up to a bee hive or even a wasp nest then scream BLA BLA BLA and then start to kick, punch or even eat the nest/hive. If the bee's are poisonous to u well that is even better, they will sting u to death and u will look like a pin cushion
19 Apr 2002 Lucy Cortina Can someone please french me up?
By the way, whoever it was who used my name on some poem about chips and cod or summat, it wasn't me.
19 Apr 2002 oh,.,, today is my birthday, im 19 now,., i love this question and these answers,.,,, like small words get filled up when all these people explore them,.,,, i dont know why i look at this site all the time,.,, i cant say i like anyone's answer in particular,., i dont want to be alive a lot but i cant say i relate to what anyone here has had to say,.,,. i look around on the internet a lot when im sad because there's so much to see and plus i feel pretty alone and i try to find at least one other person that could think like me,.,, it hasn't worked yet but i think the internet is the wrong place to look,.,, anyway,., i just felt like celebrating my birthday here instead of anywhere else,.,, becoming part of all this other unfulfilled muck that can only find its strength and meaning from people's constant amendments to the way this website looks,.,., i feel like i should answer the question simply because it's there,,.,, but im very good at making music and i constantly look forward to a day when im famous and i can set up a video camera and cut my wrists pretty bad but not enough to kill my tendons and tape me playing piano and see how long i can stay conscious,.,, i think that right now that is the most beautiful thing i can give to this world,.,, i would play my prettiest song and anyone could watch me dying spitting out the best my mind can do at trying to react to life,.,,,., i spend hours and hours a day making up songs on a piano and a lot of the time im thinking of how perfect it would all be if my wrists were pushing out my blood and i knew i had to do the best i could because those would be the last notes i would play,.,, and then to have it on tape to show other people like me so they can cry like life really is this bad,.,
18 Apr 2002 phyco bitch I don't expect people to understand, I know they won't. My arm hurts so much when I don't cut, I want to die. I long to cut almost as much as I long to die, to be absorbed in the pain, to watch the blood run down your arm gives you peace. My mind, my body screams out to bleed.
18 Apr 2002 MANIK best way is to be me
18 Apr 2002 p. premièrement-avalez 5 billes de plomb de 3 kilos chacune enduites de cyanure
deuxièment-sauter du 15ème étages d'un immeuble dans une piscine avec un sechoir électrique dans chaque main.
17 Apr 2002 jimmyloizeau patience. plan well this should take at least 65yrs

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