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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Jun 2002 k i would like to make a comment: when i am at rock bottom and i can't see light, the more morbid and crude thoughts and ideas can bring a smile to my face and help me get through another day. On really bad days, i call my mother and discuss how i am going to die and my funeral... including who gets and invitation and who gets kicked out by the bouncers i'm using as ushers.
07 Jun 2002 k when i was thirteen, i just walked into the bathroom and took every pill in the medicine cabinet, i am now 30 and still looking for my way out of all this pain.
07 Jun 2002 Arixxx s'intoxiquer à l'hélium
06 Jun 2002 Lucy Cortina The life according to Alex?
Aka Big Brother? I don't think so...
Yes I did get some of my 'stories' from a book.. but improvised on them and indeed changed them for the better. Plus I made up most of them on my own. Some inspiration did come from a book. But not the life of Alex or summat (?)
Anyways, shouldn't you be dead by now?
06 Jun 2002 Xia Overdosing on painkillers, like asprin, or advil.
05 Jun 2002 fuck you it happens tomorrow the best way to kill yourself is to live till you're 26, find a girl you love, give her all you have, move away from your family, live for her and then one day find out she does not love you, she wants to end it, so late one night when she's sleeping and your at work, take out your gun and shoot yourself on main stage for the cleaning crew to find you
04 Jun 2002 billy the freak don't you just hate it when the conductor of a speeding train sees you laying on the tracks in just enough time to slow down so that you don't get hit? next fucking time I am going to meet the bitch half way!
04 Jun 2002 billy the freak (1)

so i jumped on a bus the other day, i felt ill to think of all the strange people i would sit next to on this long ride. i came to a man about seven seats back that smelled of gasoline and dirt. he had a sign around his neck that said our savior is coming. to think and i'm not ready! if would have known i would've got my cat to make some potato salad. i asked him if i could sit down or is this seat saved for jesus. he simply scoffed at me and focused his gaze on the world outside the bus. i sat in the seat behind him. the tint on the windows made the bright shiny people pale or was it the fact that i was finally leaving town? i grew up here. i learned all the important values here. to leave now would be different, it would be some type of evil. fuck no, i'm glad i'm leaving, this city makes me sick. the bus is pretty empty so i think i will take a nap and dream of something great.
04 Jun 2002 billy the freak my mind is a vacant lot. instead of asphalt i decided to put down gravel and broken beer bottles, that way if something does start running through my mind, hopefully it falls and gets a nasty scrape.
04 Jun 2002 JAMES DOWNER I myself am not 13 years of age I am 26. However i have been on a suicide mission for about 10 years. I decided that after about 6 very sincere tries, not one thing has been effective. So now I always bathe with major electrical appliances, accept rides from old men driving chevrolet vans, I've been corresponding with all my favorite serial/spree killers, fucking everything with a hole, and the dirtier the sex the better. Never take advise from your mother, because running with scissors is a bloody fun time!
04 Jun 2002 Azul Sedante consume as much candy given to you by as many creepy old men you can. and always say thank you.
04 Jun 2002 Dave My God. I'm ashamed to be human.
04 Jun 2002 kirstin slowly reduce eating food, until you are down to nothing, then just starve do death, good idea and it's not that painful (my opinion, i'm doing it)
03 Jun 2002 Lisa Pills, I committed suicide last February '02. The best way to do it is to drink as much as you can, Midol, Cough Syrup, prescription medicine, tyenol, advil... glip down with some alcohol, it works. See, what it does is that it makes your heart beat super fast & you feel like your heart is gonna explode. People think pills are for whuss, yeah right. If you unfortunately survive... this is what happens, they stick a tube up your- (girls) & 1 up your nose & pumpin' pumpin' pumpin'. You'll have the shits for days, some say a month, & it's blue/black (it's called "charcoal"). They take you to the mental clinic, I was in there for 1 week, but for those who are under 18, I dunno where you go. Other then throw yourself into a meat grinder or put a bomb on yourself... make sure when you do it, YOU DIE. Cuz if you don't, if they take you to the hospital "unfortunately" on the nick of time & you survive, I'm telling ya, it's hell & more, worse than the reason why you attempted suicide in the 1st place.
02 Jun 2002 LucyH8r Ok ppl let me tell u summat about Lucy Cortina aka pain up da ass. U c here in the uk we hav a book called The World According 2 Alex, don't we Lucy? U c kids, Lucy here obviously has no life, as all she does is sit at home in front of the computer copying passages out of this book. Trust me ive read it. Lucy, u really r not original, isnt ure own life exciting enuff? Come on girl get ure head outta ure own ass and leave us suicidal ppl 2 die in peace, ok?
02 Jun 2002   Ok, hey kids i'd just like 2 tell u sumthin about lucy cortina aka annoying slag. Well, u c, im from england and here we hav a book called The World According 2 Alex. I hav read this book and i hav come 2 the conclusion everythin lucy types is copied from afore mentioned book. LUCY U R SAD. It aint big and it aint clever, and it certainly aint original. Wat, r u really so sad this is all u do all day?

IT'S LAME!!!!!
01 Jun 2002 billy the freak i found myself in an odd position today, there was a man in my house, he was sitting on my couch . I didn't know who he was, how he got there, or how he died. Yeah man, there was a dead man on my couch! You ask what i did? Well, i did what any normal person would do: I ran his pockets, and get this, the stiff had eighty dollars on him! But anyway, I then decided to throw him out the third story window. That is because my flat was located on the first floor and I didn't think that it would make a big enough splat, you know... If you do something, make it dramatic. So, then i started pulling him up the steps of my apartment complex, his head made a thud against each concrete step that was so sickening. He was a heavy fucker so I had to take several breaks from the hard manual labor, you know... i made time for lemonade and to chat with my many neighbors in the complex. They all seemed to say the same thing about my situation: "you're dumping another body billy", "that is the third one this week". Sure if they got stuck hauling the bodies around they know I wouldn't poke fun. So finally i knocked on this girl's door, i used to fuck her all the time, but now only when one of us are desperate. She understood and let me and my friend in, though I did most of the talking. The window was my laundry chute of burden, soon would this nightmare be taken away. So I propped him up on the edge, and told him I loved him, then I sent him to the street. I didn't even take time to look at what was probably the most foul thing ever. Half of my day was already wasted and it is like what my neighbour said, that was the third body this week, and it's only tuesday.
01 Jun 2002 Pepe Maybe laughing, put a feather in your S.Kit

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