Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Dec 2002 Felicia The best way to kill yourself when you are under 13 years old is not to utter a word and hold in your feelings. Then you wait another 22 years, undergoing tons of therapy, and experience jerk off boyfriends, that look like Nicolas Cage who are 9 years younger than you or one year older, who only want you for a one night stand, a Corona beer with lime, and fondling your 38C bosoms, and later down the road you figure out that they are a punk ass free loader with suicidal tendencies, a long rap sheet, and a so called Tupac Shakur mentality. (Sounds like a Jerry Springer candidate runner up.) Then you realized that 21 years ago, it was a stupid phase you went through when you tried to swallow a bottle of Geritol at age 14, because some high school freshman Tom Cruise wannabe asked if you were a slut, and you later spit them out because you didn't want to get caught by Dad and Mum. Twenty-two years down the road,you look up websites finding some solace when you feel like killing yourself again, remaining still single, eating chinese food, writing sad make believe stories in emails to friends, sending nude emails to ex-boyfriends, and writing in journals.... and you happen to stumble upon european people with bigger boobs than yours, like Lucy Cortina, while she chats to a guy that says "How now brown cow" once in a blue moon, till you laugh your pants off (Thank you Billy the freak) and realize that tragedy can build character out of humility. Thank the Wonderful Gods above for you both. You are simply Marvelous! Absolutely Marvelous! You have saved my life once again by keeping my mind occupied by your off the wall humor. Laughter... is indeed the best medicine.
28 Dec 2002 linda smith Get a knife and run out into the street and wait for a car to pass by make sure you do it at night so they won't see you put on all black and walk out into the street and wait for a car when you see a car coming get your knife and stab yourself in the arm run up to the car and say you need a ride to the hospital, while your in the car tell him that your mommy stabbed you and make sure you take your dog with you, while in the car wack off the dog and stab yourself in the chest
28 Dec 2002 fucked up little bitch Another poem from me!! mouchette are u fed up with all these beautiful poems? HAHAHA


Here i am chasin again
My head feels so good as i'm lying in bed,
i know its fuckin me up more
but it gets rid of these fucked up thoughts in my head.

I KNOW gear is evil,
i know gear is sick
i know gear will kill me

But i dont like livin
i dont mind dyin 2morrow or in a few years,
So i might as well take it,
i'm sick of all these useless tears.

i really have tried 2 fit in this world,
but now i'm dead inside,
its 2 late i've made 2many mistakes,
i'll just crawl back into my cell and hide.
Until King heroin kill me
Then i'll be free 4ever,
from everybody, the thoughts and this world,
i'll probably be happy for ever and ever.
THE END....tell me what u think if u like
28 Dec 2002 fucked up little bitch TO A PSYCHOLOGIST(or psychatrist)

tell me what u want from me
with all your psychotherapy.
to help me? (is that really true?)
can i trust myself to you?
with all your sympathetic eyes
and psychotherapeutic guise?
i have a little thought u see
u may be practisin on me.

can i trust u and your kind
who want to rearrange my mind.
you want to dredge from deep within
the whys and wherefores of my sin.
if u rip apart my mind
(picking over what u find...) or
with your sharpened verbal knife
cut away at my poor life
will u, havin reached your goal
of carvin up my very soul...
leave me blind, to rip and grope
when i'm left bare, your probing stilled.
tell will u rebuild?
what measure will u use, what rod
to draw a better plan than god?
and is there any guarantee
that after all i'll still be me?!
28 Dec 2002 little bitch Another poem:


kill me please, i want u to kill me,
do u want the hard or easy? do what u want if u like but here are some suggestions if u dont know...
u could take me to yours get an electric saw and saw off my head. then u get me in the bath and let all my blood drain out into the water. wait till the water has turned into blood, then cut me into loads of little pieces. then u could cook me and eat me if u like that sort of thing,or feed me to the ducks in the park. OR you could write things on my body with the sharpest knife u find, then stab me right in the heart. there's plenty of ways its totally up 2 u. u could hide my body in the middle of the moors, or u could just dump me outside a shop, in the middle of a town, or even better in front of a police station for the whole world to see, that would be really funny!!! Anyway, after the slashin and cuttin make sure i am not breathin and that i aint got a pulse.
Thank you...
Yours Sincerely....
28 Dec 2002 fucked up little bitch Another poem: in french tho...
J'en ai MARRE

j'en ai marre de tout ces enculer
ils me font chier
j'en ai marre de toute ces salope
est je veut une clope
j'en ai marre de tout ces batard
ce sont vraiment des connard
j'en ai marre de tout ces pd
ils n'arrete pas de pete
j'en ai marre des gens qui me disent ce que je dois faire
parce que ce n'ai pas leur affaires
j'en ai marre de toutes ces grosse vaches
elles sont toute des petasse
je veut retourner en france
mais les fils de pute von pas me laisser
j'en ai marre des poulets
ils pu comme un chien qui vient de chier
j'en ai marre d'attendre
j'ai envie de me pendre.
j'en ai marre de ma vie
parce que elle est pourri
je n'ai plus envie de vivre
je veut juste etre libre.
j'ai ecri ce poeme quand j'etais dans un hopital psychatric!!
28 Dec 2002 fucked up little bitch Here is another poem 4 u 2 read...
ATTEMPT AT ETERNAL SLEEP ( dedicated 2 all the shrinks I have seen, 2 all the ones I will see in the future, and 2 the all the shrinks that happen 2 read this)

