Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Apr 2002 marianne becker find a gun and shoot yourself, or take lots of mommy's pills
14 Apr 2002 peterlu eating your mother
13 Apr 2002 Someone who knows How Sad that you would make this available for depressed kids to read. Suicide is not the answer, it is a temporary solution to a long term problem. I know this from experience. If you focus on the good and the positives, even if it's just one you will find that you will get happier. Serve others, and you will realize others have bigger problems than you and they still desire to live. I am sorry that you kids feel so sad, trust me I know.
13 Apr 2002 Im_doomed I want to die... the reason is i've been left alone all my life, no one cares for me. don't give me no shit about god loving me because he does not exist because i can't feel any love..... The way I plan to kill myself with 10 pain killers plus 5 tylenol and 8 sleeping pills then go to sleep with a plastic bag over my head with almost no air and die. i'm sure it will work. does anyone know if it won't? if not i'm doin it...... i'm 13 and ready to die
12 Apr 2002 willow OK i just wanna say that all u peeps saying life just gets better and shit like that just give up cause hearing people saying don't worry it'll all get better really pisses me off and makes me want to kill myself more. Umm i'm not the best person to ask how to kill urself cause i've tried loads a times and i'm still here, but whatever u do try and make sure your family won't be the ones to find you cause that will kill them. I think my best suggestion would be to either lock ur door take an overdose of something hard like antitriptilin (i think that's whats its called might not be) and keep a jaggered knife by u just in case. i'm not telling u people to kill urselves but if u really feel it's the only way out don't let ur family find u. remember (ok now i'm being an annoying shit but..) someone loves u, and i love u all xxx
12 Apr 2002 lisa to answer your question: i hope it might keep suicidal people so busy reading that they will forget about actually committing the act
i want to say that i'm french so i may not exactly traduce in good english. if i tell you a secret then could it be between just you and me?
12 Apr 2002 on looker You know what, everyone on this site are little bitches. now i can tell you. i have been through a lot and i still haven't killed myself i have thought about it many times before but never have i had many good reasons to. 1- i have a brain tumor that has been removed once before but has come back. 2- i have lost my brother in a motor bike accident and i have had surgery 3 times before. i have been made fun of. i have been in the hospital for months on end and yet nothing, i haven't killed myself. now i would love to be dead so i could be with my brother but i know what it would be like on the people around me. no matter how much u think people hate you they would be torn up inside to find out what has happened. think of your parents if not them, pets u love or teachers neighbours or anyone. it makes me so mad now when i read about someone that killed themself and everyone is upset about it. i take no pity. my uncle killed himself with a shotgun in the chest and my dad was in the hospital and was in a room with 2 men who tried to kill themselves but one missed his heart and shot out his shoulderblade and the other shot the front of his face off. now after that no matter how bad of shape you're in then u wouldn't ever want to kill yourself.
now please don't, cause you will just make yourself look bad and u don't want to look any worse than u already do
11 Apr 2002 In search of an answer Life sucks. I mean it really sucks! I'm only 12 and i want to die. My dad is in a wheel chair, he is the coolest dad. My mom is usually an uptight bitch, sometimes we do get along. She wants me to be the best, just like her. But I can only be me and all I am is a piece of shit. I have tried to kill myself, I almost succeeded too. My favorite way is to overdose on pain killers, you won't feel a thing. Slitting your wrist takes a while to actually work. Jumping off a building is good too, that way you can have some peace the last few minutes. I don't really think I came on this site to say ways to kill myself or anyone, I think I may want help. My brother is horrible he abuses me all the time. Sometimes when we are alone I think he may do something to me that's even worse, something I can't even say. He is the reason i want to die. When he's around there's nothing more i want in the world, i want the pain to stop i want it to go away. PLEASE HELP I KNOW I NEED IT.
11 Apr 2002 CircusClown Sit on an elephant's stool at a circus and wait for the trick where the elephant sits down, then you'll be stuck up its ass where a stupid fuck belongs.
11 Apr 2002 lisa well, after watching i began to understand just like i do in front of life. i don't think 13 is anough to stop watching what could happen in a life. anyway if you want to stop everything your just have to jump out of a window
bon, en regardant je commence à comprendre comme je le fais devant la vie. je ne pense pas que 13 ans soit assez pour voir ce qui peut arriver dans une vie. de toute façon si tu veux tout arrêter tu n'as qu'à sauter d'une fenêtre
10 Apr 2002 Bus Driver Willie Lay down behind a middle school bus with your head right under the tire and wait for all the middle school kids to finish getting on the bus.
10 Apr 2002 Dan Why do people want to stop others from killing themselves??
I am going for an AIDS test soon because of when i was molested last summer, and if it comes back positive, I will LEAVE. Not kill myself but LEAVE. I'm going to go to France like I've always dreamed. And live there as a begger or a rich man, fate will decide. In a way, I hope I get to that point so I can break out of this shitty system we call life.
10 Apr 2002 Becky There's a lot of ways... I should know. You can cut your wrists, Overdose on perscription medicines or tylinol<sp?>. You can inhale helime for like 10-20 mins. Stuff like that
10 Apr 2002 Noelle Eat those little packets of that grainy stuff that comes with various things that says "Do not ingest"
09 Apr 2002 Phil DAN, 15 paracetamols will not kill you - they will make you puke up blood and put you in a lot of pain , even 25 paracetamols won't kill you (I should know) - you just puke them up with blood and its fucking painful, I CAN TELL YOU.
I dont want you to die, but if you're going to do it DO NOT use paracetamol!!!
Your liver fails and you can die in the most painful way possible. If you are going to do it without pain then jump off a very tall building, or sit outside in the snow when the weather is FREEZING and you will die of hypothermia, which will be painless.

The best thing when you are suicidal is to try to keep going for one more day - find something like a TV show or something to give you reason to live a little longer. I wanted to die not so long ago, but now things are looking positive. Ok, things are still very shit, but I have a reason to live, and SO DO YOU. Please find that reason, cos we all have one!!

Good luck and lots of love,
09 Apr 2002 demonic angel Hi i really need some help here. I've attempted suicide so many times I've lost count, my life is really messed right now too. Most people think i'm a loser and treat me like shit, my own mom even made fun of me, life is getting a little better but i still feel like shit, last year i was really fat, my mom called me a 500 pound freak. MY MOM!!! and my dad? well i don't know him so i cant really say anything about him except the fact that he beated the shit out of my mom while she was pregnant with me! He sliced her with a beer bottle and left here for dead. unfortunately she didn't die and i wouldn't experience all the tortures of life. I haven't seen my father all throughout my life and i'm not allowed to see my mom because of childrens aid, i live with a mentally insane grandfather who treats me like i'm 2 years old, and an over pretective grandmother who's lost control of my grandfather. I am not sure what i'm going to do right now. i don't think things will get better for me....
09 Apr 2002 sonofabotch about the 12 year-old girl who got raped by her grandad, i know this girl who got raped and beaten up by her own dad, he survived, i mean, you're gonna forget it along the way. i contemplated the fuking thing when i was younger. look at me now. i'm not the screwed up 13-year old anymore
09 Apr 2002 Karlynn hi i'm 14 and i attempted suicide around 10 times, once i slit my wrist damit it hurts that's not the best way, the other time i took a tylenol because the docter said that i have a 50/50 chance of dying. All that happened was i got vilently ill. other times were pretty much the same.
09 Apr 2002 Karlynn take a knife and slit your throat, the pain won't last that long

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