Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Jul 2002 gaylad You are so sick for creating this perverted site - get a life.
15 Jul 2002 sad and suicidal This morning I woke up with a bad feeling in my head, once again I'd woken up to depression, on and off for the last year I have turned myself into a pin cushion.
I'm 15 too right, my body is scarred and many a time I have tried to kill myself, but for some reason I can't, it never works, I took an overdose and had my stomach pumped, I've repeatedly slit my wrists but I've always had people helping my. What I dont understand is, if I wanna die, why cant I? Why do I always have people trying to stop me? I know they love me but if they love me enough they would respect my idea to do it, I'm slightly worse this month, it's coming up to the anniversary of a close friend's death who commited suicide almost a year ago.

I dont know why I'm writing this, it's not worth it.
15 Jul 2002 Charm I wanna commit suicide, I think it's a good idea
15 Jul 2002 suicidal girl I got so desperate and depressed yesterday when I couldn't find any weed for sale that I turned to my local heroin dealer. I figured the worse thing that could happen to me would be that I'd die, and that didn't seem so bad. As you can see I didn't die, but it made me have some of the most screwed up dreams ever. My pupils shrunk down to pin tip size, I couldn't seem to keep my eyes open and eventually I fell asleep while chatting on my comp. I never thought I'd sink so low as to do heroin (since i know so many ppl who have died because of it and how it ruined so many ppls lives) but there i was with the straw up my nose.
Until next time,
Suicidal girl
13 Jul 2002 Annette well yea im here to complain again. i tried sooo hard to think of how i should stay alive and it just doesn't work. if anyone of u had a friend like i do then you'd wanna do it also. and a life tha i do trust me you'd be tempted veeerry easily to end it. and i've even tried EVERY possible way. i lost track of how many times of attempted. well i guess tomrrow is prob just gonna be another attempt but maybe 57 pills would work good. bye bye
13 Jul 2002 _meth firstly, at 13, live in a overprotective family, cultivate childish irrational phobias over irrelevant things, like swallowing, or standing still; subsequently develop panic attacks over the most insignificant of things, and underperform grossly for your scholastic ability in national exams and get posted to an obscure school where everyone finds you incomprehensible; become a careless freak and break some bones leaving you incapacitated for months on crutches and unable to go anywhere; intentionally break up with the one who meant something to you, for no real reason just so you won't disappoint him - but you already have; lose contact with your old friends; realise there's nothing in this fucking world to keep you tethered down; no joy in anything; can't find anything to believe in; can't even believe i still exist; read too much fucking psychology; read too much fucking literature that i can identify with, hang out with people who are equally screwed up; parents scream at me when i say i want to kill myself yeah i'm such a fucking ingrate; try to become a human pincushion; i don't want to be just another fucking depressive there are already too many of them out there but i can't seem to get out of the rut; just walk the streets aimlessly, just another anonymous face; play with graphic cutters and razors at night; too many scars and i can't wear sleeveless anymore i've been saying I WANT TO KILL MYSELF for now long, no one believes me and they find me such a pain; i make jokes like i'm not serious but i am i just can't find the right way, i can't seem to do it, just a few more half-hearted scratches down the wrist; blinding anger futile compulsion, to punch through the window, to break the glass and slash my wrists, 4 years now and i can't even do anything about it; why. why. why. how. HOW. PLEASE. HELP. ME.

