Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Jul 2002 TonyBazzelle Well what about carbon monoxide poisoning. I guess that would be my second option. Second because I would have to do that at home (my only access to a private garage). Can anything go wrong with that Lucy?
05 Jul 2002 ramzi je suis un enfant de 27 ans je veux finir ma vie à cause d'un amour impossible? donnez des méthodes SVP? je suis sérieux alors donnez-moi de bonnes suggestions. avec ou sans vous je mourrai, donnez-moi la bonne méthode pour protéger ma bien-aimée des rumeurs. merci de votre compréhension
05 Jul 2002 ramzi je veux mettre fin à ma vie et je veux en finir sans que quelqu'un reproche ma mort à quelqu'un d'autre, c'est une mort presque naturelle. je ferai tout.
05 Jul 2002 Hopeless, Useless and High I'm 15 years old, from the USA and I think life sux! No one understands me, my parents think I'm crazy and that I say I don't wanna live just to get attention. Fuck attention! I just want out. I've seen too much, done too many drugs and know too much. I've got too many problems to keep on living. I can't find a good bf, I spent all my money on concert tix and weed so now my phone is about to get turned off and I owe money on all my credit card bills. I grew up watching my parents and ppl I didn't know doing drugs and committing countless crimes, two of my parent's friends committed suicide and although my parents always talk about how they took the easy way out, I think it took courage and I admire them for going through with it. If only I could get the courage to do it. But I figure I should use the time I have left to fuck around, skip school, not listen to authority figures and just drink and do as many drugs as possible, if i cant find a way to kill myself I'm sure that if I keep these habbits for a while I'll die soon anyway (and have fun in the process)

Peace Out fellow suicidal ppl
05 Jul 2002 mel that is the worst thing i have ever heard! also very very sad that someone would make a site like this! god have mercy on your soul!
04 Jul 2002 Lucy Tony, trust me, you don't want to do that. I may be joking on here all the time, but I do know that that is no peaceful way to kill yourself. Trust me. You won't just "fall asleep forever". You will start vomitting like there's no tomorrow. Vomitting blood.
It will be extremely painful and you will end up in hospital. I don't know a peaceful way, that is NOT it.
04 Jul 2002 shaun i want to die because my life is shit
04 Jul 2002 TonyBazzelle I'm planning on comitting suicide and I'm trying to do it in the most peaceful way possible. I want to overdose on sleeping pills and go to sleep forever. I was curious as to whether I could use run of the mill products like Sominex I can get at the grocery store. Also, will alcohol help, and how many should i use?
03 Jul 2002 I'm fucked up This site is fucking depressing, i mean, i feel depressed myself too often and reading all this stuff makes me feel worse, the fact is that i'm a computer genious (or so everyone tell) kid that is being paid better than his father but i have no friends, all who search for me is for buissnes or things like that, no one cares how i feel or remember my birthday or anything and i'm starting to feel really bad, after work all i do is stay in my 4000 buck computer hours and hours, no one calls the phone, no one really cares... This is so fucking depressing, my only friends are those of videogames but there comes the time when you need someone else and i can't even talk to a girl cause i start to feel all nervous and end fucking it all... And after reading everyone else comments.. Well, now i feel worse...
03 Jul 2002 Lucy Cortina Billy babe, I've hardly no time to be here. I've been subjected to a mum making me go for rides in the country, claiming "it'll do you good!" God knows how being seen in public with your parents will "do you good". It's torture. Death by boredom, not recommended for squeamish folks.
I read in the paper this week that Britney Spears is getting "fat". What, like she stuffed her face with a bowl of lettuce and ate 2 grapes instead of 1? I don't think so... If Britney is fat, then what are the rest of us?
03 Jul 2002 billy cigarettes are going up one dollar in tax this sunday that makes them almost five dollars in my area and more in others. many of the people who smoke and like to bitch about things claim they are going to quit. too bad they are hopelessly addicted. i think i am going to buy stock in nicontrol. that way i can afford to keep smoking.
03 Jul 2002 Felix yeah i was just curious about how many sleeping pills it would take to kill myself painlessly. can i use the kind i buy at the grocery store, should i combine with alcohol... any help is greatly appreciated
03 Jul 2002 Martin Bulot C'est trop jeune pour se suicider. On ne peut pas se suicider avant d'avoir réellement connu l'amour. Entre 16 et 20 ans pour la plupart des gens. Néanmoins, si je devais conseiller à un jeune de se suicider, je lui dirais de sauter à pieds joints jusqu'à ce qu'il meurt d'épuisement.
02 Jul 2002 billy weepingfreak this is billy: my goal today is to kill lucy cortina with kindness. please you ample breasted sex god, i need you to be here, you give me inspiration, motivation, and aggravation. all three of these things are great, therefore you are great. i am sure mouchette misses you, i miss your snotty british humor, so come back , @>-}-----
02 Jul 2002 mouchette can't be human :-) I understand that this nasty little site was created mainly for entertainment purposes, and I think the idea of kids suggesting suicide brainless and laughable.
"Stupid mo'fuckers, why don't you stop bitching and do something with your fucked up lives? You shit for brain idiot kids. You little fucks, at the maximum you've only been coherent for seven years or so."

