Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jun 2002 billy the freak i found myself in an odd position today, there was a man in my house, he was sitting on my couch . I didn't know who he was, how he got there, or how he died. Yeah man, there was a dead man on my couch! You ask what i did? Well, i did what any normal person would do: I ran his pockets, and get this, the stiff had eighty dollars on him! But anyway, I then decided to throw him out the third story window. That is because my flat was located on the first floor and I didn't think that it would make a big enough splat, you know... If you do something, make it dramatic. So, then i started pulling him up the steps of my apartment complex, his head made a thud against each concrete step that was so sickening. He was a heavy fucker so I had to take several breaks from the hard manual labor, you know... i made time for lemonade and to chat with my many neighbors in the complex. They all seemed to say the same thing about my situation: "you're dumping another body billy", "that is the third one this week". Sure if they got stuck hauling the bodies around they know I wouldn't poke fun. So finally i knocked on this girl's door, i used to fuck her all the time, but now only when one of us are desperate. She understood and let me and my friend in, though I did most of the talking. The window was my laundry chute of burden, soon would this nightmare be taken away. So I propped him up on the edge, and told him I loved him, then I sent him to the street. I didn't even take time to look at what was probably the most foul thing ever. Half of my day was already wasted and it is like what my neighbour said, that was the third body this week, and it's only tuesday.
01 Jun 2002 Pepe Maybe laughing, put a feather in your S.Kit
31 May 2002 tiffany hang myself in my tree house
drown slepping pills shot ur self
slice ur wrist
31 May 2002 Fuck you 'fuckoff' Fuck you "fuck off" what makes you so special? "no one's been through what I have" How the fuck do you know? People have probably been through a shit load more than you have, so get off your high horse, "I know what it's like to be truly depressed" Do you really think you're the only one? Fuck you.
31 May 2002 Ellie Yeah ok, I know there's about 100 of these letters on here, but I'm going to add to it, if you need to talk to someone email me anytime -
I may not be able to help, but I'll try, I've been there, I am there, I have friends who are there. But I'm still here. Talking about it does help. Please email me before you try it
31 May 2002 jean this is a fucked up thing to ask. anyone can read this and after they might go and kill themselves.
31 May 2002 Crazy Bob The best way to kill youself is to hang yourself. It works most of the time. It worked when my friend did it. He was found hanging on the back of the door in his room. He was 12 years old and he felt that was the only way he could have a better life.
30 May 2002 jeremy my dada is such an asshole. he doesn't get that he makes my life shit everyone knows since he shouts at me a lot like i'm just a roboshit. HE CAN"T GET IT! help me, i wanna die because i really can't stand him. but i want him to go to hell when i die.
30 May 2002 insanly-mad get a really large automatic weapon from your father's garage, and walk into the local (busy) supermarket, and shoot, 7 random innocent bystanders, then shoot yourself through the mouth!
30 May 2002 hayden kuczborski slit wrists (skife, ice, water)
electrocution (bath of water, electric appliance)
29 May 2002 jesus christ Take a big canvas place it in front of a wood chipper and jump in (head first for painless, but if you want the full experience feet first). Now the world can see perfect art. Or wait until you can buy a gun and: Write a piece of modern music entited "machine gun sonata" during the performance empty it all in the audience with one left for you.
28 May 2002 nobody I know the dumbest, and this is from personal experience. First, you get a roll of duct tape. Then you tape over your mouth and nose. This is tricky, but be sure to get them completely covered. Then tape one wrist to a piece of furniture so you can't get it free. Be sure to leave a long strip of tape dangling off the roll. Then tape your other wrist to something so you can't move it either. Then wait about a minute before working your poorly taped wrist loose and ripping the tape off your face. Asphyxiation hurts like hell! (So does ripping duct tape off your skin.) Sit there, feeling like a bigger screw-up than ever. Wait about eight to ten years, and when your life starts to improve, be glad you were such a dumb kid.
28 May 2002 Brenna well i say if you are gonna kill yourself do it the coolest way: skin yourself and rip our all of your veins then when you're done, just poke out your eyes and shoot yourself in the head. At least if i was gonna do it then that's how i would do it. And let someone watch you do it or have them do it to you.
27 May 2002 mayaspider arsenic is also a good choice. it would be much more humorous if you did it to yourself. just put some in the sugar jar and forget about. that way you don't have to worry about the guilt. you could also convince yourself that your mother is doing it and lock yourself up in an attic.
27 May 2002 monika silly stove by whammo. or silly knifeball.
27 May 2002 Andy I'd suggest that anyone, be them child or adult with the will to kill themselves seriously needs to put the situation in perspective. Consider this, we're floating on a planet in a universe that is infinite, beyond human conprehension. Our lives are a fleeting moment in the imperceptible line of time. There are fundamental questions in this world that have never been answered, e.g. does god exist?
So what i'm trying to get at is however bad you think your life is and no matter how catastrophic the situation might seem, the problems we encounter day to day really mean nothing at all in light of the bigger picture. And though your life may be so terrible that you're lost in self indulgence you should stop, step back from the situation and try and see things from a different and hopefully more enlightened point of view. Life isn't worth ending, there's lots of fun things you can still do if you have no regard for life... think about it...
26 May 2002 Char I'm guessing half the people don't understand other trouble that they haven't experienced & try to slag you off about it but don't let it bother you in the end they've been brought up proper with half the problems some people have today. I once wanted to commit suicide at the age of 13 and up i used to slit wrists take pills and drink myself stupid but i realised that in the end it's not worth it... everyone's put on this earth for a reason and life is just one big messy puddle you just gotta put on your boots and hope for the best... Maybe you should talk about it to someone or seek help from a counceller of some sort or i'm always here to be bugged & talked to. Many people just dont understand and have no right to call you sick... i wish you all the best & hope you choose the right thing coz at the end of the day no1 deserves to die..... Char
26 May 2002 Lucy Cortina What's that funny smell?
Smells is it sour grapes?
Forgive me, I can't tell with this plastic nose.
26 May 2002 billy the freak i will start my own little legion of followers through YOUR website mouchette.
i will write my own cute little fiction stories that everybody will like and have something to say about. unlike some people i know, i will leave an email address so people can talk to me without having to go through YOUR website. i am a long time fan and i have had several little things on YOUR website under many names and addresses, but it doesn't seem like you turn anything down. all i am trying to say is this is not and now he/she? is deciding who sticks around! oh my goodness lucy wants me to stick aroung, kewl she must like me, great now i have a friend and i no longer need to kill myself. suck off you wide-o and get your own damn website. your time has come lucy stop stealing the glory.

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