Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Jan 2003 no grab a knife that's sharp and thick throw allof your problems and think about this only slice yourself right in the neck. thats it or get a counsellor {it din't work for me}
16 Jan 2003 Felicia Est-ce que vous m' ecrirez, Mademoiselle Lucy Cortina? Je parle un peu le francais. Comprenez-vous? S'il vous plait comprends, Je suis American. Comment dit-on "fake boobs" en francais? Je ne peux rien manger de cuisine au pickled durs l'oeuf.
16 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar SONA can be heard on the SECRET GARDEN record, "Dawn of a New Century", sung by Fionuellia Sherry. Secret Garden involves a group of beautifully gifted musicians who i believe are based in Norway. If it gets to be known that with these postings i am vainly forging my own temporal salvation..... Then it is Goodbye to this world and all its half-hearted favors.
16 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar SYMPARANECROMENIAN FAVORITES. VOL.549 Morning smiles like the face of a newborn child. Innocent. Unknowing. Winters end, promises of a long-lost friend. Speaks to me of comfort. But i fear... i have nothing to give, i have so much to lose here in this lonely place. Tangled up in your embrace. There's nothing i'd like better than to fall. But i fear i have nothing to give. Wind in time, rapes the flower trembling on the vine... and nothing yields to shelter. From above, They say tempation shall destroy our Love. The never-ending hunger. But i fear... ~Sarah
16 Jan 2003 nagi kirima maybe NONE will read this, but, i really need to suicide with an UNPAINFULL way, tell me what pills to buy or something..... please talk me in MSN...ok???, i really need to get out from this world, and remember to see BOGGIE POP PHANTOM anime!!!!
15 Jan 2003 Anton Anomalovich SYMPARANECROMENIAN FAVORITES. VOL.?? It happened that a fire broke out backstage in a theatre. The Clown came out to inform the public. They thought it was just another jest and applauded. He repeated his warning, they shouted even louder. So i think the world will come to an end amid general applause from all the wits... who have been led to believe that it is just another joke. ~Soren
15 Jan 2003 Felica - The Guardian Angel Though I've pointed out that committing suicide is stupid and tried convincing others that they would be missed would not apply to everybody, but I know for sure that killing oneself is a pseudo-solution and the effect of this action on others is a stark reality, as well as a fact.
As far as being different, whether it is a sexual preference, a lifestyle choice, or you committed a heinous crime, we all know that it is simply not right to be judged at all. Nevertheless, we have to think of the consequences, whether it'd be good or bad, and how it would effect whatever happens in the present. Since individuals like you take the time to look into this website for relief, you definitely know the difference between good and bad. We are old enough and intelligent to realize that whatever we choose or chose to do, we are held accountable and are indeed responsible for our own actions. Mostly, we can blame our parents for our downfalls and take it out on the injustices of this society by "doing away" with ourselves. But realize that being born into this "world of woes and the fear of the unknown" is not our fault. We are born and put in this world for a purpose, and whether or not you do not believe so, ACCEPT IT! You have every right to be here like everybody else!!!
In taking responsibility for the caring of others, whether it be sibling, parent, friend, relative, spouse, loved one, or even foe, it may seem that those who need us and who are supposedly "hanging from a thread , need our help. We cannot help those who are clinging to us for dear life if we are not emotionally healed ourselves. Our burdens on ourselves are way too big to handle and it is emotionally draining... especially, ESPECIALLY, if we live with unsupportive parents or families.
Before you decide in attempting your destiny and finding pseudo-solutions to kill yourself, stop first... On a clear night, go outside, don't forget to take a jacket, look up at the sky and stars, take a gulp of fresh air and exhale slowly. Remind yourself that you count just as much as those stars above you and again that you have every right to be here whether you believe it or not. If you are confined in a cell with no outlet of the sky whatesoever, think of the night sky and stars because they are still there. Even if you took a life of another or attempted murder, though I don't condone it (that's my opinion) you still matter. Though you feel as though you need to be punished for the injustices that you done, you still matter. Even if you chose a different mode of living and have a different lifestyle, you still matter. If anybody, friend, parent, foe, sibling, or loved one, thinks otherwise, and they verbally and physically abuse you, tune them out, BECAUSE, that's not what you are and that is their opinion, not yours. If you are entrapped by these people under violent conditions, take refuge immediately because that is not love. Report this to the authorities and ask to seek shelter in a safe place. I am not convincing you to be a runaway either, but if you are being verbally or physically abused and entrapped or confined, this is not a form of love, it is an act of manipulation and violent behavior. You shouldn't be harmed in any way or form and you shouldn't have to live in that hell hole. Don't have people tell you that you're hopeless and be subjective to hurtful words. Again, don't believe it, and understand it is not true. You are who you are, believe in you. Take that first step, rather than killing yourself. Save yourself first... Please!!! You only have one body in this lifetime and think of the opportunities and memories you would jeopardize if you do such an act. Your reaction is "Don't REACT so suddenly!" Think first! Ask yourself a question in why you are doing this, write or type it down, and again, think! Exhale, enhale... BREATH. Write or type down a list of "pros" and "cons". Find ways to resolve the "cons". Don't hyperventilate and dwell only on negativity. Get busy! Occupy your mind with other things that make you happy (I do not require drugs or booze, okay?!) rather than committing a selfish act.
And remember, whether you believe it or not... you are loved.

-Read below under Felicia - The Guardian Angel for more input.
15 Jan 2003 nosaM legnA SAIGNER... PLEURER... RESISTER... VERSER. I am counted among Them, that go down below the pit. I have Become... like a man without longing, free among these dead. They lay me in dampness, within the lowest loneliness... and beside the shadow of onDem. I laugh as my head turns to rust, as the sky... and the Impossible explode. Held for one moment i remember a dream... an impression of Loss... and then everything in gone. Forever.