(this apparently is not the best way;
i can vouch for the longdrawn out agony
but no quick promise of death_
13 Jul 2002 Lucy Billy, me too! I'm going on hols soon, not too far from Mouchette's very own land, although this place will not be serving me any frog legs or baguettes (poo!). However it has plenty of sausages to offer me - but, you know, Lucy Cortina always demands the biggest, juicyest and meatyest sausages.
See you all soon.
And Billy mate - ALWAYS wear a rain coat, if you get my drift.
13 Jul 2002 Mike Hill I am answering this in hopes that no one ever feels so bad as to take their own life. If you are a young person, you really do have a lot to look forward to. I almost killed myself when I was young, and if I had, I would have missed out on more things than I could ever start to tell you about. I would have missed out on the 5 wonderful childeren that I had, the good times we had fishing, and one of the best thing that I did was to learn to scuba dive. Diving at night on a coral reef will show you the most beautiful place on this earth, and it's very peaceful there. I also raise and show rabbits, some of the best in the nation, with the ribbons and trophies to prove it. However at this time I have an incurable illness that is very painful. And I guess what I meant to convey was that if you do have no hope left, for god's sake don't do anything that someone could save you from. The hell that they will put you through at the hospital is far worse than death. But please try to get some help first, you will never know what you might be missing out on for yourself. But remember, it's your life, no one has the right to tell you what to do with it.
13 Jul 2002 billy i am sorry, but due to tragic circumstances you will not be hearing from me for the next month or so, not forever. so don't worry your little heart, you can't get rid of billy that easy. i'm hooked.
13 Jul 2002 God Bless Alfred Shlegl Dear Alfred Schlegl,
I removed your name from my site, but you're putting it back in everytime! Alfred Schlegl, tell me, why do you need to write your name so often?
I'm sorry about your name in the search engines, but I have no influence on them whatsoever, Alfred Schlegl.
While you're stuck here, why don't you help the people around who come and ask for help? Now that blaming me is not an issue any more, why don't you blame yourself for not helping those who could have been saved from suicide?
13 Jul 2002 Suicidalgirl 420 Hello fellow suicidal ppl, its me again (although you probably dont remember me cause i havent posted for awhile, but ive been reading everyones elses posts) I just wanted to say that I agree with the ecstasy thing, its unbelievable how good that drug is. And i also wanted to say that Lucy and Billy you are both really funny. Just my drugs and your stories are enough to keep me alive for now, and ppl say this website causes suicides! I think of this website as a place to say your last words, join together with other suicidal ppl and to just let your anger out. Once again thanx Mouchette for making it possible!
Much love,
Shady 420 a.k.a. suicidal girl
13 Jul 2002 Angie I have wanted to kill myself numerous times. its bcuz of my stupid dumb friend who is yes a boy. sometimes i will try to scare him and say that im gonna kill myself and he gets so scared. i say that cuz i wanna see if he actually cares about me. and from the times i did it he does care about me. but,the problem is i have said it so many times that he dont believe me anymore. so, one night i called him and i said that i was gonna kill myself. he didnt believe me. so, i got a rope and tied it around my neck and hung it to my door, stood on a chair and squeezed it. then i called him back and i didnt know it was him on the phone i thought it was someone else. then, i fell off the chair and hung up. i was gonna hang myself with him on the phone. sometimes i really really wanna kill myself. other days i dont cuz i think it will be better. but, i mean the tragedy that this kid puts me through would make anyone kill themselves. and anyone would say why not just stop talking to him? well i dont wanna. i like him that much. also im so alone. and i hardly have any friends. i have a really complicated life. if anyone wants to talk to me e-mail me .
13 Jul 2002   don't do it you only get to live once here on earth and if you kill yourself it's all of eternity in HELL.
12 Jul 2002 Lucy Cortina <<<gasps and splutters. I am still here, but my dad finally stopped singing. I need urgent medical attention (can I trick them into giving me a reduction too?).
The days of Lucy are no more - unless you can find me a doctor Clooney soon. Or a handsome prince to kiss me on the breasts - who will do it?
12 Jul 2002 Do It Wright For all thoses who have tried cutting your wrists. It will not work unless your cut them diagonally. It's to easy for them to repair it if you cut it straight across.
12 Jul 2002 Becky Glue a jar of rats to your face, and leave small enough holes on it so that they survive in there. Now, wait, eventually they will eat their way out through your face.
11 Jul 2002 mel i wish it were that easy.... some days the pain is too fucking much to bear. people run around like rats in a ditch, scurrying over each other without the slightest concern.
honestly, suicide sucks. why? because my problem isn't with me. it's with everyone else. THEY'RE the nasty, greedy, cruel, selfish, disgusting, ignorant, pigheaded savages, not me... if i was alone on this planet... things would be much better
11 Jul 2002 Mitzy Bitch (bak again) Ecstacy. This is the most incredible chemical drug i have ever experienced. Go 2 ure friendly local dealer and he/she will b more than happy 2 supply u with wat u need 4 a reasonable price. Take 1, and after 1/2 an hour u will have a burst of energy and u will think u can fly. Go 2 a bridge and test out your new found 'power.' Thank u 4 ure time.


11 Jul 2002 Jordan Reese hell i'm the asshole who wants to die
seriously i'm thirteen and the best way to die is a gunshot
11 Jul 2002 annette billy it's just soo hard to try and keep myself alive. everyday is different. one day i am fine, the next day i wanna blow my brains out cause of something, i got into a fight with my friend or something... i think it'd make the world a MUCH better place w/o me. there would be much less problems. but i really apprieciate you trying to help me. thanx:)

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