Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Nov 2002 Roberto Jezus, where are your brains? How stupid are you. If you learn them that on such age, how many people will live a whole life?
25 Nov 2002 aaron 1 kilo cocaine
1 pint johnny walker blue
1 gram black tar heroine
150mg mdma
30mg 5meo-DIPT(or any strong tryptamine)
25 Nov 2002 Nick I think u should listen to nirvana and put it on a song u really like, and then shoot yourself or OD on something
24 Nov 2002 on the verge (liv) pour ammonia into the toilet then piss in in... it's painless and the poison fumes will usually make you pass out with little ammonia but if you pour a lot in and the take a huge piss you'll for sure die
24 Nov 2002 dan Hi this isn't really a way to kill yourself but its more of a, how can i... painlessly. I've had a fucked up life, i mean really fucked up. Ive been sexually abused twice, my mother is a drunk who does not like me whatsoever, and i broke up with my girlfriend tonight and jumped in front of a car that i thought was going a lot faster than it was. Unfortunatly it was only going at 15mph because the bastard slowed down when he saw me jump out. Bastard somehow managed to get from 50mph to 15mph in the space of about 2 metres and 3 seconds. Now i'm left with a fucking bruise on my shins, a fracture to my head & few other cuts and bruises. It hurts like hell. I can't explain in words what my life is like. Shit is one way of putting it. Or fucking shit? Or REALLY fucking shit? I want a quick painless way to die. I want it fast. Before some psychiatrist comes knocking on my door to section me. I really have had enough of life. I love my girlfriend so very much and i do not want to hurt her in the process of leaving the world. I want something painless please someone help me. If anyone wants the full story on how shit my life is before i leave they can talk to me on messenger. My e-mail is : Be quick though you could probably make a good horror book out of my life, or a seriously dramatical book or something. You would probably win the pulitzer prize or something. My name is dan, btw i live in uk. I would appreciate something fairly quickly. thanks
23 Nov 2002 right.... hey people....
I just wanted to say, that a lot of you people don't really want to die, you're acting desperate to get attention, why else would you share your ideas about suicide with others?
why else does everybody write, "I'll TRY this" suicide isn't something you TRY, you do it or you don't, simple as that. So the only reason you write here is to get attention from people with the same problems, which is smart and good, but try to talk about something else than suicide, try to talk about (the few) good parts about life....

Good luck and strength to you all,
I hope you stay alive
23 Nov 2002 Lylen 3 heures de TF1 et 2 heures de M6 par jour, 12 litres de coca et 6 paquets de bonbecs Tati, 17 pubs pour Barbie, autant pour Action man, des parents professions intellectuelles supérieures overbookés, un best of des L5, une visite à Graines de stars, un concert de Lorie au 1er rang, 3 minutes du journal de 20h avec JP Pernaut, la compréhension de la société actuelle. Ca fait beaucoup, mais là on est sur de pas se louper.
22 Nov 2002 Lori It was my intention to hopefully instill the idea that commiting suicide at age 13 would be an incredible loss of a young human life. I realize that my e-mail address would be posted. I am almost 40 years old, and by no means stupid. If there is any kid who feels that alone, and that desperate, with absolutely no one they feel they can talk to who will just listen, and not judge them, then I don't care if I get 1,000 e-mails per day, as long as they are serious, and not mean.
I accidently ran accross your site, and couldn't help but think it was disturbing in that to a really desperate child they may find an answer to that very same question they may be asking themselves with the intention of carrying it out. Then I read some of the posts, and was saddened to see the rage, from one person, some of the other posts disturbed me as well. And that's pretty much why I posted that. Thank you for making sure I understood about my e-mail being posted though.
22 Nov 2002 Peterp@n La guillotine... Pas besoin d'aide extérieure, et surtout, tu ne te rates pas !
21 Nov 2002 Vijay P Build a web site.
21 Nov 2002 me hi :) reallyreally love this site of yours! Don't know where else can I fill in my comments so there u go here.
People don't realize how important it is for us to talk about suicidal thoughts, all they do is they make u feel guilty of having those thoughts. I reckon it will be good to have a chat room included in this page so we can talk more to each other.

I think I am a bipolar. I feel life is soooo beautiful sometimes and really do have that excessive energy and passion but other times i am constantly going over of having thoughts of killing myself ever since I was a little gal. I really doubt doctors and pills are going to help me so i'll continue to live on like this until game over time, hehe... Just want to get all my words out here. Cheers.
21 Nov 2002 Nicki Ferguson Hey Mouchette i think your website is really cool and it can help people who want to kill themselves. Those who think it is sick just don't understand. Please write back, Nicki xx
21 Nov 2002 Kimberley Yeah i did realise that loads of people would be reading it, that why i wrote it. I hope it helped, somehow. No i don't think it will encourage, i see it as help and at the end of the day, everyone makes that decision for themselves, don't you think?
Have you ever tried commiting suicide? How old are you? 13?

Anyway, thanks for emailing me, it brought some joy into my sad miserable life!!!

Gros Bisou**** from KIMberley. When you figure out what is the best way, will you let me know please. Thanks.
21 Nov 2002   I am all for suicide, I have been contemplating it since the age of 14 and I really think that I am ready to die now. Would you please help me, your kit sounds great.
21 Nov 2002   That kit that you're talking about on the submission page sounds great, I want one. Me and the neighborhood kids can all play together. What does it include? Poison? Razor? Insulin? I am really excited, how can I order?
21 Nov 2002 Desperate Kimberley!!!! Hi, if any of you know where i can get a gun from in the uk, then please email me, cause i have tried and tried so many things, and they've all fuckin failed! And i reckon shooting yourself in the head is the best way! Cause it's not too painful (unless u miss or sumthing), it's 99% certain, it's quick!
The only problem is getting hold of a gun! PLEASE help me! or maybe you can lend me your gun, but i probably wont be able to send it back! If you you have any good ways of killing yourself, tell me. email me
By the way Mouchette, how old are you really? Entre toi et moi...
21 Nov 2002 AngelFace I nearly forgot, to all you people who want to kill themselves to get back at someone, or to prove a point, DONT FUCKIN BOTHER!! Cause no one gives a fuck! Honesly. My friend killed herself to hurt her parents feelings, to make them feel bad for sexually abusing her when she was little. And they just didn't give a fuck. No one gives a fuck about you when you're alive, so why should they give a fuck when you're rotting in a grave?
SO don't do it, if it's for that reason. JUST make the person you wanna get back at, wish they were never born. But don't take it out on yourself!!
21 Nov 2002 AngelFace Hi! What is the best way to kill yourself? It depends on these few things... if you want to die quick or slow, if you want it to be extremely painful or painless, if you want it discreet or to be on the news. You have to choose them things first, then you can decide. But the main thing about suicide is certainty. Cause if you fail, you end up alive with fuckin brain damage sittin in a fuckin wheelchair for the rest of your fuckin life! and i'm sure you don't want that, so think about it through and make sure that you will die. I am not incouraging anyone to commit suicide, but if it's what you gotta do, i understand. If you need help for ideas to die, or if you just wanna chat about your problems, or even hear the story about my fucked up existence... EMAIL me. Best of luck.
Oh by the way, i'm 17.
21 Nov 2002 Valerie Elyse Moscozo Put a plastic bag over your head and tape it around your neck and then superglue your hands together and then throw yourself into a pool. PAINFUL!
20 Nov 2002   How sick!! Why kill yourself and go to hell? You think life on earth is bad thing of eternal damnation? Yeah have stress on earth in your short life then go burn in hell eternally!! That really makes a lot of sense!

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