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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Aug 2002 noah hey people i was wunting to kill myself untell i found a reson to live i was at a water parc and a girl asked for my yahoo name i gave it to her and then we talked on yahoo untell she aked me out and i said yes we talk every day and its cas of her im not dead so if u do wunt to kill yoursel just find one good thing in your life and donr loose it
13 Aug 2002   If you really wanted to kill yourself, you would... I don't buy that "I tried suicide 3 times!". To me, that just says "help me!"... what can be so horrible at such a young age? I understand emotional issues, in reality, they have no idea of what true suffering is. I don't know what age has to do with it anyway, under 13? Who cares, is that supposed to be "shocking"? The best method would be something fast, like jumping in front of a train (the mess and totally freaking out the witnesses for life!) ...or painless, like drowning... although, I wouldn't want to look like a floater (hideous, not to mention the smell). Suicide is retarted, whether it's play acting or actually doing it. Life basically stinks most of the time, but you make the best of it. Besides, what makes people think that they are so special that they deserve a wonderful life, free of hassles anyway? Kids today, huh?
13 Aug 2002 Blade Finnegan Well, when I was 13, I tried to kill myself by sliting my wrists. It's obvious that it didn't work out. So my advice is to try a combination of things. Like slit your wrists, pop some pills, then blow your brains out. If that doesn't work, you're screwed.
13 Aug 2002 Warezkid1 suicidalgirl420 is absolutely right, you bastards who can just type out "Go get some help" should live with what we have to live with, abuse, regret, GUILT, resentment and some more abuse. The relationship between me and the railroad tracks is growing closer, I put my neck down on it today while nobody was watching, to see how it felt. It felt like freedom, whatever the fuck that's supposed to feel like.
13 Aug 2002 any fellow atheists out there??? hey, tha1andonlybitch, i totally agree with you about the terrorist stuff, i mean, only if you are going to kill yourself after you're done with terrorizin' the fat fucks of this spoiled country (usa). naw, don't think i'm just pickin' on fat people, i'm pickin' on the ass-heads who think there is a god. if i do ever stoop to such a low as committing suicide, i promise, i really do promise, to all of you who read this that i will kill people on my way out of my miserable life (if it ever gets that miserable). BUT, i doubt i will ever feel that stupid enough to kill myself. oh my god (tee hhee hee!! i said god! but i dont believe in a god!, i say it just to make a point, it really means nothing to me, but well, i think you know what most people think of that famous phrase. yeah, i'm talking about the BE-FUCKING-LIEVERS.) anyhow, i dont like osama bin ladens' reason for his terrorist attack, (i don't believe in that shit, allah crap religion) i just like fact that it was an attack, and it blew away the nation! Woo Hoo!!
13 Aug 2002 sam goodbye, im saying that cos' this is the last thing im going to ever type. i have a gun and i'm holding it to my head. i hope no one ever does what i'm about to do cos' i wish i didn't have to but i do. i never had a good life. the one person i loved just left me and my dad just took a bat and hit me with it. last night i told him i was going to kill myself and he handed me his gun. my mom is always drunk and she likes to hit me and they have never told me they love me. i have tried to kill myself before but my girlfriend (that left me) stopped me. so this is it. i have nothing else to say. so c ya.

no one else ever do this !!!!!!!!!!!
13 Aug 2002 RaevynShadows Go insane. Shove a dildo in your puss or ass, then go out nude. They'll take you away, and you'll have a play toy in the Happy House!!! Take all of your meds, hide them. Wait a year. Take all of the meds at once while fucking yourself roughly. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (I'm 14)
12 Aug 2002 noah y dont u just take a knife and make it simple and ran it into your head?
12 Aug 2002 Lucy Cortina YAY! What a joy to be home again! Oh the awful stench of the bore next door (neighbour) putting awful manure on his garden. Ughh. I wouldn't be surprised if it's his own manure too.
Is there such a thing as vegi-sexuals, do you reckon, Mouchie? If so then HE is one. He spends so much time amongst his cabbages that it's unreal, and probably illegal. He tends to them like a lover would her mans dinner. Why am I surrounded by les idiots?
A few weeks away from the likes of mum, and her abnormally large behind (she could send it off to Africa, I'm sure it'd keep the starving going for at least 12 months) and dad with his 'inventions', such as the spoon that times the egg (LONG STORY!). I suspect while I've been away he's been in my knicker drawer to feed his desire to be a woman.
Ok.. I'm getting a bit dried up now, ain't I?
The point I'm trying to make is that I'M BACK ..and

where is my Billy?
12 Aug 2002 Dreg_02 Just blow yourself up, the bigger the bomb, the better. Make sure that the bomb activates the most bitchin fireworks display in the world though, that way, people can videotape you dying and watch it with their children every 4th of July ..awwww
12 Aug 2002 Mike For Shonice who has written in 27 July 2002 in 'seeking help' page:
well, it's not easy to answer to your add with a sentence however it'd be better - e-mail me, plz. If u don't have any e-mail just make any at and we can have a serious talk.

