Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Jun 2002 Denice Hmmm... you all dun understand why people decide to kill them themselves. I am so depressed, and i have no one to talk to. Nobody likes me, and they all treat me as i'm invisible. I dun give a heck what u say here, i'm not gonna change my mind to kill myself. That's the best way to get rid of the problems that i have being treated like shit in this world!!!!!
28 Jun 2002 amber choke yourself with fishing wire.
28 Jun 2002 girl having violent thoughts hey, mouchette, you are actually writing and posting on your site, that's so cool!! its so neat to see you actually, i've never seen u on the site before, writing i mean. hey, i am just curious, if u read this, how old are u now? anyhow, i dont get this whole lucy and billy thing.
oh, and if anyone has a GUN, and wants to lend it, or sell it to me, please tell me, i will give money.
28 Jun 2002 billy the freak lucy is a transexual. mouchette is a website. billy is a freak. it all goes together perfectly. like the pieces of a puzzle, an extremely complex one at that. so, today rain has brought a good break for me. i decided to sit on my front porch and and feel the cool misty air on my face. (as i have expressed in earlier posts i hate the sun) it felt envigorating! my face, arms and feet were tingling in a natural sort of way, i decided to strip down to my keks and prance around, i felt so very free. i was in the back yard dancing in my boxers, having the time of my life. then bridget came. she had a tomato soup can in her hand and a smile on her face. " what are you doing billy" she said in a half controled half chuckling voice. "what does it look like, bridget" i replied sarcasticly. i love bridget, i want bridget, i will never have bridget. " it looks like you're dancing in your underwear, i came down here to see if you wanted to play kick the can, but since you are busy i will go down to bennet's house" she started to walk slowly away, i know she wanted me to say something, so i did " hey bridget i will play with you but we need more people, and we need to play by my rules". i had the widest grin, i looked like cheshire cat. no sooner then me saying that she pulled off her sun dress and joined the party. her radient beauty excited me, but i kept it under control. i was proud of myself. she ran into my house and called her sister and a couple of her friends. it became a big underwear party, soon people joined in off the street. so we laughed and played kick the can and limbo, all in our underwear. somebody started to pass around a couple joints and all went crazy. pot must be some kind of aphrodisiac. so party moved inside and became an orgy. it is going on as i type this. i don't get into all that. bridget is right here looking through my sketch pad. she is asking me very nicely to come sit on the bed with her. maybe i will get lucky tonight, cross your toes for me. everybody, it is time to go home, find your clothes and get out.

27 Jun 2002 Lucy I thought I told you - I don't need any breasts.. I will however donate them for a large sum of money. And how did you guess? The surgeons cannot change me - they can do wonders to nasty growths, and cut off little beeps - but my mind is still that of a woman. Right now it's telling me that I need chocolate. Anyway..
27 Jun 2002 mouchette Yeah, it's a lot easier to call oneself Lucy Cortina than to look like her...
I think Lucy is a transsexual, that's why she's undergoing so much plastic surgery. Why didn't you tell me Lucy? I could have donated my breasts, I'm not using them..
27 Jun 2002 Lucy Ok, I've had a read thru now. You could be right about Jade, stoner gal. And Alex? Gay or not - das ist ze question. I think he is, but pretending he isn't. Must dash now..
27 Jun 2002 Lucy Bloody hell.. I've been away, what, 2 days?
I have more important things to worry about, Billy. Plastic surgery is no stroll in the graden, you know.
Talk to you later-
27 Jun 2002 billy the freak hey, maybe lucy killed herself. lucy, say something say anything. where is your fighting spirit. if i were to admit that i had no idea where your writings came from. would you come back? lucy we need you, don't get a life now.
27 Jun 2002 billy the freak lucy, what's wrong? you find hard to be original. you don't have to write stories, just share thoughts or little humorus quips. anything lucy, i'll be waiting.

