Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Nov 2002   That kit that you're talking about on the submission page sounds great, I want one. Me and the neighborhood kids can all play together. What does it include? Poison? Razor? Insulin? I am really excited, how can I order?
21 Nov 2002 Desperate Kimberley!!!! Hi, if any of you know where i can get a gun from in the uk, then please email me, cause i have tried and tried so many things, and they've all fuckin failed! And i reckon shooting yourself in the head is the best way! Cause it's not too painful (unless u miss or sumthing), it's 99% certain, it's quick!
The only problem is getting hold of a gun! PLEASE help me! or maybe you can lend me your gun, but i probably wont be able to send it back! If you you have any good ways of killing yourself, tell me. email me
By the way Mouchette, how old are you really? Entre toi et moi...
21 Nov 2002 AngelFace I nearly forgot, to all you people who want to kill themselves to get back at someone, or to prove a point, DONT FUCKIN BOTHER!! Cause no one gives a fuck! Honesly. My friend killed herself to hurt her parents feelings, to make them feel bad for sexually abusing her when she was little. And they just didn't give a fuck. No one gives a fuck about you when you're alive, so why should they give a fuck when you're rotting in a grave?
SO don't do it, if it's for that reason. JUST make the person you wanna get back at, wish they were never born. But don't take it out on yourself!!
21 Nov 2002 AngelFace Hi! What is the best way to kill yourself? It depends on these few things... if you want to die quick or slow, if you want it to be extremely painful or painless, if you want it discreet or to be on the news. You have to choose them things first, then you can decide. But the main thing about suicide is certainty. Cause if you fail, you end up alive with fuckin brain damage sittin in a fuckin wheelchair for the rest of your fuckin life! and i'm sure you don't want that, so think about it through and make sure that you will die. I am not incouraging anyone to commit suicide, but if it's what you gotta do, i understand. If you need help for ideas to die, or if you just wanna chat about your problems, or even hear the story about my fucked up existence... EMAIL me. Best of luck.
Oh by the way, i'm 17.
21 Nov 2002 Valerie Elyse Moscozo Put a plastic bag over your head and tape it around your neck and then superglue your hands together and then throw yourself into a pool. PAINFUL!
20 Nov 2002   How sick!! Why kill yourself and go to hell? You think life on earth is bad thing of eternal damnation? Yeah have stress on earth in your short life then go burn in hell eternally!! That really makes a lot of sense!
20 Nov 2002 Lost.the.way Get aborted b4 birth
20 Nov 2002 secret Mouchette is a computer.
20 Nov 2002 Lori You don't. Although things may seem very hopeless, because you either have fucked up parents, or you feel too much pressure to do well, or whatever your reason for asking such a question may be, You just don't. Even if your life is really, really bad, by taking your own life so early, you will be unable to live some of the greatest years of your life if you die now! Life is hard. Know that! And the older you get, the more responsibilites you have. It's not easy. If you are living in an environement that is abusive in any way, shape or form, tell someone. Because if someone is hurting you physically, sexually, or emotionally, they are very sick people who need help, or need to be punished (hopefully) by our judicial system. I know it seems hard to talk to your parents about things, but if you've tried, and for whatever reason they don't listen, you can e-mail me and I will try to help. I'm a 36 year old mother with a 9 year old son, and I won't judge you, or think you're weird or anything like that. But please don't kill yourself. Our youth is our future, and no matter who you are, if you want to change things bad enough, you can. Just don't give up!!
19 Nov 2002 travvis Ingesting the effluvia from drainpipes in your area can be effective, though it may take some time, depending on the relative quantity of pesticides and carcinogens.
19 Nov 2002 Scott Personally, although I am not 13, I like the feeling of falling. I am also addicted to speed. Not the drug, mind you, but going fast. Speeding in cars, runnning, airplanes. Speaking of airplanes and falling, that's what I would do; jump from a plane.
19 Nov 2002 J Bond @ Die another day
19 Nov 2002 Adam P. Boots Putting a glass thermometer up your urethra, bashing it with a hammer, and rape a dirty whore, so that you can get aids and slowly rot away
19 Nov 2002 HaVe No OnE Ok I wrote before sayin I wanna die and shyt. Ya sometimes (most of the time) I feel that way. But the other night I was for real about 2 kill myself when one guy.. Cal.. made me feel completely better. He didn't even say anything about me being stupid 2 wanna commit suicide. It was a regular conversation. I guess what I'm trying to say is wait a little longer because you never know when that special someone will turn u around. But I still fully support anyone who knows they have nothing... don't think ur phsyco or anything.. don't worry...
18 Nov 2002 Karlynn Fox hey it's me karlynn here again to finish the response i made a couple days ago, well my friend has a happy little tree fort she lives in, she doesn't wallow in self pity... she makes the best of a CRAPPY sitiuation. so once again children suicide is not the best answer! if you have rage or grief, express it through art, draw, paint, make a poem or song do something other than killing yourself!
18 Nov 2002 MeVSMe13 Hi Again ... Well the other day i was thinking abt it again .. yeah i ve been 13 myself once .. yeah .. Fuck It ... Really ... Its a Really Tough age to get through ... I'm Not GoNNa FuckIN Lie 2 u all AnD teLL u It gets N-E better cuz it doesn't .. but we all grow .... and just think All Those Mother FucKers Out there WANT U 2 DIE! That's ExaCtLY whaT theY FuCkin wanT ! Dont Give ThEm What They WANT ! Damn .. When I Just THINK of The AmoUNt of People who Would Be HAppy w/ My Death It makes Me Wanna Stay!! It makes Me Wanna Stay so They Can Be FuckIN MiSerabLe W/ me Bein aroUNd! .. It JusT wanna Makes me Stay 4 More! Oh and Those OF U who Think Suicide is A Cool Kurt Cobain Thing well FUCK OFF ! He had his Own DAmn Reasons .. AS much as I think he's a STupid Emotional ASSHOLE! But I really just ThinK Courtney Is A Survivor For Stayin... She's A Bitch .. But u have 2 be one 2 Survive ... Fuck Them All ! AND Hey u 13 year olds .. just think twice ... but if u feel and ur heart tells u 2 do it ... well... just think again ... cuz things dont change But U will sooner or later ...
18 Nov 2002 no-hoper ok i know what its like 2 be depressed but dont kill urself ppl. ull be missed 2 much
18 Nov 2002 ashok I want to die. i'm 26. please help me so I can die easily. I don't want to have pain while I am killing myself. please suggest some good method.
18 Nov 2002 cerebrolax with a little preparation you can mask your suicide as an accident: with the banana skin in the corniche's street putting on the cycle road (marseille), you're sure to fall in the sea and crash your head on the rocks... of course don't use any moutain bike. but take care to not kill anybody else than yourself!
18 Nov 2002 Mary So I'm not 13 big deal. I was and I know how to die. I know all the bad ways but i know the good way too. If you're certain that no one cares about you then go ahead but test them out first. The best way to test is to go around hugging people you know and telling them you love them. If no one tells you they love you too, well now you know and you're even more in the right frame of mind. So let's get to it. First, decide how mangled you're willing to let your body be at the funeral. If you don't care then I suggest the good old fashioned bullet through the brain. Just go for it, but be sure no one is around because you don't want them to save you after that. Imagine living the rest of your life as a vegetable or half your face blown off (it's happened). Now if you want to look good at the funeral go for the medicine cabinet. However, even if they don't find you for awhile with this way they may still be able to save you. But if you're squeamish this is the best way.

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