15 Jan 2003 a friend de carambar avaler un chat domestique vivant
14 Jan 2003 Felicia There I was sitting amongst a gang of angry mimes doing sign language in French. They were arguing on who ever misplaced their black and white make-up. Poor me, sitting in the back by the break room feeling over worked and underpaid. Break was over and I went to the nearest merchandising booth to sell magic potions, t-shirts, and voo doo paraphernalia. There was Lucy standing in the middle of the pebbled street in sarong garb dancing to the tune of "The Girl From Ipanema". There she was just shaking her wonderful tasseled casabas to the incoming crowd. She began to attract the hairy furry hobbits, enchanting them with her two wondrous gifts. Then in came Elijah Frodo Baggins with his mysterious blue eyes. For an instant, I feel deeply in love with him. Until I turned to look and my backpack full of juicy apples and bread were gone. I scorned and murmured, “Why that dirty rotten scoundrel!” But I found it was not he and that my burlap backpack had a gaping hole in the bottom. I followed the tracks of the crumbs from my missing food back to the break room in the tent. I opened the curtain and found the mimes were quietly chewing on my bread and savoring the apples to their delight. Maybe they were hungry and it appeared that they were not doing angry sign language in French anymore. Then I got really hungry.
14 Jan 2003 Seigfried Mackellar Like a pawn on the eternal board/ who is never quite sure what he is moved toward/ i walk blindly on/ and heaven is in front of me/ her heaven beckons me enticingly/ when i arrive its gone/ the river flows/ destiny knows/ ...i follow You. ~Dave Gahan
14 Jan 2003 Drinker get urself drunk with your parents booze, hot wire a car and drive like a maniac through town, and don't forget a gun, to shoot yourself with in case crashing the car doesn't work
14 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar Yes, well i've been thinking about swapping my wagon in for a new Honda S2000. Has anyone ever driven such a car? i almost took a silver one for a test-drive yesterday, but the fact that i could hardly afford to buy enough monopoly money from the local KB toy store to pay for it, even after the focking trade-in, sort of made the whole scene reek with ridiculousness. "Une femme est plus belle que le monde ou je vis... et je ferme les yeux." ~Eluard.
Becca? We met at our crossroads. Remember? ... i lost your Time in a corner of that darkening sky. Forgive me. i've been thinking of you at a rate which approximates perpetuality... Please write. Your words can still stave-off the inevitable.
What an interesting poem i've been working on lately... involving a young, slightly sociopathic girl who somehow manages to extinguish the Sun. The overture based loosely upon her Afterlife is a soul-curdling page turner. Odd. Another one revolving around a man who suddenly realises that his depression is entirely due to the fact that he has the most absurd dysfunction. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot convince himself to fall asleep without first finding a time and a place for it.
Narcolepsy, in this day and age, is probably a sure sign of Saintlihood.
14 Jan 2003 Lucius Mackellar Reve Eveille Dirige... Daylight licked me into shape/ i must have been asleep for years/ and moving lips to breathe Her name/ i opened up my eyes/ to find myself alone, alone/ Alone above a raging sea/ that stole the only girl i Loved/ and drowned Her deep inside of me... ~Bob Smithers
14 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar SYMPARANECRONENIAN FAVORITES. VOL. 20 How much the same human nature is! With what innate genius a little child can often show us a vivid picture of the larger scale. i was really amused today by little Frodo. He sat in his tiny chair and looked about with visible delight. Then the nursemaid, Maren, walked through the room. "Maren!" he shouted. "Yes, little Frodo," she answered with her customary friendliness and came over to him. He tilted his big head to one side a bit, fastened his enormous eyes upon her with a certain roguishness and then said quite phlegmatically, "Not this Maren; it was another Maren." What do we adults do? We shout out to the whole world, and when it approaches us in a friendly manner we say, "It was not this Maren." ~Soren
13 Jan 2003 je préfère me fondre sous le voile protecteur de l'anonymat l'étouffement sucré au carambar. ingérer de manière rapide entre 7 à 10 carambars original (les autres ça marche moin bien) et mâcher nerveusement. les deux machoires se trouves soudées et la gorge obstruées. (avec des lego ça marche aussi)
12 Jan 2003 joyce od on ex
12 Jan 2003 frodo sorry i woz a bit delicate last nite. but why do ppl talk in frenchish?
as everyone knows, the french are snobs
11 Jan 2003 frodo Lucy Cortina's new boyfriend there's no easy way to say this michael but PISS THE HELL OFF WITH UR CRAP!!!!
11 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar SONA Ag breacadh an lae do chumar ag suil/ aoibhneas an tsaiol amach romhainn/ clocha draiochta chomh geal lenar suile/ casan ag glioscarnach duinn// Suaimhneas na coillte is ceol inar gcroithe/ macalla fuaim an tsruthain/ duilloega fomhar mar ghuth ar an ngaoth/ se nadur is cuis lenar ngra// Anois ta realta a'rince sa speir/ is an saol ina gholadh go samh/ aislingi aille i ngairdin mo run/ briongloidi thart orainn ar snamh// Suile sior lasta le solas... suile faoi gheasa na run... taibhreamh ar sheoda an ghairdin... iontais nach sceithfear go buan// A'taisteal sa choill seo ar fan is ar fuaidreamh/ realta geala eolais ag lonradh don ri/ A'taisteal sa choill seo ar fan is ar fuaidreamh/ clocha bana ag lasadh ar sli Mick O'Brien

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