Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Oct 2002   You are sick for putting this add up
28 Oct 2002 Lucy Cortina Uh-oh..Lucy again! I HAD to post again, since I just heard on the radio that Courtney Love's dog has died after eating one of her breast implants, which she left on the table! I mean - Ohmygod! Do these women never learn? You'd never catch me leaving my nungas lying around for any old dog to get his hands on.
Why don't she just put them in the fridge like any other self-respecting woman?

Ps - This site is addictive, Mouchette. You have me here every day. If things do not change I will be filing a lawsuit against your company, since it does not say on the package of this medication that it may be addictive. Side-effects I can deal with (aka Billy). But not addiction. I NEED to get a life!
Now..where's my Prozac gone to...?
28 Oct 2002 FTS to N Dear N,
I am sorry you are feeling suicidal. Unfortunately I cannot reveal my email, however if you would like to post why you are feeling suicidal I can respond here.

If you are 13 or under in most circumstances it would be a good idea to wait unitl you are 15 or 16 before making a final decision about suicide. Because we grow quickly mentally and physically during the teenage years your perspective and sense of self can change rapidly during this time. In other words who you are at 17 is close to who you are at 18 or 19 but who you are at 16 can be a lot different than who you are at 13.

Mouchette has provided an entry in the box above the posts (which I didn't notice before) for people offering their help. Here is an impressive list of recent people and emails offering to talk with people feeling suicidal. One (lain M) apparently is an organization which will try to respond to you within 24 hours.

Most problems do have a solution so feel free to post your situation (remember no one will no who you are)
28 Oct 2002 Jeff The funny thing about that is I had the same experience happened to me earlier. I went online seeing if anyone was worth talking to and low and behold there was no one(at least worth talking to0. I had the luxury of spending most of my day watching my roommate's evil disgusting girlfriend drool on herself. I have to call the zoo because I think I have their escaped gorilla here.
27 Oct 2002 Kimberley They're is no best way. I've tried a lot of things: diazepam overdoses, antidepressants, paracetamol, cutting my throat, and wrists, hanging. But i'm still here, in this fuckin hell. i've been trying to kill myself since i was 13, i'm now 16! My advice to anyone out there, who want to die, is to fuck off out of your life, and start a new life, and forget about the old you. Then if you can't and you still wanna die, the best way is heroin overdose... but make sure no one is about to save you.
Hope i've helped, good luck. hope you can live, but if life is too painful, what kinda life is that, init?
27 Oct 2002 Lucy Cortina Don't you just hate it when it's a Sunday - you're all alone, none of your 'online-buddies' are around, and so you begin to realise that your 'online life' never existed and that you are really the lonely bore you tried to imagine you weren't?
I am reduced to finding a Britney Spears concert on channel 4 remotely interesting.

It's a good job that I have Billy to entertain me now... he does have his uses!
27 Oct 2002 ams it is obvious all these 'life is a gift' posts were made by people with privileged lives. you would not understand that life can be SO BAD you are looking forward to the absolutely final end of it. and to the person who said, most people who tried to kill themselves are glad afterwards they failed: why, then, do 78% of people who attempt sucide unsuccessfully attempt again?
26 Oct 2002 Jeanie Ahhh... so billy is under your bed eh? I was wondering where that fucker escaped to. My sexual prowess was too much for him i guess. Decided that he couldn't handle it so he ran away... I have got to change the locks on my closet door.
26 Oct 2002 N oh fuck crap is there n e way to take away your name and email away from your post? i NEED help please please contact me if its possible
26 Oct 2002 Kev Drink until you nearly pass out, with 'Electric Storm' on by U2 and then, with a bottle of paracetamol in your hands, realise that life has a lot more to offer than killing yourself.
25 Oct 2002 Lucy Cortina Billy flew to me on a plane because of a general lust for a breasted sex goddess. There was no way I was letting him come near me with his huge bishop, and so with my tongue I sliced it clean in two.
He now resides underneath my bed. When feeling generous I allow him a crust or two of bread.

The lesson to be learnt here is this -
do not fall in love with a Cortina.
25 Oct 2002 Niki I hate myself i want to die, in the words of Kurt.
When others hate you and you can't find the reason all you can conclude from it is that you're a horrible person.. and you believe it and you hate yourself too... kill me now... i agree with the vengeful suicide note, but as you're not there to enjoy your revenge there's no point. I LOVED YOU AND I TRUSTED YOU AND YOU BETRAYED ME, BROKE ME, AND TREATED IT AS A JOKE. That's what mine would say. YOU NEVER REALISED, DID YOU? THAT ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND NOT SAY THE WORDS AND I WOULD STILL BE HERE, I'D STILL BE ALIVE. People say intelligence is a blessing. To me it's a fucking curse. How do you feel when you're the brain of a 19-year-old trapped in a six-year old's body? Bored shitless i can tell you. So when i tried to kill myself they all said, she's just a little girl, she doesn't know what she's doing. YES I FUCKING DID! And now at 12 i guess i'm going through what would be my midlife crisis and i want to die, i still do, and goddammit! Grant i will, just you see, and live with the 'joke' for the rest of the life knowing it killed me you bastard.
25 Oct 2002 life is good funny site btw, if this site was run by the government, that post would never have made it. most of you are just plain sick though
25 Oct 2002 annette yes yes ive been here soo many times writing how this is the time im gonna end it. well that thing that seomone wrote that u should slit your wrists then sit in a hot bath. i never tried that. maybe that is why it never worked when i slit my wrists. and also when someone wrte to OD on an empty stomach. DUH im so stupid no wonder why every time that i did OD all i did was throwup the food with the pills. well anywayz yea life sucks ass and i feel like such a worthess piece of shit. well i think im gonna try the wrist thing after school tomorrow and since its winter i can cover it up by wearing long sleeve shirts:) ok cya
25 Oct 2002 Mmmm pie lo Bob, want some pie? mmm pie, pie is good for the artery, but too much pie make you bloated and artery go pop, then no more Bob to eat pie yeeeees

Since history began, man has asked the eternal question: What... is the best pie. Tonight we answer that question.. .lets call assistant *pop* who the fuck are you?? 'I am the mysterious chicken' eer want some pie? 'no it's ok thank you.... i am here to kill you all' you sure you dont want pie... its beef pie 'beef hmm..ok...mmmm pie' pie good? 'pie kicks ass mmmm' so why are you mysterious chicken?? 'mmm pie.. err because i can dance' is that all? 'eeer i can... hide.. things.. too..' i can eat pie, more pie?? 'is it beef pie??' No... it's chicken pie you mother fucker now eat pie till you die so i can eat you in a pie

The moral of the story: Aint life so damn ironic

25 Oct 2002 josh guess this falls under offering help:

if anyone wants to talk they can just email me because there are reasons to live
most of you i guess have nothing better to do with your time than post on this site. some may call it sick, but what is sick, our own morality decides what is sick. this morality is flawed.
24 Oct 2002 I am the great cornholyo I keep noticing that the more I come... the more people seem to stop coming. I guess some people actually serious about this suicide stuff... eeek. Scary though... nice to know most of you people just talk about religion and poopie... he he. And where the hell did Billy go?
24 Oct 2002 dawn I think that no matter what, everyone deep down doesn't want to kill themself
23 Oct 2002 Doris hey i've got a message from cary peppermint. he says HEY WHAT'S UP!
23 Oct 2002 deadorc breathe. it just takes a while.

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