Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Feb 2002 MAY I have a question instead of an answer:
10 Feb 2002   You're coming with me, cheeky!
10 Feb 2002 Suicidesux this is a stupid site. everyone who wants to kill themselves have to get help!! IM FUCKING SERIOUS, killing yourself isn't the answer! Get help, there is love out there for everyone!! don't cut yourself short of a life!!!!!
09 Feb 2002 Lucy Cortina God I'm bloody bored! Who needs parents? All they do is shout - they need to be put in a loony bin. Sacre bloody bleu and double merde! I'm considering plastic surgery for my uglyness - although if I end up like Michael Jackson then maybe my family would actually notice that I exist!
09 Feb 2002 SSSnake By pretending ur that religious guy... and walk over water - it can't be done. oops! you are drowning!
09 Feb 2002 nein Pick a part that's new.
09 Feb 2002 dead and forgotten simply pretend you're a car and that you're low on fluids, give it a fuel up, then stick a lighter up your ass along with some fire works and display your parts for everyone
09 Feb 2002 emily A. i had a really good friend named ronnie, and since i was new at the school it was so nice to have a really good friend. we would have so much fun together. later, we started to hang out with a boy and all three of us had lots of fun together, i was so happy to have my two friends, it was so much easier. then they fell in love with each other, and when i hung out with them, all they did was make out and cuddle. i just kind of sat there, alone. i have been single and alone for so long, nobody loves me, so it made me feel jealous that they had each other to keep them from being depressed. so i would cry, and they got sick of me, and i tried to be happy, but they just got annoyed, so now i am alone again. i am crying again now. i just can't handle being alone anymore, i wish people liked me. but i've been at my new school for four months, and i'm alone more than ever. i am so sad, and i really believe i am cursed and good things just can't happen to me. i just have to be lonely for ever. so to end it now before i cost my dad more money, i am going to electrocute myself. i just will fill up my bathtub, then take a bath with my hair dryer. i just have nothing left. i can't do anything no matter how hard i try, wherever i go i am lonely, i'm easy to forget.
08 Feb 2002 Someone ...the last year was pretty fucked up for me.... and i tried to kill myself... but then i'm thinking about (some) people who care for me...and they would be pretty fucked up if i kill myself.. so that's why i don't do it... but if they weren't around i wasn't here anymore... on this sucky planet...

sorry for my englisch.. i live in holland....
08 Feb 2002 orc love here goes nuthin.

takes lots of psychedelic drugs & listen to _skinny puppy_ while you are struggling with alcoholism & school & wiping your dying dad's anus. then take over the maximum dosage of prozac so that you get long-term brain damage that causes psychomotor agitation (twitching) to add to your general drug abuse caused psychotic presence. and your damn psychiatrist is such a pussy that she doesn't want to talk about your lucid nightmares (hell she doesn't even inform you that they were caused by the prozac -- so you think you're even more fuct than you are). ok where was i?

want more later? self-injury and tattoos and not knowing how to say no to nasty hoes or even dudes, and trying to write an autobiography oh my! damn this better be anonymous. peace kids, i gotta go to class & swim a couple laps too.
08 Feb 2002 Lucy C PS- It's very nippy noodles today!
08 Feb 2002 Lucy Cortina "Party Time!"

