Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Oct 2019 Sean Shotgun
14 Oct 2019 Sasha I dont know
14 Oct 2019 introverted-please i hate sounding like the centre of attention, but recently its gotten to the point where i cant do it anymore.
the reason why i cant is that i have multiple disablities, and my mom hates me for that. we had a massive argument the other day because of the smallest thing. it got so bad that she told me that she wished i was dead and that i wasnt a good child. i told her she should have kept her legs closed then.. if im not the best of kids around and i get that dealing with me is hard but when stuff like this happens she doesnt consider my feelings at all. i always aplogise after because i dont know what i would do if my mom killed herself or left me... i tried cutting my wrists but had a seizure. i tried hanging myself but couldnt tie the rope.i tried od on penaclin (which im allergic to) but nothing works. my friend told me to think carefully and come up with a diffrent solution other then death but i cant physically think of one. at school teachers constantly pull me up because of my scars then i tell them it was some sort of accident... i dont feel like i can trust anybody, i dont feel like they really understand me. it feels like they are thinking im just doing it for the attention... another reason i want to kms is that i like my friend. shes straight and im bi.. i havent told her and i wont tell her because i dont want to ruin our friendship. but someone knows and its killing me because they are constantly making me do things i dont want to do. they say if i dont then theyll tell her.. i dont know what to do and i despreatly need help.. i dont want to make my sister or my brother or my mom or friends upset or constantly think about me, but i cant keep living in a world that doesnt care about me or anything else... i-i dont want to seem like im the centre of attention because i hate being the centre of attention. i can barely talk to my family.. but it been going on for around 14 years now and im so lost..
10 Oct 2019 look, no hands! Congrat-chew-lations! For visiting this website you have won! And it is special as very few people have this prize. And the prize is a very rare emoji! It's the "i-can-go-potty-all-by-myself-mommie" emoji.
10 Oct 2019 The Orb Swallow a fuckton of sleeping pills should do you right as rain. Eat something poisonous right before that so youll die in your sleep endused coma
10 Oct 2019 The Orb Worship me and join me in the plains of ORB
09 Oct 2019 another narveloua I got the microchip implant in my brain which allows me to take my brain out and suspend in a jar of sterile saline solution for up to 72 hours without any degredation. Now I am able to surf the internet without a computer or smart device. This implant transforms your brain into a smart brain. I can use GPS at anytime and log my location. I can use my eyes as video or still image camera. I can even alter my genetic code and change my form, skin or hair color, or turn into any animal provided i have a mapped genome on file. I can grow appendages by merely thinking about it and i have already begun growing wings everyday and i have learned to fly. The only downside to this is if my microchip gets hacked or hijacked by online hackers. The could over ride the command prompts and turn me into anything or make me do anything. I could also get a virus and be unable to move or function. I think the worst would be if the hackers took control of my bowels and made me violently crap myself in public.
07 Oct 2019 Mlem Helium, because you can pull out and not suffer too much
07 Oct 2019 Retard Watch Squidward taking a shit from Deviantart. While your room is nothing but dark, sooner or later. Some big ass dipshit will take you to any big city in Ohio, where you will work as a cobbler for the rest of your miserable life.
06 Oct 2019 vlad helium
04 Oct 2019 PoThEaD Im 16 and i just cant stop thinking about killing myself it will sometimes go away for a month or 2 but i allways come back to the thought of doing it and at this point it seems like it would affect no one
03 Oct 2019 Roberto Bagaskara Painless pill
01 Oct 2019 apple jack The absolute best way is to make an entry on this website, and then wait to see it posted. During this time shave off all your pubes and hot glue them on the rim of your nipples. Make it look like a flower with bushy petals. Next, check back to see if your entry has been posted. Which it will not have been posted yet. Next, let your pubes grow out again. Re-shave them off and hot glue them around your lips. Now recheck this site to see if it has been updated with your entry. Which it has not. So again grow out your pubes. Shave them off. Hot glue to a place of your choosing.
29 Sep 2019 Blair Overdose on pills or run into traffic
25 Sep 2019 MrStealYoGirl by shooting yourself in the head with 2 desert eagles at the same time and playing some Japanese heavy metal dubstep
25 Sep 2019 shh. dont tell them. If i may be so bold, as to say, that i should not say. And if it be that you are offended in my not saying i do pray thee to not be stricken with grief or bitterness. Lettuce find common ground in the sweet silence of the lack of response. Together we may enjoy the silence. We can utter the beautiful nothings as we sit and engage in chatterless presence. They say you can learn a lot from a dumby. Those crash test dummbies. And they never speak. So lettuce learn one from the other. Lettuce never say a word. Lettuce sew our lips together after we wire our jaw shut. We can eat thru a tube. We can hire servants to bathe us, and change our diapers. We can stare at them so the feel uncomfortable. And uncomfortable silence. And inside we laugh to ourselves. But we only smile at them for hours. They can feed us. They can groom us. Us lifeless still dolls of flesh and bone. They will wonder what happened to us. After several years we can speak one word softly. This will give them hope they can be a positive influence to us. But in reality they are just being lured into a trap. With their helpful caring nature they will try to make us speak more. We can watch them wither inside as despair sets in. And then one day when they are about to give up after years of trying we laugh outloud for minutes. Then quickly, we go back to silence.
25 Sep 2019 acid rain game stab myself in the throat with a kitchen knife
22 Sep 2019 ivanka shotgun?

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