Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Sep 2002 billy one year ago today a tragic event took place in america... i got drunk and slept with pillhead violet. why do such horrible things happen?
10 Sep 2002 lizzy fall in love with a boy, use him and abuse him everyway you can, dump him, even if u still love him... if you don't die of a heartache i'm sure you'll die from the cuts left on ur wrist
09 Sep 2002 ang I like the way you think, David.
09 Sep 2002 Lucy Cortina Oooh! You cheeky cheeky boy billy! You know what I'm talking about..
I've been thinking, about my breasts. They're too small now. Should I have implants? BUT..I heard that Daniella Westbrook fell over on the pavement and hers exploded or something. They just popped! That scares me. And to have the 2 done at once would cost double, methinks. But, you won't get a man saying "Cor, that's a nice knocker girl!" will you? Men's brains work in a way that only 2 will do.
I don't much understand implants. Do you have to have the air pumped in every so often? Like, if I went to the petrol station do you think they'd allow me to re-pump them?
"Hope you don't mind if I fill the nungas up, mate?" "Sure Luce, that'll be £5.50". And then I could attract all the lorry drivers there as I'm filling 'em up.
Uh, enough of breasts.
I've got some Paroxetime today, I'm hoping that will be good for me.

PS - Billy, I hope you have aspirations to be the nu Eminem!
09 Sep 2002 the incredible hulk okay, i am not twelve-sorry, but do want to kill myself. i am super human freak. you see, at one time i was a successful doctor in a chemical engineering company. then one day the unthinkable took place. an explosion covered me with a mixture of chemicals that mutated me into what i am today. sure, i am strong as a hundred men. fine, i can leap 400 feet in the air. i don't mind being immune to desease or pain, but why did my skin have to turn green? i can't get girls like this. do you know how hard it is for me being so alone? i use my super powers to save the world, yet no one in the world wants to curl up next to me. oh well, anyway the real reason i am writing is for advice. you know, bullets don't penetrate my flesh, and no blade is sharp enough to cut me. i have already derailed a train, so how do i kill myself?
09 Sep 2002   people, post on here, i need something to read while i think about the rocky road ahead of me.... please,
08 Sep 2002 Chicana I'm 13 now been through a lot of shit. Rape divorce abuse sex drugs everything. Life really sucks. They say it gets better but it hasn't for the past 3 years. It's only getting worse. I've tried slashing my wrists 4 times, I've tried overdosing on a bottle of tylenol and drank alcohol. I puked my guts out and ended up in the hospital. I went through therapy and nothing worked. Now I'm thinking about overdosing on tylenol, pepcid ac, and ibruprofen, and drinking a lot of alcohol. Then everyone will be sorry I'll show them and I'll be fucking dead. Then what. Make sure that if you do it do it right!
08 Sep 2002 David Vaskelis First of all if you are seeking help you are not really suicidal. You are just a weak piece of poo that feels bad about the way life treats him and you want to change you situation.
Here is why I will commit suicide as soon as my mother is done dying (I'm waiting because I know that my suicide would kill her) : first, all life on earth will disappear eventually, second, people are stupid, incredibly stupid, I'm a genius (not saying I'm smart or that i think I'm smart, I am a genius) and being a genius is the worst curse you can put on a human being. Why? imagine a world where everybody else is in slow motion, yes slow motion, my perception is faster then most therefore I see everything slower, if your mind could process each frame in a movie you couldnt even enjoy that, that is my life.

And now here are reasons why everybody who finds no happiness in life should die (by the way I have been studied for chemical or physical depression, I don't have that): first, as you know your life is useless. This planet is just a flying twirling piece of shit and you all are just animated matter. Second, anything we as human beings can accomplish is useless, Why? because we are just a nucleus, a very large one but that's all we are, the energy is depleting and no matter what we do we can't stop time. (time is only the logical indication of the decompression of matter) To say this is tomorrow, implies that the world turned on itself once, everytime it moves it's depleting. So since all existence is useless so are you.
Another way to see things is that you want to take part of the human experience. If you do, you are nothing else than a parasite (yes, a parasite grows on a body then sucks the life out of it until it dies and kills the parasite with it, just like americans are doing). Why is being human so important? each american produces 2 tons of garbage a year, we kill, rape, burn , steal, we actually need imposed laws to stop ourselves from killing each other out of sheer stupidity. Kill yourselves. If you are worried about remorse, ask a piece of rotting shit what it thinks about remorse. Wait as long as it takes for an answer. If you are scared of a vengefull god, tell god to fuck himself, cause he certainly never did anything for you, so why praise him? By the way there is no god, or even a need for a god to explain everything...

And about the ways to kill yourselves, I have concluded that the 2 best ways to kill urself without any pain or risk of survival are:
1. jumping off a tall building and dive head first into the pavement.
2. Buy a (I'm not sure if this is the right word because english isn't my first language) generator (that thing you put petrol in and it makes electricity) and put it in your bedroom, take enough sleeping pills to not be woken up for 8 hours and go to bed with the generator on. You will never see the light of day and will die in your dreams.
And to all of you pathetic idiots who post ridiculous comments here: You most of all should be all executed, so the truly human (those who are furthest in thought than in sentiment, because as you know all feelings are from your central nervous system, and that basically is your instinct) could be happy and make a real society, not just an over rated monkey cage. And if you think that I must be nuts to write this kind of stuff, please read the will to power, and also spracht Zarathoustra from Nietzsche, maybe some Spinoza and espescially some Aristotle.