Wish you all the best

12 Aug 2002 noah hey people im 14 and my life is fucked up. my dad is a drunk my mom is a wierdo, they both like to hit me and beat me. i have tried to kill myself 7 times and i have over a hundred cuts that I put on myself for fun. but then i got a girlfriend that i love but when my parents found out about her they got even more mad and said i was to young to love but she is the reason im not dead right now
11 Aug 2002 Elephant Masturation In my opinion, you're gay as hell if you commit suicide. Now here's the gay way you should do it! It's like a 12 step program.
Step 1: Strip naked. (You MUST strip naked for suicide to work.)
Step 2: Find several different knives.
Step 3: Throw the knives at an unexpecting mcdonalds employee and steal their uniform.
Step 4: Show up in your new uniform at the circus. And make sure you have some extra knives left over, you'll need them later.
Step 5: Rape a clown. (Don't forget to rape a clown or you won't die. And we know you wanna die, don't u?)
Step 6: When the clown is finished having sex with you, gouge its fucking eyes out.
Step 7: Take your bloody clown eyes and feed them to one of the elephants.
Step 8: Jack off all of the of the elephants.
Step 9: Collect the elephant semen and attempt to drown yourself in it.
Step 10: You will not succeed because elephants moan really loud when they orgasm and the circus trainers will find you and try to kick the crap out of you. That's what the knives are for. Stab them like there's no tomorrow. (which they're won't be if ur commiting suicide)
Step 11: Okay now that you are in a blood/cum soaked McDonalds uniform, you've raped and killed a clown, whacked off elephants, and killed their trainers, you need to do this. Go home, you fag.
Step 12: Slap yourself in the face repeatedly because suicide is for fucking morons who are whiny little bitches.
11 Aug 2002 Jeanie Well, I don't recommend killin yourself because if you fuck up or if you get scared you won't succeed and be in lots of pain on top of that. But if you have no reason left to live (by the way SEX is considered a reasonable reason to stay alive... lol)...

But if you wanna die for sure you need to get someone else to do it:
1) you could get involved with gangs. (get some yummy drugs while you at it :D)
2) run away from home walkin a busy city at night. pay extra close attention to alleys and back roads.
3) if you're just 13 and can't get hold of a gun... get a knife (they're easy to get... just go to the kitchen) and hold someone hostage with the knife to their throat and your back to a wall so nobody could jump you without you getting hurt. And pretend like you're crazy and say your gonna kill her/him. Then right when they think you gonna give up... hold the girl out in front of you (where they have a clear shot) and swing around the blade to where they are forced to shoot you. If you don't die with the first shot keep swinging the knife at him/her and the cops till they are forced to kill you.
3) If you can get a gun bust into a police station shooting (can shoot over peoples heads if you don't want to kill anyone)... the police would be forced to kill you and your parents might get a good setlement out of the deal.
4) Take as many ectasy pills as you can find
5) IF ALL ELSE FAILS... DRINK DRANO (hurts like a bitch, but it would get the job done)

I still don't think killin yaself is all too good... but if ya gonna do it.. you wanna get it right.
11 Aug 2002   Where is billy the freak? I want more entertaining stories!!!!!
10 Aug 2002 An old regular PS - About the only best comment I have seen after re-reading is "Is this a dating site?" Haha.
That is comedy - simple and sharp, and oh so inoccent.
10 Aug 2002 An old regular Mouchette, I fear your site is going down the pan. Coming here was once a joy, now I get bored seeing the first entries. It's bad enough with their illiteracy and net lingo, but puh - leaze!!!
Sort it out.

(Ps - what do you gain from this site? Inspiration? Is it some sort of controlled government survey, to test todays teens? Will it end up on the news in ten years time or something? I'm surprised that no one in high authority has contacted you about this site and taking it down. Just shows what a fucked up world we have these days, dunnit?)
10 Aug 2002 Tha1andonlybitch i say tha best way damn way to go is to make a big scene out of it, do a terrorist act, be like that osama bin laden guy, he was fuckin awsome sending people to crash into a building killing others, n-e who blow something up, or hijack a plane and write a note leaving it somewhere in your house or something saying you did it for osama. shit ima do that. he,he. n-e who make a big scene its kewler.
10 Aug 2002 noah well wen i kill myself im going to go in the freezer of my school and freeze to death and then wen people look in it they will c my dead ass
10 Aug 2002 Middle Finger W Smile On My Face I am a 13 yr old willing to pay someone to come kill me. Please I am desperate and you can do anything you please, or want, with me before, during, or after I'm dead. I'll pay ya 100,000,000.

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