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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jun 2002 NoWayOut No way out. I like young girls. Young girls don’t like +30s guys. The older, 30+ cuties like muscular, fun, outdoor guys or successful businessmen. I don’t fit anywhere. Does Melissa like me? She’ll be sorely disappointed when she finds out how dull and negative and depressing I can be… Or maybe she could spark me up? Maybe she or someone like her could make me feel good about life again? I’m sick of having to change myself according to what other people think is likable, be it at work, be it with friends, be it with gals. I guess I’m no good the way I am. Biggest mistake: listening to that “please never change” shit. Here I am, 36 and I’m no good for anyone, not even Ms “please never change”.

No motivation to make more money, no motivation to be fitter or healthier, no motivation to go out and date anyone. Nobody’s worth! All “interesting girls” look for a) successful gentlemen or b) Fun, sporty, young, muscular fellas. And innocent, idealistic teenagers who may not have been corrupted by the notion that only successful and/or muscular good-looking guys are worth, well I can’t reach ‘em, they’re always w/ their parents, and if I approach ‘em then I’m of course a sort of perv pedo or something. Is there any way out? I wish I wouldn’t feel the need of having someone by my side, but I do. But no one I know, personally or in pics, is worth the trouble (except some who live a thousand miles away). All I look for is a really cute, good-hearted, loving girl who appreciate the good things I have to offer. What do I have to offer? Great question, I should ask J., but hey she bailed out so of course whatever “good things” I may have to offer aren’t worth sticking around. She shaped me into a loser for 13 years, made me think I was OK the way I was and just when there was no turning back, just when I was too old to change, then goodbye sucker, isn’t that evil? I’m supposedly good looking, intelligent, cultured and amazingly fit (1,75 m, 65 Kg) considering my poor eating and exercise habits. I guess it's just my negativism that keeps people away. Are they to blame? Am I to blame for realizing there’s no way out? I guess if I was an idiot who had no clue about how helpless my situation is I’d be much better off.
23 Jun 2002 Mouchette Hi Lucy, Billy, and whoever thinks it's meaningful to be published in this section of my site. It's perfectly fine with me to use already existing texts as a source of inspiration. I am myself recycled from a french film of the 60's. That's where I got the suicide-before-13 thinggy and without it, you wouldn't even be here!.... Only the quality of the text matters, and not how it was made. So Lucy, Billy, do your best and don't be lazy: one of you must win!
23 Jun 2002 Troy hi, i am not 19yrs old... i first tried killing myself at 15 by slitting my wrists. i didn't get far just a few rags of blood.. my blade wasn't sharp enough, i did this a few times then i tried painpills all i got was a lot of pain and throwing up, i tried hanging myself but my girlfriend found me.. i need suggestions, i thought everything was going well i had moved over to america to be with my gf but like 2 months ago i was arrested kept in jail for 3 weeks then deported back to newzealand. i got married to her in jail, i can go back in a few months, i promised her i wouldn't try again but it's so hard, everything i do fucks up in time. i always seem to fuck up, i just think i was only born for a certain amount of time, my soul's dead but my body isn't. tomorrow night my mother is going away for the night as i have to live with her again till i leave.. so i am gonna try again tomorrow night, it's the perfect time. i'm just not sure how yet. i have no pills just like 8 panadol and they suck, so any suggestions?
23 Jun 2002 billy the freak wow, another morning i see the sun rise. oh no, i didn't get up for the beautiful miracle, certainly not. i just didn't get any sleep. i could give a fuck less if the sun comes up or not. it is always dark, no matter, your attempt to provide light is in vain, for i walk around with my eyes closed anyway. no longer will you char my pale flesh. i have a new sunscreen bitch, it's called fuck off sun. i don't like the moon much either. i would kill to be able to change myself one time, then this bitch does it all the time. you know the moon is a girl, right. she has her time of the month were she bloated (she likes to call it full, full moon not fat, bloated, gassy moon) then she wants to be a bitch and make all these werewolves and crazy people come out. then she gets deppressed because everyone says "blame it on the moon". she brings that shit on herself, and she is cocky about the whole deal. she will come out when the bastard sun is doing his hellish thing, because she knows he can't bust the scene when she's doing her biz. he is over there harrassing the crocodile hunter. (lewis carol, the walruss and the carpenter, excellent poem) but anyway if i had to invite one of them to a party, i would pick the moon, simply because he is an arrogant hot head that thinks the world revolves around him, go figure. i have been saving these pills for three days, i think i will sleep now. good night
22 Jun 2002 A girl who thinks dead men don't rape. Painless?
-Blow your friggin' brains out.
-Suffocate yourself.
-stab yourself with all the sharp things you find in the house and around. And then hang yourself.
22 Jun 2002 Lucy Cortina You knew where my writings come from? I smell bullshit again... so far I haven't heard anyone give an exact place where they come from, as you say.
Look at the music industry. These days they take an old classic song, change the lyrics for the better, add a new 'twist' and generally end up with a better song. That is simply what I have done. And as you will not have heard of it at all in the U.S, it has been nice to teach you it.
Now, lets all stop this nonsense and get on with forms of suicide.
You have made some funny contributions, Billy, and all of this fighting talk rather spoils it all. Lets stop it, eh?

