Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Sep 2002 tom Don't slit your wrists, bin there, dun that, Overdose is best i fink.

Check out
02 Sep 2002 Samantha Can I please know what is the best hurtless way to kill myself!!! I need to leave this misery!!! Please someone e-mail me and tell me the best way!!!
01 Sep 2002 Earl Kim LIFE IS A BITCH!!!
You know what if?
man life is BULLSHIT
if a like a girl y cant we jus have the courage to ask the girl out. a lot a guys would do it but... i have a problem with that. i like this girl name (uhhh jus say Meg) she is like those "quiet types". i really like her!! Even though we are the opposite of each other she is like really smart in everything especially english and i'm one of those "PUNKS" that want to jus hav fun! LOL Oh yea and no i am not those typical GANGSTA WANNA BE ASIANS!! We both like the same music Alternative. She gets a good grade her GPA is like 3.89 or something and mine is 1.3 LMAO I KNOW I AM LAZY AND MABYE STUPID!!! LMAO The stupid thing about me is that i don't even know how her voice sounds like lol she never talks!!!! Her being quite confuses me. does she even like me or think i'm a immature 16 yr old teen? OMG SERIOUSLY I WOULD ASK HER OUT IF SHE JUS TALK TO ME AND YES ITHE GUY IS SUPPOSED TO TALK TO THE GIRL BUT SHE IS SO FUCKING QUIET!!!!!!!!!! I THINK SHE IS A FREAK OR JUS SWEET, CUTE, PRETTY, SMART, and i can't say nice personality cause the only time i talked to her was on-line LMAO IM A FUCKING LOSER THINKING SHE WOULD EVEN TALK TO ME!!!!!
31 Aug 2002 ----------- i once tried to slit my wrist and i hit the artery perfectly. i waited to die and was almost successful until my room mate came back two days early from her vacation. i almost lost my hand and had to undergo serious surgery to repair my tendons and actually lost my artery and my ulna nerve. i have no feeling in my pinky and ring finger and a huge scar from the surgery were they had to make extra incisions to repair my tendon. i do not have full mobility and feel pain each day from my wrist. i can do things with my arm but it hurts with each movement.
31 Aug 2002 Jeanie again I didn't say nothing about promoting suicide. I just said that you should have some perspective before gettin all pissy about the whole situation (like you so kindly displayed). I believe life is a beautiful thing too. I actually love my life, but I'm not going to criticize people that don't. I came in here to get some perspective and I did. I see both sides. I don't think that people should kill themselves, but I also can see how they would want to. And most people in here find reasons not to. Dead people can't type and people in here seem to be typing just fine...
31 Aug 2002 billy pittsburgh pa slang: that's what i'm talking about jeanie, that's my girl dog, lighting up the skies babe. yeah! hell yeah!!!

translation: i agree one hundred percent with what jeanie says, and further more wish her the best of luck.
30 Aug 2002 Curtis You sick son of a bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you!!!!? How the fuck can you ask such a question!!!!? How!!!? Life is beautiful, a gift to treasure, not to throw away. Sure we all die some day but, you must make every effort to live a full and happy life. You sick fuck how can you promote this!!!? I'll tell you how. 'Cause, if the quality of life is more important than the length of life, then it is the sorry son of a bitch who tries to keep someone alive in pain and despair to satisfy their own selfish beliefs. Even if they are under 13.
30 Aug 2002 Jeanie Lucy, I liked your Aug 26th entry too. I was like Kelly about a few weeks ago, but after visiting a few times I realized that it is all in good fun. If someone is thinking about suicide they can come in here to see how silly an idea it is, and if you aren't, you get to see how other people feel about it to get some perspective. Plus get a few funny as hell stories along the way. If you don't like it you can just mind your own business and let everyone else have their fun and give their point of view. No point being a cunt about it.
30 Aug 2002 Cut Lip James was a con-artist. He lived in a half-way house and spent his measly peddlings on heroin. I saw him one day walking down the street. He asked me for a quarter. I gave it to him. He told me what it was for. I told him that honesty is the best policy and the truth would get him far. That's when I decided that the bricks surrounding my cell were so tightly enclosed that no one could have been in there with me. Who the hell was I just talking to. Who am I talking to now?
-Cut Lip
29 Aug 2002 Justin There is no real easy way to kill yourself when you’re under 13. At this age you must use the fastest method possible, a gun, a knife, jump from somewhere very high. If you choose a slow method you may get scared and go only part way and live with the consequences. Sleeping pills may be the only slow way that may work, but, you must do it at night or when you’re sure no one will be around for a long period of time. And, you must take many, many sleeping pills, 50 to 60 and alcohol if you can get it. And, plan what you’re going to do and have it ready when the time comes. And most of all test your feelings. If you're not completely happy with what you're about to do, then don't. Wait until you are.
29 Aug 2002 Mouchette May I remind everyone that I don't necessarily publish the entries in the order in which I receive them. The sign that your entry is being published is when you receive an email with :[name] your suicide suggestion...
PS: remember this email comes from my email robot and everybody gets the same.
29 Aug 2002 DD Just curious what happened to that last entry? It seems to have been deleted? Try to hide something mouchette?
29 Aug 2002 odd_orange Lucy, i applaude you for your Aug. 26 entry.. i agree with you. i only wish kelly, and others like kelly, that they also agree with you.
Billy, don't fret, i thought your story on the old poeple home was excellent, just the same as your other ones are. perk up pookey ;)
29 Aug 2002 Jeanie Last night after having one of the worst of my many bad days I was laying in my room looking up at the man-made sky. You know? The lil glow in the dark stickers that people put on their ceilings to get that "fake outside" feeling. I never understood why people get those. There is a FREE beautiful sky right outside. It isn't hard to get to and you don't have to get a good seat like at a concert. It's always the same sky and it never fails to amaze me. So I just layed there... looking at my fake sky that the resident before me had put up. I decided to go on a fake star boycot and go outside to see the real stars. They always seem to cheer me up after my awful days... I was looking up at the big dipper, and the little dipper, and all those other stars and constellations that I can't remember the name of. I was thinking about all the shit that had gone on that day. How my boyfriend and my best friend were caught having sex in the stair-well of my school, and how my boyfriend slammed the door on my nose when he opened the stair-well door again after putting on the clothes that were thrown all over the place that was "our spot", and not to mention my car being towed because I happened to park in a different spot than what my permit said to... ONE DAMN SPACE OVER!!! Then, as I finally started to think how none of this bad day mattered. How it is just going to be a really really bad memory after all the fights, healing, and impounds were all over with. I started to think how I would get everyone back tomorrow. People say two wrongs don't make a right, but hell if it isn't fun to watch the people that did you wrong squirm!! First there was the question of how to get back at Trent (my boyfriend.. newly EX boyfriend). "He has a really good friend that has eyed me since me and Trent started dating a few months ago"... I was starting to figure out an ingenious plan... involving ex's best friends, friend's ex's and the principal's BMW... I looked up the the stars that had started giving me comfort and I started to smile. Then I see this gray blotch up in the sky.. I looked closely and squinted my eyes wondering what it could be. It seems too small to be a cloud and too big to be a plane. Then.. "OH SHIT IT'S POURING!!" It's the clearest night I've seen all year and it's raining!?!?!?! Go Figure...

