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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 May 2002 Lucy cortina OH



I have an admirer..
on the internet. Shall we now have internet sex? "ASL? bla bla Oh I'm naked... what are you wearing?" no thanx!
Please get back to your lalaland and let me go back to mine. I have no time for men in my pursuit of fame.

PS- Update: I followed dad to work the other morning. I had to set my alarm really early and get up at 5.00am... so I was very groggy and grumpy. I went to the toilet, got dressed and went into the kitchen for some coffee. And the shock I got!! dad was stood over the cooker wearing nothing but an apron and pink frilly knickers, frying bacon!!
OMG! dad thought I was sleepwalking so I went back to bed. I am now a very disturbed, and emotionally scarred teenager. I may need counselling.
I suspect that dad is one of these 'nature nudie boy' types, that like to clean the house, and ride bikes in the nude and stuff. Ewww! it must have been a nightmare I had.
04 May 2002 Herbert Egg Hello Lucy Cortina I just wondered if you would ever fancy a date with me?
I am gorgeous, tanned and sexy - you can wiggle ur ass in my face anytime u like girl!
I love Madonna too, spiky bra - do u have one?
04 May 2002 in response to fatboyjohn I hope you didn't kill yourself yet cause I read your post and that really sux that everyone hates you. But everyone at my school hated me too (one of the reasons i got homeschooling). I'm not sure why cause i'm not fat or really ugly, but your reasons for killing yourself aren't enough. All of you problems can be fixed and if you can find someone to talk to who likes you (like me for instance) then you don't need to care what everyone else thinks about you. I used to care until I found a few people who I can talk to over the net and now i just say fuck you to all the people who talk bad about me. I'm definitly not saying that killing yourself is wrong or anything since i want to do it myself but you should find some people who do give a fuck about you b4 you decide that you want to do it. I'm sure that you're exagerating a little when you describe yourself as really fat and with tons of pimples but even if you're not that can be fixed. Have you heard of metabolife? I used to weigh 145lbs and now i'm down to 125lbs after just a few weeks of taking it. it does have a chance of dying written on the package but if you wanna die anyway that shouldn't be a problem. and have you seen the commercials on t.v. for proactive? I think that it would really work because i've seen the before and after pics and it seems to do miracles. email me if you wanna talk and are still alive ok? with love, jen
04 May 2002 in response to ashums I am that girl who tried to kill herself by jumping off the fire escape and "thank god" my ass!! First off there is no god (at least in my opinion or otherwise he wouldn't have created people like me who are depressed and want to die) and maybe i do need help but i'm not going to get any neither do i want any. You don't know me and truthfully you know you don't give a fuck if i die or not, so don't lecture me! I wish everyday that my parents hadn't caught me and if you don't like the shit you're reading on this site then why come here? Prozac, zoloft and all those other anti-depressant drugs don't solve anything, all they do is brainwash you into thinking everything is ok when really it still isn't. My friend went on selexa because she was suicidal and had anxiety attacks and it changed her some yes, but for the worse. Now she is still suicidal but instead of the anxiety attacks she used to have she became a slut. Now she cuts herself, pulls her hair out and bites her nails down to nothing. She is also seeing a counselor and she is even worse than she was before. Sleeping with guys she doesn't even know and sneaking out at night to give blow jobs to her boyfriend's friends. So oh yeah, the "help" your saying i need really did her a lot of good don't ya think?!
04 May 2002 Lost I'm not 13 and I don't think I ever thought about it then. Now after I was thrown into reality I learned quickly that unless you're willing to institutionalize yourself no one is going to help you. So, if you want to be saved, save yourself.
02 May 2002 Dana Todd Mouchette,
I greatly regret sending that response in such haste. I didn't realize the effect it might have on an emotionally unstable person. In reality, I would like to wrap my arms around anyone that is in such despair, they want to end their life, and envelop them in warmth and love.
When I was 14 years old, I wanted nothing more than to die. I spent a lot of time in the floor of my closet in the dark cutting myself praying for strenghth to be able to end it all. Every night before I would sleep, I would pray to not wake-up. I still don't understand why I had these feelings and I greatly
feel for anyone else who is experiencing such thoughts.
I am 29 years old now and those thoughts haven't crossed my mind in about 10 years now. I never seeked out professional help. I moved 2000 miles away from my crappy family and got to know who I truely was and realized that I was a wonderful women. Instead of seeing a fat, ugly, useless freak, I saw a pretty, energetic, good freak.
Please forgive me if I offended anyone or made someone feel less about themselves. We're all crazy sometimes, and I must of been that day to make such a rude comment.
02 May 2002 death blooms hi today i just found out that i'm just another troll from trolland and no one likes me and everyone would spit on my face. i hate my life. GOD! why is this happening? no one understands i'm telling you no one understands. i'm cursed i'm not perfect what do they want?