Don't ask why, but I went to the party dressed as a stuffed olive (again!). My friend Jane came in a red Britney-Spears-style catsuit. As I got to the front door, Angus (my mad cat) had one of his 'calls of the wild'. As I was passing by as a stuffed olive he leaped from his concealed place behind the curtains (or his lair, as I supposed he imagined it in his cat brain) and attacked my tights or 'prey'. I managed to beat him off with a brush. Dad wouldn't let me walk to the party so I said "What would I be doing walking the streets at night as a stuffed olive... gatecrashing cocktail parties?" Jane smirked but dad got all angry so I went in the car.
When I got there I had a horrible time. In a mood of defiant stuffed oliveness I did have a dance by myself, but things kept crashing to the floor around me.
The highlight was meeting SP or Sexpot. He is soooooo gorgeous, and I must have him! What's more, he is the older brother of Jane's boyfriend Tim. Sacre bleu. But still, he will be MINE!
08 Feb 2002 renit you have no reason to do this at 13... you haven't lived life... at least let someone kill you instead
07 Feb 2002 .... I am writing in regards to the website you have posted on 101 ways to kill yourself. First of all I wanted to say, I had a very close friend kill himself almost a year ago and I know all too well what it is like to lose someone that means so much to you because they are so depressed they have no hope for a better tomorrow. Secondly, how dare you write something that incredibly terrible encouraging people to take their life? You are sick. All I have left to say is I hope that you never experience losing someone to suicide, and if you do I hope that they use one of your methods, so then you can go to sleep at night knowing how you helped. & don't say it's a joke or why does someone like myself even look up the shit you write, well newsflash, there was a college student not so far away from where I attend school, and he was 19 years old and well they found his body with a suicide note, along with the note they found something like what you wrote but by someone else, and well needless to say, they are going to sue the people who wrote it. So I hope you think about what you have helped doing. I hope maybe my writing will make you think about keeping your website. All you are doing is making a mockery of the people who have taken their lives, and the least you can do is respect them. I don't see how this can humor you or anyone else who reads it, if that is your intent. I was just searching to see if something like that really does exist and it makes me sick to know that people like you actually do exist.
07 Feb 2002 pondakan Just listen to me for a minute. Ask urself this: "What happens when you die?" The thing is that NO ONE knows the answer. So how do you know that it will be better than your so-called 'life's that are full of shit'? What if by comitting suicide your pain gets worse? u just don't know, do u? so i will say bear all the shit that's thrown at you, and maybe at the end u will be rewarded. it's just an idea, i hope some of u will listen and not just ignore me as someone 'trying to stop u killing ursleves' cos i'm not. at least wait until ur older, and understand things better. in the teenage years, hormones make things seem 1000 times worse. by the age of 20 u will be feeling just that little bit better about life. go on, wait until then!
07 Feb 2002 Lucy Cortina "Family - Who needs 'em?"

I have a mad uncle called Eddy, who's as bald as a coot. If he says to me one more time "Should bald heads be buttered?" I may kill myself. I felt like yelling @ him "I'm 16 years old! I'm bursting with womanhood, I wear a bra! OK, it's a bit on the loose side and rides up my neck if I run for the bus... but the womanly potential is there, you bald coot!"
When I went downstairs, Uncle Eddie had picked up my sister and was dancing around with her. She was singing "Uncle Eggy, Uncle Eggy!", which is quite funny when u think about it.
When Uncle Eddie had gone (thank the lord) he actually asked me if I'd like to ride in the sidecar of his motorbike. Are all adults from planet Xenon? What should I have said? "yes certainly, I'd love to go in your pre-war sidecar and with a bit of luck all my friends will see me with some mad, bald bloke, and that'll be the end of my life. Thankyou".
07 Feb 2002 Lucy Cortina "Les Idiot"

Today me & Ellen were sitting in the toilets with our feet against the back of the doors, so that the Hitler Youth (prefects) wouldn't know we were there and send us out into the torrential rain. They call it a 'slight shower'. They'd still say that if the first years were being swept to their deaths by tidal waves, or if Elvis' hut floated by with a flag on the roof.
I said to Ellen thru the cubicle wall "Is your brother slightly mad?" I could hear her crunching her crisps. She thought about it. "No, he's quite a laugh, really. He calls going to the toilet 'going to the piddly diddly department'". I could hear her thru the wall, laughing and choking. I just sat there staring at the door. After a bit she controlled herself and said "If he's going to the toilet for a number 2 he says 'I'm just off to the poo parlour division'". And she was off, wheezing and choking again. Sacre bleu! I am surrounded by 'les idiots'!

