Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Jul 2002 torch skellington the best way to kill yourself would be to get as much pills as you can, then fill the bathtub and relax. it'll all be over soon enough that's if someone comes in and finds you before your dreams are realized.
31 Jul 2002 i love diet soda oh my goodness, people, DIET Creme Soda *Shasta* pop is the best tasting experience i have had in a long time. i recommend it to anyone wanting a tasty vanilla-y/creamy diet delight, could be for any time, it is absolutely delicious. also, the DIET grape flavor isn't all that bad either. so go out and get some, you will be glad you did, i promise you, if u like creme soda. remember, get the DIET, and not the regular sugar-filled, empty calorie, cavity causing kind.. hey, if u do try the diet creme soda, and want to share your thoughts on its yummy taste, you can post on here too, so i can see if anyone took my advice, that would be cool if some people do. and remember, it's really good, especially for a diet soda. yum.
31 Jul 2002 Jeanie I told myself that I wasn't going to post on this site, because I am really disturbed by some people that wrote on here. Most of the people that posted see some humor in some of it, but what about the people that have been seriously considering killing themselves?

I know what it's like hating the world and just wanting to die. I was having trouble gathering up the balls to kill myself, but I'm glad now because it seems to be getting better and better day by day when I'm around the people that TRUELY care about me. Not just the sick religious fucks that tell me that I shouldn't kill myself cause I'd go to hell, or the people that say that have no idea what having a fucked up life is really like (you know... the ones with the fancy cars and parents that don't beat the shit out of them), or the "friends" that told me not to just because they would feel guilty. I'm talking about the people that really care that would really miss me if I was gone. They kept me going, and now the thought of killng myself makes me crenge. There are always better ways to deal with your problems. If you kill yourself you are just putting the people you love in pain and killing yourself has to be painful especially if you don't do it right... :|.

For you people that are truely thinking about killing yourself don't listen to some of the sick fucks on this website. The ones giving ideas or the ones telling you that you are a bad person for even thinking of it. It's just nature to want to get out of a bad situation. But please think it through from all angles. If you want any type of "non-professional" help you can always email me. (I went to a shrink once. they are cool for some people... but this one just made me want to kill myself more to get the fuck outta his office!!... so I think talking to someone that has been through the same thing and around the same age could help more.) Nothing can be solved by killing yourself, and it is never the only way to get out of a aweful situation.

Thanks for listening... People that did anyway.
31 Jul 2002 May i have a knife that i want to stab myself with.... i figure it'd be painful but that it'll be over soon, i just worry that i'll be discovered soon enough for me to be saved. i also contemplate getting a gun but that would raise too much suspicion and i think i'm too young
31 Jul 2002 thomygirl I think you are very disturbed. Get some help fast.
29 Jul 2002 Velguader With the medication and alcohol methods, you can't just rely on OD'ing on its own. You could get busted convulsing on the floor by a "loved" one. To juice it up, tie a plastic bag over your head. You need to rely on asphyxiation here. The drugs and alcohol might kill your nerves and involuntary reflexes if not yourself. And remember to do it on an empty stomach. The last thing we need is to wake up still alive in a shitty existence in our own vommit.
29 Jul 2002 Wong Ka Luen The best way is to hack into this email (like me) and inform the owner Wong Ka Luen so he will come and cut you in a million pieces!
29 Jul 2002 The best way to kill yourself is try to kill me and i promise u'll get a bloody death!!
28 Jul 2002 Diablo Nothing is worth killing yourself, I've tried and I found out only gay people should kill themselves.
28 Jul 2002 Stassy get so drunk you're delusional. and take as many pills as you can get your hands on and if you're still standing turn to your imagination and try some shit like bleach
28 Jul 2002 Harry Kermet Just go to your local subway or rail, wait until the train comes, and 5 seconds before it passes you, lay your neck down on the tracks. The train's wheel will cut your head right off, you'll feel nothing at all (well, maybe you will for 2 or 3 seconds). The mess won't be that bad for people to cleanup also. Also, it will be impossible for the train to stop in time, so you will definitely die. Isn't this absolutely the best way? I've been thinking about doing this every morning while going to work for the past week.
28 Jul 2002 Raven you park your car in the garage and leave the radio on, something you like enough to die with and close the garage. fall alseep in the car, and never wake up. painless. this works cause the loss of oxygen (for the numb nuts).
27 Jul 2002 Janar Take some 10-20 pills of strong pain killers sold in your local drug store, like Ibuprofen or Pentalgin (the last one can be purchased with doctor's recipe only). The names of painkillers may vary, those mentioned above are the common in Estonia.

Dissolve the pills in a glass of alcohol (any brand of whiskey or vodka will do). This is necessary for the pills to start working more quickly and effectively. Come on. Light a cigarette. Drink the mixture, then drink some alcohol more.

You may want to relax, have a comfy seat in the armchair, perhaps put on your favourite music... and gone you are.

Any questions?
27 Jul 2002 Velguader Oh yes. It's sooo saaad. Thank you for helping me realize it after not seeing daylight for a month. Oh! I have truly been touched by an angel! Let me guess. You'll breast feed me too? And that emoticon... man, I feel like a could conquer the world now.

Jesus H. Christ. Listen, miss 17 yr old Alija, take your friggin' pseudo mother/big sister attitude somewhere else. I maybe a depressed, introverted, shut-in, but at least my mental constitution isn't so weak as to find hope in some anonymous post. When I was going through these two years ago, I laughed at all the "Don't kill yourseld, dude." posts. I still do. It's people like you that make me miserable. The only reason you wrote that is to feel better about yourself. And here's to all of you other "assisted living" assholes. Saving a person from suicide isn't as easy as the whole "Touched by an Angel" schtick. You do not save a life after a "frenzy" of niceness. And to all those looking for the way out, get a helium tank used to inflate balloons. 600 balloons to be precise. Get some tubing from a hardware store and an oxygen mask from a medical supplier (say you have asthma or something) If the oxygen mask has holes to mix with air cover it with duct tape. You know the song... The ba'lloon tank is connected to the... Tu-bing. The tubing is connected to the... Gas mask the gas mask is connected to your... sad face. Look in your local yellow pages for "Party Supplies"
27 Jul 2002 So sorry for you for making this You have to die to yourself. Decrease so that God will increase. Put to death your evil desires and take up your cross just as Jesus did when He died for you.
27 Jul 2002 Shonice i'm 13 and ive tried committing suicide since i was around 10. i'm depressed and everytime im awake my stomach aches. i feel there is no reasons to live. my mom never listens to me, i've already written a 7 page suicide letter. my grandapa tried to molest me, my grandama is an alcoholic who won't even believe he tried to do it. my mom doesn't love me anymore and the only reason that i'm not dead right now is because of my friend lisa. but now i've had enough i want to die, no one cares if i'm dead no one. i want to tell my mom how i feel but she'll never understand.... o well i have a gun i think i'm gonna blow my brains out... look for me on the news
26 Jul 2002 bob cut your wrist
26 Jul 2002 Annette hello yes i'm back. i know it sucks. wow everyone is soo stupid to realize that YES, i DO wanna die. my gosh all the lies out of my mouth and nobody can realize the truth yet! wow it's right in front of you! ok well im up to 59 pils so i think that shold do it perfect. but now i gotta wait cause i got soemtin comin p hat i cna't miss but don't wory itll be soon.
26 Jul 2002 Sarah Strangle yourself in public.
25 Jul 2002 Lester Jump from your bedroom window.

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