Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Mar 2002 Set In front of your parents while making a political statement
10 Mar 2002 enzo the best way is definitely to pretend you're much older
10 Mar 2002 Chris List was shit... do your research half of that shit wouldn't work.. and i always thought god was the one to decide when we were suposed to die... being negative isn't cool... get over yourselves and find a better outlet for your negativity. If you are feeling suicidal... there is help... just like if you get a broken leg you get a doc and fix it... your your pasychi breaks down you should do the same. :):X
10 Mar 2002 ben Choke on some Play-doh
09 Mar 2002 phil By making sure your body can no longer function - that would be the obvious way!
09 Mar 2002 Easy To be able to commit suicide, you first need to have a life, which clearly mouchette and all the rest of you don't.
09 Mar 2002 Catherine I believe suicide is the most responsible action a person can take. Individuals who suffer from serious depression, serious anxiety, schizophrenia or any other form of psychiatric illness are by all simply animals. They are individuals who are unable to control their emotions or actions and thus must seek out a trainer or what is often referred to as a psychiatrist to attempt to train them the same way one would train a dog to sit or stay. Often these animals require medication to alter their body chemistry in an attempt to be more human. This is a fallacy. They are not human they are undeniably animals. I have the utmost respect for anyone who commits suicide because I believe that they are doing what is best for humanity by removing themselves from humanity and giving up this charade of pretending to be human. Those who attempt to prevent these animals from removing themselves only harm humanity by encouraging these parasites to go on living, breeding and corrupting humanity.
09 Mar 2002 Ashraff i have to say that this website is just so unhelpful!!!!!!
all the ideas here are crap and are basically just the same ones repeated over and over again. if you are clever enough to decide that u want to commit suicide then u will surely also be old enuff to know how to kill urself!
i really doubt that whoever started this thing is really bothered in forms of suicide, more likely trying to grab attention and appearing 'great' through being extreme enuff to develop such a site - similar to madonna, shocking your audience does seem to get more attention?
good luck but, well, u must have a sad life if all u can do is this, i find it more interesting to watch an n'sync concert! (and don't say, "well why did you bother coming here then?") cos i like to browse the web, and i do often come across lots of these 'out there' sites, but this takes the fuck!ng biscuit!!

09 Mar 2002 Lazarus Green "Suicide Is Painless"

If Life Is A Joke To You Then Laugh. You Get One Throw At The Dice Often You Get Screwed, Raped, Maimed And Tortured But Never Mind, In The Great Scheme Of Things It Doesn't Matter. Suicide Is A One Way Thing So Before You Try It Experience The World Have A Look Around (And I Mean Really Have A Look Not A Trip To The Local Mall) If You Still Feel The Same Go Ahead

"Suicide Is Painless"
09 Mar 2002 spicy Life is a pile of shit, and we are all dead in the centre of it, so we must crawl our way out of it. Once free from this pile, life will be better than good, although you will still be able to smell the shit.
09 Mar 2002 do names really matter? Pretend to leave for school, lock your door and go into your bathroom/closet. Then, swallow a bottle of pills. Do this early, right after you "leave," and you won't be found in time. If what you want to do is not really kill yourself but scare people/cry out for help/etc, then take the pills to school and swallow them while sitting in a bathroom stall after attendence has been taken. In this case, slitting your wrists would scare people more than pills, and they'd notice the blood more quickly. Your choice.

But life is a beautiful thing--a gift--and it would be a pity to waste yours. So don't try this, get some help. At this age, things change rapidly, and it WILL get better, really. So don't try this, PLEASE get some help. At this age, things change rapidly, and it will get better
09 Mar 2002 Le coin-coin masqué Déguise-toi en lapin et va dire bonjour à ton copain Arsène.
08 Mar 2002 Masterpiece first, tattoo the words 'Let Me Rot Where I Die, This Is All I Ask' Fill a large garbage can with superglue and climb on the roof of a large, and popular museum full of rich snobby christians. Locate the glass top (there is always one, accept it) coat yourself with the superglue and jump through the glass. You will fall and stick to the ground, probably horrifying a ton of people... and will stay there, perfectly preserved for all to see. (be sure to land on something expensive, ex. hope diamond, mona lisa, etc) You will freak out a bunch of people in the process, plus have a really neat exibit made out of your superglue-statue, and probably dubbed an amazing artist. Too bad you won't get to have all that money they make off of you. you will become quite an exhibit...
08 Mar 2002 Lucy Well that told me!
08 Mar 2002 mouchette I would beg, if I feel like it. But only in my own name, not in somebody else's.

Now Lucy Cortina, if you can write good stories (with a title) write them, otherwise shut up! It's not a good place here for arguing and getting personal attention. Suicide candidates are not in the mood for that ...
08 Mar 2002 Lucy Cortina Still not convinced.. it wasn't so long ago you begged me to come back, and self conceited? I'm too young to understand such a fancy word! Ok, time for a dictionary...
08 Mar 2002 lisa all of my grandma's pills (for her heart, blood pressure, pain, etc) and a big bottle of pop to wash them down with!
08 Mar 2002 mouchette Non.
I wouldn't go into such tricks. This is my own board and I don't need to pretend I'm someone else to write what I want. I sign with my name and email cos' I'm the boss.
Aren't you being a bit self-conceited Lucy Cortina?
08 Mar 2002 Lucy Cortina HEY MOUCHETTE! Ok, I may have a brain as large as an orange, but I have finally worked out that 'Objective observer' was YOU! Eh? Trying to provoke a reaction from me cos I wasn't posting for such a long time, non?
08 Mar 2002 steve hamlin dress like a hermaphrodite. then hang your self upside down so all the blood drains to your head. shoot your head with dads gun over their bed. then they get home and see the mess

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