Ps- Well done England in the World Cup!
22 Jun 2002 no A good old wrist slitting
22 Jun 2002 B.T. Freak "hey lucy, listen when i dogged you ho, (that is pittsburgh p.a. slang for: when i insulted you for being a fink.) i wasn't feeling the fact that you copped someones lines. (that means: i did not respect the idea of you plagiarizing someone elses writings). yo, i kept it on the DL about where your vibes was at. (that means: i knew where your writings came from but, i had no intention of telling) i simply let the dexter peeps rap and regulate the game. (that means: some of the more cultured mouchette fans spoke up for me). if you want want to be swole about the whole deal, you always find love in a guess the book by excerpt chat.(that means: if you're pissed go somewhere else.) further more, i don't really like it when you say i'm bitching you on more than one screen name. you got the fucking nerve, fucking cheater, let real people say real things! if you want to talk e-mail me."(that means just what it says.)
21 Jun 2002 billy the freak okay, sorry it has been a while, but i just caught up with myself. the fucking pig company i worked for decided they no longer needed my services. so, i decided i needed a vacation. i went to a place called alcozan. no, that's not some place in the middle east, that is the state reality, or at least what you think is real when you drink and take zannies. well, i just got back, and i need to settle down, you know i would have stayed longer but the poppy ran short, and rent's due. i need a fucking job. i guess it's good to be back.
21 Jun 2002 Jesus Christ Just go out to the forest and lay down,
if you don't care about life then the pain of starvation or being eaten alive by insects and animals won't bug you at all, but if you eat something or kill the bugs then you just want attention and don't want to die...... I live in Arizona, there is no forest here, damn!!
21 Jun 2002 alix booze n codeine, bullet to the head
20 Jun 2002 Lucy What is pathetic is that you have used 2 names to slag me off, thinking of course that everyone would think otherwise. Us Brits may sit around sipping tea with a little finger cocked around the handle darling, but we know bullshit when it's in the air. And I can smell it here.. even through a computer screen.
20 Jun 2002 Depressed gal I hate my life. I have problems with my family, i was fired from my job, and now i have a boyfriend who wants to marry me and have baby straight away. I want to pursue my career, but he doesn't allow me to do that. I have no friends, i am so lonely, and everybody is cursing me. I cannot stand my life anymore.
19 Jun 2002 tom not to?!
19 Jun 2002 nobody Go To School With Your Dads Pistol And Yell Out (hey Everybody Look At Me) Then Blow Your Fuckin Brainz Out...†††
19 Jun 2002 katz sophocating in a giant burst bubblegum bubble
19 Jun 2002 Go figure Here is a way to die. Wait until Lucy is older and even more used up then she already is and sleep with her. God only knows what she has or worse yet wait until her breast are hanghing REAL low and see what a sight that is. That will kill anyone. See how many guys want her sorry self then. SHE has no class.
19 Jun 2002 LH Tell Lucy to take a class on how to be a lady. SHe is PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like she is way used up
18 Jun 2002 John Scome I'm not 13 but let me tell you a little about my life. I have no friends no family I don't even work I make money mugging people on the streets.
I've killed people before it feels so good to hear them scream about how they got a family, because that makes me want to kill them even more.
As I take the knife and drive it into their stomache 6-7 times i watch as they see their life flashing between their eyes.
It feels so good to watch some old bitch die watch her pleed for her life, scream at me begging me to fuck her or anything for me not to kill her. I love it I sit there and strangle them untill they pass out then I take my 9MM and shoot them 3-6 times in their chest...
I hope one day I will get caught so I get the death penalty, I have shotten myself 6 times in the stomache hoping to die, but my stupid landlord found me passed out. god I'd like to shoot that fucker, I just can't shoot myself in the head though, it's too hard for me. I've murded 30+ people and still haven't gotten caught, what sadness.
18 Jun 2002 depressed but not enough there's a lot of wrist cutting .. but the easiest way is to put a knife to your neck... go about an inch deep and slice across... if you cut the jugular vein you'll bleed out pretty quickly ..faster than if you slice your wrists... if you cut the carotid artery.. even better you'll pass out from the lack of blood to the brain in seconds ... you'll die later but you won't feel it... If you're really lucky you'll cut both... after a minute or two there's no bringing you back. As far as pain is concerned .. i don't know.. obviously i've never tried it

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