Oh and I almost forgot, no matter what you do of your life, you will end up old (if you are not killed by someone else) or sick, either way you will wish you were dead at some point in your life. The real question is: is all the crap you take really worth the few moments of joy you may or may not get in the rest of your life?
Life is just a slow death, remember that.
07 Sep 2002 Lucy Cortina Oh my.. gosh.. billy! You are really spoiling uz vith zeez chocolates!

I just had a reduction!!!

07 Sep 2002 Asparagusofsomesort Eat a raw mole preferably picked of an old woman and after consumption you suddenly realise what you have done and hence will loose all will to live...
As for the method of killing yourself I'd recommend supergluing your nostrils and mouth shut... unless you are able to breathe through your anus, you're DEAD!!! problem solved... I'm free!!!
07 Sep 2002 Ryan Hide under your parents car before they leave for work...
06 Sep 2002 the marvelous 3 i spend a lot on all the clothes that i got, because all the geeks that i meet they all seem cooler than me. what to do when they're all looking at you. because you're the freak of the week, because you're on the tv.

i got a shrink i swear he's elvis i think he got the coolest suede shoes when i come in with the blues. he says it's all about culture and art but the truth of it is it rips me apart.

can you make me a promise? stop it before it begins. and will you hold on to my head if i ever loose it again?

tell me i sold out. tell me i sold out go ahead.
06 Sep 2002 Tears Can I Borrow Someone's Gun, I promise, I'll only need it once.
05 Sep 2002 Mega jump from a hill
05 Sep 2002 Kungfu_Monkey_Bioche Uh I killed myself yesterday and stuff
Guess what... it sucks being dead as well as it does alive, so either way I guess ya gotta live to die, there's nothing different.
05 Sep 2002 The Marvelous 3 I was checked in by four. Put the sign on the door. I looked out the window of the seventeenth floor. I talked to the city that knows me by name and all the bad things that i do.
I shed five bitter tears into five bitter beers, took a look at my watch and said where have the years gone. I'm wasting away like a castle of clay slowly crumbling too.
I was fucked up by five, talking nothing but jive. Said to the bartender "You'll never take me alive." all of this because my favorite show was cancelled last night on tv.
I called up marie she'll have sex for free, but for ten dollars an hour she will listen to me. We'll talk about rock stars and models on dope, and why i can't cope with this scene.
Every Monday I get this pain.
Every Wednesday it hits my brain.
Every Friday I die,
because everyday, I still think of you.
04 Sep 2002 Pat I've read some of the stories on here and i have to say my problems don't seem so bad compared to some of these people... I think everybody goes through that stage where they feel sorry for themselves, but i'm tired of feeling sorry for myself ... and i'm tired of sympathy from other people. My problem (not that it really matters) I'm a big "fuck up" I've been messing my life and others up for a while now.. probably since i became a teenager. But most of my problems right now revolve around a girl (pathetic.. i know). I just can't make any right decisions, can't stay away from the drugs (police), other girls!!! :(
And i treat people like shit. I don't like who i am and every attempt i've made to improve my life has failed . all i do i fuck up worse. it's gotten to the point where i really don't think i can fix it, and killing myself sounds pretty nice right now. I didn't write this for sympathy... just wanted someone to know my story.

I love you Nicole.
04 Sep 2002 Jiggy Go to your local street corner and purchase ten of the finest E's and sell a couple to your mates and then scoff the 8 at once after just drinking a bottle of vodka which you paid £20 for because that's the only price the guy outside said it was before he went in

-somebody spiked the punch...
-i thought you spiked it already...
-yeah, i mean i DID, but i'm saying somebody spiked it AGAIN...
-hey guys, what's new and exciting?..
-nothing really, this guy just went and spiked the punch after dude here ALREADY spiked it...
-that's funny, i poured a bottle of rum into the punch before i came over here...
-well, you know what this means...

-hey man, do you think it is wrong to TELL a girl your suicidal to get them to sleep with you?..
-that one makes you sound too pathetic. try telling them you're a virgin, that works for me all the time...

-dude, i had to bring my dad...
-what the hell, why'd ya have to bring your dad!?
-he said i couldn't come unless he came...
-how lame is that? listen to what you are saying man, so what if you get mister willie wet tonight. you can't cum unless your dad cums. how you gonna work that one JUNIOR? where the hell is your suck ass dad anyway?..
-he drove down to the distributor to pick up a keg. he said there isn't enough beer here for him AND everybody else...
-well then... if he needs help bringing that keg in here make sure you come and get me, right...

-hey, can i use your truck? i got to go score some pot...
-yeah, here, wait... do i even know you?...
-no man, you don't know me, but i know one of your sisters' friend's boyfriend, he is on the rugby team with me.
-what! man, do you even have a driver's license?..
-funny thing, i had it suspended last year for getting into a nasty accident. this guy wanted me to drive his girlfriend home. i told him i was drunk. he told me i was nowhere near as drunk as he was. man, was he wrong...
-that isn't funny, what makes you think i'm going to let you use my truck then...
-i'm not drunk now...
-you sound drunk...
-that's just because you're drunk. look at my red lips. i have only been drinking PUNCH.
-well, be quick then...

-girl, what you doing at this party?..
-i heard that lucy girl was going to be here...
-what lucy girl?..
-that lucy cortinez...
-oh i know who you're talking about. the one with the big...
-yeah, and the huge...
-right, i know exactly who you talking about, girl...
03 Sep 2002 Master of the Universe Yes, Curtis, the world is so beautiful and filled with beautiful people like yourself who call people sick sons of bitches and sick fucks... hmmmm.... think about it, Curtis, honey.....

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