Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Dec 2002 HUh?, What Someone told me the most unusual thing, that the sun actually sets at 10:00 in the UK. Is it possible?
18 Dec 2002 fucked up little angel by the way my email is....
18 Dec 2002 fucked up little bitch A poem written by me:

MY number one ENEMY:

I hate you and i want u dead,
I want your head filled with lead.
I want u to slit your wrists,
I want you off my list.
It's time 4 u 2 say your last goodbye,
So wipe the last tear from your eye.
I want to bash in your head,
I want you to be dead.
You look like a pathetic loser,
Like a pill popping crackhead loser.
I'm screaming in your face,
You're also screaming back.
When i stop screaming,
Your screamin also lacks.
I'm shocked and can hardly breathe,
I was lookin in the mirror
And the person i hate so much is ME!!!

thats it. tell me what u think of it if u want........ good luck 2 all of ya....
18 Dec 2002 sumone who knows you could go down to a area of your town where all pakistany people live and wear a t-shirt saying "pakis stink and i hate them"!!! that would probably work. or get sum nutter 2 kill you. killing urself is kinda hard tho, i am bout to attempt my 25th time!! i feel ready to die but maybe god (if there is such thing) is tellin me he doesnt want me 2 have eternal peace yet! oh i did try the wearing the t-shirt thing but it said i hate black people (i dont tho) but they didnt kill me they just raped me!! so it depends who's around, sum might beat u real bad, rape u, or just kill u! Hope i've helped u with your suicide kit! LATERS...
17 Dec 2002 Peter if u can hold a gun, climb a building or jump (in front of a train) etc u are old enough to kill yourself. i think the best way still is to jump off a bridge or a building (it has to be more than 20 metres). its the best method (and u dont have to purchase a gun , which must be difficult for a 13 years old kid - even in the usa). good luck.
17 Dec 2002 sissou Je ne sais pas si tu connais le groupe de kamikazes americains: JACKASS
eh bien jette un coup d'oeil, c'est le genre de suicide que je tenterai bien jusqu'à 13ans.
17 Dec 2002 robert DANCE: Pour an increasingly large amount of bleach into every orofice of your little body: wriggle until you can move no longer. Make sure your Dad video tapes your performance. Make sure your mum provides the bleach. Dance for your grandparents on the table you ate Christmas dinner. Wear the headband your auntie bought you.
17 Dec 2002 ryan squirt lighter fluid in your ass, douse a piece of string in it as well, stick the string in your ass and have a bit hanging out light her up and wait for results
17 Dec 2002 ryan bring a killer back to life by sellotaping his head back on, then stay in his house for a week until he comes to kill you (must be relative)
17 Dec 2002 ryan dive into a mincer
17 Dec 2002 ryan tie a noose around you neck and tie it to a pole. get in a car and drive as fast as you can until it rips your head of or pull you through th car either way you die
17 Dec 2002 me, alter Why my answer is not in your favourites? I will kill myself.
17 Dec 2002 Annette Well what do u know...toda is my bday. Why did i need to make it. I took 43 fucking pills(excuse my french)!!!!!My G-d?!! What the hell is it gonna take to kill me! its like the more i take th less serious the results are. All i did was throw up 3 times. It was sooo annoying. o yea my heart starting beating fast too thats it. lol it was pretty funny though cause i told everyone it was from eating "bad cheese" HAH. yea well anyways now im def scrwed cause i haveo more pills left. i took all the ones ossible from my numerous occasions of when i OD'ed. Ye wel if you guys hae any ideas imdeinately up for thm. I cant live anymore this life isnt for me. My friends and jus everyone around me but especially "certain" freind (s) of mine make me wanna do it. The most recent weh ni did it yesterday was becuase of a "friend". i udnno if thats the proper termfor her but whaever. ok i have togo now bye bye. Ill try again wiht something else next weekend. byee
17 Dec 2002 chantal I love you, my darling mouchette, but i can no longer take this masochism. good night, mon amie.
17 Dec 2002 Violent The way I would kill myself:
1. First of all get a knife and a 9mm
2. Go to school and slit Stephani Wilson's fucking throat for being the bitch that she is.
3. Make sure she is still alive
4. Look her in the eyes and say "This is because of you!"
In case you don't know Stephani Wilson
She lives in Pendleton County, Kentucky
She is a sophmore in Pendleton County High School
Her boyfriend is Adam Ramsey who is also a sophmore
Her parents names are Anne and Terry
16 Dec 2002 younes Bon..voici l'avis d'un mec quin pense au suicide:
-se mettre une ceinture d'explosifs et exploser en emportant ta maman-je te donnerai le recette pour les explosifs si tu veux-
-aimer un barbu du quartier-tu porteras le voile,et tu sortira de la maison seulement vers la tombe-
-aller à Manhattan net crier haut et fort:I LOVE BEN LADEN
alors farhana-heureuse- ?
16 Dec 2002 ear parcel ingredients:
as many bottles of medication pills as you can get your hands on. the more volatile the better.
1 razor.
access to an open window in a tall building.

take the pills first, as they will act on you the slowest.
then, standing next to the window, slice your wrists.
after wrists have been slit, throw yourself out the window.

but that isn't playing suicide. that is actual suicide. it seems fool proof to me.
16 Dec 2002 Josj The best way is to hang yourself. Be carefull and put on a tight plastic pant so you will not piss or shit the floor when you are dead... It is the best way because when people find you they imemdiately know it is a suicide. When taking pills there is always the question until after investigation in a hospital?!? So if you are really concerned abouth people after you're gone, you better hang yourself wearing plastic. It will give you also your maybe first and certainly last sexual experience. So first try to hang yourself halfway through and if you like it sexually then you can do it again and again like me! Dying is real fun if you do it over and over again.
maybe we can dye together sometime??
16 Dec 2002 omar 1. put head in toilet
2. flush repeatedly
3. plug in the hair dryer
4. put hair dryer in toilet
5. put head in toilet
6. flush repeatedly
16 Dec 2002 it doesn't matter any more this is my last night alive im going to kill myself in half an hour. fuck this world!

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