Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 May 2002 Jim I'm sorry you must go through that every day, and no, i do not know what it is like to go through that, nor do i want to. But if you really do have no one to care aboout you then talk to me. You probably think I'm some sort of Jesus freak, and you would be right. That doesn't change the fact that i would like to talk to you.
11 May 2002 najwa prendre des somnifères pour dormir et ne plus jamais se réveiller, si tu n'es pas un lâche, fais-le
11 May 2002 Sienna You know those candies when you put them in your mouth, they begin to sizzle and pop? Well, get like 10 packages of those, and put them all in your mouth. Once that's done, drink MOUNTAIN DEW (The rest won't work, this is like... the only good carbonated soda out there), about a liter will do, and then you'll start foaming at the mouth. And the rest is history =)
11 May 2002 Max Hang yourself on a chilly day from a tree in your backyard so you'll be more comfortable to sway in the breeze since strangling is hot and tight. Rub the rope with soap before you hang ( you don't want to die painfully with a hard and tight rope do you?) Wear a turtleneck garment so you'll be comfortable and will reduce the friction caused by the rope burns. This way, you will die comfortably and you'll probaly just choke rather than to feel the rope painfully tightens round your neck slowly.
11 May 2002 give me a break For those idiots that write this board and say "My gosh why would anyone want to kill themself, I would never kill myself, life is just so golly gee wonderful"... I say oh, yeah.

What if you,

Had MS and were abandoned by all your family and friends.

Had irreversible brain damage.

Became mentally ill and ended up in an institution (again abandoned by family and friends (but with a good connection to the internet)).

Woke up every morning with chronic depression and wanted to die, evey second of the day.

Became blind.

Had parkinsons and were flapping your arms all day.

People who are healthy and lead good lives are treated well by others and want to live.

Wait till you become disabled mentally or physically and then you will understand. We all suffer and die eventually.

(Now these are extreme circumstances and most 13 year olds should NOT want to kill themselves. If you broke up with your boyfriend or are being bullied that is not a good reason to kill yourself.)

Also, man is not innately good and no, there is no GOD (if there was why would God allow suffering).

So, do you get it people?

PS: if drops of blood appeared on this screen after I send this message that would be really tasteless
10 May 2002 kenneth jump in front of a train
10 May 2002 Lucy C Fabtastic! C'est Super!

I'm better at German than French tho..

Ich bin sehr sehr geil.. ohhh mouchhey!


10 May 2002 Chuggin Bathbeads Look In The Mirror!
10 May 2002 GRANT i wanna kill myself cos sophie wont go out with me
10 May 2002 Martin I wanna kill myself because i am gay
10 May 2002 Marvin I wanna kill myself because my mate is killin' himself
10 May 2002 taniesha is to take a sharp cooking knife and stab yourself to death. and end of all your problems.
10 May 2002 C Phillus A) Choke on a chicken
B) Choke on a dick
C) Choke on a hairball from eatin an unshaved puss
D) Choke on crabby diseasy cumm
E) Go out and fuck every1 every thing you see so you get every disease in the book, and do every drug and drink known to man!
F) Try livin my fucked up life aka: soon to be living no more.
10 May 2002 Truth Hurts GO RITE THE FUCK AHEAD!!!!!!
10 May 2002 No Buddy I am gonna be 18 soon, have had a hectic life and is still continuing to be that fuckin way. I have had up to all this horseshit! I can't take it anymore. Story of my life is too long to tell and I wouldn't know where to start. So when I find the best fuckin easiest fastest way to kill myself I will because my life is messed up and really fucked. I will die and I hope I smell so damn bad I gag a fuckin maggot and it dies too! Don't bother havin a funeral, just dump my remains along side a cocksuckin river sumwhere yonder. Then every1 can have their damn fun and through a huge party when I'm dead, still say their fuckin shit whatever the hell ever. For So I say No More, all is left unsaid, Life SUCKS ASS! So I suggest you go over to a hideous buttugly mule and let it stomp the living shit out of you or take a well hung horse up your damn ass till it cumms out your ears, nose and mouth!!! To conclude furthermore of my advice: I say go rite the fuck ahead and do what ever you intend on doin, it's worth it! ~SAME AS NOTHING, SAME AS NO ONE, SAME AS DEAD!~
10 May 2002 Simply Not Here Take some AJAX, crush it up, and sniff it all up. Use approx. 10 boxes! add some moonshine for extra extra fun!!!

To indulge yourself of a real HIGH and invigorating mouthfoaming, nosedroopling experience~!!!!!!!!!
10 May 2002 Joe My Life Really Sux! I cant stand it anymore. Im 14, yup, a young kid but Im ready to die. I know 14 years is too young but... Im still going to do it. I am gonna take my dads Callaber & blow my brains out. My parents dont care for me anymore. I cant go on getting my ass kicked at school. And besides the point. I got cut down the chest by a kid called Codie. Thats when I thought of Suicide. My DAD called me a PUSSY! Cause I have to take my torture at school. Ive been grounded for a year now cause I went to juvy for shooting my FINGER!. And my dad having to pay $2,000.00. Well Im gonna do myself in on my 15th birthday. Bye People......
10 May 2002 Mouchette to Lucy Cortina J'habite en France oui oui
..ahem... it depends if you consider the server or the keyboard. I'm on the Internet, and that's everywhere hehehe
09 May 2002 Lucy Cortina Mouchette *flutters eyelids, sticks out nungas* can I ask you just one question?
Do you live in France?

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