Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Jul 2002 billy i bet you are wondering why i stopped calling myself billy is a freak? well, it seems there is a group of people who decides if you're a freak or not. they call themselves the freak recruiting association or f.r.a. for short. so get this, three people show up at my door, well.. .four if you count the siamese twins. they flash these badges at me. "what the hell is going on?" i ask. i guess the bearded lady was the brains of the outfit because she did most of the talking. "let me explain ourselve: since freakshows have been banned from circuses and carnivals we have formed an association which only purpose is to preserve the traditional nature of freakhood." in compleate awe of the situation i let her continue. "it is to our understanding that you claim to be a freak mr. billy". she sounded like joe friday from dragnet. "why yes" i said confidently. her mustache curved with the contour of her lip. i believe she was smiling, i'm not sure. "may we please step in mr. billy? if you cooperate this will only take a moment of your time." she still had that nasty smile. "come on in. i have nothing to hide. i am just as much a freak as any of you." that was the wrong thing to say. the bearded lady was obviously offended by that statement." listen here buddy if you were half the freak i am, i was headlining barnum and bailey's sideshow when you were still a glimmer in you dad's whisky glass!" i shut up. "we put up surveillance cameras all around your house and office. there is no apparent freakyness. tiny here, she points to a 20 inch man who was standing next to a relatively normal looking man, has been hiding in your laundry basket in attempts to find any hidden oddities that might be under your clothes. he reports none". okay i thought. "mr. billy we have reason to believe you're not a freak at all, and to pose as one would be fraudulent and punishable by a 15,000 dollar fine and/or five years in prison by f.r.a. law. as a last attempt to defend myself i pointed to my two front teeth. "look i have a slight overbite and i am fifteen pounds over weight". all four of them laughed at me. "that is hardly enough to classify yourself as a freak" she said as she sat an official looking envelope on my coffee table. "we will show ourselves to the door, good day mr. billy". they then turned and left. first the bearded lady, then the siamese twins, then tiny, then finally the normal looking man who shut the door behind him. which was odd because he shut it with the extra appendage growing out the small of his back. the envelope the freaks left simply said in writing that i will stop referring to myself as a freak or i will pay the consequences. so thought about it. billy the freak is no more. billy the odd, no. billy the imperfect it just doesn't have the same ring. billy will suffice.
09 Jul 2002 billy i am back !!! lucy, odd orange emailed me and told me she thought we were both funny. why don't you say something to her because you don't have an email address posted. you have a fan.

so let me tell you where i've been. i unfortunately have a dial up modem, anybody who knows anything about mp3s knows it takes forever for a song to download when you are on dial up. well anyway nirvana is my favorite band. i check the listings for what nirvana songs come on everyday. i get lucky sometimes and get a demo song or a rare live song and that only makes my nirvana collection more complete. happy happy happy. so of course when saw (NIRVANA: METALLICA ENTER SANDMAN COVER <<VERY FUCKING RARE!!!!!!>>) i got steamy in my loins. i attemped to download it. at first it kept saying user not on line. unhappy unhappy unhappy. i kept at it and finally it started to download. i did not move for the whole three hours it took to download. it excited me to think i would be listening to a song i never heard before by nirvana. at last it said download complete. i played the song, it wasn't a nirvana song at all. it was this song about guys having sex with other guys. i was so disgusted. i slammed my keyboard off my desk and broke it. i finally got a new keyboard. that was a rotten joke to play. that wasn't only disrespecting me, but disrespecting nirvana and curt cobain. i have anger problems.

