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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Aug 2002 cornelia i'm 27 but i would say that, for me, killing myself would entail visiting my mother.
19 Aug 2002 Isidoro Throw yourself over a bridge
18 Aug 2002   With as many people as you can take with you.
18 Aug 2002 AgentOrange HEY SUICIDALGIRL, please email me when you get the chance... I have a question for you.
17 Aug 2002 shaun yates Trap yourself in a room full of dangerous things and blind yourself by pouring dish detergent in your eyes then run around until something drastic happens!!!
17 Aug 2002 chad joinson jam a fork in your ear until it reaches your brain and repeatedly twist until feeling nautious, then go for the final push!!!
17 Aug 2002 Richelle You're way too young to be coming up with ways to kill pre-teens.... but if you want some fodder rent Ginger Snaps.
17 Aug 2002 me somebody please send me an e-mail. im so f*ing bored out of my mind, last time i got an email (other than junk) was like 2 weeks ago. that's bad. and i have no friends. things arent well with me when im bored, i start to think about other things that i am not supposed to think about. ah, i dont want to write a bunch of junk on how i feel, i think u might be able to guess how i feel. anyway, you are welcome to write whatever to me.
17 Aug 2002 To Mouchette from suicidalgirl Mouchette when I was browsing through your site the other day I noticed a poster that said you would be appearing somewhere but it was dated 1997. So my question to you is how old are you now?
17 Aug 2002 suicidalgirl Apparently my parents know about this site now. So I came in my room the other day to find my mother and father reading my post and laughing. yeah mom and dad, its real funny that you do drugs and i was brought up around them my whole life, its funny that i want to kill myself right? They dont take me seriously, my mom says "oh dont be silly" when i say i want out. dont be silly?!!? what the fuck? i want to die, i seriously want to fucking die, how is that "silly"? they tell me to go to a counseler, like thats gonna help. counselors have never seen anyone od and have to drag them down the flights of stairs to an ambulance, they werent doing crack, heroin, pills and so many other things at my age. So how can they help? tell me to go on paxil for my overwhelming depression? No I dont think so, im not gonna be controlled by some mind altering drug. And to someone who asked if there is any other atheists in here, YES RIGHT HERE! I dont believe in a god there couldnt be one, it just doesnt make sence. And I know my parents will read this and i dont give a fuck.
To my parents: Stay out of my fuckin business! you never gave a fuck b4 so why do you wanna read my posts? its not like your gonna care if i kill myself anyway. what will it be about 2 weeks of mourning? big deal! then its over with and forgotten.
16 Aug 2002 Lucy Cortina Typical! I just get back from my holidays and everyone else has gone on them!
Oh well, at least I have 2 huge ballon things known as breasts to keep me company (have I mentioned this before? they're organically home-grown.. none of your Britney Silicones nonsense!)
I had an interesting experience yesterday though, which I will care to share:
I left a plum in school bag over holidays. Little flies kept emerging from little front pocket. Drew nearer and nearly collapsed cos of disgusting smell. Decided it was best to wash bag in bath. Did that. Bath full of bloody rotten plum pieces and little insects. Flushed them down the drain. Felt satisfied. A thought struck me. Looked into the small pocket of my bag. Let out a scream. Absolute disaster. My postcards were in it soaked with water (including one from a secret admirer)! What shall I do now? The evidence has vanished in the haze cos the ink has dissapeared! Bad luck!
And I'm slowly developing into a disturbed young woman...
16 Aug 2002 Tessa Whahaha, I was just looking for a songtext when I found this page.
I don't know what the best way is.

When I was 11 I tried to slit my wrists with a knife, but I got scared, started thinking how people would react if I wasn't there anymore. (at the time children called me names and stuff for over a year, i got sick of it, and they hurt me really bad).

When I was 12 we moved, things were fine. Then when I was 15 things got bad again. Somebody died, school, me, just things that happened in the world.. I started to slit my wrists, now for real, not with a knife, but with cissors (how do you write that word?) The first one was at April the 13th, 2001. I stopped at a point, because I wanted to give myself a little more time, there was a concert coming up, my first one from the band that I still like. Their music saved me in some kind of way. But in another way it destroyed me more. I didn't quit slitting my wrists, I just always stopped when it started to bleed. Maybe I didn't really want to die. I was depressed then.

