Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Nov 2002 berdusud c'est la philosophie le seul sujet valable: le suicide
07 Nov 2002 lecorbeaudesgoofs Under 13, the best way is to jump from the car of your grand parents!
If you have a certain sense of humour, you can add something like "next time try to lock the door"
07 Nov 2002 toto I don't speak english very well so don't blame : I've just read a few answers to that question and I realize some of them are more a suggestion of doing it than a mere joke (the way I answered last time when I wrote "grow up").
Please mouflette be careful with some of those answers which finally can be judged as yours.
07 Nov 2002 Graeme How do you kill yourself? Grow up before your time and then realise that you don't have the mental abitily to either work out a) what life is all about and b) you probably want it easy, ask everyone on the Internet how to end you life before it has even begun.
07 Nov 2002 Amethyst I know how everybody in here feels this used to be my favorite site. But here's a better alternative... ok... smoke lots of pot... lots and lots... smoke everyday... and good pot... keep doing that until you die... tee hee
06 Nov 2002 Just me Justin, Believe it or not, I totaly know how you feel, I read it, and realised I could have written it, well except for the part about living on 17 ;) anyways, if you want, email me, so we can talk about the crappy shit, they tend to call life.
06 Nov 2002   Well... i don't think it's a bright idea to do that.. but i have tried. when i was 8 years old till i was about 12 i was gettin molested. and i hated everyone. i didn't think i was good enough for n e thing so i figured if i died all the shit would just be over.. and it got worse. me and my mom fuckin hated each other, me and my sister fought a lot.. and i was a lil drunk/druggy. so i just took a knive in the bathroom and tried to kill myself! all i could think about was how much of life i would have missed out on.. i wouldn't have kids/husband i wouldn't be able to go to college get a good job nothin.. and i realized that i shouldn't have to suffer for people's mistakes. for my mom's mistake of not knowing. for his mistake of doing that to me.. i was killin myself over other people's shit.. now i quit drinkin. smokin weed n e kind of drug i quit.. still smoke but.. i'm here. i didn't let bad fuckin people make me think my life is not worth living.
06 Nov 2002 toto Grandir
06 Nov 2002 Olivier Oswald LE KIT proposé :
Crayons de couleur empoisonnés (qui tuent quand on les suce).
Pétards surdosés (auto-attentat kamikaze).
Alcool à 150 000 degré pour mourir d'une cirrhose en quelques jours seulement.
La casserole (pour faire les pâtes) qui fuit, à remplir d'eau et à mettre immédiatement sur le gaz (pour être sûr de l'éteindre). Asphyxie ou explosion, au choix. Générateur d'étincelle et minuteur aléatoire incorporé.
Puisqu'on est dans la cuisine : les pâtes ciments à prise rapide.
Un CD-ROM pour apprendre le cri qui tue. Avantageux pour un suicide collectif.
Une tenue de BARBAPAPA en caoutchouc hérmétique. Suffocation douce garantie.
Etc. On va arrêter là pour aujourd'hui
06 Nov 2002 philippe to climb to the top of something very high like a roof or a tree and then take the straightest way down. Climbing is nice. Falling down is nice. Dying is nice ...
05 Nov 2002 Mimi Hide some explosive in your pants and go flirt with some under 13 jewish girl!! That's really nice and exciting..
05 Nov 2002 Lindsey Lane sit in the garage with the car on and breathe deep breaths in and out
05 Nov 2002 Hugh I find it funny that so many people get annoyed about this site. One thing to point out to them is: notice how few people are supporting and praising this site? Thats because they are most likely to be in no position to type any more.

So I thought I'd write this BEFORE I end it, just to say to all those who think life is worth living that they are wrong. YOUR life is worth living, that doesn't mean everyone else's is. Think about it. Oh, and enjoy it, cos I'm outta here.
