Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Feb 2003 Lucy Cortina Things get weirder in my life. And in life in general.
After sucking on too many yellow lollies, my lips got stuck together and I ended up with a "trout pout". So as you can imagine I look like a fish. Or a mermaid. A mermaid with 2 inflated dinghies on top of her.
So here I am, floating along in the ocean of life, waiting for a big steamer full of sailor boys to pick me up.
Shit! I just forgot about the WAR. I remember seeing signs saying "Don't Attack Iraq!" this morning when I went to buy my newspaper + condoms.
I could be killed by some huge navy vessel!!! So I need another type of 'vessel' to save me...

19 Feb 2003 javier payeras hold your breath, till you die
19 Feb 2003 jess hang ur self behind the stage at ur school i know sumone who did and it worked out pretty good 4 him
19 Feb 2003 suicide note XXX If I could go back in time, and visit myself, do you know what I would say to my younger self? I would say, "KILL YOURSELF! LIFE IS NOT WORTH CONTINUING!"
My biggest regret in life is allowing it to continue for so long.
I'm not going to let it go on anymore, i am going to stop this pointless existance RIGHT NOW. i tried to be a good person. i tried to be me, but i dont know who i am, i'm scarred of what i am. Anyway, i wanna thank all the people that know me on the net for being my friends these past few months and i really appreciate it. I hope you all find peace soon (whether you live or die).
Mouchette, i hope you never close this site cause its a good thing no matter what anybody says, your site helped me a lot. All i can say to you kids (or anyone) who are thinking about killing themselves is to wait a few months, you never know, things might get better for you. If it doesnt get better, and it comes to the point where everybody hates you, you havent got any friends, you only go out at night so normal people dont see you, and you're going through mental torture everyday, and you've forgotten who the fuck you are, THEN do it. thats the stage i'm at you see, i have tried. Anyway, i am aware that i'm going to hurt my family a hell of a lot by doing this, nobody could possibly understand how sorry i am. But i'm too far gone, i have only two options:
1) end this pointless life
2) live an unhappy life isolated from the world going through mental torture everyday and past memories haunting me for the rest of my fuckin life, to save my family the hurt of losing me. TOUGH choice! but i'm going for number 1.
In the past suicide attempts i have done, i have told my family or someone i know, that i was going to kill myself (the reason i did this was so that i could say goodbye!) and i either got caught or was stopped from doing it. But this time, i am not going to make the same mistake, i am going to do it without giving any indication that i'm going to do it (apart from this suicide note, but no one that knows me in the real world knows this suicide is from me). Anyway, its time to do it, i have 90 10mg valium and a bottle of vodka, i've finished crushing half of the tablets and i have put them in the bottle, i will swallow the rest (i fuckin hate sallowing pills). I sincerely hope you all the best in whatever you choose to do. And to all of you that think no one cares or loves you, YOU@RE wrong, i care, i love you, i feel for you, i know you're pain. Believe me i do. I am going to go now, i have put my favourite tunes on, i have my cigs right next to me, and i have a spliff which i will smoke after i've drunk and swallowed everything. See ya..... Lots of Love Kim XXXXX :)
18 Feb 2003 cassie dorr whats the best way for myself to commit suicide im 15 years old iight please email me like wwhat pills should i take and all that shit
18 Feb 2003 Lee Stop breathing.
18 Feb 2003 onirique peut-être bien de jouer avec ce qui fait le plus peur aux plus de treize ans: le refus de manger par exemple.....
18 Feb 2003 popolls Facile prend un yoyo deroule le fil du yoyo met toi sur la table de ton salon accroche le yoyo au plafond puis accroche l'autre bout du fil du yoyo autour de ton cou serre tres fort ensuite donne un grand coup dans la table afin qu'elle tombe. te voila mort par pendaison grace a ton yoyo censé etre inoffensif
18 Feb 2003 pascale la meilleure est de leur dire de s'enfermer dans les toilettes avec un gros couteau de cuisine et qu'il essaie de se l'enfoncer dans le plexus solaire. Ils peuvent toujours essayer mais c'est trop dur donc ca reste a 90 pour cent un jeu
18 Feb 2003 Michael Mackellar ...back where the dogs bark/where still-life bleeds the concrete white/try not to go too far inside/your mind//back where the cars collide/where the lame star limps an endless mile/you can only go so far/for Womankind//if you were the one... would i even notice now that my mind has gone/if you were the one... would i even notice? back where the past is parked/where the canine in the A-line stole your time/have i gone too far inside/my mind?
~Bernard Butler+Brett Anderson
Has anyone out here seen Solaris??????
16 Feb 2003 Your Fat Momma Get A Fucking Life! LOSER!
15 Feb 2003 joy hang yourself with a skipping rope
15 Feb 2003 Jenesis Slit your wrists. Remember, it's down the road, not across the street. ;o)
15 Feb 2003 Lucy Cortina Boob update: expansion of the fittest. Swelling phenomenal. I'm becoming one of those black African women that you see on these TV adverts that say "Please donate £1/month for some starving baby you have never and will never meet". You know, the ones with well droopy titties. I would give just £1 a month to those poor people so that the lady-folk could buy a bra between them. Anything to stop this horror on my TV screen!
Which is why I'm urging the lovely suicidal community of to donate me £1 a month so that I can purchase a stronger bra (I already used all the shopping bags, bin liners (not Bin Laden!), bed sheets and sellotape trying to keep my knockers under containment. They all broke).
So, that's £1 a month, and 2 bottles of lip gloss and 10 packs of self-heating face masks a month, please! And any other donations are welcome (even sperm if you so wish. I will have your babies for you, so long as it pays!)

