Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 May 2002 Andy I am probably more worse off wanting to kill myself because I am 23 going on 24. It started at the age of 14 where I felt like my life was going nowhere but I did not want to kill myself that badly. Now it is a different story since I feel deep down that my life seems like shit not to mention that today the woman I adored in my college told me she was married. From there my feeling have really been taking a downward spiral.... don't know what to say other than I think I am ready to call it quits but don't how to go about it.
21 May 2002 Kahei How many of you guys who write here saying you're about to kill yourselves actually do?
20 May 2002 B3x Hotshot358 Whatcha' gotta do is make yer death flashy and cool. First buy a couple of Uzi's (or any machine gun dont matter) hide 'em in yer jacket and walk into a bank slowly. Then wip out both uzi's and start screamin' insanly and mowin' down people with bullets. Keep doin' that 'till the cops come. (You'll know they'er there cause of all the bright lights and yelling). Then start shooting at the cops while you run outside yelling like a madman. Eventually the cops will get so pissed they'll kill you in furious assault of bullets, but if somehow you survive and get arrested, then tough piss, you deserve it for killing all those pour people.
20 May 2002 mouchettelicker tub and/or kiddie pool; qwick drying cement; pepermint schnapps
20 May 2002 JFR Would taking a water hose and cutting it just big enough so u could take one end and tape it to your exaust than lead the other end into your car window and in your car ? would this work ? Might need to tape the openings as well. If this would work then this is the way for me to go ..
20 May 2002 Amanda The only thing that changes with death is your location... You don't end, you go to another realm, which in some cases, is more painful than your current situation. You poor people. It gets better, I promise. When you "grow up", it's easier.
20 May 2002 lucie de boutiny Take a Barbie, spread ketchup on the two inner sides of a burger and eat it slowly while watching TV advertisements for children.
20 May 2002 Avec modération alors... Je pense qu'il faut aller dans la forêt dans la maison des ours alors qu'il ne sont pas là avec une perruque de boucles blondes, manger dans leurs plats, dormir dans leurs lits, et attendre qu'ils reviennent. Après ils te donneront une télécommande pour changer de dimension et tu pourras alors marcher de biais avec Jean-Hugo le patron du grand baton. Du suicide? Jamais voyons, à part si on est atteint d'une maladie quelconque, dans ce cas c'est de l'euthanasie, mais ailleurs, jamais. Ca serait du gaspillage de sensations haha!
20 May 2002 Jean-Constantinople Du Val Je trouve quand même qu'aborder ça selon un contexte tel est une façon bien malsaine de tourner les gens en bourrique afin de pouvoir se faire une appréciation de leur soi et se revaloriser. Donc avec toutes les imbécilités que tu as pu lire, tous les gens offusqués, sadiques, plaintifs, tu as une bonne raison de vivre ta supériorité qui pourrait aider ces pauvres êtres à survivre dans un si joli monde, non?
20 May 2002 Daniel Abensour Personne n'a survécu pour dire quelle était la meilleure méthode haha
20 May 2002 nietzsche an old, crusty shoelace tied into a noose. that way you get the feeling of impending death, but the string snaps just at the last second.
20 May 2002 Mudd Puddle Sew your asshole, puss or dick up and then staple and tape your mouth shut so you can have all the shit that your full of come out your ears!
20 May 2002 Bobo Playing on the freeway.
20 May 2002 rob jump off your house onto your head. Break your neck, suffocate and then finally die.
20 May 2002 LhiLho i think that you can hang in your bedroom....
20 May 2002 Ryan So many people go out of their way to tell you not to kill yourself. If you are going to kill yourself, JUST DO IT. Don't talk about it. We all know how to die. If you want to die. Then die. There is nothing wrong with dying. It is a very reasonable choice. When you don't want to watch TV anymore you turn off the TV. When you don't want to live any more you kill yourself. I am going to kill myself one day. I am not going to die of natural causes. Sound too simple. Well it is simple. JUST DO IT.
20 May 2002 Lowri i'm not quite sure what to say. think of all the people- friends, family, aquaintances, teachers, pets etc- that you will leave behind. think how upset they would be. it's never nice when someone dies. there's always an easier way out.
19 May 2002 Ant On tuesdays. Find a large. Start evaporating. Funnel. Volcano. exoskeleton. I haven't got the time.

On thursdays. Fill it with. Epilepsy T-shirts. Extrasensory underpants.

on sundays. Patsy Cline. A vibrator with. Jitterbugging flappers and the lost-n-found motor scooters.
19 May 2002 CBk get a grip dough! the parents are always the big problem. You foreign parents - learn to raise your kids first
19 May 2002 Lee Death by chocolate

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