05 Nov 2002 tracer so many men and so little time, i just cant see how so many of them can hurt me but it happens to all of us. i'm 17 now and i just can't wait another FUCKING valentine's day just around the corner. it will be a year on that day that i started cutting but now i just do it to relieve stress. some tell me not to, why should you care? you didn't before so why now? go fuck yourself, die, i don't care, just leave me the fuck alone. i dont want to be alone, so many pretty girls with their lil boyfriends and i... why they don't like me. i think i scare them all away. i've got problems i know but no one will help me. i think all i need is someone to truly love me.
just remember this friend will never be there forever so if that's your reason for stopping yourself then just do it. there are not going to be there forever and if they hear you're going to kill yourself they'll most likely stop talking to you.
have fun doing it you can only do it once. :)
04 Nov 2002 713 wat the fuck! life is a bag of shit.... i tell you what: get all your friends who wanna die as well and go to some cliff in a mini bus. get amazingly pissed and just crash the mini bus off a really big cliff. Overdose heavily so you die even if the impact don't kill ya. fuck it.... noah! i had someone who was close to me from south dakota. she was my reason. now she's gone. let's all fukin die....who's up for death?
04 Nov 2002 Moissenet ne pas se suicider! l'imaginer seulement c'est plus facile, on peut faire des trucs incroyables! Par exemple: monter dans une fusée et aller sur la Lune, se mettre tout nu, respirer un grand coup, ouvrir la porte de la fusée et faire un grand bond (pour l'humanité!?) et courir tout nu sur la lune et mourir parce que il n'y a pas d'air sur la lune, alors on meurt! elle est pas belle la vie? hein?
04 Nov 2002 Justine I came across this when i decided suicide was my only answer. I have not attempted yet, but I do cut myself. I do not slit my wrists, because I did not always want to die. I'm not even sure if i do now. But i do need control and release. By being able to bring pain to myself I can control some emotion, nothing can hurt me like i can. I need that control or i would lose everything. And the release... seeing your blood and knowing you have drawn it... it's satisfying. Of course it all ties back the idea that there is so much pain in my life, that if i can get a leg up on it, i can be in control. I hate my life, i hate myself. I go to a school where nothing but perfection is allowed. And you must follow everyone else, and you must be fake, and superficial. If money isn't your first priority, to hell with you. Money isn't my first priority!! it means nothing to me. It's stupid. If you need money to be happy you have no soul. And where is the joy in being like everyone else? Everyone else is that way, be different! be bold, be your own person. dont conform. UGH! this may not seem like a lot, but to me it is. Not to mention i have seen much more terrible shit in my life. From divorce, to death, to drugs, to rape. I've been through it all. And I will never be sane, and don't claim to want to be, but to be happy... i know i can, if i can get out of this place, my school. It's drowning me. It's erasing who i am inside slowly, day by day. I walk into the lobby and I can feel my individuality being ripped away from me. Everyone tells me i'll get better, i know i won't. Not until i get out of this school. Not until i can be myself. I am myself, but i'm not accepted, anywhere... anywhere here. And if i'm not accepted anywhere at all, then so be it, but i can't live on behind this screen of blurr. I don't want to fade out into everyone else. I want to stand out, to be my own person. But until then, i'll cut myself, i'll burn myself. I mutilate myself, because it's the only way i know how. And when it comes, that i have nothing left inside of me to hold on to, then i jump. I live on 17, it's garanteed death. What holds me back now is that somewhere inside of myself is the real me, and if i get out of my school, it will live on, and i am willing to keep myself alive for that. The other thing is my family. They would be so affected, i don't know if i could put them through that. I don't think I could ever be that self-centered. Not ever, but if I loose who i really am, it won't matter either way because i'll either be literally dead, or i'll get into drugs and sex and my mind and soul will be dead anyway, dead and tortured. I need help, so much help. And i know it. And i know what i need, out. Out of my school... out of this type of life...
I'll be back, I love the idea of this page by the way. It's helpful, thanks!
04 Nov 2002 jean vivre la vie a fond , c'est une forme lente mais effective
04 Nov 2002 Julian grow up.
03 Nov 2002 Unda_dog Eat a Spice Girls CD

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