Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Jan 2002 Personne Avant tout, j'ai deux questions :
Es-tu encore en vie?
As-tu toujours moins de 13 ans?
Si non (à une des deux), c'est vraiment pas la peine de faire ton sondage.
Si oui (aux deux), j'en sais rien, mais quand tu auras trouvé le meilleur moyen, fais moi signe. Si ça marche en dessous de 13, ça doit marcher au dessus de 23.
14 Jan 2002 don't worry about it Let me break it down like this, people can sit and talk all the crap they want about only cowards commit suicide and you're just doing it to get attention... First of all no one asked your stupid ass for an opinion in the first place. Second if all you wanna do is bitch and complain go somewhere else cuz no one gives a rats ass about why they are being stupid. People commit suicide cuz they don't give a shit, that's it. So by telling them they're dumb all you're doing is making yourself look like a jackass and making the suicidal person wanna kill your ass too. So here's an idea, mind your own god damn business and quit talking shit. Don't you losers have anything better to do than criticize suicidal people on the net? If anyone should have a 12 guauge shoved up their ass and then have the trigger pulled, it's you opinionated bastards!
14 Jan 2002 Jason I am not under 13, I am 20. It is 13-Jan-02 and in one month I will be dead. I plan to shoot myself with my 20-gauge shotgun thru the back of the head. I will cock the gun, place it against my soft palate in my mouth and pull the trigger. It will leave a somewhat ok sorpes and be sure to do the job.
Please wish me luck. May everyone who is reading this find the strength to have the courage to end their pain, and others as I have found.
14 Jan 2002 sarah Knifes and pills and gun
13 Jan 2002 goodbye cruel world Firstly go shopping for:
-a can of cheap bodyspray
-a family pack of milkybar
when u have bought your ingredients, eat all the milkybar as it is the last chocolate until u die. then spray a lot of bodyspray onto the lid and inhale deeply. do this several times and you should die of solvent abuse which can kill instantly
13 Jan 2002 Betsy Don't kill yourself, that's the easiest answer.
12 Jan 2002 Steph ODing never works, I've tried to a few times already and it hurts like hell to get that tube down your nose. Hanging normally doesn't work but if you find a sturdy rope and a good strong bar it might. I'd say to take some pain killers maybe Valium? slit your wrists and jump from an overpass, try to go head first. Good-Luck
P.S. I doubt I'll be coming back here so don't bother to reply to this.
12 Jan 2002 I envy the ignorant, too blind to see. I've been over and over this site, reading all the serious suggestions, childish comments and "dont do it" messages from people that just do not understand. I am 17, over the last couple of years i've been realising how pointless and painful life is. To begin with there are no goals except for what you set yourself, but then, why bother? Society expects everybody to eventually get married, hold a job, buy a house and have children. In this time we live in it is so simple to get divorced marriage is needless. The amount of work involved in most respectable jobs leaves very little time to actually do what you want to do. The typical day for the average man/woman...

Get up. Go to work. Come home. See husband/wife/kids. Indulge in hobbies, generally including tv, music, computer... little time for anything major... so, who wants to spend their life like that? like the rest of the world? I know i don't, but that's not the only thing that keeps me constantly feeling down.

It seems to me that the people who are happy in life are the selfish people that are totally fine with hurting others if it suits their personal gain. That applies in everything, work, relationships, even queueing in line for a fucking macdonalds. You can work it out.

