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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Sep 2002 slashak what happend to this site? no updates?
20 Sep 2002 anna Hide under your married, male baby sitter's car, with a love note pinned to your shirt. When he goes to work in the morning, his whole life will be changed forever... ha ha ha.
20 Sep 2002 K.G What's it like to get your stomach pumped?
19 Sep 2002 Frans Listern here, I think the best way is do help someone how tries do kill him of herself. Prayer for yourself
19 Sep 2002 soon to die jump out a high window or run in front of a fast moving bus without him seeing you.
18 Sep 2002 Eva Ok ya'll Do not get me wrong I have wanted to commit sucide very many times!!! I don't blame you!! LIFE IS SOOOO HARD!!! But... I got to thinking why should I kill myself??? I could be something great when I get older. Why not live and find out first? I have sworn no matter what I WILL NOT commit suicide. I might run away but I WOULD NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE!!! Please if you are thinking about committing suicide email me at or IM me at PrincessArwen000
I will listen to you and help you solve your problems. Please don't kill yourself because someone on this earth loves you, even if u don't know it. And i am one of them.
17 Sep 2002 jose iscaya LSD and superman-comics
16 Sep 2002 Fuck you How about heroin overdose? It's quick, easy, painless and you can't puke it if you snort it or whatever...
16 Sep 2002   stow away on one of nasa's shuttles, (on the outside of the ship somewhere, maybe close to the burners, but not too close or u might die from heat before u get to the more exciting stuff, in space). yeah, so get in a nice crevice or little place to squeeze into, and enjoy the last ride u will ever have, and soon u will be in space, no air, cold, and you will go into pieces. pleasant, don't u think?
16 Sep 2002 Maily I'm 17 and partly suicidal. I say a knife. It's the slowest yet the easiest way to find out if you really want to die or not.
15 Sep 2002 pillhead Violet I need my mummy
15 Sep 2002 Lylie jouer au ballon sur l'autoroute
du saut à l'élastique du haut d'1 pont sans élastique
jouer à la bagarre avec un pitt bull
14 Sep 2002 future reflection Well David did make some good points. And of course the question we all want to know.. If you do not believe in God
what does happen after you die. Are you born again or something or just blotted out of existence forever?? Will you come back as a frog?

As for Einstein. His general theory of relativity does allow solutions for time reversal, but there is an interesting catch, even if you see things faster you still live the same
length of time. For example at the edge of a black hole you would see the whole universe's birth and death but your lifetime would still be the same.
Of course quantum mechanics has a whole new story to tell but as a theory is incomplete and needs to be developed.

Anything is still possible.
14 Sep 2002 billy -pillhead violet!...why are you such a pillhead?
-what do you mean, why am i such a pillhead. come here mother fucker! i'll kill you...
-you don't you? well, i don't know why i slept with you, and get the hell off my one nut.

14 Sep 2002 pillhead Violet Billy when we slept together it was very lovely. although I was a bit disappointed with your 1 ball.
14 Sep 2002   This is bullshit.. stupid kids.
13 Sep 2002 ang hey "it was funny": i totally agree with you. in fact, i am probably 100% with you, yeah i dont agree on all of what David said. .. i said that i like the way he thinked, yeah in some ways, but not in others, (like how he wanted to kill himself, and all depressed and stuff) yeah, he sounded kinda just in a bad mood and is using science in a bad way express his feelings. i think he's on the right track, but took a trun for the for the negative direction. anyway, yeah so to clear things up, thats how i really think, poeple. Eintstein is cool, indeed. hey "it was funny" or anyone else if you read this, you can email me if u want, i'de be delighted to talk to someone who is smarter than most people in lots of ways, is open-minded about universe, existence, etc.
13 Sep 2002 Mitzy Oh, laydees, gentlemen and whores, we r gettin very deep on ere rnt we! WoW. Every1s gone all philasophical. I think i spelt that wrong. Ah well. Well, ive worked sumthin out 4 yaz, dont try starvin 2 death! Not good. Makes u very ill and weak and all that. So yeah, ill go now and stop soundin like such a stoned retard. ByE. XxX
13 Sep 2002 distrox attach a respirator to a carbon monoxide tank
13 Sep 2002 It was funny David, you are an idiot, not genious, not smart, just an idiot.

If you were as smart as you think you are you wouldn't say we are animated matter, tsk tsk, we are the BigBang, all our actions and thoughts are bio-electric following the laws of physics that were created when the BigBang, we are not a virus or all that shit a depressed idiot like you say, we are the reaction of an action much above of our perception.

If you want to call yourself a genious just to commit suicide then you are more stupid than the average people, stop shit talking and kill yourself if you like, but if you want to talk about human facts then start by reading the Relativity Theory by Albert Einstein.

I think you created a fake mask just to run out of the reality.

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