RIP: curt cobain
09 Jul 2002 Madame Blousson I came to this site so I could find peace,
but ever since that day I've become obese.
For I stay here all day, laughing all the way,
Mouchette - won't you service me?
09 Jul 2002 Mathieu Charmante jeune fille, tu as toute la vie pour mourrir. Alors profites de la vie, teste de nouvelles options, et tu ne verras pas le temps passer...
Si tu es malade, c'est parce que la société t'as rendue malade. A toi de ne pas te laisser piéger par ce monde de merde.
09 Jul 2002 Hopeless Get a gun and put it to your head, pull the trigger. That's what i think im going to do. all these people ever do is bitch and tell me what to do and suicide is the only way out. my dad always bitches about things not being done even when they are. that ******* is so abusive orally and physically
09 Jul 2002 odd_orange hey mouchette, why didn't u post my writings from yesterday? maybe it just hasn't got to it yet, but i hope it shows up soon
09 Jul 2002 Lauren Question: Why would you make a site like this?? i mean i know it's good to have people talk about their problems and shit like that but i think maybe this site should be about how to SAVE urself because you only live ONCE so why would u wanna take that away... i mean ive been suicidal... i probably will have times where i'm suicidal after i write this... i'm 13 now and i have cuts all over my legs [i picked my best feature to screw up] because my parents treated me like shit so i wanted to hurt myself on the outside so i could kill the pain i was feeling on the inside... it's true... i know... my parents thought i was crazy but then just so they wouldn't send me to the mental institute i said it was for attention and boy o boy did they feel like shit.... after that they treated me good until several months later.... it went back to the same old thing.... "im a selfish bitch who thinks about nothing but myself" was probably the one they'd say the most [mostly my dad would say that to me but my mom just agrees and doesn't say anything...] i've also been through a lot of crazy shit in my life but believe me.. .NOTHING and i mean NOTHING is worth taking the one chance you have to LIVE.... think about it... when ur dead that's it.... no more chances to live or anything... the one chance u had is gone.. i know this site is asking ways to kill urself but please think about what i'm trying to say.... seriously think about it.... it might just make u change ur mind slightly.... Talk to someone u trust about it... believe me it helps... well i need to be going now so i hope u people THINK about what ur doing to urself [and the people YOU love and/or love you] before actually doing it because theres always a reason to live... think about it...
09 Jul 2002 Danie once upon a time, a couple years ago, i filled out this form. what a naive little bitch i was.
once upon a time, a couple days ago, someone e-mailed me reminding me of when i filled out this form and just how pathetic i was.
once upon a time, every day of my 'life', i realize that living is the worst death anyone could ever experience.
living is being suicidal.
i remember once upon a time, many years ago, my dad saying that if there was a hell than this is it.
i then didn't understand. completely disagreed. thought he was crazy. the thought unthinkable. i wanted to belong. i thought i was unique. just like everyone else. i had all of the answers. a couple years ago.
i didn't commit suicide, because i wasn't suicidal, not really, it was all just a fake, all in my head.
i now agree completely with him. i suppose i'm already dead.
i've since discovered that when you pour alcohol on cuts it makes them hurt more. peroxide here i come!
08 Jul 2002 Lucy Cortina Billy, where are you? I need my weekly dose of counselling a la sarcasm. Shall I report my parents to the police? They'd be banged up for life for child cruelty if I did. My dad is at the moment singing "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" by Whitney Useless.
I could just about manage to find the strength to switch the PC on. I will now lie here, and die in pain in front of all of you.
(Britney Spears can have my breasts when I'm gone).
08 Jul 2002 ang ...i don't know why i havent thought about doing this before... talk about religion, and the non-existence of a god. that's right folks, brace yourselves for this post. warning to god-believers: ~ u may want to discontinue reading this post, it may upset u, maybe even to the point to which u may feel u want to commit suicide. ~ actually, i hope u dont commit suicide after learning this very important information.
ok.. here it goes.. there is no god. there is no god. there is no god. there is no god. there is no god. even if there was a god, why would he care about you, or your problems, or if he did care, why would he let asteroids impact the earth, loved ones die, criminals murder, and poeple kill themselves? or anything else which people ask the question: why god? why did u let this happen??? well, it's simply because god doesn't care about your feelings, about your life, about u or anything else. why? because there is NO GOD. simple as that. i mean, come on, i know there are people that believe cuz they think they will go to "hell" if they dont beleive. that is the most stupid reason i have heard of. Believers who think the Bible is true, and there is a god, and jesus will come again... its all a bunch of stories, stories that got mixed up back in the old old times, when there weren't even enough poeple around to question poeple about what they saw or heard (any religious, or spiritual occurance). and back in those days, i know that u know there wasn't the technology to study the happenings, and therefore cannot have proven the these things (bible stories, jesus die, comes back) ever happened. and even if those stories are partly true, they can easily be exaggerated and messed with over the years and so as u go through the hundreds of years, the information just gets all jumbled up, and the outcome is people believing in those types of things, cuz they don't know what to think otherwise. they feel like they have to beleive in something, to give them meaning to life. *well, that's just for the weak-minded* all u atheists out there, u know who u are, we are strong, we will never feel like life is worless simply beacuse of the fact that we don't have some fictional god-like character that we have to rely on when life isn't going all that good. so, all u believers, i encourage u, even the most dedicated religious people, don't rule out the posability of NO GOD. just think about it. just think about it. just because we (humans) don't know the origins and reasons for the univers' coming about, doesn't mean that we should automatically believe in some higher being, cuz we, (once again we as in human beings) know from experience that we can learn things that we thought never possible could happen, and all kinds of things, from electricity, to automobiles, to going into space, whatever, we thought, at one time, that these things could NEVER happen. but they can, all we did was evolve, and we get smarter and more intelligent, so dont u think that one day we could find out how the universe began?? u shouldn't rule it out completely. even i, know that a smart person, who does not have factual evidence, shouldnt belive 100% in one idea or the other. that is why I don't rule out a god, i keep an open mind, but moslty if someone asked me if i believe in a god, i would say "no".
i could make all this sound a lot better if i had better writing skills.
07 Jul 2002 Felicity Life is ok I guess at times.. even I feel depressed and feel like shit then wanna die, but that's just a phase or a little feeling of hatred.. no need to kill yourselves.. look to the brighter side and see how wonderful life is. U don't need money to be happy, u don't need a big house to have a good life.. life is about peace, serenity and love, that is the most important of all. I know little minor issues get people down, but don't think about it too much and just remember we ALL go through it at times. there is not one person out there who has not felt upset or down or depressed about anything.. either we have all experienced it or we definitely will.
07 Jul 2002 The Paranoid 1 Marry me..... u will soon go insane when i wake up every night screamin or havin panic attacks in the street.... and after a week or so of tryin 2 explain 2 me that the old woman in the street did not want me dead, u will go mad and jump off a bridge.... thank you and good nite
07 Jul 2002 Jessica The best way to go is the slowest way to go... just make sure you lock the door... Slit your Wrists, the Virgin Suicides is a great movie about it. If you want to leave a bloody mess... that is the way to go. Slow punishes you for the very last time.
07 Jul 2002 Lucy Cortina Billy, I feel for you. My grandad has problems similar to yours. You know what they say... loose lips sink ships, and loose bowels.. er.. scare owls? I dunno. I recommend some Immodium Plus, mixed with salt and milk.
06 Jul 2002 billy lucy!!!, to see you again makes my bowels move in an explosive way, great to see you. remember they are never too big. that's what the typical american male believes. wow, that puts me in such a great mood i will talk about something depressing.

