Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Jun 2014 save the rainforest The best way would be to hold in you poop. You will get impaction and die from toxicity. It only takes about a month. It will also give people something to laugh about. They will say you are so full of shit your ass hurts. Stuff like that. Not to mention all the toilet paper you will save will equate to more trees not cut down.
28 Jun 2014 chilly willy Liquid nitrogen enema. Freezing booty holes since 1999.
28 Jun 2014 horse tranqs and wine This website is offensive to those who have loved ones that have commited suicide. Ever notice how people say commited suicide instead of killed themselves? Its because it sounds better and people are really just trying not to kill themselves everyday allday. They tell you they are happy and smile but deep inside they are fighting the urge to kill themselves. Dont lie to yourself. You hate your life and want to have a steamy affair with mistress suicide. Mistress suicide is going to make you climax so hard. You know you are so turned on right now thinking about those cold nipples and decaying flesh. You just cant wait to jump in the casket. You know you would rather rub warm elephant dung all over you than live one more day. You disgust me life. You worthless tick. Filling yourself on the life of others just so you can produce offspring. Its a cycle of never ending herpes outbreaks with bee stings. Black ass african bees. With super huge penises. I cantwait till the world is on fire and people are rotting from the radiation from the fallout. The world will be a much better place when mankind destroys all life. Then all you people to scared to commit suicide will be so greatful. You will say I am glad the time is here. Really the best advice I can give you is dont stick your penis in an electrical outlet. It will burn off the tip. Trust me on this.
28 Jun 2014 noxium 4 I am really not a human although my appearance would seem that I am a human. I am really from the planet urobonis. Its not even in this galaxy. Sometimes, when things get depressive, I visit there in my mind. Its always sunny there. My doctor say I am mentaly divergent. I think I am just delusional and have a vivid imagination. I also have extremely large methane emissions that contribute to you having headache and are collected with large magnets. After that the methane is crystalized and used to coat dental floss. It gives it the minty flavor.
21 Jun 2014 dempsy davendish gone wild Tie a concrete block to your ankles. Throw the block in a lake or other body of water. This will drag you under and you will drown. Unless a shark eats you first.
19 Jun 2014 health inspector Wrap your head with clear plastic food wrap.
19 Jun 2014 mystery shopper #53 There was a newspaper article about a female satanist promising sex to random male internet perverts however, she didnt give them sex, she murdered them. What a tease.
19 Jun 2014 non-wierdo The best way would be to just start contacting wierdo types on the internet.
16 Jun 2014 hypodermic needle theory Drain a pint of blood every day for a week. Once you become weak someone will take you to a doctor. The doctor will attempt to diagnose you and will need a blood sample. Make this last blood sample be the last of your blood. The doctor or nurse will drain the last drop of blood and you will die. The doctor will recieve some traumatic memories which will haunt them.
09 Jun 2014 Mary Soder Self crucifiction. Hard part would be hammering the last nail in
09 Jun 2014 date rape pete Try the new fried pork chop diet. Pork chops deep fried in bacon grease. This is a sure way to get a heart attack. I hear this diet is popular amoung the black american people.
07 Jun 2014 alex trebek My ex girlfriend went digging in my trash outside by the road and stole some of my used condoms. She used my old used condems to get herself pregnant. Now she is blackmailing me for money if I dont pay she will say I raped her. I either have to kill myself because going to prison is not an option or I have to kill this psycho bitch and hide the body. On top of that I caught her putting sugar in my cars gas tank just so I cant leave.
07 Jun 2014 exsist ants decomp Today I went to the doctor. Had to get my urethra checked out. As I was waiting for the dip stick to be removed I had a thought on life. Life just robs you of your dignity and makes you insane. I got to thinking about how life is such a disapointment. And its just one thing after another. A downward spiral of rainbows and lolipops. So I totaly understand the frustration many people have on this website. But I still dont think you should killyourself because once you make it past your problem you have survived and you become stronger and smarter. Hardships in life make us who we are. You are either strong and you push on for a better future or you are weak and you give up.
05 Jun 2014 Eva I kill you my dear friend
05 Jun 2014 VSEVOZMOZHNYI Sulphuric Acid
04 Jun 2014 Timothy Barnes M.D. Go to the zoo and "fall" into the bear or lion enclosure. Most zoos usually have a tiger. If I had a choice what animal to get killed by I would pick the tiger. Yeah, I would just fall in and say here kitty kitty come on. A tiger is so strong your neck would be broken in less than an instant. And then everyone gets to watch the tiger eat you. Everyone takes cameras to the zoo.
04 Jun 2014 the first monkey No matter what method you use just remember its not as scary if you close your eyes.
03 Jun 2014 x-ray cat Everytime you killyourself a kitten gets run over by a truck.
03 Jun 2014 Vuk painters and poets
a show in Ljubljana, Slovenia
opening on June 19th 2014
including Mouchette
02 Jun 2014 phyllobates terribilis A stuffed animal that shoots out poison tipped darts in every direction when you squeeze its hand.

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