27 Jun 2002 just a sad guy make sure the house is empty. take as much medicines as possible (no vitamines!) with this you can make a perfect cocktail for your own death. Alcohol is not necessairy but can be helpful.
27 Jun 2002 girl with bad thougths(well, they're not bad to me, only to othe hey, the docs from the mental hospital diagnosed me with schizoid personality disorder. so now im on anti-spychotic drugs. hehe. i dont know, im not crazy, im really not. but i do want to do some bad things, but does not mean that i'm mental. like kill students in the school, then would be nice to blow the whole F-ing school to pieces. but, that will never happen, cuz i dont have any explosives, or even a gun. if i didnt blow up the school, it would be nice just to shoot a whole bunch of kids, (like maybe 20 at the least would be nice) and then just wait till the police get to me, and then they could shoot me, and kill me. or if they didnt shoot me, maybe they'd send me to jail and i'd get the death sentence. and die. its all i wanna do, its kinda bad in a way, cuz i know im not suppposed to be thinking about this stuff, and i always deny it now, that i dont have bad thoughts, but i do. but, unfortunately, like i said before i dont have any guns or stuff to complete my mission. it's my dream, to have a school massacre bigger than any other, then go out knowing your name will go down in history, at least. it gotta be really successful though, no mess-ups, and LOTS of people have to die. ...the only way i'd be happy with what i did is if it went really well. dont want nobody stopping me part way through, gotta do it all. it's gotta be really big deal, or nothing at all, that's the way i see it. (and want it). bye y'all
26 Jun 2002 billy the freak mouchette, are those pictures on this really you? no matter, i have my own image of you that floats in my head. that is enough for me. second, is it pronounced mew shay or moe shet? i must know that. i thought you website was promotion free. i just got hit up with all these traveling promotions , i guess i was wrong about that. sure, maybe i will travel out to amsterdam to see you love, take care all.

ps- which is better pepsi or coke?

26 Jun 2002 billy the freak back when the mayan civilization flourished they had many traditions and rituals that were done thousands of years before this outstanding race even died out. one of them rituals was for aristocrat mothers to put flat stones on their newborns forehead. the reason they did this was to make thier child's forehead oblong and pointy. then they would hang shiney pieces of gold between the child's eyes, but not before they secured the head from moving. this would cause the child to focus on the piece of gold between it's eyes and go cross eyed. sounds weird, right. the mayan believed that it was sign of wealth and beauty, doctors today believe that this practice in many of cases probably caused brain disorder, go figure. i have no problems with the mayans, and i enjoy studying history, especially ancient civilizations. my only thing is if they wanted to have deformed cross eyed retards for kids, why didn't the expecting mother just smoke crack, i mean that works, right.
26 Jun 2002 NO NAME You should hang yourself. Hanging is the 2nd best way after taking medicines, but it is difficult and complicated to buy and pick drugs. Hanging is easy, cheap and not very painful. It leaves a body in a good state. All you need is a rope, belt, scarf or anything that is long enough to tie around your neck but I suggest you choose a rope with soft or fexible materials you die more comfortable when it tightens around your neck. All you need is a medium height, about 1 meter tall. Don't get this wrong, many people think hanging is a slow and painful way to die but in fact that's strangling. This rarely happens unless you hang not high enough or you do suspension hanging by kneeling or sitting on the ground. Once you slip the rope around your neck, kick the chair and you will begin to feel tired, drifting off and becoming unconscious and even if you want to move your arms, you find it difficult once you started hanging. So many kids have hung themselves playing with the rope since once you hang, even if you have a chair you can easily step on, you feel weak and numb and you cannot reach it, according to research on doctors. There are cases that tongues pop out and face turns green of hanging victims bodies but this is rare and only a few days or hours later, if the body still hangs on the rope. Anyway, who cares? Once you're dead your don't really care... I suggest you should go to the toilet before you hang yourself since bladder might burst out while you hangs for 3 or 4 mins. At about 5 mins you die if you are not found out. But if you are saved, you might get serious brain damage if you live so don't try it unless you really want to die. Also, put on something warm and comfy before you hang yourself because you feel numb and cold when you are hanging. As someone had suggested before in this forum, putting on a turtleneck garment is also a good way so you feel warm and comfy and you can relax and not so scare when the cold rope tightens around you bare neck. But only do this when you are in winter or an air conditioned room, since you look strange wearing such clothes in the hot weather. If you don't want your parents to see you die, put and bag or pillow case on your head when you hang yourself so they won't see your face when you die. Hanging is a good way expecially for girls to die since it is not very painful and girls might not have the wits to die in painful methods.
26 Jun 2002 do it now!!! just friggin do it.... who cares how?
26 Jun 2002 Jenna i've tried slitting my wrists, overdosing on asrpin and anti-depressants, ejecting air into my veins and lots more.. no matter what you will have some degree of pain. I'm 15 and very suicidal. I want to die so badly!
25 Jun 2002 $tOnEr GaL TrYiN 2 $uRViVe Hey, lucy, hi, i think i get it now.... its that book called angus thongs and full frontal snoggin isn't it, or sumthin? well, hey i did bitch about u on this site, and ppl sayin u got no class but ure a tru british laydee..... well, i guess thats not much of a compliment..... but hey, hey 2 the rest of us english sluts (not sayin ure a slut or nuthin!!!!), hey 2 lucy, hey 2 B.T Freak, have a nice day my fellow suicides...