a man can only take so much before he snaps... his fingers and wishes everything would go away, like some miracle granted from on high. to think people say rock bottom is the lowest you can go. i should get a job being a professional excavator.
06 Jul 2002 Gary-17yr k...

I'm about to do this right, and-do it now.

I'm here in arken-red-neck-vill.... I can't take it, I figured I'd do some reading about suicide before all of this, and I found this site, and so I just wanted to give my last words and a bit of a story about this.

My name is Gary Linton, I was born and lived for 9 years in a town in Missouri, and then to where I am now. My parents never listened to me, especially when my uncle forced me to give him oral sex when I was 7. I was beaten by my father for "degrading a respectable man" FUCK HIM!! My parents neglected me when I was a child, never giving the time for me, all they cared about was... was their stupid fucking jobs and money for a real house.... Hitting me when they had a problem with something not even related to me.

I just hate life in general and I have read what a lot of you have said.. You're right. Fuck those who don't get how shitty life can be, fuck those snobs down the street with the $100 shirt, hat, shoes and pants that are all pre-worn. Fuck my uncle who got away with something no one even believes me for. I don't fucking give a shit!.... heh, Dad finally left the gunrack unlocked....

You'll reading this, maybe even mail me and say "funny message"... well, I won't be here to say "thanks" back. I'm hitting enter, and then blowing my brains out, I suggest if you're under 13 then you can do it too.

count to 10 starting now... Bye
06 Jul 2002 Drew well, Q-tips miht be a fun way to go. Filling ones oesophagus with a handful might be slow, but fun. more entertaining way could be.........

Taking a fork with a grounded handle, and a long wire hanging from the end, opposite the points, you plug the wire into an electrical socket, and stab yourself in the heart, the shock would most likely stop your heart.

Flavoured bleach, plain and simple, include a bottle flavoured bleach that has a sweet flavor to it.

Walk out to the railroad tracks right when the 5:30 express train is coming and lay your head right on the track as it's comming. ::SNAP!:: Lights out.

the simple hair drier, and bath.

getting piss drunk and before sleeping take a whole other bottle and sleep on your back.

your dad's shotgun.

leaping in front of a speeding truck on the high way.

offer yourself to a stranger on the side of the road, they'll kill you, and you'll loose your virginity on the way out.

but me, I'd prefer playing russian roulette with a magnum 5-8 chamber

06 Jul 2002 Lucy Cortina I would just like to declare that my nunga-nungas are at bursting point. What shall I do? I've snapped 4 bras already. My sister now uses them as tents for her dolls. I can't afford a reduction. When I'm doing exercises they swing about so much! At this rate I'm going to knock someobody unconscious. At this rate I'm going to need 2 shopping bags for my breasts!
If Shitney Spears ever wants a bit of a REAL woman, she could certainly have my breasts.
Any help would be much appreciated - and I am v. willing to appear on any big-boob fetish websites.
05 Jul 2002 shakira OH..., Carbon Monoxide can be problems too. Newer cars give off much less carbon monoxide and you can end up with permanent brain damage without being killed in any case if something goes wrong (car runs out of gas while passed out, some leaks out of the garage so not enough to kill, someone discovers you while passed out). Don't kid yourself suicide is tricky business....
05 Jul 2002 Lucy That sounds a better option, and probably more painless. I'm just miffed as to why you need to do this. Trust me, life does get shit now and then, and sometimes lasts for ages. I should know, my life is as pooey as can be.
But things can only get better. Please don't do it.

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