Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Nov 2002 tracer so many men and so little time, i just cant see how so many of them can hurt me but it happens to all of us. i'm 17 now and i just can't wait another FUCKING valentine's day just around the corner. it will be a year on that day that i started cutting but now i just do it to relieve stress. some tell me not to, why should you care? you didn't before so why now? go fuck yourself, die, i don't care, just leave me the fuck alone. i dont want to be alone, so many pretty girls with their lil boyfriends and i... why they don't like me. i think i scare them all away. i've got problems i know but no one will help me. i think all i need is someone to truly love me.
just remember this friend will never be there forever so if that's your reason for stopping yourself then just do it. there are not going to be there forever and if they hear you're going to kill yourself they'll most likely stop talking to you.
have fun doing it you can only do it once. :)
04 Nov 2002 713 wat the fuck! life is a bag of shit.... i tell you what: get all your friends who wanna die as well and go to some cliff in a mini bus. get amazingly pissed and just crash the mini bus off a really big cliff. Overdose heavily so you die even if the impact don't kill ya. fuck it.... noah! i had someone who was close to me from south dakota. she was my reason. now she's gone. let's all fukin die....who's up for death?
04 Nov 2002 Moissenet ne pas se suicider! l'imaginer seulement c'est plus facile, on peut faire des trucs incroyables! Par exemple: monter dans une fusée et aller sur la Lune, se mettre tout nu, respirer un grand coup, ouvrir la porte de la fusée et faire un grand bond (pour l'humanité!?) et courir tout nu sur la lune et mourir parce que il n'y a pas d'air sur la lune, alors on meurt! elle est pas belle la vie? hein?
04 Nov 2002 Justine I came across this when i decided suicide was my only answer. I have not attempted yet, but I do cut myself. I do not slit my wrists, because I did not always want to die. I'm not even sure if i do now. But i do need control and release. By being able to bring pain to myself I can control some emotion, nothing can hurt me like i can. I need that control or i would lose everything. And the release... seeing your blood and knowing you have drawn it... it's satisfying. Of course it all ties back the idea that there is so much pain in my life, that if i can get a leg up on it, i can be in control. I hate my life, i hate myself. I go to a school where nothing but perfection is allowed. And you must follow everyone else, and you must be fake, and superficial. If money isn't your first priority, to hell with you. Money isn't my first priority!! it means nothing to me. It's stupid. If you need money to be happy you have no soul. And where is the joy in being like everyone else? Everyone else is that way, be different! be bold, be your own person. dont conform. UGH! this may not seem like a lot, but to me it is. Not to mention i have seen much more terrible shit in my life. From divorce, to death, to drugs, to rape. I've been through it all. And I will never be sane, and don't claim to want to be, but to be happy... i know i can, if i can get out of this place, my school. It's drowning me. It's erasing who i am inside slowly, day by day. I walk into the lobby and I can feel my individuality being ripped away from me. Everyone tells me i'll get better, i know i won't. Not until i get out of this school. Not until i can be myself. I am myself, but i'm not accepted, anywhere... anywhere here. And if i'm not accepted anywhere at all, then so be it, but i can't live on behind this screen of blurr. I don't want to fade out into everyone else. I want to stand out, to be my own person. But until then, i'll cut myself, i'll burn myself. I mutilate myself, because it's the only way i know how. And when it comes, that i have nothing left inside of me to hold on to, then i jump. I live on 17, it's garanteed death. What holds me back now is that somewhere inside of myself is the real me, and if i get out of my school, it will live on, and i am willing to keep myself alive for that. The other thing is my family. They would be so affected, i don't know if i could put them through that. I don't think I could ever be that self-centered. Not ever, but if I loose who i really am, it won't matter either way because i'll either be literally dead, or i'll get into drugs and sex and my mind and soul will be dead anyway, dead and tortured. I need help, so much help. And i know it. And i know what i need, out. Out of my school... out of this type of life...
I'll be back, I love the idea of this page by the way. It's helpful, thanks!
04 Nov 2002 jean vivre la vie a fond , c'est une forme lente mais effective
04 Nov 2002 Julian grow up.
03 Nov 2002 Unda_dog Eat a Spice Girls CD
03 Nov 2002 Lucy Cortina You're right fan. Unfortunately, I no longer know where Billy is. He escaped in the night from underneath my bed, god knows where he's got to now.
I have a backup plan though. I have one of those digital cameras that can instantly send images via email. Every now and then I pop the cam under my top and give Billy a treat.

