Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Jun 2002 Jenna hey i'm 15 and very suicidal.. how can i kill myself that won't leave a big mess and will be quick? I've tried slitting my wrists and failed. I want to die so bad... will someone help me?!?!
14 Jun 2002 arp henblast heroin.
fresh heroin vs. 13 year old heroines.
14 Jun 2002 Lost I'd rather be shot in the face
five times
then have my love be sent away
stabbed in the back 26 times
till i couldn't feel myself
loose my legs
my arms
to stay with my love
theres no happiness in pain
denial for what i would have done
my fault i take
for what i couldnt make this to be
all i can do
is sit here and cry
while she leaves
i can't even see
my eyes fade away
with the rest of me
no fear to shoot a thousand men
i love my ....
my lord
14 Jun 2002 Suicidal Chick The very best way is to be mowed down by a field of arrows so that you end up looking like a pin cushion. Or maybe you could find a very crowded place, stand on a pedestal and cut out your intestines and other internal organs and throw them on random people. You can also just mass shoot some people and then kill yourself. Whatever works :D
By the way, do you think slitting your wrists with a Swiss Army Knife is good? I mean, that's my only option at the moment because I don't have a gun or any pills in the house and I'm too lazy to go out and get any. So good enough or no?
12 Jun 2002 joe i have the greatest respect for the you if you truly have the courage to kill yourself as i firmly believe the strength required to end one's own life is great. however i believe there is a greater courage. yes, life is fucking shit and you can argue that it would have been better to have never been born. but you are here whether you fucking like it or not. schopenhauer, the 19th century german philosopher believed that human life was basically shit because we are driven by an impulse to avoid pain rather than accept it as a part of the human condition. Thus, rather than taking it on, we wish to escape suffering and the ultimate way out is suicide. So paradoxically if you top yourself although you have negated life you have been beaten by it. Meister Eckhart, the medieval mystic and philosopher saw hell to be all the things you can't let go of. If, rather than clinging to death you accept life with all its shit then what you thought were demons are really angels. everything depends on how you look at it. Anyway, apart from all that shit, there's gotta be something you enyoy. Take some E or something.
12 Jun 2002 Suicidalpunk@14 i do cutting. 1 wrist + sharp knife= way out.... life sucks and then you die.:[
12 Jun 2002 Michael V Take a bath and blow-dry your hair at the same time... eventually it's gonna slip out of your slippery small hands and end up giving you a happy ending... So it's a clean death and a very nice light show...
12 Jun 2002 Becky Jennings hang yourself or overdose on something
12 Jun 2002 ashely cut
10 Jun 2002 dillan first try being yourself at school. if this proves unsuccessful buy girls magazines if you are a girl. desire things in shops. aim for invisibility. Watch disney and think about a boy. Go to see plays and imagine the actors are all that boy. Watch television chat shows for more information.
10 Jun 2002 bobitsaboy god damn i just figured all this out, hear me to the end please.
Every one here has either gone through shit or is about to or never will, and you are saying to yourself right now "no shit sherlock" well no way, like many people here i have tried so many fucking ways to kill myself, i say i have learned my lesson, that is: god won't let me die. Also who the fuck are those people to say that you will regret comitting suicide... YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD, YOU CAN'T REGRET IT. Also who the fuck are they to say that it's selfish if they've never even gone through that shit. I'll tell you my secret to sweet death, after i tell you how i've survived..... about 40 years ago this little boy named James Burke Hutchison at the age of 14 started drinking and smoking, his father had died of lung cancer and he didn't figure out that it was the smoking. Well anyways lets scoot up 39 years to last summer. This so called "father" abused his 2nd youngest son, not the oldest not the youngest, but me. It went from verbal to physical. I loved him too much to fight back. so i chose to fix it another way. Jump off a fucking cliff. Hint: make sure it's more than 40 feet. This was attempt number one. #2 At this one church camp my family goes to they have a waterfall at the lake, you can jump off one part as long as you have a supervisor with you but if you don't you can lose all camp priveleges or even die, Hint#2: make sure you hit rocks at bottom. Thus we made it through that. Next i was sent off to this all vegetarian camp for wrestling, i got so damn depressed that i thought pills could end it for me..... od and die every one tells me. no more than 14 in 12 hour periods, i took 17, was found passed out in the middle of the wrestling gym. and finally i tried drinking and smoking myself into a grave. Too fucking hard, gave those up (well not drinking). Now i'll tell you my secret, go out and find the nearest, hard core dealer, buy some fucking painkillerz and get as much pcp as possible and go fuck with the cops till they riddle you with bullets while you dont feel it. My cousin did this shit, he's dead now. Sad isn't it, that people waste their lives putting other people down. I'm gunna kill the next bitch that walks in front of me and fucking messes with me. Have a good night y'all.
10 Jun 2002 Depressed Dude Run in the middle of the freeway while you have knifes and lighters in your pockets and get hit by cars over and over and over and over again..... it hurts like fucking hell if you live though.