Besides, you should be able to think of other things to do. Even if your life is the worst and you have good reason to want to suicide, you have to be creative. Imagine what you could do, if you have no regard for life? There's so much you could do, you have to try it all. And it hasn't been done within your measly thirteen years.

Think about it. You can always kill yourself later. (After you've reasonably thought everything through and tried else in the world :)
02 Jul 2002 billy in the united states we have a holiday called independance day. in 1776 we declared ourselves as an independant country, no longer to be subject to the tyranny and religious oppression of king george the 3rd. we were finally free to govern ourselves (but not without a shit load of blood shed). this is a monumental point in history and and has shaped this very nation.
this is a time to celebrate. a time to jump up and say "i am proud to be a red blooded, white skinned american" as you hand the fifty bucks you were going send to the 9-11 fund over to a greasy mexican selling fire works out of his van. this is a time to get drunk and beat your wife and kids in the privacy of your own home. this is a time to find any reason to start a fight with that man you know from india. it is a time to eat red, white, and blue candy sprinkles of your cone as you watch a fireworks display from the downtown stadium. this is a time you should not bother thinking about the suffering in other countries. this is a time you should lay your head on your comfortable pillow and go to sleep in a world you feel is safe.
01 Jul 2002 K I'm sure you didn't miss anything.
01 Jul 2002 Mouchette I was moving to a different server and all the entries since the last friday, 28th of June have been lost. So please post them again (provided you're still alive)
29 Jun 2002 Alex I'm 14 and i hate my life. It's no one's fault but mine. It's funny though, I come from a moderately wealthy family, I'm very smart (a year ahead of my age in math and all honors courses) and not all that unpopular. I just hate my life. The only thing that keeps me from killing myself: I'm too fucking sensitive. Though my parents piss me off so fucking much, I know their lives would be over if I were dead. But that's it. I have no real friends. No one who would cry for me over my death. I hate all you shits that say suicide is for pussies or that we're just looking for attention. You've never been down this fucking road. There is no end to this tunnel. It just gets longer and longer. You try being unpopular, bad at sports and not being able to talk to a girl, much less ask her out. What's the point of life? The point of life is to die. It's inevitable. Everybody is going to die. Me, you, every Fucking person in this goddam world. We're all going to die. Why delay it.
28 Jun 2002 Do Re Mi Hey you out there!!!! I'm very sick with my life!! I have a mama who doesn't love me!! I have a papa who is a freak!! My sisters hate me. I have to marry a man that i dun love. I have no reason to live this world. No one cares about me. U all dun understand being treated like shit. I ain't give a fuck what u r saying here. U may call me nuts, sick, insane, or whatever!! I ain't gonna change my mind to commit suicide!!! Fuck u all!! U all damn have a good life!!! N stop giving any bloody advices if u dun understand being treated like shit here, even worse than an animal!!!!

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