Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Nov 2002 Rachel well, it isn't exactly suicide, it's more like murder, but you could go to a really bad part of town at 10 o'clock at night, walk around a dark ally and wait for someone to come along and murder you. but please don't try it.
28 Nov 2002 Brittany I know what it feels like to feel that bad. My cousin Ira killed himself at 15 almost 16 and his death was very hard to deal with. Before he did it, I thought about it more than once, but after he did do it I thought about killing myself even more. I guess if I did do it, I would most likely hang myself, drug myself, slit my wrists, or shoot myself. But I think that this toy you have invented is not a good idea, for one thing parents are not going to buy it for their kids. It's something that can seriously damage a child's mind when they are very young
27 Nov 2002 ryan jump from a great height
27 Nov 2002 Jon I am 17 so Ha
27 Nov 2002 jeanie Old Skin

WE smoke the toenails and hair
of the wiseman
under a BLACKGOD's thumb
we dance like painted puppets
she bleeds orgasm in techni-color
an ocean of alien mystery
we eat the wiseman's eyes
for sight that we might
see the darkness if we kill
the lights fast enough
we eat the brain and pray
that our eyes can open wide enough
we burn the dry shell, a funeral chant
the pulse quickens and we dance
as the blossoms fall
a scattering of dust to the winds
this celebration of old skin
I feel every flower that is
screaming to consume you
the earth and sky your cradle
the earth and sky entomb you
so is the way of forever
teeming with simple cruelties
beatings in cold rooms
hands and head not found

27 Nov 2002 Jenna This really doesn't have anything to do with answering the question at hand, but I have to say this anyway. I am really sick of everyone saying that "you should just talk to someone" or "you would feel so much better if you talk to someone"! And I don't just mean on here, I mean every site i've visited on depression or suicide says the same thing. I have tried to talk to friends about it, i've even attempted suicide before, but my so called "best friend" and her cousin caught me. And guess what she said after, "you just did it to get attention." Ya that's it! And I gave your cousin a bloody nose for pulling me off the train tracks for attention too. I can't even talk about the incident with her because she makes me feel stupid about it. I've tried to talk to other people about it too, even my boyfriend, but no one ever gives a shit. No one wants to hear your sad stories, it just brings them down. I've been contemplating suicide since I was 12 years old, I am now 22. You'd think if someone really cared they would have helped me by now. I've tried and tried to make people see how I feel but either nobody notices or they just don't care to notice, I don't know, but I give up! So to all you people out there who think I just need to go talk to someone, all I have to say is FUCK YOU!!!
27 Nov 2002 Isaak Cazemier Start the website:
26 Nov 2002 Dark Anarchist666 SUicide rules!!! WOOO!! suicide needn't be a drama, it can be fun too. hehee, i laugh when i cut myself. the pain just feels sooooo goood. ok i no som of u dont agree wid me and think im sick. but...lets look at the truth, ur depressed, u die. wat fun is that??? scare other ppl and laugh. hav the joy of the thought that u had fun b4 u die, i think suicide is fun, i mean com on, ppl r always lookin at the bad side, of course theyre gonna think its sic. me and my frend hav this club at skool, tho we're the only members but lol. we hav heaps of fun trying to kill ourselves, we're the only ones holdin us bak cause we made this bet that who will be the first to die, and because of that we're always stopping each other of commitin suicide. and its cause of that we're still alive today. i even told my friend dat im gonn seriously kick her ass after she dies if she jumps from dat tree lolz.
26 Nov 2002 Dark Anarchy why not hav some fun with ur death? (this is 4 all u evils out there, sorry if u hav a faint heart). be creative, i no this way of killing urself 6 methods at once. another way is gettin som piano wire, and rope (longer than the piano wire), and a tall buildin. go up to the buildin, tie the piano wire around ur nek so the only thing in way is ur spine and not ur collarbone. tie the rope around ur ankles, tie both the rope and wire to the building, now superglu ur hands to ur head. jump. now if u did everything right, u should be hanging face down holdin ur own head. just imagine the pedestrians below wen they see a swinging body with blooding comin out of ur head and nek. hehehe...
26 Nov 2002 Dark Anarchy ppl just dont understand. cause they've never felt it, they never felt the pain. ur just trapped in a black hole, and everyday it just gets deeper and deeper and theres not a fucking thing ne one can do or say that will change ne thing. some of u die because of abuse, shitty parents, put downs, peer pressure, or ne other of those kinds of shit. but its really hard for ppl who r trapped in a psychological prison, u just cant get out no matter how fucking hard u try. and ur confused, so confused u forget how the black hole eva started, and u feel so alone, no matter how many frends u surround urself with. death is the only escape and love is a lie. and 4 those of u who disagree, do u really think its gonna help is u keep saying "u guys r mental!!...etc" i mean ur just gettin us all depressed and makin us want to kill ourselves more.
26 Nov 2002 billy (sorry) what else could i be, all apologise
what else could i write, i don't have the right. what else could i say, everyone is gay. what else could i be all apologise.

