Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 May 2002 Mouchette to Lucy Cortina J'habite en France oui oui
..ahem... it depends if you consider the server or the keyboard. I'm on the Internet, and that's everywhere hehehe
09 May 2002 Lucy Cortina Mouchette *flutters eyelids, sticks out nungas* can I ask you just one question?
Do you live in France?
09 May 2002 bboyneco Well it's my 15th birthday and im doing it today. What do you know? 15 years and i'm sick of all this. People say things get better but when people but deep cuts in you there's always those scars. I don't really care what you think, and I don't know why i'm here but I was just looking for a place to teach me how to make nuce (spelling?) and I stumbled here. I guess I just want people to hear me out before I go out. I'm going to hang myself with his extension cord in the garage. Here's how it is for me... All my relationships are nothing but ashes. My family is getting torn apart by divorce, and like every kid school isn't good. I think to myself why i'm doing this and... I'm not doing this for attention, but yet im doing it to be with my maker. He promised me no more pain and sorrow. I trust him with my life. I wrote a poem about my life and put it in my pocket... I'm sick of cutting my wrist. I'm sick of ODing. So i'm going to hang myself on the oak tree in my front yard with an extension cord. Why am i talking. The times now, Good luck to you all and I hope you find your calling.
09 May 2002 Ren Go tell your Geography that you know that she(?) is a bisexual and tell her(?) if she(?) doesn't give you an A+ on your final exam, the whole school will know her(?) "little secret."
08 May 2002 elisabeth arrêter de manger est, selon moi, la meilleure façon de se suicider pour les jeunes
08 May 2002 anonymous this is the most sick website i've ever seen, i thought i was fucked up until i visited this.
08 May 2002 adn l'obstination intellectuelle est la meilleure forme de suicide...
08 May 2002 someone powerful in 10 years I am 19 and I can't remember I felt a prolonged period of happiness. I am not like most on here in any sense, I have never had a drink, never done drugs, waiting until marriage and mind you this is all by choice, but my life could be very different morally right now if not for a few unfortunate things. My father's death a couple of years ago caused me to become more moral, not religious, but not allow anyone to know me at all. I don't think I have had an honest conversation with someone since that event occured. I am a master of deception, I can put on a facade of nothingness, blocking out the pain and leaving the mystery about me. I have been blessed with a lot; I have a future, and everything most could want. BUT I have an emptiness within me. I AM CONVINCED THERE ARE A FEW MARKED HUMAN BEINGS THAT HAPPINESS WAS NOT MADE FOR THEM TO REALIZE. I am one of those people that will be eternally void of love and contentment, but I have accepted it. The pressure put on me for grades, ect.. have caused me to not cause anymore pain to my family. I do have a drive, but that is out of necessity to better others, not myself. There is no hope for me, although my life will be filled with fame and power on the highest of political positions one day, I will always be the one person no one can know or ever will know.
08 May 2002   13 year olds, though life is tough, you know nothing about the heart break and pain that comes when you are older, say 19. So don't kill yourself at 13, let it age like a fine wine, then think about it again when you are older.
07 May 2002 Lucy Cortina I'm really not trying to blow my own horn, but I have very large nunga-nungas (titties to you pervs).
Yesterday my cousin and his mate came round. The mate that has the hots for me. Ughh! Mutti, vati and Grandad were playing snap. My cousin's mate pretended to be reading a comic, but I bet he was secretly looking at my nunga-nungas. My breasts are making me a mockery of a sham. They're like 2 beacons that attract the wrong sort of ships.
I went to bed early.
Mutti came into my room to get my sister out of my wardrobe. She's made a nest in there that she calls a 'wee-wee' house (I think she means treehouse). Over the shouting I said to mum "Would you and dad club together to pay for me some breast reduction surgery?"
It took her a year to stop laughing.
No one ever takes me seriously! I can't even get 5 quid from dad for some decent lipstick. He'd never give me money. Even if my breasts were so big that I had to have 2 servants called Carlos and Juan to carry them around for me.
07 May 2002 Dav i dunno wot to do ive almost did it b4 but it hurt other ppl since me best friend walked in-i was drunk and things were piling up on me, im 17, she was pretty upset about it. jus now life sux as usuall - it seems like every1 is against me, i can never ever get a girl friend i only end up being best friends with them which is good but it hurts. the world is cruel and ppl are left starving when other are rolling in money and hav plenty. i h8 this world and i wish something could be done
07 May 2002 Jim 13 is way to young to kill yourself. at least wait untill you have experienced a bit of life, it might not be so bad.
07 May 2002 Paul Let me thank you for the Suicide pages. Actually that's how I came accross your main page. I really think they help people in distress. Many months ago I was just looking for the best way to kill myself and I ended up in tears, reading all the
accounts of people looking for help, feeling I wasn't alone, feeling I could easily understand and mean something to other people in despair like myself.
You may not know, and you may not have intended it, but I think you've helped to save many lives by allowing a place where people could put down in words their despair, or read about the suffering of others, and by doing so relieving their own pain. I think suicidal feelings are plainly about the perception of "not belonging" to anything, about feeling like a purposeless outcast. Learning about other people in the same situation relieves this feeling of loneliness, this feeling of being helplessly "different". Don't know, just a thought.
06 May 2002 karl 30 yrs old, and the torment of childhood goes but another torment enters. To the wife who won't listen to my cries, i'm sorry you think i'm pathetic, to my mum: i'm not the perfect son i'm sorry, for 30yrs i have hidden that from you. when the car fumes fill my lungs, i'm sure you my wife will think finally i did something right.
06 May 2002 Havoc I'm 17 and sick of living. The main reason I want to die is I can't find true love. I want somebody who feels the same way. My girlfriend right now I love her so much. I do not know if she feels the same way. But hopefully I will eventually find out the truth....
06 May 2002 Myles I live in a fucked up reality. Why? Is the question I ask myself a thousand times. Unfortunately, I cannot find the answer. I think this world is heading in a downward spiral. I see a very drastic and negative future. The world has such an exigency for money that the averseness that I feel can only be explained through death. It's not that we own money it's the other way around, money owns us. Why does it have to be this way? It doesn't. Some people say that money brings happiness. I agree. But for how long? Unitl it runs out? Exactly. I have the girl of my dreams. I want to live just for her. But at the same time want to die.

I'm starting a book I'll add more time to time.
05 May 2002 Anonymous I'm not sure what the best way is, but I chose the sleeping pills. I just got my order in from my drug dealer of sleeping pills and whiskey. I am a 15 year old male with not a day left to live. I have written notes for all my friends and family. To all those who want to kill yourselves, don't! It is so dumb! I know I am a hippocret for saying this, but there is a better way. People care for all you guys, I am too weak to see that. GET HELP! I am going to miss out on so much. Life has a lot to offer, if life pisses you off kick it square in the gonads and show it who's in charge. Don't back down, just kick and punch your way through. Good luck to the world, I hope you reconsider if you're thiking of killing yourself.
05 May 2002 Lucy Cortina (the new Shakira) PPS- What sort of a name is Herbert Egg?!!
05 May 2002 Fargo When I was 12, I ate 100 asprin like it was candy. Sadly I survived.
05 May 2002 A crazed maniac there's many ways but i like the way of locking your whole school in the gym and shooting everyone you hate and then yourself.

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