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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 May 2002 jordi_n jugar a futbol y no pensar en nada mas.
01 May 2002 jOE i don't know my brAIN HURTS! i DON'T WANT TO GO TO CLASS. i DON'T UNDERSTAND! Why do I always get hurt!?
30 Apr 2002 Matt nothing people read on a website will affect if/how they commit suicide. i suffer from Clinical Depression and have as it happens tried killing myself more than once. all i did was suggest that if somebody is gonna do it they do it in the least painful way possible, sorry, would u have prefered me to suggest they did it in the most painful way they could think of?
if u wanna discuss this further then talk to me on msn -
30 Apr 2002 Lucy Cortina (like a diva) I think i've decided that my new idol is Madonna (although I won't inject myself to look young, cos i am!)
She's perfect: Sexy (moi!). Confident (moi!). and Clever (moi!).
Have you seen the video for 'Beautiful Stranger'? Where she puts her bum in Austin Powers' face as a means of flirting? I'm trying that, with every boy I meet!
In the song 'Frozen', she says something like 'Love is a bird, she needs to fly'. Well my sister heard this, and mistakenly thought Madonna was talking about tampons. Winged tampons (do the maths yourself!). So anyway, my sis ran upstairs, stole my tampons and opened the bedroom window. She began throwing the tampons out of the window and shouting "They are birds, they need to fly! they need to fly!..."
Unfortunately, a tampon landed on the head of the sea monster from next door. This seemed to agitate the monster, who proceeded to knock on our front door and shout.
She told mum about the flying tampons. Mum dragged my sis downstairs, who was screaming "they need to fly!! they need to fly!!!"
Mum ordered her to apologise. My sis just stood there, looked defiantly at the monster and said "would you like to go to the loo?".
She was referring, of course, to the sea monster's pained looking, scrunched up face.

PS- This morning I found a pink frilled corset and red leather bra in dad's working bag. It is shocking to think that he holds 'ladies' parties for men, (or whatever you call it) at work. I may do a bit of spying... *rah hahaha!*
30 Apr 2002 my secret name is Werner no lo se
I don´t know
30 Apr 2002 SuicidalGirl420 I've wrote on here before about twice I think. And yes, I'm still suicidal although not as much as I was a few weeks ago. I still think of it every day and plan out methods of doing it. I'm too afraid to do it now because I hate pain. So to get through my days I take valium, smoke weed and sleep as much as possible. I've gotten a few e-mails from people saying that I need help and things will get better and I just don't want to hear it. I'm 15 in the USA and if you're like me and want to chat email me but PLEASE no more it will get better shit ok?! If we thought it would get better we wouldn't be on this site and thinking of suicide. And to those people who don't like the shit they're reading here about all of us suicidal people that's just too fucking bad. If you don't like it then don't come back. We're already suicidal we don't need to hear your bullshit about how "god" loves us and how we're crazy to consider suicide. I'm not saying you should commit suicide but if it's what you really think you need to do and you know that there's no turning back once you do then fuck it you have the right to die if you want to. Thanx to Mouchette for making this site possible for the people like me who turn here for answers and to find people with similar problems.
30 Apr 2002 Bruce Hell, you want to die???? Shiiiit, that's easy!! I'll send you my fucking wife to live with you for a couple of weeks, and the gun will look like a fucking vacation in Disneyland opposed to living one more second with her!!! Problem solved!
30 Apr 2002 Heidi aka Spike Well Today is my b-day april 29th and it's my last day to live. tonight i'm going to hang myself in my bedroom a lil after 10:30 tonight. anyways i well die being 14. Hell yeah. but that's my way i would go later
29 Apr 2002 Scott A. Listen up people! God loves you! Please please pray pray and pray some more. It is all lies from Satan. You will not find peace in death unless Jesus is there to greet you. You are loved. You are worthwhile! Call out and cry out for help! Give Christ a chance. Find a true Christian and talk it out. Remember that Satan will try and trick you. He has you in bondage and is a great deciever. He is all lies! If you need help email me!
29 Apr 2002 amandahlynn I tried to kill myself last year, I took between 20-30 Paxil, painkillers, sleeping pills for 6 days straight. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat, I shook violently, I couldn't write, I couldn't read, and I wound up in the emergency room and institutionalized. From someone who knows, you don't want to wind up like that. It's not worth downing a 16 ounce cup of CHARCOAL to coat your stomach to keep the drugs from entering your bloodstream. It's not worth seeing your mother and your best friend with their eyes bloodshot from crying, sitting across from you in a hospital room. It's not worth the monitored phone calls, the nurse that stays with you 24/7, and it's so not worth the $11,000 hospital stay bill. Because after you die, people around you miss you, and you're not even around to tell. My friend committed suicide, and she never thought her parents or friends cared until after she was gone - then she should have seen how many came to her funeral, how many of her friends gave eulogies, and how many people cried when her coffin was being put in the ground. But she wasn't around to see any of that - because she thought if she ended her life, then HER pain would stop. HER pain just lived on in other people. She hung herself, and you know how painful it is to see your friend hanging from an eletrical cord from the basement ceiling, with blood streaming down her stomach from where she stabbed herself? Do you know how painful it was for my parents to get a phone call in the middle of the night saying their daughter was in critical condition because of an overdose? Don't put others in a position like that. I can understand suicide, I really can, but I just want suicidal youths to know there are other ways even though it doesn't feel like it. I started my life over again. I've had lots of slip-ups but now I'm doing better than I ever was. I still cut - still overdose - but I'm trying to stay away from positions where I put myself out to be hurt.
29 Apr 2002 dana you are fucking crazy
28 Apr 2002 Ildiko Sera I would kill myself, if I would be under 13, through picking the needles of my mother into my eyes&heart. So I think, some sewing tools could fit into your box.
27 Apr 2002 jour rêvé sucette au fond de la gorge serrée
26 Apr 2002 Lucy (feelin' juicy) Cortina. ADVICE DESPERATELY NEEDED:

I've always thought Mum's bedroom smellt rather fishy. I just assumed it was dads socks. but no, there is a stronger smell.
Since Mum was out babysitting (pay me as much as you like, but i will NEVER look after 3 puking, screaming little brats in my life), i decided to get to the *bottom* of the odour.
Mum's computer had been left on. I switched on the screen and discovered the most awful disgusting abuse i have ever seen - PRAWNography!!! Eughh!!....
i feel like i don't know my mum anymore.
How could she approve of the abuse of innocent prawns?
I'll never look at fish pie in the same way again, especially if mum is cooking it.

(If any police trace me, please be gentle on mum. The thought of a policemans truncheon sends her slightly wacko, and although dad likes his pink knickers, he stands by his woman (mum that is, not himself!) and will protect her).
I would be grateful for some friendly, (unsexual) advice, thanx.
26 Apr 2002 Heather You don't you need to live
26 Apr 2002 demonic angel (responding to "in search of an answer")
hey i have an idea: run away from your problems, u say you have an abusive brother, run away to covenant house or some other place, it's better than killing yourself, you don't really have that many reasons to anyways, ok? And so your mom's a bitch and she wants you to be the best... HELLO!!! THAT MEANS SHE CARES ABOUT YOU!!! AT LEAST YOUR MOM DOESN'T MAKE FUN OF YOU AND SAY THAT YOU'RE THE CAUSE OF HER PROBLEMS!!! (that i'm not sure of, though) my mom nearly died of alcohol poisoning and she blames me for it! She beats the crap out of me sister who is gonna turn 12 soon while my brother (6) is screaming bloody murder at her! oh and at least you have a dad! he may be in a wheel chair but you have one! my father walked out on me and my mother, she was so mad at ME for that, that she left me with a schizophrenic grandfather! And you know what he did when he found out that i wanted to kill myself? Instead of giving me help the motherfucker yelled at me! So you think you have problems? Have you ever had to live off the street? Eat out of fuckin garbage cans? When i ran away form home i went 1 week withought food! At the end a half eaten wendies hamburger looked good enough to eat! One week all i had was an open bag of peanuts i found behind a dumpster! and i didn't kill myself, i just went with it even when i got cought stealing some food at a mall and i got arrested i didn't kill myself. Thing will get better for you and if your brother bugs ya again let me know i got fucking connections around here........ if you live in Toronto i can help you.... and if not just run away, or get a fuckin swat team after him! You can charge the bastard for assault! Tell everyone you know and you're not a piece of shit! Think better of yourself and things will get better, they sort of for me....
25 Apr 2002 Heather To take a knife and carve pretty little designs in your skin then, as you cut go deeper and deeper until the last petal on the flower means the last of you.
25 Apr 2002 richard west cut your nob off and look at porn

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