10 Jun 2002 shitface ferguson I don't know of the best way to kill yourself, but I hopefully can stay ignorant of the painless and effective ways easily at hand. I have had nothing in life to bring happiness to me. Everyone else around me has done evil and intentionally hurt people but still get love and attention from others and don't give a fuck about anyone. The truly selfless people I have met are cast out and don't get the love and affection. I have tried to ignore the numerous disadvantages that I have and find only one I can't control. I am truly a very ugly person and can understand why people would have nothing to do with me. I rarely see anyone as hideous as me and realize people that focus attention on me are being sympathetic. I have been alone and scared my whole life, but I still have tried to be selfless. I believe people who know me, at least before a couple months ago, would say that I was a very caring and compassionate person. I have tried to be a good person my whole life and figured that eventually something would come to me. I have been patient, but not only does my life seem to be unfair, it seems to be cruelly unfair to me and others who seem to be good at heart. I can barely look in the mirror and I am under the impression I can never be loved because of my hideous appearance. I ask why my two extremely ugly parents would have kids, and still can't find an appropriate answer. I try and stay positive, but what for? I see most people as very hypocritical. Maybe because I have never accepted God, I have been punished. I have tried to be helpful, and rarely intentionally hurt anyone. Still I see those with all bad characteristics get the love and attention and I have lost faith in everyone including myself. Is this a world in which I want to live in? I have had those I have deeply cared for attack my insecurities for the sake of increasing their ego on my expense. I am so scared to do anything. I just need someone to tell me everything is all right, but I have come to the realization that if I am going to survive, I must be selfish and egotistical. I can't even suppress my tears during the day and putting things in perspective doesn't work for me. I want a hug, or some reassurance. I have tried so hard to be good, but I have been hurt and my wound can not heal. I hate myself for feeling no hope and selfishly thinking of myself, but I feel a selfless act is to kill myself because to survive you must be a selfish individual. I am so scared but I am my only saviour. I have denied God and all the hyprocrites that lie in religion. You fuckers that spend millions of dollars on churches when you could be providing support for the needy and spending numerous hours worshipping a God who must be insecure, when you could be helping those that need it most, instead of wasting time boosting God's ego (whoever he may be). I still cry, and know it may not get better. I just want someone to hold. My loneliness will do for now.
10 Jun 2002 billy the freak hey i got a piece hate mail the today from someone who shall be nameless. mouchette, i bet that's a person who gets hate mail. my point is this web could or could not be the place to say your final words. as you can see, many people have found a creative outlet (excluding lucy cortina) to share their thoughts of death, perceptions of death, which in fact is a touchy subject to even talk about, let alone get something off their chest. not one time have i seen anyone say "goodbye cruel world" and type the last date of their lives. in fact you see many names return to the site to say something witty or give an update of what's going on with them. i personally feel that mouchette's web site gives children, adults and pretty much any age a place to say hey i'm having troubles right now. furthermore mouchette is a fully interactive web site so check the rest of it out, it is great! ***on a personal note*** every day when i get up from my bed i look at my wrists. i look at the scars of my past. what used to be gaping wounds of emotional agony, hate, and resentment, what is now nothing but healed over guilt. a mound of tissue reminding me i am selfish and sick. i am not saying i don't get depressed i am saying there is much better things, and many good narcotics.
08 Jun 2002 sum girl sumtimes i look at myself and i dont even kno hu i am ne more, sumtimes i just dont care hu i am nemore. sumtimes im strong, sumtimes it just pours down on me like a tidal wave.... but all the time its fake and everybodys plastic
08 Jun 2002   Best way is to protest to something. Protest against mafia, war in afganistan or something bad. Someone will take you away.
08 Jun 2002 Wexy Hey i'm under 13. (im 12) I think the best way is 2 shoot urself (if u have a gun) or 2 take an overdose.
I'm a suicidal person (but i haven't been successful :o( ) I think u should be able 2 kill urself if u wanna.
07 Jun 2002 Lucy Cortina I was watching TV today..that awful Britney Spears song came on. She was sat on the edge of a cliff, looking as if she was about to commit suicide. I was thinking "don't do it! if you go, we'll never have anything to measure good music against crap music if you do!"
I expect the rest of the world were all thinking "just do it!". But I'm a sensitive soul, in between my selfish surgery urges. I don't like to stand on snails if I can help it.
Anyway, it was the Britney song where she says she's not a girl - but she's not a woman. Eh? So she's a man then?
At first the camera hovered around her tits amd face, which I avoided looking directly at, for fear that the evil subliminal messages there would brainwash me. Then it showed a fire... god I hate her.
07 Jun 2002 Ruler Asiatic The best way to kill yourself is not to. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is for over all good. You may not see it now because depression and pain are such blinding emotions that blur the underlined purpose. There is not one person on Earth who has not felt the pain and suffering you have felt, because that is part of being a human being. The people who have suffered the most pain in their lives and the most rejection end up becoming the most successful, Why? Because after all they suffered, and all their hardships, it made them stronger and immune to pain and enabled them to set out to do what they had to without fear of failure. My father was jealous of me and hated me and tried to say I was dumb, and said I wouldn't amount to anything and abused me. And I believed him. I did not want to live, this example probably pales in comparison to what some of you are going thru, but I understand your desire for suicide. This year I just graduated from Florida Southern College the top in my class and made my father look like an ass because he said I couldn't do it. And when you really think about it, when you commit suicide, YOU are not really killing yourself, you're allowing THE PROBLEM or the PERSON who is driving you to have these thoughts to do THEIR WORK. Don't eliminate yourself, eliminate the problem!!!

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