Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Mar 2003 Michael Mackellar THE CORPSE WHO TRIED TO PORTRAY MERCY.
~It is Over. My life is afloat. Here i am where my soul's yearning was, where the ideas foam with elemental rage, where thoughts arise boisterously like emotions in migration, where at another season there is a stillness like the profound silence of the Dead Sea, so that no one can hear oneself speak even though the movement goes on in one's interior. There where one every instant loses and regains one's life.
i belong to the Idea. When that beckons me i follow, when it appoints a tryst i await it morning and night, though it never calls at Noon. When the Idea calls i forsake everything, or rather i have nothing that would refrain from forsaking itself. i deceive nobody, i grieve no one by being faithful to the Idea, still my spirit would not become grieved by having to grieve another if that were part of the Idea. When i return home~ not the place where i belong, but the place where i live~ no one reads into my looks, no one deciphers in my countenance, no one extorts from my being an explanation which even i could not give to any other... as to whether i am blissful in gladness or despondent in madness, as to whether i have earned this Loss or Gain of life.
That chalice of inebriation is again awaiting before me. Already i exhale its fragrance, already i am sensible of its sweetly insensible music...
but first a libation to Her who saved a soul which sat for so long in the solitude of despair. Hail to Feminine magnanimity! Long life to the far-flung flight of Thought, to moral danger in the service of the Idea! Hail to the dangerous dance within the vortex of the Infinite! Hail to our histrionic existence! Hail to that breaking wave which drowned me within my own abyss!
And Hail to the breaking wave which shall hurl us up among the Stars!!
21 Mar 2003 Jessie Dunaway Don't kill yourself, you are only thirteen!! Ya, life right now may suck, but it will get better. Don't be stupid!! Down deep no one wants to die. suicide is not the answer! You may just need someone to talk to. If you are desperate someone on the internet would even work. Suicide is the answer. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't screw it up because you are scared of a challenge.
21 Mar 2003 LAUREN FUCK THAT! I took a bottle of tylenol you shit face, and guess what, i'm still here! You wanna know what this site is... it's a way for us fucking manic depressives to take our shit out. If you don't like it then don't read this shit
21 Mar 2003 ash hi my name is ashley i just moved from a place where i knew everyone since kindergarten i was popular life was great my friends were genuine... now im living here and don't get me wrong i have a lot of friends and i still live that popular life... but friends aren't genuine. no one cares all my best friend cares about is herself... u do good stuff to ppl and u get shit on.... i crashed my car recently and it's taken a month to get fixed i finally got it back and my mom won't let me drive it... and my friends get pissed cuz they are like my taxi service... my dad wants nothing to do with me... he only likes my brother who is now living with him back home... my step dad used to smoke weed in the house and physically abuse the familty finally they got a divorce after 10 years of hell... it just makes me feel like my mom picked him over me the whole time they were together. now she is with a 54 year old... old man and is gone constantly and today my best friend didn't pick me up for skewl cuz she's sick of driving me everywhere when i have my own car... and i called my mom and told her i have no way of getting to skewl she was gunna call my friend's mom and ask why but i told her not to... she did it anyway behind my back and now i look like a dumbass.... also i recently quit my job at hooters cuz i'd rather do drugs and get drunk... i tried to find another job... i got an interview at a telemarketing place but didn't attend it cuz i have no car and now my mom just found out about my 2 speeding tickets i've been hiding from here... i recently experienced with a new drug and i crave it now i've only done it once but i want it so bad.... well i guess this is why i wanna die.... i wanna go easily though i really wanna just overdose... will taking like anything like ibuprofen like the whole bottle of it work?...will it hurt? or will i just like fall asleep and die...
20 Mar 2003 SmallTown,MN I'm 15 years old i live in small town usa i guess u would call it that i have a lot of friends but they all make me mad. i don't know why i wanna kill myself i just know that i'm sick of living and i don't wanna wake up tomorow. i'm sick of school and of sports i just wanna die
20 Mar 2003 Lucy Cortina Idiot - I've never been serious about killing MYself, I dunno about the others. But if I need to read another post like yours, I probably will be.
20 Mar 2003 Sophia Tedman I don't think age really matters. The idea is to end it all. I am afraid of being in pain or missing, but luckily i live near a river, and in winter it gets really cold : I am hesitating between :
1- buying some kind of anestaetic, taking it and sleeping outside when it has snowed (I read that in a book somewhere)
or 2-jumping in the river during winter with a stone tied to my feet and passing out with a wad of chloroform. I am so deseparate, that if by my 18th birthday, my life has not changed for the better, I will kill myself. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is my parents, but I can't continue like this forever.
19 Mar 2003 july la meilleure forme de suicide pourrait être le couteau de cuisine integré à un scalpel qui pourrait leur permettre de se trancher et la gorge et l'entre cuisse pour être sûr que la mort sera rapide avec une vidange directe des artères....
19 Mar 2003 julien Aller a Disneyland , aller embrasser les grosses peluches qui parcourent le site et choisir Baloo l'ours qui en te serrant dans ses bras va t'étouffer en lui montrant que tu es très content d'être avec lui.
19 Mar 2003 idiot you guys can't be serious suicide is the most stupidest thing you could ever do I try suicide but i didn't suckseed and i'm happy about that you can't use that to get out of things butt if you are in tent on killing your self then take a bottle of tilenal it will!!! kill you.
18 Mar 2003 Lucy Cortina What if I decide to rent my boobs, Danny?
I was faxed earlier today from Sadham Insane requesting the purchase of atomic weapons. He needs them as protection. I hope agent Billy succeeds soon. My mind is all cofuzzled as to what to do.
To rent, or not to rent, that is the question.
Although, didn't they say Shakespare was gay? Damn, that cancels out asking him for breastial advice.
Meanwhile I've been observing movements within Buckingham palace. Prince Charles' aide has resigned following an internal probe. He used to perform duties such as squeezing the prince's toothpase onto a brush for him.
I asked Charles if he could add further to the situation.
He's unavailable for comment.

