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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Mar 2002 eau stay alive
19 Mar 2002 franchesca the best way to kill yourself is to get a shotgun and blow your head off and when you recieve this email i will have done it thank u
19 Mar 2002 Riley I used to love myself and my life. I've always been someone who other people could talk to. I was good at listening. Then one day a friend of mine came to me for help. He was thinking about killing himself and wanted someone to be there for him for a change. I listened for a long time until he was finished talking. Then I talked. I told him about all the reasons he had to live. I told him that there was people who actually cared about him and that it was all in his head. After that we would talk a little everyday. He was slowly getting better. A while after that I started actually thinking about what I was telling him. I slowly began to realize what I load of shit it was. I began to relate to everything he was telling me, then I started realizing that there really wasn't much there for me and what there was, was just too painful. I realized that before I was living a complete lie. I am ugly. I am stupid. I have no future. Why should I keep living in the pain of knowing that everyday? I dont want to go back to living that lie. The only reason I'm stil here is cuz i want to keep my friend from killing himself. I know that sounds odd but I do care about him much more than I do myself. I want to be free of this. All of it. The pain, the want, the guilt of knowing I will never be good enough. I want out. After all, a little bit of pain is worth complete freedom, isn't it?
18 Mar 2002 Ben my biggest problem is that my brain constantly works. i wish you could stop your brain from working, at least in certain areas. im addicted to pills an alcohol, oh yea that helps i guess. but i find myself thinking more in depth on how my life sucks, how my hate is growing and my love is rapidly leaving me. i dont want to die without pain. i want to die slowly and painfully so i can cry again. man im not even sure when is the last time i truly cried. crying use to feel so good, but i guess that's when i truly felt anything. well i dont go around saying go ahead kill yourself, but if you feel like its the only way, its up to you. i dont want to better myself any longer i no longer wish to wake up everyday. i just want it to stop for me. ive never been selfish in my life... and if this is selfish then its been 21 years of unselfishness, its about time i had my due.
18 Mar 2002 cyrielle vexenat avaler son nounours et s'etouffer
18 Mar 2002 GaëtaN, Jenny, Thomas se suicider avec un yaourt périmé ou encore se jeter sous une tondeuse à gazon
17 Mar 2002 Ja! Go back in time before you were born and kill your mommy or daddy.....................................
or just jump off a towerblock!
17 Mar 2002 KRN La meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans c'est de penser que la vie est belle comme à Eurodisney
17 Mar 2002 Martin Kill all of ur friends and family and kill ur self with a knife or pistol or drinks alcohol, dangerous chemicals or whole bottles of overcounter drugs/medicine
16 Mar 2002 >schalke 04< This site is really the pits>>>>
16 Mar 2002 Simon Cowell No Mouchette, I didnt expect you to reply.
16 Mar 2002 Cant take downs butthole When I was 8, I tried 2 jump off 9 stories building with my younger sister only 6. In the end, we went back to bed instead. Right, you're thinkin "Hello?! 8!!?? What problems is there supposed 2 be?!" Being eight years old wasn't an easy task for me. I'm 13 now, and I'm still lookin 4 the way n courage 2 die. Life has ups and downs, well, just take it that I'm that butthole who can't take the downs. Struggling my whole life to meet my parents expectations are crap. They just can't accept that I'm 1 of those students who's lazy, always wants fun, super money spender and just waste my life away. People just don't seem 2 understand what I think and that pretty much suck. I have 2 asshole parents who think they're doing all the good sorts for me but...
15 Mar 2002 Simon Cowel I do have friends Mouchette but I, like everyone, have a certain amount of spare time. When searching for advice to help a suicidal friend, I did not expect to come across such a site as this.
More than anything it disgusts me. And if you want 'amusing' posts then you could surely think of a better way than this? Have you considered that many of the people here are really toying with the idea of taking their lives, and, how do YOU personally feel about that?
Does it not bother you, even if very deep down?
I do not know much about you, but I guess you are quite fucked up. Have you ever experienced suicide in its rawest? I seriously doubt you have - to see a cold, pale dead body hanging there in your garage, or to see a young girl whos face has turned yellow and her kidneys are failing, and she is in so much pain, well have you?
Since you are so proud of your site maybe you should get out there and see it all for real.
15 Mar 2002 Paolo the best way to kill yourself is by ODing, ya get so high ya can't feel a thing. just don't puke it out or its useless(Obviously) i tried it once and am planning too again when no one suspects anything. i would have been dead if my GF didn't call and notice i was high as shit and have to call my folks.

"Death is Life's only reward!"
15 Mar 2002 Judas I most people overestimate the amount of pain they can take and the amount of courage they have, so, the easiest way is to swallow pills, but this is a very uncertain way, and is only recommended if all you want is attention. the most certain way (with the right equipment), with not too much pain, and not too much courage required, is hanging, if you have the right rope (strong enough!) and the right falling-distance. this is not required, but if you manage to break your neck, you won't feel pain, otherwise you will suffocate, which isn't really a nice feeling, but since you can't do anything about it, you'll die. Remember that taking alcohol gives you far more chance to succesfully finish your attempt. further: sliding wrists is a failure in 99% of the attempts, injecting air in your veins and electrocuting are extremly painful, jumping takes an enourmous amount of courage, suffocating from gasses is something I didn't try yet, so I can't tell... taking an overdose on drugs is rather expensive, but if you do, take preferably heroin or cocaine, not XTC or other soft-drugs. poison from plants is rarely strong enough, and certainly not with plants growing in our climate. everything orally taken is vomited, try to gradually take pills if you haven't the courage for hanging, two or three every half-our or so, so you won't vomit them...
15 Mar 2002 Gudrun Anneken I don't really know because I'm not 13 anymore. But I remember the feeling of suicide wanting when i was 16. in that time i was often limitless lonely and wanted to die with albert camus. but then there was life and it seemed to me more interesting than death. But the question never left me and now i'm sure it's a part of life to think about how to cross the last limit. Greetings and congratulations to your site. you are really 13? i think sometimes it's hard for you to move so many different thoughts in mind, heart and body, isn't it?
15 Mar 2002 renit anyway anyone else would die. eat some nails.
15 Mar 2002 cyndi lauper suffocating them in my muff
14 Mar 2002 André grandir, ainsi tu tueras l'enfant en toi.
13 Mar 2002 A Suicidal Helper I'm still here for help you not for judge anyone I just want to hear you becouse I know why are you here, and probably you have so much pain and want to kill yourself, but I could help I have pass for this.

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