Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 May 2002 Taylor Anybody who need's help e-Mail me please I'd like to help you out as much as i can. don't kill yourself there's so much to live for so think about it!!!
17 May 2002 person the best way to kill yourself is to let mr. fork "meet" mrs. electrical socket
17 May 2002 May 16 Alcohol and sleeping pills wouldn't work. it would be too slow u would die of liver damage in a week. hypothermia sounds good
16 May 2002 Kalaja I don't know what is the best way to kill yourself, under 13 or above it. I'm happy as my cat - we both live our lives in complete mental and physical freedom, and for now on I have no reasons to leave this happiness. But one never knows, so I'm looking for some informations on time. And so, if anyone has suggestions, e-mail me wisdomly. No guns, no drugs that only make you vomiting, no jumping, no cutting. Doesn't anyone really know some method that makes you just painfully pass on while laying beside sea?
16 May 2002 Iain M Hi there all, if anybody feels they really need to talk to somebody about how bad/suicidal they feel, then feel free to email anytime. Befrienders will try and reply within 24hours to your email, but it may take a little longer, they are all volunteers and have many people to talk to.
16 May 2002 fuck off To all the people who want to commit suicide, What the fuck is wrong with you people? Dont you fucking realise that life gets better for everyone?

It's people like you that fuck me off the most, you go round saying your gonna kill yourself when really your just looking for attention

and then you say your not looking for attention and that you really want to,

fuck that, i've been down that road before, i know what it's like, i know none of you have experienced what i did, none of you know what it's like to be truly depressed
16 May 2002 Kayla I'm 13 years old, and i'm anorexic and i hate my body and i hate my life. I feel so alone and unloved. I have tried to kill my self before, and i don't think i would want to do it again. It was painful and frightening. Everyday of my life I feel depressed and angry with myself. I'm looking for some support. So if u feel this way too, please email me or give me some advice.
16 May 2002 REV watch television as much as you can possibly fit into each day. the rest will happen without your knowledge.
16 May 2002 Me Oh my god you ppl are fucked up! At 13, I was suicidal, but believe me, it's not worth it. At the point where i realized i might actually die from all these fucking pills I also realized that i had so much more to live for... Don't do it....
15 May 2002 Bojangles YOU SICK FUCK!!!! How dare you turn something like this around and make it into a joke? These people are truely mentally disturbed and in need of help! You make it seem as though their pain and suffering in life is a joke and that it's funny that they want to kill themselves. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!
Maybe I do, on the other hand. I bet you were just like all the people that post on your site. In search of yourself, with no place to turn. If that is true then how dare you make fun of who you are.
And to anyone that is seriously thinking about commiting suicide, don't. There are many alternatives (just don't go to a school counselor, unless you WANT to ruin your "file")! The best is to be more open with people ie: YOUR FAMILY!!!! Just tell them what's on your mind, no matter what. I can say that they will not be upset at you and on the contrary, they will probably be glad to hear your voice and will offer encouragement though hard times.
Look, just don't do anything like this. How does cutting yourself help? IT DOESN'T. How does killing yourself help? IT DOESN'T! Most of all, how can killing the ones that have caused your pain help? Unless you have a very, very sick mind, IT DOESN'T!!!
I know what being the "Quiet One" is like. The teasing, the bullying. My best advice is to face what is it is that is making you this way head on. I did and I'm now the drummer for the band Rude Buddha. We just got put on a national T.V. show and if I had killed myself where would I be? In a small box six feet under the ground.
If nothing else helps go to a doctor and ask if you may have a Chemical Imbalance. If you do, your hormones are magnifying the adverse effects of puberty (feeling of aloness, self hate, overall depression etc...).
So just don't do anything you, or anyone else, is going to regret to get away from it all. Hey, even a vacation can help. They can give you the feeling of who you really are. I mean, chances are, none of the people will know who you are, so strike up some temporary friendships to get yourself going.
15 May 2002 Daniel to me the best way to kill yourself would be to shoot yourself whit a shot of air in the vein very lilttle pain that or death with a car in the garage with the door closed
15 May 2002 Adam To go the George Washington bridge and pretend that your back pack, that you are wearing from school, is a parachute. Then leap off the the brige and pull the string when you hit the water.
15 May 2002 jack clark Well deffinately not razors bc most ppl are stupid and dont do that right. i dont cut but im gonna do somthing to myself soon and it will be bad. so anyways i think the best way is to have a sloy death stad yourself in the heart or wait somwhere that will belled alot and u wont die fast
15 May 2002 Kali, godess of destruction Well, Contrary to popular belief, killing yourself is really hard! I think I have discovered the best ways though, here they are by age bracket
0-3 play with those plastic bags, babies soffocate all the time
4-6, Legos are good to eat, they get stuck in throats and death is color coded!
7-10 Go bike riding in a busy highway-at rush hour-on a rainy day. Sure fire way everytime
11-13 Invite a friend over to play with daddy's gun.
14- at 14 my choice fantasy was a bullet to the brain, but that's just me...
15-17 -So many diffrent ways!! Slitting your wrist is hard and painful, but o so adolecently dramatic! Come on, don't be a sissy.
18- You have a car? You have a garage? Good, the rest is easy!
21- Alcohol poisoning, definitely alcohol poisoning.

For everyone the best way to go has got to be that stuff you get at the dentist that makes you go to sleep... but man that would be a bitch to find!
15 May 2002 -kat- my life so is so fucked up right now... i dunno what to do... i am very suicidal... but i don't want to die with pain... i want a slow and unpainful death if u guys have any ideas PLZ e-mail me at..
14 May 2002 shit head02 1)climb to top of slide tie the swing rope around neck the go for a "Swing"

2)take a beer bottle drink all the beer then make a cherry bomb in the can and count to ten on your fingers, best place to hold can between legs.
14 May 2002 sw3de I tried to OD on painkillers a few days ago and I took about 60 pills overall. Guess it wasn't enough. My advice is more pills, more alcohol and slit wrists.
14 May 2002 Véronic Manger des skittles combiné avec du Mountain Dew.
14 May 2002 Hang In Hey..... don't kill yourself. seriously. i've been in hospitals and all. I'm 17. my arms are cut alllllll over. it's shitty, but once u get the rigt kind of help your life can turn around. No joke. Come on, just try to hang in there. Your filling out theese shitty forms from the sicko who made up this gay website as a cry for help. none of u truly wanna die. Trust me. i know. i've attempted many times. it's really not worth it. Think of one thing to keep u going. I know, i used to have nothing at times, but then something would keep me going. Try to do something in ur spare time like a hobby. Later.
14 May 2002 This Website Is a Piece of SHIT This website is the most disturbing website i've ever fucking been to. Whoever created it are fucking sickos also. Seriously. FUCK YOU. This is fucking sick. And for all of you contributing to these sickos website, get some help. Just Get Some Help.

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