Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Jun 2002 no why didnt you post my previous answers?

you suck :)

and your site is gay so im never coming back bye
17 Jun 2002 phsyco#777 i was thirteen the first time i tried to commit suicide and clearly it didn't work. i stole my mother's vp commodore and went to my dealers house and scored $100 worth of pot, i smoked that down to the last crumb, i drove around for around 24 hours and then i decided to finally do it while i had the chance.... so at 210 kmph i slammed myself (and the car) into a cement wall. the wall collapsed and i was stuck in the car ALIVE. i fell into a coma for three weeks, i was then assesed by a psych doc and i was locked up for three years of my life. now during those three years i stole the hospital car and slamned the fucker into a steel pole at high speed (fuck those air bags). i slit my wrists, hit an artery and passed out in the shower from blood loss. i hung myself from the tree in the court yard and passed out. i swallowed a razor blade in the hope that i would cut all my guts open and die of internal blood loss, it just came out in my shit! i tongued all my meds i collected around 200 sedatives at 10 mg each and all that happened was ...i got a stomach pump (charcoal). they put a tube down your nose and pump you full of this black shit. oh and i'll tell you some thing else .. if you want to escape the whole hospitalisation thing then all you have to do is tell them that you are feeling fine now that you now appreciate your life and that you want to live life to the fullest or some bullshit like that . but NEVER under any circumstances do you tell them that you want to die, they'll lock you away, and believe me once your in there it's so fucking hard to get out. it makes your desire for death become a need
17 Jun 2002 kacey to get ahold of a gun and there she blows.
17 Jun 2002 Hugh G. Rection Some Cool Ways To Die:

Roll an M-80 up in some papers and smoke that shit up

Grease up your asshole, go sit on top of a flag pole while doing the splits, and get people to attach ropes to both of your ankles. Have a contest to see who can climb to the top fastest.

Go to Ethiopia and drive around in an ice cream truck, honking at everyone you see and ringing that goddamn bell.

If that didn't work, punch a gorilla then run with a banana hanging out your ass.

Become pen pals with the uni-bomber and demand that he sends you a package for your birthday present.

Bite Mike Tyson's ear.

(For Girls) Become OJ Simpson's girlfriend, then cheat on him.

Put on a big fake black beard and dress up like Osama Bin Laden, then go to New York City and dance around the street like an idiot. Tell everyone that you are Osama Bin Laden.

Try one of the stunts that you see on the show "Jackass".

Go on a roller coaster with scissors then cut the straps after the ride starts.

Dress up like a KKK member then go Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (There is one of these streets in every big city) Go up to some black people and say "What's up my niggers."

Bring a flamethrower to the gas station, and stick it into one of the pumps and ignite it.

Create a website asking the best way to kill yourself, then become famous and go on television about it, and write a book about it that sells millions of copies.
17 Jun 2002 Michaele Run in front of a car, and if that doesn't work, jump out of a high window
17 Jun 2002 Curios I have a few questions for mouchette

1. After death what happens?

2. What is the most painless way to commit suicide?

3. Is there any particular reason why we exist?

If mouchette or anyone knows the answer to any of these questions please post ASAP. Thanks

16 Jun 2002 Nurse Betty I can tell you if this is not a cry for help? (Suicide being a permanent solution to a temporary problem) Then there are several sure fire ways to insure success! You can Overdose on Tylenol... AT least 175 to 200 extra strength tabs. THEN comes the hard part. Don't tell anyone for at least 48-72 hrs. By then it's too late to save you. Chaining yourself to 100 lb weight and jumping with it over a boat in deep water when no one is watching. IF you have a gun you need to make sure you hit the base of the brain. WAY too many people fail in this attempt and become veggies (What part of the vegetable can't you eat? Answer below). SO if you shoot yourself aim for the base of the brain, not the temple. Once the base is gone, nothing left to keep body alive. The garbage bag over the head is also effective, IF no one finds you in time to save you. (Answer: The Wheelchair).
I'm a nurse and I have taken care of numerous misses in the suicide game. Thinking about writing a book to help you depressed people out with this bad Karma!
16 Jun 2002 ima demonn Take as many over the counter drugs as you can find and crush them all into powder. Then takes this powder and add it to boiling water bring back to a boil then simmer. After the powder is disolved let cool and drink and have a wonderful death. Remember you want die if you call for help or let anyone know what you are doing this is important to remember, thank you.
16 Jun 2002 David Elswick Is it just me... or does anyone else seem to think that the methods to killing ourselves should be similar both above and under the age of 13?

First of all, I would like to criticize nearly all of the previous posters for writing the WORST ways to kill yourselves. (both above and under the age of 13) Luckily for you, I am here to enlighten you.

Those who claim they can't seem to kill themselves successfully are not "failures" at attempted suicide at all. Funny that someone who would fail at life seems to continue failing even while attempting suicide. There is a psychological reason for this.

Deep down inside, they still want to live. They have botched the suicide because they have not really tried. Think about it... if you want to die would you shoot yourself in the head or swallow 50 aspirins. Shoot yourself in the fucking head! No shit. 95 % of suicide attempts are ridiculously lame and prove this point.