I'm ugly, but no one gets that i'm human, and so i die
02 May 2002 frederic s'├ętouffer avec un carambar
02 May 2002 Jan If you're under 13 and you want to kill yourself, I shall do all the things you're not allowed to when you're under 13 first. Like taking some special drugs, order a whore and have unprotected sex, drive your daddy's car... Maybe your life is still fun again with these new pleasures. You have a big chance that one of your new pleasures still would kill you, then you have a nice suicide.
02 May 2002 Chris Run away from home with no money or clothes. Eventually you will starve to death or freeze to death. (Go naked during the winter).
02 May 2002 fuck you you are a sick fuck and if i ever see this product on the market i will kill you, i swear to god i will
01 May 2002 jordi_n jugar a futbol y no pensar en nada mas.
01 May 2002 jOE i don't know my brAIN HURTS! i DON'T WANT TO GO TO CLASS. i DON'T UNDERSTAND! Why do I always get hurt!?
30 Apr 2002 Matt nothing people read on a website will affect if/how they commit suicide. i suffer from Clinical Depression and have as it happens tried killing myself more than once. all i did was suggest that if somebody is gonna do it they do it in the least painful way possible, sorry, would u have prefered me to suggest they did it in the most painful way they could think of?
if u wanna discuss this further then talk to me on msn -
30 Apr 2002 Lucy Cortina (like a diva) I think i've decided that my new idol is Madonna (although I won't inject myself to look young, cos i am!)
She's perfect: Sexy (moi!). Confident (moi!). and Clever (moi!).
Have you seen the video for 'Beautiful Stranger'? Where she puts her bum in Austin Powers' face as a means of flirting? I'm trying that, with every boy I meet!
In the song 'Frozen', she says something like 'Love is a bird, she needs to fly'. Well my sister heard this, and mistakenly thought Madonna was talking about tampons. Winged tampons (do the maths yourself!). So anyway, my sis ran upstairs, stole my tampons and opened the bedroom window. She began throwing the tampons out of the window and shouting "They are birds, they need to fly! they need to fly!..."
Unfortunately, a tampon landed on the head of the sea monster from next door. This seemed to agitate the monster, who proceeded to knock on our front door and shout.
She told mum about the flying tampons. Mum dragged my sis downstairs, who was screaming "they need to fly!! they need to fly!!!"
Mum ordered her to apologise. My sis just stood there, looked defiantly at the monster and said "would you like to go to the loo?".
She was referring, of course, to the sea monster's pained looking, scrunched up face.

PS- This morning I found a pink frilled corset and red leather bra in dad's working bag. It is shocking to think that he holds 'ladies' parties for men, (or whatever you call it) at work. I may do a bit of spying... *rah hahaha!*
30 Apr 2002 my secret name is Werner no lo se
I don┬┤t know
30 Apr 2002 SuicidalGirl420 I've wrote on here before about twice I think. And yes, I'm still suicidal although not as much as I was a few weeks ago. I still think of it every day and plan out methods of doing it. I'm too afraid to do it now because I hate pain. So to get through my days I take valium, smoke weed and sleep as much as possible. I've gotten a few e-mails from people saying that I need help and things will get better and I just don't want to hear it. I'm 15 in the USA and if you're like me and want to chat email me but PLEASE no more it will get better shit ok?! If we thought it would get better we wouldn't be on this site and thinking of suicide. And to those people who don't like the shit they're reading here about all of us suicidal people that's just too fucking bad. If you don't like it then don't come back. We're already suicidal we don't need to hear your bullshit about how "god" loves us and how we're crazy to consider suicide. I'm not saying you should commit suicide but if it's what you really think you need to do and you know that there's no turning back once you do then fuck it you have the right to die if you want to. Thanx to Mouchette for making this site possible for the people like me who turn here for answers and to find people with similar problems.
30 Apr 2002 Bruce Hell, you want to die???? Shiiiit, that's easy!! I'll send you my fucking wife to live with you for a couple of weeks, and the gun will look like a fucking vacation in Disneyland opposed to living one more second with her!!! Problem solved!
30 Apr 2002 Heidi aka Spike Well Today is my b-day april 29th and it's my last day to live. tonight i'm going to hang myself in my bedroom a lil after 10:30 tonight. anyways i well die being 14. Hell yeah. but that's my way i would go later

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