Because he's stuck on the toilet, waiting for someone to come and wipe his ass.
i am the only being whose doom
No tongue would ask, no eye should mourn;
i never caused a thought of gloom,
a smile of joy since i was borne.
In secret pleasure, secret tears,
this changlings life has slipped away;
as friendless after twenty years,
as lone as on my natal day.
There have been times i could not face
there have been times when this was drear
when my sad soul forgot its place
and longed for one to Love me here.
But those were in the early glow
of feelings since subdued by care,
and they have died so long ago;
these rotted clothes which i still wear.
First melted off the hope of youth,
then fancy's rainbow soon withdrew,
and then experience told me truth
in mortal bosoms rarely grew.
'Twas grief enough to think mankind
so hollow, servile, insincere...
but worse to trust to my own mind
and find the same corruption here.
18 Mar 2003 Chris Sharpen two pencils very sharply, stick one in each nostril and bang your fuckin head on something hard. the pencils will just shoot up into your head and you'll be dead in seconds but be careful: if you don't make it proper it might hurt!!
18 Mar 2003 philippe euu.. le pragmatique dit: du ritalin pour la vie de tous les jours et l'école.
18 Mar 2003 mit reject i am going to be eighteen in two weeks, although i don't think i will make it there. ever since i wanted to become an engineer, i have had my heart set on MIT, in Cambridge, MA. now, i find out i am yet another reject. one who is not good enough to join their suicidal troup. je mourrai. je suis rien. c'est tout. this was my dream. now, that dream is shattered. i don't know what to think, what to feel, to cry or to ignore it. i am going to od on some diet pills. i can't even diet right, that's how much of a fuck up i am. je suis bete comme chou. oui, oui, oui. i don't deserve anything. hopefully, i'll have a heart attack, if not, i'll just throw myself in front of passing cars at lacrosse practice. bien idee. adieu, adieu, mes amis. bonne chance!
15 Mar 2003 Danny Keaton ..continued...

we have our top agent, Billy, disguised as Tony Blair, carefully working his homosexual charms on BUSH (which is not as easy as it may sound). Well, he's been stuck up BUSH's arse for long enough now, anyway.

Daniel Keaton of the SSSS, the biggest branch of Infostream.Inc.
15 Mar 2003 Danny Keaton Dr Kildare, Lucy, is currently busy on an important project.
Our Infostream scientist, known as Herbert Egg, has been developing and refining his new invention the "boob-bomb" (not to be confused with the "Sex-bomb"). Undoubtedly YOU, Lucy, will be first in line to test out this wonderful, er, accessory.
Herbert had the gruelling task of placing boob-bomb bras on the chests of our model agents, and so your problem was overlooked, Lucy.
But never fear - we shall send someone as soon as we can. Your breasts are Infostream's biggest "assets" to the agency in all my 26 years of being an SSSS agent. They will be saved, like Iraq, you can count on that. Well, unless of course our arch-nemesis "BUSH" cannot be stopped.
15 Mar 2003 julie I think this is stupid... what if kids really want to kill themselves and they do these stupid things... then how are you going to feel??
15 Mar 2003 Felicia The candle light setting was romantic. The lighting in the restaurant was extremely cozy as the melodic tunes of "Alfie" played on the Steinway piano. There was "Mr. Blue Eyes" looking straight at me. His eyes were the bluest of bluest. That night, the food tasted exquisitely delicious. My choice of Alfredo Fettucini had a slight taste of the best creamy cheese in the world made from the freshest ingredients (no commercial pun intended). The olive oil served with the bread was absolutely, positively delicious! The picked portabella mushrooms served with a hint of endives was a compliment in the meal itself. For dessert, the Tiramisu and the espresso coffee was the icing on the cake. Staring at "Mr. Blue Eyes" was more exciting. Reese, finally popped the bottle of Champagne as the moon hit my eye like a big pizza pie. "Oops!" He said. "I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking!" Gently cupping the left side of my eye, Reese (Mr. Blue Eyes) spoke to me in calm-like fashion, and wrapped the champagne ice from the bucket, in the red linen cloth, and covered my left eye. An hour later after the incident, we slowed dance to the soft piano music playing. Dancing next to us was a handsome couple who had years behind them. The night was young, and the moon was full. The stars winked brightly in the night sky.

It made me think that at 14, I was glad that I didn't swallow those iron pills.

-Not the end-
15 Mar 2003 greg jumping off a cliff

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