Cut slash cut
My body is dripping blood
And u know what?
It feels so good.

Pills in gulp swallow
I feel really drowsy
The thought of eternal sleep
Makes me relieved and so happy.

But then its "shes done it again!"
Taken 2 accident & emergency
Treated, see a shrink who does not listen
& he expects me 2 b grateful 4 savin me!

Questions questions questions
Talk talk talk
He give me options: home or psyco hospit
Anger sets in, I need a fork.
(to stab the fucker in the head)
Where the fuck do u think I
Wanna b ARSEHOLE!!
U thick or what?!! U must be!
I hate my home,
I hate psyco hospitals I hate YOU
I hate this fucked up world of mine
I hate this fucked up body I have 2 live in
I hate this fucked up brain that I have 2 think with
I hate everything and everybody (nearly)
I hate ME!!!! And the only way
To get away from ALL them things,
Get me?? By savin me,
You're just makin it worse, you aint
Helpin me, all u doing is makin me suffer
Every second every minute every hour of
Each fuckin day, is filled with pain, frustration, anger, despair, hopelessness, suffering, and things I cant even describe.
HAS IT GOT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD YET? DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?? Yes…you say you do! BUT YOU DON’T! In fact you don’t give a fuck! DO you? Its alright 4 you, u got nice life without major problems. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE, you never will!
Thanks 4 savin me (NOT) YOU SELFISH PRICK! Selfish son of a bitch. I hope you rot in hell one day! SINCERELY!!
THAT'S all I'm saying, FUCK YOU!
I don't wanna hear anythin you gotta say no more, Don't wanna hear u talk JIBERISH, YOU TALK SHIT, DICKFACE, SO FUCK OFF. Keep away from me, cause im not just only unhappy, I'm close 2 insanity,
And theres nothing more I would like,
To fuckin kill you slowly. that would put a real big smile on my face, and it wouldnt be fake.
I'm not a violent person but u are takin the PISS….Leave me alone and I'll leave u alone, that’s the way it works. FUCK ALL U SHRINK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tell me what u think of it!

from fucked up little bitch
26 Dec 2002 helen jump off a bridge, jump off ur deck fall down the stairs
26 Dec 2002 Veronica I am 13 years old and i have tried overdosing on any drug that i can get. But i cannot kill myself. I don't really have that messed up of a life but everyone seems hostile towards me. So fuck them! if the world's gonna end let it be now so at least i have a hell of a lot better chance to kill myself then than now... I don't really like sharp knives so that never works, but i have tried! Any tips on easy suicide write it down!
25 Dec 2002 secret agent B buttsex with older gay males
25 Dec 2002 jacki lire les archives de ton site à la con, sa coute pa cher, c radical, garantie cent pour cent,
23 Dec 2002 not saying fucken fucken fucken life. i fucken hate it- cant be fucked writing anything so bye- im gonna kill myself
23 Dec 2002 unhealthy There's only one reason to die and that's if your health is really messed up. All the rest of you should go home and live.
22 Dec 2002 i think the best way to kill yourself, would be to drink draino,, perhaps the most unpleaseant method,, but surely one of the most effective.
21 Dec 2002 Elliot Get a nuclear bomb and eat it
21 Dec 2002 Zack Shove a cork up your arse and then drink tons of pepsi or coke and then because you can't fart you will explode
21 Dec 2002 Carl If you're thinking of committing suicide then your life must be pretty darn shit. If that's the case, then GET A LIFE. Take some chances, what have you got to loose. If everything goes wrong, so what, you would've been dead anyway. And stop being so selfish. Think about how your friends and family are gonna feel when you die - and if they don't care about you anyway, why give them the satisfaction. You got nothing to loose so GO GET A NEW LIFE - and enjoy the rest of it.
21 Dec 2002 atif gas poisoning
21 Dec 2002 Mike Fall in love with me.
20 Dec 2002 Lucy Cortina Ps - Mouchette, I'm sat here gaping at the screen wearing one of those red welding helmets like in Kylie Minogue's "Can't get you out of my head" video. Cherish that image. You are to blame, by leading me astray to rogue webpages with pictures of huge arses on them.

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