Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Aug 2002 Lucy Cortina That's ok long as the wriggly diddly doesn't make a dirty squirty, it's abso-lutely-fine.
Tune in tomorrow for Lucy's great metaphorical big red bottom! Similar to a baboon, this indicates when the Lucy is 'in the mood'. And sometimes she...

oh, you'll just have to wait my dear!

Did you know that the black-widow spider can have multiple orgasms??
24 Aug 2002 billy lucy honey, having you describe the bigness of your body parts makes me big in certain parts.
suicidalgirl, i am not a member of team death, what the hell is team death?, but thanks for asking.
24 Aug 2002 Lucy Cortina I hate my nose. As it is so big, it means not only do I look like one of those clever people, who, incidentally have no mates, but also that I can smell things more than other people. Well, that's my theory. It's obvious - bigger the nose, greater the sense of smell, right? I wonder if lurker spots enhance or hinder this?
Anyway, I detect lots of smells. I can tell when my teacher has been eating garlic. However, he always stinks of garlic, like most teachers. I bet he's a vampire. The amount of homework he gives us is certainly evil.
Anyway, I always detect whiffs of stuff in my room. I suspect the cat has left a few smelly surprises, known as decomposed mice and birds for me. They say that in a cat's brain, they think giving dead mice to you is like a 'present'.
Anyway, to get rid of the unknown smell I've been spraying frantically deodorant everywhere. Now it stinks of a pine forest (eughh!) and I'm choking and wheezing to death.
That reminds me. What is the point of air freshener for toilets? For example, Pine Forest spray. You do your business in the toilet. Then you spray your little bottle, and voila! It smells of a pine forest. But then it just smells like you did your business in a pine forest!! What's the difference?!