I await your generosity in the name of breastexplosionity.
14 Feb 2003 Terminus a Quo/Terminus ad Quem Weh!!! Steck'ich in dem kerker noch? Aus der verwesung schtoss... Like a pawn on the eternal board/who is never quite sure what he is moved toward/...i crawl blindly on/and Heaven is in front of me/Her Heaven beckons me enticingly/...when i arrive i'm gone/ the river flows/destiny knows/...i follow You. ~M.Gore (>)=inferential derivation (c)=boundary value conditions (t)=body of theoretical machinery (ct)=conjunction of relevant situation-characterizing facts Hempelian Explanation~"Everything that occurs in Nature-every one of the world's eventuations-has a casual explanation." Grand Unified Theory~...single unified theory that, even if it cannot explain Everything, can at any rate explain everything that is explicable. Divine Indifference~"The driving force behind Creation."
14 Feb 2003 Marion Mackellar LUX AETERNA ...To love one's neighbor means, while remaining within the earthly distinctions allotted to one, essentially to exist equally for every human being without exception.
Consider for a moment the world which lies before you in all its variegated multiplicity; it is like looking at a play, only the plot is vastly more complicated. Every individual within this innumerable throng is by her differences a particular something; she exhibits a definiteness... but essentially she is something other than this- but this we do not get to see here in life. Here we see only what role the individual plays and how she does it. It is like a play. But when the curtain falls, the one who played the Queen, and the one who played the Angel, and all the others- they are all quite alike, all one and the same: Actresses. And when in death the curtain shatters the stage of actuality (for it is a confused use of language if one speaks about the curtain being rolled up on the stage of the eternal at the time of death, because the eternal is no stage... it is truth), then they also are all one; they are human beings. All are that which they essentially were, something we did not see because of the difference we see; they are human beings. The stage of art is like an enchanted world. But just suppose that some evening some common absent-mindedness confused all the actresses so they thought they really were what they were representing. Would this not be, in contrast to the enchantment of art, what one might call the enchantment of an evil spirit, a bewitchment? And likewise suppose that in the enchantment of actuality (for we are, indeed, all enchanted, each one bewitched by her own distinctions) our fundamental ideas became confused so that we thought ourselves essentially to be the roles we play. Alas, but is this not the case? It seems to be forgotten that the distinctions of earthly existence are only like a costume or like a travelling cloak and that every individual should watchfully and carefully keep the fastening cords of this outer garment loosely tied, never in obstinate knots, so that in the moment of transformation the garment can easily be cast off, and yet we all have enough knowledge of art to be offended if an actress, when she is supposed to cast aside her disguise in the moment of transformation, runs out on the stage before getting the cords loose. But alas, in actual life one laces the outer garment of distinction so tightly that it completely conceals the external character of this garment of distinction, and the inner glory of equality never, or very rarely, shines through... Something it should do and ought to do constantly.
12 Feb 2003 saut situmorang be creative, kiddo!
just watch what your parents (if you have any) say and do before, during and after having sex! that's the best way to kill yourself --boredom! be a peeping mouchette!!!
12 Feb 2003 Joker pour gasoline all over yourself and smoke a cigarette... while singing mary had a little lamb
12 Feb 2003 david a teenage riot
12 Feb 2003 Kim Mackellar Don't come to me_it's difficult for me to talk with you_i cannot Love you_and it's not within me to give_that breath of Truth_Don't come to me The years have closed tight shut_in the abyss of terrible distances_the flamelets of desire have died_you have become a memory deceived_you are somewhere near_the years have closed tight shut Don't come to me_i shall not return to that crystal world_you are the distant echo of a song_you were for Us but became_that which one loses without finding_Don't come to me [unknown mental patient]

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