Kurt Cobain obviously wanted to die. Layne Staley (RIP my man) wanted to die. (his girlfriend died which resulted in his depression thereafter)
Jimi Hendrix wanted to die. Jim Morrison wanted to die. My friend Ashley wanted to die. That is why they are all dead now. Please do not claim that you want to die.. if you are still alive! It's that simple. It makes sense too. See? Exactly. Now that we have that all cleared up....

I want to add that death is not a bad thing. It's really underrated. Religion is here to scare us. It's unfortunate that we are taught to believe death is a bad thing. It's even more unfortunate that our lives are controlled by religion. What comes after death? Nothing. To say anything differently would contradict the obvious fact that one cannot explain what they have not experienced. There is no better term to explain what comes after death than simply "Nothing".. I strongly believe that everyone should have the right to experience death at any time they choose fit. It should be stated in the constitution. This is my opinion and you can actually e-mail me if you are interested in discussing why I feel this way.

Finally I would like to tell you the best way to kill yourself...

Keeping in mind that I have chosen a method that anyone can use, to provide a convenient and efficient death to any who seek it. This also applies to those over 13! (I haven't left you out)

MDMA (also known as Ecstacy) is one of the most phenomenal chemicals I have ever experienced in my life. I recommend taking 1 of these pills. (no more is necessary due to the fact that the desired effect does not increase with dosage)

After you take this pill, I want you to experience your favorite music (or other favorite activity) because I feel that everyone living should experience this before death. After you have fulfilled this task, you must think about your whole life. Then, think about all of those who have died.

The final task is simply to load a pistol and point the end between your eyes. Make sure that it is aimed directly between your eyes and hold it here firmly for 1 minute. When you are sure you can remain stable enough to shoot, you can pull the trigger.

I guarantee if you do this correctly you will not fail. I know no other quicker or safer method than this. Thank you for reading this, and I feel the pain you have endured in life.

I too am depressed, and I respect you for enduring it along with me. I respect your decision to die, and you can die knowing that it is your decision and only yours to decide death. Do not fear death, but embrace it as a child who is experiencing something new. Trust me and believe what you know is true and just.
16 Jun 2002 Lisa AKA Sevin most definitely playing 'cowboys and indians' with daddy's shotgun... and if you're looking to do it on purpose... make it look like you were playing 'cowboys and indians' with daddy's shotgun...
16 Jun 2002 chtitegaudnete dénuder un fil, renverser une bassine sous ses pieds nus, faire une prière et brancher... adios!
15 Jun 2002 natalie turn the house on fire... when everyone is sleeping just light a candle and just accidently drop it beside the curtains. then you run to bed and try to fall asleep... ok I'm not sure this will work but it will if youre willing to kill your parents and if the firemen don't show up on time... The other thing you could do is stand on the railroad just when the train is coming... you'll die in a few seconds I PROMISE... :)
14 Jun 2002 Jenna hey i'm 15 and very suicidal.. how can i kill myself that won't leave a big mess and will be quick? I've tried slitting my wrists and failed. I want to die so bad... will someone help me?!?!
14 Jun 2002 arp henblast heroin.
fresh heroin vs. 13 year old heroines.
14 Jun 2002 Lost I'd rather be shot in the face
five times
then have my love be sent away
stabbed in the back 26 times
till i couldn't feel myself
loose my legs
my arms
to stay with my love
theres no happiness in pain
denial for what i would have done
my fault i take
for what i couldnt make this to be
all i can do
is sit here and cry
while she leaves
i can't even see
my eyes fade away
with the rest of me
no fear to shoot a thousand men
i love my ....
my lord
14 Jun 2002 Suicidal Chick The very best way is to be mowed down by a field of arrows so that you end up looking like a pin cushion. Or maybe you could find a very crowded place, stand on a pedestal and cut out your intestines and other internal organs and throw them on random people. You can also just mass shoot some people and then kill yourself. Whatever works :D
By the way, do you think slitting your wrists with a Swiss Army Knife is good? I mean, that's my only option at the moment because I don't have a gun or any pills in the house and I'm too lazy to go out and get any. So good enough or no?
12 Jun 2002 joe i have the greatest respect for the you if you truly have the courage to kill yourself as i firmly believe the strength required to end one's own life is great. however i believe there is a greater courage. yes, life is fucking shit and you can argue that it would have been better to have never been born. but you are here whether you fucking like it or not. schopenhauer, the 19th century german philosopher believed that human life was basically shit because we are driven by an impulse to avoid pain rather than accept it as a part of the human condition. Thus, rather than taking it on, we wish to escape suffering and the ultimate way out is suicide. So paradoxically if you top yourself although you have negated life you have been beaten by it. Meister Eckhart, the medieval mystic and philosopher saw hell to be all the things you can't let go of. If, rather than clinging to death you accept life with all its shit then what you thought were demons are really angels. everything depends on how you look at it. Anyway, apart from all that shit, there's gotta be something you enyoy. Take some E or something.
12 Jun 2002 Suicidalpunk@14 i do cutting. 1 wrist + sharp knife= way out.... life sucks and then you die.:[
12 Jun 2002 Michael V Take a bath and blow-dry your hair at the same time... eventually it's gonna slip out of your slippery small hands and end up giving you a happy ending... So it's a clean death and a very nice light show...
12 Jun 2002 Becky Jennings hang yourself or overdose on something

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