Oh and Billy.. just ohh! You know what seeing you back does to me, don't ya, babe?
24 Aug 2002 Becca I don't think it matters what age you are... u end up with the same result no matter what age. But i think the best way is 2 slit ur wrists and ankles... use a sharp knife. Then sit in a hot bath until u pass out. But the cuts have 2 be deep enough or else ur just gonna end up in a mental hospital. Overdoses don't work! trust me on that one. Oh yea and leave a good bye letter 2 those who have made ur life a living hell. OK a little about me... I'm 15 years old. I have been thinking about suicide a lot lately. I have attemped it so many times, i don't even remember how many. I've got so many nasty scares on my arms. i kinda like them tho... i look at them and they make me feel better 4 some reason... yea i'm a psycho :) I've tried overdosing 2... but it doesn't work... I've just woken up with a huge stomach ache... that's about it. why do i do this? My life sucks asss. But i'm sure u people don't wanna hear me complain about it but if u do... or u just wanna talk... e-mail me
24 Aug 2002 Yea im Crazy Hmmm why does it matter if ur 13. When people kill themselves it don't matter about the age, it all ends up with the same thing. i would say the best way is 2 slit ur wrists and ankles and then hang urself. The wrist cutting just makes more interesting :) oh yea and don't forget 2 leave a good bye letter... then those who fucked u over in life can fell like shit... just like you did. overdosing doesn't work... i've tried it! ok a little about me.... I'm 15 years old and i've been thinking about suicide 4 a while now. I've attemped it so many times. i can't even remember how many times. I've tried overdosing and cutting my wrists. My fucking life sucks big time. U probably don't wanna hear all about it but if u do u can e-mail me and if i end up going through with it... i hope see some of u were ever we end up
23 Aug 2002 billy the bitch would not shut up. i secretly wished larynx cancer on her. i am glad she is not psychic or she would have stabbed me by now. i remembered back to my days as a cub scout and one of the lessons they had tought me. friction... friction causes heat, and heat causes fire, i also remember how hard it it was to start that fire using two little sticks. they assured it could be done. i guess what i'm trying to say is, trying to get a word in now would be like rubbing two sticks together. hard as hell and if i was to succeed it would only start a fire. "i don't think this relationship is working out- blah blah yack yack! you don't even try to make things better- wha wha yack blah! you know it is hard for me to say this but, you know my mom is right!" what!? did she just say she agrees with her mother? the last time they agreed is when her mother said "why don't you run away with that tramp boyfriend". i happen to be that tramp boyfriend. at that time the pain stopped for her parents. the burning cancer like pain started for me... i'm a dope, a dope head, as matter of fact that's how we met, and come to think of it that is the only thing that keeps us together. " you make me sick- yip yip yip! the sight of you makes me want to fucking puke- arf bark growl!" (sounds like you are going through withdrawl bitch). she took a brief moment from her rants to take a breath, or to think of the next insulting thing she was going to say to me. either way i thought was my chance to rub two sticks together. i must have tried to speak too quick because all my words jammed into a ball in the front of my mouth. i spit them out onto the floor. (THUD) " you dumb ass, what the hell, you don't even make sense when you talk- blassy blassy blew blew!" i received my fire starting badge. (thank you scout leader). despite the aching in my arms and legs, i bent over to pick up my twisted jumble of speech. i proceeded to brush them off and stick them in my back pocket next to the stampers of heroin i just bought. i am a man of few words, i would save them for when i bring the bags out then she will be all ears like any smack fiend. "what are you doing you don't even listen when i talk, you son of a bitch- wassy wassy winkly woo! so who did you fuck last night?" okay time to change the subject "bitch! shut the hell up i'm sick of you fucking yelling at me, now do you want to do this dope or what?". her irate face and rigid body melted down to a shaking dirty dope whore. "you really got dope?" she asked in a whole different demeanor, the one i can deal with. "i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it babe" i replied in the same manner. all of a sudden there was no signs of an argument, or no signs of one sided verbal abuse. i pulled the bags out along with what i was going to say before: "you need to stop yelling at me". however i said it in such a docile manner it didn't mean much, besides she was to busy masturbating the bags with her eyes. "you're going to have to spike me" she said in a tired voice. it was obvious, she trembled like a man on death row. in a series of wordless movements i tied her off and shot her up, after her body blissfully orgasmed she layed her head on my lap and started rubbing my knee. "i love you" she said. i didn't bother to answer untill i was done and feeling the same way. "i know" i replied.
23 Aug 2002 suicidalgirl Billy, I have a question for you. Are you a member of team death? I thought I saw something about you on their site.
23 Aug 2002 Earl Kim HeY Tessa,
You're into song writing? if u are into it. Can u email me. ThanX
23 Aug 2002 Earl Kim suicidalgirl, i know how u feel they don't know anything bout ur life, if u really want to end it (your Life) first email me and give me a good reason.
K thank u !!!
23 Aug 2002 Earl Kim WOW! i DiDnT go into this site for a long time!!
I got alot of emails from people, the one that i like was from Jodie Wilson. Hey i like the way she thinks, i think she's probably cute too. It's been a year since i wrote here!!!!
I still hate my life, i have so many regrets. Life Sucks if you're asian, it really does, lol i would rather be white. I mostly am White washed "No Offense" I meant it in a good WAY!!!
I re-evaluated life and i really dont have it bad. But the people i want to help are the Obese or not physically fit. Yes, i know what i'm talking about i have a friend she is obese and i wish her life would be easy for her.

Kill ur SeLf or Make a band, or try to do acting, you could be in movies act like people you wish to be

Oh yea, mabye u r rite LROXY85
Mabye I am Shy!!!!! =)
23 Aug 2002 Meesh I say throw yourself down a long flight of stairs!
22 Aug 2002 Tarin Definitely a cliff.
22 Aug 2002 billy i glad you missed me, trust me i am glad to be back. my body was detained, yet... my mind was somehow set free. like sobriety is some new divine drug.
too bad there are no signs of addiction. too bad there are never any signs of me letting up. thank you. anticipate.
20 Aug 2002 No reason to live There is no need to live nowadays, we are too smart to believe in a God, we are smart enough to see world sucks. No more goals, no more beliefs, just a bunch of people buying stupid stuff and feeling great cause they still can fuck every nigh. There is no reason for life itself, all was a fucking accident, we were not supposed to exist, neither one more or one less of us is going to make any difference. In the end everyone will die, the earth will die, and no matter what you do, no one is going to remember you.
20 Aug 2002 cornelia i'm 27 but i would say that, for me, killing myself would entail visiting my mother.
19 Aug 2002 Isidoro Throw yourself over a bridge
18 Aug 2002   With as many people as you can take with you.
18 Aug 2002 AgentOrange HEY SUICIDALGIRL, please email me when you get the chance... I have a question for you.
17 Aug 2002 shaun yates Trap yourself in a room full of dangerous things and blind yourself by pouring dish detergent in your eyes then run around until something drastic happens!!!
17 Aug 2002 chad joinson jam a fork in your ear until it reaches your brain and repeatedly twist until feeling nautious, then go for the final push!!!

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