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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Jul 2002 Monika stuff your head in a plastic bag
21 Jul 2002 thebarrin RE: SEpt 7th suggestion about nutmeg.

LOLOLOL... I've overdosed on nutmeg before while a girl was asking me out. Buildings warped and voices came out of nowhere until i saw the floor coming. And hour later i find her crying over my body thinking i was dead. Funny ass shit.
21 Jul 2002 TheBarrin Thinking about it... Jimson Weed sounds nice. Well I dunno about your organs melting and all due to the high concentrate of corrosive acid. But i'm pretty sure it will be a trip.
21 Jul 2002 Thebarrin Hey there folks... best way to die? Well of course my preference would be painless, and without nausea. LSD sounds fun but bad trip?...

Anyways weird as it may sound i'm not depressed just sort of fed up with how limited my body is. So I will take leave of this body to, of course, just become omni-potent/present in the macrocosm...

I say you OD on tylenol, or just any medication that can kill you, but also add nyquil, and that sort of thing so you drift into a nice sleep. Either.

Bon Voyage kiddos!
20 Jul 2002   I do not know, I do not want to know, you make me sick. Why would you post something like this on the internet, who is thinking of suicide at age 13? That's all you get from me.
20 Jul 2002 lola D je me rappelle quand j'avais cet âge où la mort était encore une image d'épinal. et la récompense, le sceau de mon unité.
19 Jul 2002 MISS LOLA I live in a town with a hundred lights around, my head is like a radio set,
i am waiting to hear what program comes next.
Frequent mutilations transmit over the air, serving for the purpose of those who want you to fear.
They say all is right, but suspicion creeps in. My nightmares don't project my dreams. i can't but wonder, what's feeding my screen.
Frequent mutilations transmit over the air, serving for the purpose, of those who want you to fear.
A thousand nights confusion wedge in my mind. Breaking down another illusion, today's transmission will give me the solution.
Frequent mutilations transmit over the air, serving the purpose of those who want you to fear.
19 Jul 2002 billy miss lola emailed me with the the following piece. i enjoyed it, and i am sure you will too.

19 Jul 2002 MR.B i'm 13 and i have tried slitting my wrists so that i wouldn't have to be on probation then i was help in a mental ward for several days then i realized that i still have a life and that i probably will succeed.
~now works is to becoming a probiker~
18 Jul 2002 brittany hold a pillow over your face
18 Jul 2002 i'm in lala land hey, i cant believe how few people are posting lately... i guess a lot of the reason is cuz it's summer break and all, not so much school stress, you're away from the place u hate the most in the world, so u put school completely out of your mind,.. until: summer vacation will be over soon kids, and back to hell (school) you go. then it all starts up again. suicide, suicide, suicide. well, to make reading these a little more exciting, i'll tell u that i have kept from washing my hair since last friday, and i want to keep on going for as long as i can stand the greasy build-up. (hopefully at least a couple of weeks). it's fun, something to do, i invite all you people to join with me in this act of unclean hygiene. it'll give your scalp and hair a nice break from the bombardment of all those icky chemicals from your shampoo and conditioner.
17 Jul 2002 Kylie We all get hurt by love-
and we all have our cross to bear.
But in the name of understanding,
a problem should be shared.

17 Jul 2002 Rachel Playing on the highway.
17 Jul 2002 Billy you can call me MR.B i'm 13 and the best way to kill yourself by ODing (over Dose) on LSD so you have fun the last days of your life
17 Jul 2002 SplitLip The best way to kill yourself when you're under thirteen would be to eat three tubes of toothpaste - and I'm not talking about trial size.
Or you could Roll around nude in the street at noon.
16 Jul 2002 nikki overdose on pills
16 Jul 2002   big


16 Jul 2002 you know who my life is rubbish. i don't understand how i keep on being the same old me. i mean, you'd think that if you hated so much how your life was, that you would do anything to change it, make it at least a little better. but no. not my brain, my brain is broken, it refuses to think positively. it doesn't even let pills make it better, not even one little bit better. i can tell. i feel the same, maybe even worse. nah, i think i'm just the same. but, in a way, being the same might be worse than being worse, cuz worse maybe i would be bad enuff to actually do something, suicide, or burn something, run away. but being the same, i'm just not over the line of craziness, so it just hurts, thinking about stuff, but not being bad enuff to do it. i think i am going crazy. my brain won't let me be happy, it likes how it is now, it's how it has always been, and doesn't want to change for anything or anyone.
16 Jul 2002 Nurse Betty Use paper maché and wrap your head in it. Let it dry and suffocate. Make sure you leave no holes to breathe through. You might need a friend to help with the fun. Think of all the designs the friend can paint on your soon to be death mask?!
15 Jul 2002   big



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