Just as you start to have a good moment... God pisses on you!
29 Aug 2002 billy you know i didn't get the response i wanted from my last entry. why can't i spread my wings and get the same damn feedback. am i destined to write horrible little comedy quips, for the rest of my life? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!
you know lucy, you are absolutely right. no matter what goes on in my life, i always make time to check out mouchette.

this is a shout out to gloria, without you i would never have this thorn in my side
29 Aug 2002 daria if i were under 13 i could die as a heroin, fighting the bad ones.
27 Aug 2002 suicidalgirl420 Billy, team death is a website i stumbled upon one day that makes up funny and creative ways to kill yourself. I also wanted to tell you that i loved the story about you and your girlfriend. it's so true what you say, i've seen it happen so many times before. It's amazing how the power of drugs will change someone's mood so quickly.
27 Aug 2002   People think suicide is wrong and if you're depressed you need to seek help. But for me it is normal. I've come to accept my depression and suicidal thoughts and feelings as part of my everyday life. Is it me that's crazy or everyone else?
27 Aug 2002 Fucked up Its 6:28 AM and every time i fall asleep someone calls me and wakes me up or my parents do. I haven't slept more than 2 hours in a row in days. And yeah I know, this isn't my own personal journal to write this stuff in and i'm sure no one wants to read about it but i'm bored out of my mind and no one else will listen.
so hmm... how does my life suck now? well my ex bf / best friend told me the other day that when i kill myself he wants to be on the phone. And today when i said i might have done too much dope cause i couldn't swallow he said he hopes i od. My other best friend who has turned into a bisexual but won't admit it, wants me to go to her house and "do stuff" with her. We used to be so close and tell each other everything and now she has to go and turn into a lesbian and ruin it all. And to think, all those times i changed my clothes in front of her thinking nothing of it. My parents either don't take me seriously or just dont give a fuck about me. And i'm too young to drive or do anything so i'm pretty much stuck here for the next few years (assuming i live that long) So basically, my life sucks. Then people wonder why I'm depressed and tell me to get help. I don't need a counsler, i need money! If i had money i could get my learners permit, rent an apartment and get the hell out of here before i do something drastic like suicide. I plan on taking about 6 10 mg valium and then going to take a nap on the railroad tracks. it's just a matter of time before i go through with it.
26 Aug 2002 Lucy Cortina Kelly you lil' puddin'... it's only a bit of fun my dear.
Have you ever fancied streaking in the rain, in one of the most crowded streets of London? Boobs bobbling, bottom wobbling in just your nik-nicks? It's fun, IT IS! It may bring a greater enhancement to your life.. similar to this site. Why do we come back, eh? If not only to try outdo each other..
Like everyone else, after coming here I go sit in the jacuzzi of my big country house in the middle of the English countryside. I might even have a sip of tea from my china cup.. or a french fancy, crumpet or scone. I might even have fish and chips when I'm slumming it. But I always come back here.
Call it a drug if you will. It certainly beats the competition known as chatrooms where they have such silly names, like Fanny's Yang, Auntie Hot, Hotboi 4 u etc. Here we like the simple life, with simple names. And I have my Billy... if not only for a little foreplay before going to the next naughty site.

Stay Kelly. This site is will be fun for you, if you let it.

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