Someone told me that I should talk to professionals, but I didn't want to. To me those people are people who pretend to know everything about it, but they just can't if they haven't done it themselves, if they haven't lived trough the same things as me.

Now at this time, my life is great except of the bad things that always happen when I have a good time, so I can hardly allow myself to have a good time, because I am afraid of what might happen.

I haven't slit my wrists for a while anymore, I've got now more than 8 beautiful scars. There are I guess 2 or 3 people who know about this. Not even my parents, they are too busy with their own things.

I don't know if I will ever try again to kill myself, I know I can't promise not to.

Maybe this is a good way to try, maybe not. If you do, you have to cut very deep (and good).

A few years ago I read a poem about cutting wrists (sorry, can't find it). It said that you have to sit in a warm bath and then slit your wrists, because of the warm water the blood will keep flowing.

Actualy I hope that you don't follow the advice, but it is your own decision.

Now when I'm down I write about it (stories and songs) and it helps to talk to someone. (I tell different things to different people, so they never know the real me). Maybe you can try that too.
(I'm 17 now, and still alive. I gave myself another year and see how it then is, so maybe I'm gone next year)
16 Aug 2002 Eternal peace is waiting....... That is easy. Carbon Monoxide. Most people don't have the balls, so to speak, to go through with it. It is something actually rather hard to follow through with. I feel the best way to rationally commit suicide is to either leave a car running in a garage or to run a hose from the tailpipe into the car. As the carbon monoxide levels increase you will become relaxed and fall asleep and eventually the poisonous gas will kill you. And if at any time you change your mind you can always open the door. This method is essentailly painfree and the only set back is the possibility of brain damage if you are "saved".
16 Aug 2002 Danny I sometimes go for a long walk. You know. To find something. Not really sure what, and I never really find anything. But then that's life, isn't it?
16 Aug 2002 sick muther fucker the best way to kill yourself is to tie a cinder block to each foot and jump off a bridge into water that way they never find your body and u can suffer when u drown!
16 Aug 2002 noah if u wunt to die get 3 uther people that wunt to die also and u can play rusian rullet (it will be fun that way) but rig it so u get shots first. have fun!
14 Aug 2002 noah hey people i was wunting to kill myself untell i found a reson to live i was at a water parc and a girl asked for my yahoo name i gave it to her and then we talked on yahoo untell she aked me out and i said yes we talk every day and its cas of her im not dead so if u do wunt to kill yoursel just find one good thing in your life and donr loose it
13 Aug 2002   If you really wanted to kill yourself, you would... I don't buy that "I tried suicide 3 times!". To me, that just says "help me!"... what can be so horrible at such a young age? I understand emotional issues, in reality, they have no idea of what true suffering is. I don't know what age has to do with it anyway, under 13? Who cares, is that supposed to be "shocking"? The best method would be something fast, like jumping in front of a train (the mess and totally freaking out the witnesses for life!) ...or painless, like drowning... although, I wouldn't want to look like a floater (hideous, not to mention the smell). Suicide is retarted, whether it's play acting or actually doing it. Life basically stinks most of the time, but you make the best of it. Besides, what makes people think that they are so special that they deserve a wonderful life, free of hassles anyway? Kids today, huh?
13 Aug 2002 Blade Finnegan Well, when I was 13, I tried to kill myself by sliting my wrists. It's obvious that it didn't work out. So my advice is to try a combination of things. Like slit your wrists, pop some pills, then blow your brains out. If that doesn't work, you're screwed.
13 Aug 2002 Warezkid1 suicidalgirl420 is absolutely right, you bastards who can just type out "Go get some help" should live with what we have to live with, abuse, regret, GUILT, resentment and some more abuse. The relationship between me and the railroad tracks is growing closer, I put my neck down on it today while nobody was watching, to see how it felt. It felt like freedom, whatever the fuck that's supposed to feel like.

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