(Also, if it's cold, Ellen's hilarious brother says it is 'nippy noodles' - is that meant to be funny? only I forgot to laugh).
07 Feb 2002 jo hill i posted a couple of days ago, looking for pill information. it's 4 am now and i've been having a very very bad night. i got online to check this site and my mail to see if there were any helpful suggestions about pharmaceutical suicide for me. instead i found the following email from a friend who lives in europe. i haven't heard from him in 2 years. i apologize to him for reprinting this, and advise you that english is not his native tongue, which is what makes his writing style so charming.

"Dear Jo.

first of all: happy birthday! It has been quite a long time that you have been blessing this world with your presence, and this deserves celebration. Reading newspapers I often arrive to the conclusion (and I think you share this point of view) that this, should be the most horrible planet of the Universe, or better said, since the Earth is a beautiful place, after all, the planet inhabited by the most horrible and destructive of the species. In this moments of crisis it is always good to think a bit, and then you arrive to the conclusion that this world is horrible, but we always have Josephina Hill. It may seem little, if you think it like that, but it makes all the difference. You are this little bit of salt that transforms a dish not even acceptable for dogs into a dish of a three stars michelin restaurant; you are the litle candle that changes the darkness of the horrible dungeon into the romantic cavern, or the peace of the chaple. You are the litle water that makes grown flowers in the dryest dessert. Although you will understand better what I mean if I tell you, that for me, and for many in this crazy world, you are the little whisky that makes coca-cola interesting.

In another words, I thank God to have created you (a work so fine and so excellent, that only can be the work of someone not only almighty, but also good to the infinite), that He put you in my way, and that I have had the chance of meeting you, of sharing some whiskys, some interesting discussions, some good moments in some good places, and a whole lot of great letters.

It is just the last one, the pretty Christmas card that you send me (what a difference with myself) that made me remember how nice you are. A real friend. However, once again, I see that you've been suffering for the international situation, for the twin towers atack, for the reaction of your country, the war, the Middle East situation, the new budget, etc.

Well, let me tell you, that, for once, I probably share your point of view on all the subjects. I must add my shame for the humiliating response of the European Union to the situation. So far so bad. What worries me most, however is YOUR suffering. It is true, we are in the middle of a mess, the world is colapsing, nothing is going well. It is difficult to be happy in such conditions, but Jo-see, it is not your fault. You were born in the USA but you are not the president. Your country has done wonderful things as well. If you can do something to change the situation, well. If you can read, think, try to understand it, wonderful. But don't feel think it around, don't feel sad. Look for the good things of your life. You have your family, your friends, and you can even see Oscar Peterson LIFE!!!! (I feel jealous).

I have always asked for your prayers. I'm sure that they have help me a lot during this decade that we have been friends. And I feel thankful to you for them (of course prayers mix well with whisky. One thing does not contradict the other, and I'm also thankful for the whiskies we have taken toghether). But since we have been most of the time separated by 8.000 miles, it is good to ask a Common Friend to look after one another. So I'm going to pray for you now. It is my turn. I'm going to pray the Lord, that you have in you the same peace that the world needs; that He keeps you the big heart that makes you involved in other people problems, but at the same time, that He protects it against anxiety or grief. Of course I pray the Lord that he find a nice guy to you, and not like the two stupid blind fellows that were incapable of realizing the kind of girlfriend that they had just found. If some day they found a diamond in the street they will probably kick it.

Well, Jo-see, just tell you that I will pray for you. I'm sorry this is not one of the good old letters of the past. A computer is not like the good old pen, and it is quite late at the night of a long working day. But I'm determined to write something more digne of your eyes for the next letter. I just wanted to reply anyhow to your postcard with the promise of a normal letter with news from myself and my life in the capital of Europe. But before, please, let me hear from you.


wow. that letter sure stopped me in my tracks. fate, chance, serendipity, God? that i should receive this tonight? (to be cliche), in the moment of my darkest hour? it's potently obvious that i can't kill myself tonight. probably not for a little while yet.
06 Feb 2002 Marian I used to feel suicidal but realized the way things go in my life I would only mess it up and either be in more pain than I'm in or be a vegetable for the rest of my life. I wouldn't want to live the rest of my life like that so I got a good religious counsellor and he's been helping me with my problems. It really does help

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