03 Nov 2002 Russ Carbon Monoxide
02 Nov 2002 fan of Lucy (& Billy) oooh. i'm so sorry to disapoint you, Lucy, but i feel i should (i'm not sure why) reveal to you that i am female. and (unfortunately, in a way), American.. what would you say about that? lol. i like the idea of you and Billy creating a web site together. it would keep me laughing. i'm not sure if he's interested though, maybe you could whack his little tooshy with your wiggly jigglies, maybe will get his attention.
01 Nov 2002 Lucy Cortina What, you mean that Billy and I have fans?
I always did fancy some hunky turkish guy in some wet speedos stood beside me - as I consume grapes and chocolate - fanning me with one of those huge Peacock-ish fans. And then to be rubbed up and down with olive oil...*oooh!*...very sensual...
Or in my case, vegetable oil will do, considering my new college-economy shopping budget.

Back to the point. We have fans? I'm considering setting up and Billy & Lucy fanclub (one years free advertising is of course promised to you, Mouchette).
Actually, I really can't be arsed. But I wouldn't mind a fanclub. Please set one up for me, someone. If there are any rich, handsome, classy (suicidal 13-year-old) millionaires on this website, please do let me know. I have Britney Spears potential. I'm waiting for you baby...............
01 Nov 2002 Andrew vassiliou Sugar/caffeine intake overdose
01 Nov 2002 loser I am almost 30 and have constantly thought of ways to die since I was a teen. I have told myself that life has ups and downs but now I think that is a sorry excuse. What is the purpose of the down period? Why must we suffer? Unlike a few of your other posters I have not used drugs, have not had multiple sexual partners, basically I have tried to live a "good" life and yet I am still "here" after all these years. Slipping back into the hole. The only thing that stops me is the fear of eternal damnation. If I could just close my eyes and never be simply cease to exist as if I never was.....
01 Nov 2002 Martha S. happy halloween, kiddies. i hope your day is filled with gory things and axes and professional samurai swords for someone to cut your head off, lots of ropes and wires to hang yourself with from the ceiling fan, and many, many razors to cut your little withered anorexic, (maybe fat &chunky), wrists. oh, and i hope you go to one of those factories that have those two rolling round heavy things that smash down stuff to a couple inches thick, i hope you get caught in one of those, and i get to witness you screaming as the rollers bring your body in slowly, crushing your feet, your ankles, up to your knees, your thighs, the blood is starting to not just squirt averywhere, but the flow is starting to go backward, flowing back toward your head. and your pelvis, torso is flattened, you start to lose consciousness, but you are still awake enough to feel the pain, you no longer can scream, your lungs and throat are filled with blood. you can't see, the pressure has blinded your eyes, as they bulge outward out form their sockets, bloodshot, looking like they could pop out. and then, u still get pulled farther in, but u are dead now, after it got to ur heart, but now i see it's reaching your your neck, up to your head, it crushes ur jaw, and then Cruch and and Ooze, and your skull cracks open in various places, and the brains start seeping out of any any spot it can from your broken nogen, the brains seeming to be trying to flee from the crusher machine.
mmmm, i feel like having sausage right about now.
31 Oct 2002 ryan i don't know what's the best way... but i've tried more than i can count... i hate my life and always will... no one can tell me there's people who will help, it's fucking bullshit... i've been trying to get help for over 8 years now... it's all lies...
31 Oct 2002 Jason Take a shower, don't dry off... then stick your tongue in an electric socket in the wall..
Damn... man... lol, this is a sick site... but hell, this world is sick.
Power to you!
31 Oct 2002 Ron I had some ideas, but now that I've read some of the previous postings for this question I'm going with something different. All you have to do is send them a transcript of the bizarre comments you've received from people concerning this question and they will instantly believe that life is worthless and futile. I hope you enjoy this self-fulfilling prophecy that you've created. It's nice when so many disturbed people can get together and share ideas.
30 Oct 2002 fan of lucy (& billy) lol. lucy, u have good humor. i wish billy would come around more often and join us in this fabulous breast-fest. his only choice of activies was either this, or watching the britney spears concert.. i guess he picked the concert, eh billy? i know u are lonely, billy boy, come back to us.
29 Oct 2002   You are sick for putting this add up
28 Oct 2002 Lucy Cortina Uh-oh..Lucy again! I HAD to post again, since I just heard on the radio that Courtney Love's dog has died after eating one of her breast implants, which she left on the table! I mean - Ohmygod! Do these women never learn? You'd never catch me leaving my nungas lying around for any old dog to get his hands on.
Why don't she just put them in the fridge like any other self-respecting woman?

Ps - This site is addictive, Mouchette. You have me here every day. If things do not change I will be filing a lawsuit against your company, since it does not say on the package of this medication that it may be addictive. Side-effects I can deal with (aka Billy). But not addiction. I NEED to get a life!
Now..where's my Prozac gone to...?

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