Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 May 2002 Sweetie I don't know what is a good way to kill yourself at the age of 13 years old. but I know it is good to even think about killing yourself at the age of 13 years old but I like this web site because kids can come on here and tell what they know so it can help kids who get on here with their problems.
22 May 2002 Joe Swallow an entire bottle of asprin, followed by a bottle of Jack Daniels.
22 May 2002 bisoux play innocent
22 May 2002 David this website is here to prevent people from killing themselves. you want to die so you look for easy painless ways to do it. then you start reading this shit and some of it is soooo funny that you forget all about killing yourself and realize laughter alone is worth staying alive, for at least a little while longer.
22 May 2002 Keith Attain a bow used to play the violin. Replace the usual horsehair cord with an industrial grade steel cord. Then put some classical music on as you play along on your wrists
22 May 2002 Monique I'd say go down to your local drug store and since you probably can't afford buying as many amount of pills needed to end your life, steal them (like stealing is going to matter when you're dead).Then go home and find some of your parent's favourite wine or spirits and sit down and have yourself a farewell party. Of course this is going to take a while and you start to feel nauseous but it'll be worth it. If it doesn't work then you're going to feel like... for about 2 weeks.
21 May 2002 Lucy Cortina Dominatrix, stick around, I am very curious.

My crazy life continues...
I discovered yesterday that my mum is having an AFFAIR!
If it was with Richard Branson or some other rich mug I wouldn't care (hey, I could afford my surgery then), but OH NO, it had to be... the POSTMAN! Argh!
I answered the door to him, and he said: "Can I see your mum? I have a little... er... package for her". So I said: "Why don't you just post it through the letterbox?" and he said: "Oh... it's... er... too big for this letterbox". Sacre bloody bleu!
My sister ran outside and wanted to look in the postman's 'spaceship', as her brain saw it. He let her in. She demanded that all her teddy-bears be allowed in too, for an alien 'wee party' (tea-party to us earthlings). So she got stuck in there and wouldn't come out. She'd brought little cushions for her bears Peter, Eggy, Belle and Auntie Fantra to sit on. She made them little sandwiches from the letters in the post-van, spreading butter on them. She offered each bear one. When the postman had to go, she said "No, we LIKE IT!!"
Mum dragged her out and apologised to him.

Just remember people, when I become a psychopathic nutter in my adult years, remember who's to blame.
This is the proof.
21 May 2002 fredy slit ure wrists with scizzors, but vertically not horizontally. it hurts but at least it makes a mess!
21 May 2002 Jezible I'm 13 years old I am in the 8th grade . My life really sucks live with my mom (she hates me) I REALLY just want to end my life... I tried getting help but that doesn’t work... I have no friends. Plus there is no such things as friends. Friends are people that you think are your friends but they really your enemies in secret identities. I would like to shoot my self and end it all but i don't own a gun ...
21 May 2002 pusy fuc myself with a pair of tongs
21 May 2002 ant what ain't the best way to kill yourself when you're under thirteen?
21 May 2002 Andy I am probably more worse off wanting to kill myself because I am 23 going on 24. It started at the age of 14 where I felt like my life was going nowhere but I did not want to kill myself that badly. Now it is a different story since I feel deep down that my life seems like shit not to mention that today the woman I adored in my college told me she was married. From there my feeling have really been taking a downward spiral.... don't know what to say other than I think I am ready to call it quits but don't how to go about it.
21 May 2002 Kahei How many of you guys who write here saying you're about to kill yourselves actually do?
20 May 2002 B3x Hotshot358 Whatcha' gotta do is make yer death flashy and cool. First buy a couple of Uzi's (or any machine gun dont matter) hide 'em in yer jacket and walk into a bank slowly. Then wip out both uzi's and start screamin' insanly and mowin' down people with bullets. Keep doin' that 'till the cops come. (You'll know they'er there cause of all the bright lights and yelling). Then start shooting at the cops while you run outside yelling like a madman. Eventually the cops will get so pissed they'll kill you in furious assault of bullets, but if somehow you survive and get arrested, then tough piss, you deserve it for killing all those pour people.
20 May 2002 mouchettelicker tub and/or kiddie pool; qwick drying cement; pepermint schnapps
20 May 2002 JFR Would taking a water hose and cutting it just big enough so u could take one end and tape it to your exaust than lead the other end into your car window and in your car ? would this work ? Might need to tape the openings as well. If this would work then this is the way for me to go ..
20 May 2002 Amanda The only thing that changes with death is your location... You don't end, you go to another realm, which in some cases, is more painful than your current situation. You poor people. It gets better, I promise. When you "grow up", it's easier.
20 May 2002 lucie de boutiny Take a Barbie, spread ketchup on the two inner sides of a burger and eat it slowly while watching TV advertisements for children.
20 May 2002 Avec modération alors... Je pense qu'il faut aller dans la forêt dans la maison des ours alors qu'il ne sont pas là avec une perruque de boucles blondes, manger dans leurs plats, dormir dans leurs lits, et attendre qu'ils reviennent. Après ils te donneront une télécommande pour changer de dimension et tu pourras alors marcher de biais avec Jean-Hugo le patron du grand baton. Du suicide? Jamais voyons, à part si on est atteint d'une maladie quelconque, dans ce cas c'est de l'euthanasie, mais ailleurs, jamais. Ca serait du gaspillage de sensations haha!
20 May 2002 Jean-Constantinople Du Val Je trouve quand même qu'aborder ça selon un contexte tel est une façon bien malsaine de tourner les gens en bourrique afin de pouvoir se faire une appréciation de leur soi et se revaloriser. Donc avec toutes les imbécilités que tu as pu lire, tous les gens offusqués, sadiques, plaintifs, tu as une bonne raison de vivre ta supériorité qui pourrait aider ces pauvres êtres à survivre dans un si joli monde, non?

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