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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Sep 2002 MR.B well now that i'm on probation i'm going even more crazy than i already was and resorted back to slicing my body open in different places to take away my pain. i'm going through many things in my life and it's becoming very hard to hold on. marijuana used to be what kept me together but now all i do is think about dying and commiting suicide
23 Sep 2002 Jeanie Does anyone else think that happiness freak didn't make any sense?? Or am I just that slow? he he... never mind don't answer that last one...
23 Sep 2002 Happiness is not found in pleasure, but in PEACE of mind, body.. You are all sad pathetic ignorant peoplpe, who has to realise the truth, or you will continue to suffer. Life is suffering all religions have admitted to that, life is a test, for each and every one of us to improve our character. And on judgement day, your character will be measured and you will be rewarded or punished appropriately.
All suffering is caused by desire, attachment, negative emotions, and ignorance. Destroy all these and your suffering will end.
Do not desire.
Do not attache to things emotionally.
Do not remain ignorant.
The only thing worth seeking in life is the truth. The only thing worth working for in life is the perfection of your character.
Some recommendations to find the truth.
Note I am not of the religion you think I am.
Disciplining the Soul, Breaking the Two Desires, By Al-Ghazali translated by T J Winter
The Remembrance of Death And the Afterlife By Al-Ghazali translated by T J Winter
The Bible the Quran and Science Maurice Bucaille
The Gospel of Barnabas
The Choice Islam and Christianity VI&II Ahmed Dheedat
Mohhammed in Parsi, Hindoo, and Buddhist Scriptures By A.H Vidyarthi and U.Ali
Dialogue with An Atheist Dr Mostafa MAhmoud
Evolution Deceit Harun Yahya Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd
23 Sep 2002 Jeanie So you wanna know what it feels like to get your stomach pumped?? It sucks ass. It makes you basically feel like you were hit by a truck for a few days. You feel weak because the lil bit of good stuff you had in your stomach to keep ya goin comes out with the rest of it. That's why if ya ganna get alcohol poisining or somethin like that... MAKE YOURSELF THROW UP if you want the shit out of ya. Ya get most of tha bad shit out without having to worry about hospitals or anyone finding out about it.... If ya wanna kill yourself you need to skip the stomach pump session and don't do it when people are around and preferably something you won't throw up....

1. Walk down the most busy street in your area against traffic... When the BIGGEST vehicle comes by... jump in front of it... you'll be dead and they'll be a really icky mess for the people to clean up... he he he.
2. Walk around a dark alley with just a g-string on. You'll even get some action before ya die ;).
3. When nobody is scheduled to be around for a while... Take EVERY pill you can find in your house... don't worry about the Folic Acid or shit like that, but take the pain medicine and all the other harder stuff... Drink all the alcohol you can find then go lay down in your bed face up. That way if you end up throwin up while your sleeping you'll choke and die anyway.
22 Sep 2002 Kungfu Monkey Bioche JOIN KKK and then try to leave!!!
22 Sep 2002 blitz i'm on the verge of suicide...
21 Sep 2002 billy-jeana sharp kitchen knives, just tell mom that your learning to cook.
21 Sep 2002 slashak what happend to this site? no updates?
20 Sep 2002 anna Hide under your married, male baby sitter's car, with a love note pinned to your shirt. When he goes to work in the morning, his whole life will be changed forever... ha ha ha.
20 Sep 2002 K.G What's it like to get your stomach pumped?
19 Sep 2002 Frans Listern here, I think the best way is do help someone how tries do kill him of herself. Prayer for yourself
19 Sep 2002 soon to die jump out a high window or run in front of a fast moving bus without him seeing you.
18 Sep 2002 Eva Ok ya'll Do not get me wrong I have wanted to commit sucide very many times!!! I don't blame you!! LIFE IS SOOOO HARD!!! But... I got to thinking why should I kill myself??? I could be something great when I get older. Why not live and find out first? I have sworn no matter what I WILL NOT commit suicide. I might run away but I WOULD NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE!!! Please if you are thinking about committing suicide email me at or IM me at PrincessArwen000
I will listen to you and help you solve your problems. Please don't kill yourself because someone on this earth loves you, even if u don't know it. And i am one of them.
17 Sep 2002 jose iscaya LSD and superman-comics
16 Sep 2002 Fuck you How about heroin overdose? It's quick, easy, painless and you can't puke it if you snort it or whatever...
16 Sep 2002   stow away on one of nasa's shuttles, (on the outside of the ship somewhere, maybe close to the burners, but not too close or u might die from heat before u get to the more exciting stuff, in space). yeah, so get in a nice crevice or little place to squeeze into, and enjoy the last ride u will ever have, and soon u will be in space, no air, cold, and you will go into pieces. pleasant, don't u think?
16 Sep 2002 Maily I'm 17 and partly suicidal. I say a knife. It's the slowest yet the easiest way to find out if you really want to die or not.
15 Sep 2002 pillhead Violet I need my mummy

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