Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Aug 2002 Fuck You OH FRICKEN MY!!!!! I am so tired of hearing people whine about their attempts. IT IS SO GODDAMN EASY TO KILL YOUR FUCKING SELF!!!!! Only morons can't do it right!!! People who bitch about their attempts are only crying for help...and this is NOT the place to do that. Quit begging for attention by half-ass attempts and do it right, or shut up!!!!! Go out and get help, since you obviously want it.
08 Aug 2002 No Help Neccessary Hi I'm gonna try once again to kill myself with pills and drinkin. Thats all I can think of to do and my head hurts so much from all this bullshit and so much thinkin.
08 Aug 2002 samantha vernon a lot of toothpaste works but i'd take some tylenal pm before. you don't want to throw up, also make sure not to wake up and the toothpaste will eventually put you in a coma
08 Aug 2002 My Blue Arm There's something smelly goin on around here. All I've been smellin is something dead. It stinks real bad and it makes me wanna puke. What could it be?
07 Aug 2002 MiZeSuiCiDaL Homicide suicide. Kill your parents then yourself......
07 Aug 2002 Oh Decapited One 1.Take a deersteak hammer and hold down on your tongue with mouth wide open, Take a machete or ginsu knife and CUT!
2.Cut out your eyeballz with an icepick!
3.Cut off all your fingers and toes with a sword, better yet just vut off your damn head!
Instructions and viewpoints to cut off head:
-Get a blade from the lawnmower(or something big, wide, and sharp.)
-Tie a rope of some sort up on top of a building.
-You hold one end of the rope.
-Make sure the blade is all straight and everything.
-You lay down and configurate that the angle is right.
-Simply and fastly let go of the rope!
Fast, easy and enjoyable way to get it done and over with.
07 Aug 2002 Herez An Idea Try making yourself go blind and deaf, by keepin light in your eyez 24/7 and loud sounds or music playing in your eardrums 24/7!!!
07 Aug 2002 YA KNOW WHAT Fuck a goat without any cowboy boots just let it keep kickin the shit outta of ya and buckin ya until you're all fucked up with gruesome blood and dead!
07 Aug 2002 ACTIIIIOOOONNNN Stick your head into a wall of wires inside an old building, keep playing with the wires until they start playin back and dont let go!
07 Aug 2002 Deep Sleep Okay herez what ya gotta do......
Ties yourself up with chains onto a car or truck, any vehichle thats workin, let someone turn the ignition and keep goin, draggin your oh sorry pity ass down the fuckin road, and for the remains, can throw ya off a cliff somewhere.
07 Aug 2002 Helllllllloooooo Is this a dating site?
06 Aug 2002 floss something quick, at 13 you can't deal with pain very well. strip off on a cold winter night and go for a swim in a river or lake, you wil soon die of hyperthermia!
06 Aug 2002 Noah first get 5 hand grenades, a bullit prof vest and a big gun and a lot of amo. go to a fair or some thing like that. start shooting the people and throw 1 grenade. take a person hostage and when the cops show up make make all your hostages get in a cercle around you. start shooting the cops and they won't shoot back cause of the people around you. then throw all the grenades except for one. start running and shooting people and when the cops shoot pull the pen out of the grenade and give up. when they come and arrest you, you and the cops will go BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! if u kill more than 33 people you will have the record of killing the most people. so if you try this you could set a new record and kill yourself (which would be remembered forever as the biggest shoot out ever).
06 Aug 2002 lee try and understand the jokes in fraisur
06 Aug 2002 Six Foot Under Let your friends or someone get a big box to put ya in, dig a hole about 6 foot deep, you get inside the box, let em throw ya in the hole and then bury.
All supplies needed and necessary:
1. you and someone
2.a shovel
3.a boxx
4.a hole
Have fun!
06 Aug 2002 DarkOfDayz Give me your phone number or I'll give ya mine so I can pressure ya into it, or just give me your address so we can kill each other, or if you don't do it, I'l be glad to do it for ya, and I'll feel free and do mine my damn fuckin self.
06 Aug 2002 MR.B when i started smoking more marijuana i started not to be depressed and then i also started smoking tobbaco and it also helps me
06 Aug 2002 FuckFace Okay this might help: Take an old pair of cletes, well old or new, and take out the spikes, sit them straight up in the air, find a high enough jumping post and without thinking, "accidentally" fall on top of the spikes.
Hope ya'll feel better, cause I know I do!
06 Aug 2002 chokes ondick its simple get a gun and go to a big building and sniper down all the people u c and after u used all the amo just jump off the top of the building and befor u hit the ground u should pull the pen out of hand grenade and people will come around u and when u blow up so will they !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05 Aug 2002 Jamie Well, since I was 17, I've had 5 attempts. I'm getting closer each time. My next attempt will be a gun to the head to be very honest, just have to get a hold of a gun...

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