i wish i was like you, easily amused. find my nest of salt, everything's my fault. i'll take all the blame, aqua seafoam shame. sunburn with freezer burn, choking on the ashes of our enemies.

in the sun, in the sun i feel as one. in the sun. i'm married... burried.

all in all is all we all are.

kurt cobain
26 Nov 2002 chaim The easiest way to kill your self is to:



x x
V ---
26 Nov 2002 hopeless i'm not under thirteen, i'm 15. i found this site while looking for quick and painless ways to commit suicide. so far i've slit my wrists, took pills, and put a rope around my neck. i really want to give up on life. i've had enough. people don't understand why i want to leave. i've got an alright life, but i just wanna be gone forever. living is just too dang hard!!! but trying to die is hard too. life hurts, death hurts. what the hell am i supposed to do without feeling pain??? i wish i was never born!! but i don't wanna leave the great ppl i have here in life. but i feel so tired of everything. my friend killed herself 2 years ago, so it must not be that hard to do. i guess i'm just a chicken. life's a bitch, so when will we die??
25 Nov 2002 krismasx PERSPECTIVES
when you get into a car and drive drunk you are killing yourself, it's all called slow motion suicide. because a person says it out loud does not make it anymore or less suicide. when one joins an army knowing they are risking their lives, that is suicide. those are the facts. people can try to justify but in fact it boils down to the same thing. people who drink everyday, do drugs everyday, that is slow motion suicide. being a martyr is suicide. you have to look at the whole picture of life. earth is the school for thought feeling and emotions, our bodies are just a boundary to keep us in the experience, we don't really die, that's a fact. there is a reason for suicide, those who do it were meant to do it. until humans learn to help one another then yes suicide will continue. we are one another. you see, people wouldn't do it if those who abused them did not inflict their pain upon them, you get my point.
as my friend kim blew her head off she did it because she was molested and no one would listen or help. oh boo hoo isn't it a shame that her family has to live with that, well they should have listened. you see they live in hell, not her. what's worse the person standing there holding the gun or all the people standing around doing nothing?
25 Nov 2002 Roberto Jezus, where are your brains? How stupid are you. If you learn them that on such age, how many people will live a whole life?
25 Nov 2002 aaron 1 kilo cocaine
1 pint johnny walker blue
1 gram black tar heroine
150mg mdma
30mg 5meo-DIPT(or any strong tryptamine)
25 Nov 2002 Nick I think u should listen to nirvana and put it on a song u really like, and then shoot yourself or OD on something
24 Nov 2002 on the verge (liv) pour ammonia into the toilet then piss in in... it's painless and the poison fumes will usually make you pass out with little ammonia but if you pour a lot in and the take a huge piss you'll for sure die
24 Nov 2002 dan Hi this isn't really a way to kill yourself but its more of a, how can i... painlessly. I've had a fucked up life, i mean really fucked up. Ive been sexually abused twice, my mother is a drunk who does not like me whatsoever, and i broke up with my girlfriend tonight and jumped in front of a car that i thought was going a lot faster than it was. Unfortunatly it was only going at 15mph because the bastard slowed down when he saw me jump out. Bastard somehow managed to get from 50mph to 15mph in the space of about 2 metres and 3 seconds. Now i'm left with a fucking bruise on my shins, a fracture to my head & few other cuts and bruises. It hurts like hell. I can't explain in words what my life is like. Shit is one way of putting it. Or fucking shit? Or REALLY fucking shit? I want a quick painless way to die. I want it fast. Before some psychiatrist comes knocking on my door to section me. I really have had enough of life. I love my girlfriend so very much and i do not want to hurt her in the process of leaving the world. I want something painless please someone help me. If anyone wants the full story on how shit my life is before i leave they can talk to me on messenger. My e-mail is : Be quick though you could probably make a good horror book out of my life, or a seriously dramatical book or something. You would probably win the pulitzer prize or something. My name is dan, btw i live in uk. I would appreciate something fairly quickly. thanks
23 Nov 2002 right.... hey people....
I just wanted to say, that a lot of you people don't really want to die, you're acting desperate to get attention, why else would you share your ideas about suicide with others?
why else does everybody write, "I'll TRY this" suicide isn't something you TRY, you do it or you don't, simple as that. So the only reason you write here is to get attention from people with the same problems, which is smart and good, but try to talk about something else than suicide, try to talk about (the few) good parts about life....

Good luck and strength to you all,
I hope you stay alive

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