Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jul 2002 suicidal freak me and 3 friends got totally smashed 1 day we just decided to have a game of russian roulette with a glock 9mm semi auto stupid but effective have you any idea what a 9mm bullet dose to the skull at point blank range blood/scalp/brains and bits of fragments all over my kitchen god damm it was a fuckin mess if you want the maximum effect try using a 12 bore pump action shot gun so every one gets a turn
23 Jul 2002 jack meoff y dont u take a metal wire and snick it up your dick and put the uther end in an outlet? (it should kill u and if it doesnt just go take a piss on an electric fence).
23 Jul 2002 ben go to the projects and say i hate niggers they all are fuckers and then shoot some of the people around you
23 Jul 2002 ben take a bunch of broken bottles and eat them it should cut your insides up bad and kill your ass
23 Jul 2002 sam get a gun and go to a bank, rob the bank and take a hostage (make sure she/he is hot) wait for the cop to start chasing u, rape your hostage then let them drive and then u jump out of the car and a cop will run your ass over, and if u live shoot all the cops and then yourself
23 Jul 2002 Kendra The best way to kill yourself no matter how old or young you are is by filling a syringe up with cocaine and shooting it in you vein. It's painless and it's a wonderful and euphoric way to die. My mistake was being with my friend while I was doing and she took me to the e.r.
22 Jul 2002 Amethyst Slitting wrists... done that many times.... but for those of you that want to go out that way... cut a very deep cross into your wrists... but u have to cut the veins b/c when the cross is deep enough you can't sew it up... good luck with it... i didn't have good enough luck...
22 Jul 2002 Amethyst Go to school, sharpen up 2 pencils really sharp and go back to your desk stick them up your nose and slam the pencils on the desk, so the pencils go into your brain and puncture it:)
22 Jul 2002 caley stab yourself to death yay!
22 Jul 2002 Vincent a plastic bag
21 Jul 2002 still in lala land hey people, it's so lonely on this site lately, not enough posts. well, i'm not gonna lie to u guys, but like the day that i wrote that other post, when i took my shower that night, i decided that i better wash my hair after all.. i had an appointment with my therapist the next day, didn't want her thinking i was sick in my head and my illness starting to take over cuz i stopped bathing myself, or something stupid like that. so, i saved myself from having to explain how i decided to quit washing my hair for as long as i could stand, which she wouldn't understand anyways, and would probably think i was ill anyhow, and wouldn't understand, like most people. it was just for fun, though. understand that, people. i'm not ill, ok. just a little odd, that's all. ... OK. also, i didn't decide to wash my hair solely because of the reason that i had an appointment the next day, but i am going on vacation a few days later (now it's tomorrow. so, i dont want to keep it nappy through my vacation. so, that's the other reason why i did it. BUT, i do plan on trying it again sometime, but i really have to plan around the times when i see people and get into any kind of social situation (rarely happens) of any type, so that people don't , well, think i'm gross and dirty and stuff. cuz i ain't. like i said before, i'm just odd. well, wish me a good time on my vacation, see u all back next week.
21 Jul 2002 Monika stuff your head in a plastic bag
21 Jul 2002 thebarrin RE: SEpt 7th suggestion about nutmeg.

LOLOLOL... I've overdosed on nutmeg before while a girl was asking me out. Buildings warped and voices came out of nowhere until i saw the floor coming. And hour later i find her crying over my body thinking i was dead. Funny ass shit.
21 Jul 2002 TheBarrin Thinking about it... Jimson Weed sounds nice. Well I dunno about your organs melting and all due to the high concentrate of corrosive acid. But i'm pretty sure it will be a trip.
21 Jul 2002 Thebarrin Hey there folks... best way to die? Well of course my preference would be painless, and without nausea. LSD sounds fun but bad trip?...

Anyways weird as it may sound i'm not depressed just sort of fed up with how limited my body is. So I will take leave of this body to, of course, just become omni-potent/present in the macrocosm...

I say you OD on tylenol, or just any medication that can kill you, but also add nyquil, and that sort of thing so you drift into a nice sleep. Either.

Bon Voyage kiddos!
20 Jul 2002   I do not know, I do not want to know, you make me sick. Why would you post something like this on the internet, who is thinking of suicide at age 13? That's all you get from me.
20 Jul 2002 lola D je me rappelle quand j'avais cet âge où la mort était encore une image d'épinal. et la récompense, le sceau de mon unité.
19 Jul 2002 MISS LOLA I live in a town with a hundred lights around, my head is like a radio set,
i am waiting to hear what program comes next.
Frequent mutilations transmit over the air, serving for the purpose of those who want you to fear.
They say all is right, but suspicion creeps in. My nightmares don't project my dreams. i can't but wonder, what's feeding my screen.
Frequent mutilations transmit over the air, serving for the purpose, of those who want you to fear.
A thousand nights confusion wedge in my mind. Breaking down another illusion, today's transmission will give me the solution.
Frequent mutilations transmit over the air, serving the purpose of those who want you to fear.
19 Jul 2002 billy miss lola emailed me with the the following piece. i enjoyed it, and i am sure you will too.

19 Jul 2002 MR.B i'm 13 and i have tried slitting my wrists so that i wouldn't have to be on probation then i was help in a mental ward for several days then i realized that i still have a life and that i probably will succeed.
~now works is to becoming a probiker~

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