Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Jan 2002 mellisa Over-dose
08 Jan 2002 Peter Yellowhorn Do you know when the big pow-wow is?? under da bridge???
07 Jan 2002 gines usar un largo vestido verde y caer en las fauces del metro
07 Jan 2002 dude Look kids, i've tried 2 kill myself bout 2ce and it's bloody hard and 2 b honest, it's not the best way out. i'm depressed and i've got bad paranoia but there's a couple of people who just make everything kinda easier. 1 is my x boyfriend who is also my best mate and saviour from myself. he is going through the same thing like a lot of kids i know. the other 1 is my other mate who's been there and made it through the other side. he is an amazin guy and he's so good 2 talk 2. i've been depressed 4 3 yrs and i've been through everything, alcoholism, abuse, drug use, u name it, i've done it. so if u need 2 talk, email me xxxxxxxxx
06 Jan 2002 Billy Joe Jinkins I have never tried to kill myself before so I wouldn't know the best way to do it. I used to work with a girl that killed herself, she put a pistol to her mouth, so I guess that wouldn't be a bad way to kill yourself. But in exactly 2 weeks what I am gonna do to kill myself is once it gets dark and all my neighbors are alseep I am going to go up on my roof and right out in front of my house I am going to tangle our Christmas lights around my neck as much as I can and then just jump to my death, instant death.
05 Jan 2002 Kendrick ok.. the best way is achieved by following these 3 simple steps:
1). go buy duct tape. the more the merrier
2). tape your whole face
3). sit back and feel urself die..wait!
dont forget to handcuff both of your hands to a chair in case you try to take the tape off.

by following these simple procedure you too can be a member of the underground suicidal idiot society.
05 Jan 2002 Jerico Towers Asphyxia by way of Dead Obese Woman laying on your Chest. Thanks
05 Jan 2002 Loneman Easy.... drink as many full/half full household cleaner bottles as you can. If you are still alive after a few, down as many random pills as you can. Then, if any type of gun is handy, and you are still alive, load it up and put it up to your temples, and bang. That is a surefire way to die. Now go rid this world of just another person that is taking up space.
05 Jan 2002 fuct up kid I'm still looking 4 the best (least painful) way...Ideally i'd like 2 get a gun n some heroin n go out like Kurt Cobain, but it turns out my rents r the only republicans w/o one n its hard 4 a teen (or pre-teen) 2 obtain. Jumping in front of a train sounds good. a word of advice, DO NOT TRY ODING ON OVER THE COUNTER MEDS AND ALCOHOL! it doesnt work and makes u feel like shit after, and ur so weak that as much as u want 2 die, u cant pull urself off the ground 2 do it.
05 Jan 2002 FUck off I would say jump in front of a car on the busiest street butt ass naked flippin off the bitch beside you with a fucking pentacle carved in your fuckin stomach and if your pregnant beat the baby with a bat
04 Jan 2002 sic Walk with an osama-bin-laden tshirt in New York
03 Jan 2002 angry fucker who is pissed off!!! You shouldn't ever kill yourself. Rather, you should kill everybody else. Don't take the kind of shit from everybody who tells you that you are worthless. Don't even tell yourself that!

Are you fucking worthless if you can kill somebody. What if it's somebody you hate. Shoot your fucking parents, shoot your classmates and rape your fucking cute teacher!!! You are the master of your own fucking life and the least you could do to take that responsibility is by making sure you can fuck over anybody you fucking want!

This isn't a joke. I know a girl who is suicidal and I keep telling her that if she can kill someone that she isn't worthless!

Don't numb the pain! Don't revel in it!! Just make other people suffer the same way you do, it's the only way to live.
03 Jan 2002 Lauren Well I am 13 and I am alive so i obviously don't absolutely *know* the besy way to kill yourself, but #1 remember slitting your wrist DOESN'T WORK, i tried and all that happened was i bled and passed out, woke the next day in the hospital now i find myself at a shrink weekly which is just super... NUT! I am thinking about killing myself and the reason i came here is to try and find the best way:
1. shooting yourself in the head-painless-quick, but would u ever get the courage to pull the trigger
2. OD-ing I mean there must me some way you can make it work right?
well those are my best ideas, bus also before you do kill yourself think about it I know that I am ready only because the first time i tried when i was back to normal I didn't, "realize i was wrong" "realize i made a bad decision" etc etc... I was just mad it didn't work.
01 Jan 2002 smitten sick. disgusting. pathetic. gross.