Sum 1 get Jade out of BB3 (lucy im sure ull agree, she really shud die...)

RIP Dona Brown, teenage suicide 22/2/02 i miss u girl, keep on watchin ova me, i know ull b ashamed but i try...

Ill go now an stop soundin like such a stoned retard...

25 Jun 2002 Angel Dust how bout if your mom or dad tells you to kill yourself....hey? my dad handed me his gun before..... i'm still living..... but he will hand it to me later on watch..........
can't stop the shermans
25 Jun 2002 Ingrid mendoza.... tha lovely maria i love you I'm 15, and my life is so fucked up i wanna die. but i don't want to die hurt, i just want it to be painless...
like my cousin killed herself bout 6 months ago, i didn't get over it.. i cried i wanted her back. but then i reallized.. i don't think she wants to be back here living w/ her fucked up family .. life.. i guess i wanted to go w/ her.. just kill myself too...
all these ppl here thinking ohh why do want ppl to think that ur worthless.. blah blah blah... but ya know what .. all u bitches who have them good life.. if ur not going through all this bullshit... don't say shit at all, shut the fuck up.. my bad..
I don't think my life can get better never did and it never will..
My cousin wanted to die cuz her dad (my uncle) raped her, beated her, her mom tried to kill herself so many times.. but maria (my cousin) stopped her. why?..cuz she needed a mom at that moment.. well her mom also beat the shit out of her.. living in such a fucked up life and place.. compton south central...

maria then got tired of it.. and just want to disappear.. she called me 2 days before she did it...said she loves me she wishes she could stay with me. but her dad fucked her again... he broked her nose, arm, ripped off her cunt.... what else can i say... it probably more but she didn't tell me..
then maria took 20 or more barbiturates... sumthin like phenos,red devils, rainbows, and that shit.....
before that happened she was on E didn't feel no pain only felt nummm..
she wasn't no gangsta or drug dealer back then.. she was 16 at a time she died.. w/ barbiturates.. she was already addicted to it... why not take 20 more of them ha.. so that's it she died.. in her kitchen.. just came back from the street.. dealing w/ tha crack heads.. getting sum pills to commit a suicide..... all her homegirls didn't give a fuck they cried for a day and leave.. all that motherfuckin hoodrats betrayed maria .. will die.. guess they didn't want her anyways.. .they can still be banging there in comp... getting shoot at.. fuck ya .... go to hell..... all u cunt hoodrat..w/ stds and shit...
so was there a good reason for my cousin to kill herself?..... what about her dad?......he's locked up in prison ..for beatin rapin... her.. nobody knew back then till maria died

As 4 me i miss her really much ..... my life is not as much fucked as hers but it will be gettin too... both my parents beat the shit out of me..... and i have a chance to have cancer... so like it might be a good idea to die... like maria.. to be w/ her.. maybe she dun want me to die.. but i'll go for good.. to get the fuck out of my hell.... family issues bitch ass cunt is gonna kill me anyways..... too much enemies.....

been throught lots.... mental hos.. jail.. ya.. got a bottle sticked up my puss ...... yeah yeah i think i like jail better than home don't have to face any of the bullshit of life.....

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