Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Dec 2002 Jeanie I got weapons of my own babes. You can come too Lucy... he he. Chick/Guy... doesn't matter to me :P I'm game.
Well, off to that stupid hell of a place I call work... or is that home? I get confused which one is hell and which one is prison... Oh well.
14 Dec 2002 Jon Yodice slice your throat open
14 Dec 2002 Lucy Cortina Hey hands off Jeanie! Otherwise it's back-in-the-lamp time for you...
I have my weapons and I'm not afraid to use them.

READY.... AIM.... FIRE!!!"
13 Dec 2002 Danny Keaton Two years of searching and I end up here. Agent Lucy Cortina of the SSSS was found to be M.I.A. two years back. Oh, that's Super Sexy Spy Sex, Britains top escort service. You cannot escape the agency forever, Lucy.

Daniel Keaton of the SSSS
12 Dec 2002 IOHO10IO the best way is to visualize that you die, then you will break free from your perception (a 13 year olds) and enter into the realm of fantasy existence.
12 Dec 2002 someone kill me!! as Suicidal thoughts run through my head i lay in my bed knowing im better off dead, wondering how I'd look covered in red, kurt cobain did it, why couldnt it have been me instead? my white bed now red, then someone comes home to find me laying there without my head.
They try to save me but I'm already dead.
11 Dec 2002 toujours le meme l'aliénation par la peluche : s'attacher à une chaise dans une pièce remplie de peluches qui te sourient bien poliment ... rester le temps nécessaire)
... ou regarde tes parents tu vas tomber
11 Dec 2002 rupert write your suicide note and then put it away. when you die, one day, someone will say, "she was already dead".
10 Dec 2002 un garçon intelligent connard (connasse), inciter les petits à faire ça, il n'y a rien de plus médiocre et de plus nain que de faire ça ! t'es vraiment un ou une salope !!!
10 Dec 2002 Annik faire comme toi, le dire. mais attendre d'avoir tout vu, tout entendu et tout lu avant de passer à l'acte! d'ici là tes 12 ans se seront transformés en 90, juste le bon age pour les expérimentations... de ce type. à plus mouchette
10 Dec 2002 Jeanie WELL I'M BACK... to all you people that care... well then person then?... well damn I should have figured I'd get a big NOBODY CARES!! Oh well, I guess I'll go care by myself. Billy, when ya ganna get a new email?? When you ganna come hide under my bed when you done with the European hottie? How bout one American one? I got GI JOES!!! You can play mass distruction on the neighbors... I never liked them anyway. Or even mass distruction on me if you're good... :P
10 Dec 2002 Ti-bulls Je c pa je ne l'ai pas encore trouver ms je peux vs dire de ne pas tester l'alcool a bruler a la place de l'eau ca ne marche pa !!!! J'en suis la preuve vivante !!!!
09 Dec 2002 jessie Hold your head under water for as long as you can
09 Dec 2002 Deva Light yourself on fire with gasoline to protest the savage inhumanity of our times...
09 Dec 2002 Felicia Well, I know a good way you can kill yourself. Get into some hobby like me.
1.) Take surfing lessons. You have a great chance of hitting a rock or getting eaten by a shark.
2.) Go bungie jumping. Have a nice fall over a bridge somewhere.
3.) Go skydiving and forget your parachute.
4.) Go to East Palo Alto and wear a shirt saying you hate black people.
5.) Listen to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" song and head bob till your neck falls off.

If all else fails begin a life as a writer. They are very dramatic people.
08 Dec 2002 huis clos with kindness
08 Dec 2002 georgie First, u have to like pain and sex, then, go and steal as much stuff as u can, then, grab a live chicken, fuck it up the ass, which, to my experience is very painful, and cut off your limbs one by one, when you don't have any limbs left apart from one arm, stab yourself in the heart. that's wot im gunna do on christmas eve, hahaha
08 Dec 2002 Georgie Poison is the best way to kill yourself, it's quick and painless, or, you can always turn to the old fashioned razor, blood! blood! blood! HHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
08 Dec 2002 The dark one This ain't sick, for some kids it is the answer! I tried it when I was 12 and believe me slitting your wrists isn't right, not at 12 yrs old. Suicide is best under 13 when you're out on streets with nothing! I wish i had died.
08 Dec 2002 Lucy Cortina Billy, you and I both know the REAL reason you no longer posess an email address. It was all those half-nudie pictures of me that did it, wasn't it?
If 2 pillow cases cannot contain my womanly goods then no email address can.
Or maybe the email addy just wanted the pics of me all to itself and so banned you from entry.
Or... maybe George Dubya Bush is, as we speak, rifling through images of me with his greasy hands via a Whitehouse PC. They do say that the government have the rights to look through our mail (I always do wonder what happens to my copies of 'Mega Boys').
When Mr Bush decides to invade the UK in search of "weapons of mass destruction", you know what he's after!
America, here I come...

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