DEATH TO FREAKY PENIS GANG WITH THE SQUIRRELS IN AUTUMN MONKEY SPANK HOOLIGAN WHY FOR YOU JUMP ON THE LUXURY SEDAN? I thought I asked you to avoid hairy car seats. For you to want beating laundry detergent, avoid the summer heat with spray sticks. Maverick is lemony fresh why not use it to clean horse on the wall? Mink coat for the rich lizard in milk.
01 Jan 2002 One I wanted to die. I still do.
So you want to die, do you?
You help me first, okay?
Then I kill you, same way.

We could start with grenades,
they're always fun.
forget a psychological aid,
lets kill on the run.

Let's kill others first,
watch them bleed.
their blood quenches thirst,
their death ceases greed.

Morbid and sick, our pain is fake.
Death and blood we leave in our wake.

they scream and howl,
we take in the pleasure.
as we slowly disembowel,
their pain exceeds measure.

time will stop, blood will flow.
Lick the drop, we must go.

Our rampage must end, cops are near.
their sirens blare for all to hear.
they're to late, parents fear.
The dead they claim so dear.

Blood drips down hells door.
We wish to slaughter more.
We killed the sexy whore.
we had sex with her, first.
on the floor.

The cops come in, they see the place.
Guns pointed at our bloody face.
You're to late, you're a disgrace.
I'm killing us first.
You lost this race.

my blood is shed,
those I once knew are dead,
as I fall, the blood pool spreads,
I died first,
with a hole in my head.
01 Jan 2002 The mighty cheese Yes... So, you, the reader, have come here wishing to die, to laugh, to help, to anything. Who knows, who cares. You're so sad. You have problems! You seek help. But what are you told? You don't have problems! You have a loving family, friends (or at least one). You want to die simply because you're fat? Because you made one mistake? Or some other event that is only belittled by the buff player who was beaten as a child, but has sex with hot chicks every night? You are insignificant. You're a pitiful worm. What's wrong with you? Why are you still alive? Go die! Now! How? Simple. There are so many ways to remove the life from a frail, delicate human. so many weaknesses, so many faults, so many ways to die, and you need ideas? Another frailty of the human is their mind. So easily corrupted, so easily destroyed. A retard you must be with needing help for to kill yourself. Others killed themselves. Why? Who knows, who cares? Don't leave a note. It will just keep you on the miserable earth longer. Take a sick, morbid satisfaction in knowing that those around you are mystified, cursed to forever wonder why you did it. Or, maybe they know. Maybe they are keenly aware that they, themselves, are a significant factor in your suicide? But they don't care. Just kill yourself already. I want your soul.
01 Jan 2002   I don't think killing yourself is a good answer to anything. It's not anybody's but your own fault for killing yourself. And how could you bring this upon kids 13 or under. Like me! I have thought about sucide but there are to many things to live up to. And if you're so interested in suicide why don't you try it yourself. This site is very disturbing that people actually think about this stuff. I hope you realize what you are doing to many young people in the world like myself. And all the people associated with this site should go check themselves into an insane aslyum because it could really help you. This world has gone through so much trauma lately don't put more upon it.
31 Dec 2001 !!!! Fais du stop jusqu'en Italie
Grimpe tout en haut du Vésuve
Regarde une dernière fois le ciel
31 Dec 2001 F_W_D make a garden slide with razor blades and put a pool of TCP/LemonJuice/H2S04/HCL/Vinigar at the end - you'll die a quick pain**** death as your nervous system will shut down and the shock will kill you, if it fails repeat slide until blood loss kills.
30 Dec 2001 ZeN i thought about suicide a few times (every night actually) but i am now 18 and am out of home yay!!! i am having an absolutely excellent life now that i don't have shit from my family anymore i am really so glad i didn't try suicide. i re-read my diary a few times and i feel so sad about how i felt when i was younger.

think about it though if u suicide do u think that ur family will be so sorry and they wished they were nicer to you? they probably would but by then they can't help u. if u really determined to kill yourself here is an alternative... run away from home go and live with a friend u will have a much better time.

a life gone is always a life wasted who knows you could be living a happy life later on, laughing at what ur thinking now.

hell you could invent the cure for cancer or something or become superrich.

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