ok, a little about me... I consider myself fairly intelligent, not a bad looking person but nothing special, i'm comfortable with that, Yet for a reason i'm not quite sure of, i have very low self esteem. Like many others i self harm, my left arm is coloured pale skin with patterns of cigarette burns and cuts. I know some people talk about self harm on here and they lie. They talk about blood flowing from the cuts, maybe if that is across the veins I dont know because i don't cut there, but I know that anywhere else you would have to cut pretty damn deep to make the blood actually flow out that way, and that would be incredibly painful, i have held a cigarette on my arm for over a minute, after about 15 seconds it goes numb, but it's very painful at first, and the strawberry gashes on my arm from the shallow knife cuts hurt more than the cigarette, I haven't had the guts to cut any deeper. My depression first began when i was 15, as with many others it was caused by a girlfriend. I don't want to go into that but it started me thinking. After we broke up I was incredibly depressed for a few months until I met a new girl. I was happy to begin with but still held fear of getting hurt, and she spotted it. Not long after she told me she loved me, I thought it was too soon and told her to think about it but she insisted and still told me over the next few months. A couple of months later I fell in love with her too and thought things were looking up. Until she suddenly realised she didn't actually like me anymore. Or love me in the first place. The reason i'm saying this is because its the sort of shit that happens all your life. Love is the best feeling in the world, at least from what I have personally experienced and others say the same. But it never lasts. Nothing lasts, and nothing is worth living for. From all this I have come to the decision to end my life, and I think im going to use the carbon monoxide method by the car with pipe from exhaust through window technique, 100% effective so long as you are not spotted doing it within about 15 minutes, but I have never driven before in my life, and stealing my parents car is very risky. All i need to do is actually learn to drive so I can get to the isolated place i have in mind. I may be getting anti-depressants soon, and would like to know if it is possible to overdose effectively with them (as in die from them, not just take more that the stated dose, so no cocky emails please). Or if anyone has any better suggestions please email me, I will most probably help you out too if you are looking for advice or feel the same way as me and want to talk. This is basically a big fucking rant I felt i had to get off my chest, and i i would apologise but hey, you didn't have to read it. Great website mouchette, it gave me a few ideas.
11 Jan 2002 dude Life's a bitch and then you die,
So FUCK THE WORLD and let's get HIGH!!!!!!!!!!%-)

Weed rules!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sick of all the BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna FUCKIN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 Jan 2002 father son holyghost The person who is responsible for this site may have been trying to save his own children. But who knows, if he was sick this could have healed him.
11 Jan 2002 the father, son & holyghost The feelings are natural and hell is eternity, and regardless what decisions are made, this site does save lives. I for one, was in a bad way for something so meaningless like bad grades, gun in my mouth, mom walked in, she slapped the crap out of me. I thought what the heck, she must love me. Then after about three years of more than daily counseling i realized it wasn't me that was messed up, it was everyone else. But let society get them, either they will be guided or lost, may god have mercy on their souls. When you have these feelings, talk to someone and remember you think this hand that was delt to you is rough, if you believe in reincarnation then you will be eternally sorry. The creator of this site should be granted sainthood even if he is the most rotten person alive because he shares the secret with all you sharing his feelings. Thanx for letting me express and share my feelings. Anyone who needs to talk contact me at
11 Jan 2002 BUTTERFLY I by mistake got in to this site and I'm just wondering what kinda SICK FUCK would make a site like this??
Giving young people ideas how to kill themselves... don't u ever think that there might be a young person thinking of suicide and just picks one off ur fucking ideas?? I MEAN REALLY GET SOME HELP U ASSHOLE... and all the other MOTHERFUCKERS GIVING U IDEAS... I'LL GIVE U ONE, GO AND FUCKING KILL URSELF INSTEAD haha
11 Jan 2002 mudvayne babe The only way to live is to die.
u haven't experienced life until u make urself bleed, so just fuck the world, fuck life and welcome death.
11 Jan 2002 fuck u this site is sick who ever made this site should go to hell u sick fuck burn in hell
11 Jan 2002 jeyrok MMM... Well the best way to kill urself is by getting a gun, put it on ur mouth, make sure is pointing straight to ur brain, ask the lord to forgive you and just pull the trigger... i'm 21 by the time someone reads this i'll be dead. forgive me lord for all my sins, specially this one, i'm sorry!
10 Jan 2002 Fluffie McDog First Get fucked outta your mind on any kind of acoholic substance that you can find so your bloods thin. Then get both nipples and eye brows pierced attach, all with chains, then attach the chains to a car and get your buddies to dive until you die.

Have fun :)
10 Jan 2002 heather eating 500 toxic crayons because they're tasty
10 Jan 2002 Dixie The best way to die, is to just continue living...
09 Jan 2002 Someone with a brain what in the hell is wrong with you? i feel so sorry for your parents for having the misfortune to have sex at the right time of the month therefore getting ripped off and pregnant with you..... so sad what a waste. tell ya what-- maybe YOU should off yourself and then this website would go offline.
You are just sickening. How many deaths are on your conscience, you asshole?
3RD Get to the highest Volcano AND JUMP DOWN AND GET YOURSELF BURN IN hell!
4th. go fucking murder the 1 u dislike and get yourself to the gallow!
5th. go fucking fuck a bitch.
6th. get yourself be dush over by a train
7th. stab yourself in the troat with a fucking long knife!
8. get naked and stand in front of BUSH!
9. go get a gun and point at the FUCK OSAMA!
10. try to put your face to your ass!

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