Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Oct 2002 Lucy Cortina I hear this song on the radio every day..every's called "Love to see you cry" by Enrique Iglesias. Aghh it makes no bloody sense!! What a daft song! Perhaps his next song will be "Love to see you break your nose" or something. Well, no need mate when plastic surgery exists! I always said he was into the 'pain game'.
That reminds me of Britney Spears' black leather outfit at the VMA awards this year. What was that girl thinking?! So that's why Justin dumped her, is it... Not content with opening a restaurant she now has to open an S & M parlour! No wonder Justin couldn't cope.. I think it's what's called 'tough love'. Well, love does hurt.
As you can see I hate Britney Spears. I think it's to do with the fact that she's famous for nothing.. for being a total twit. Oh well... I'll have my day... you'll see...
02 Oct 2002 Jeanie Well, Drug Addict... if you are just looking for a pain free way to get rid of your life, and you won't do it any other way... then that is probably a sign that you aren't ready to kill yourself. But if you really want a pain free way, (I'm pretty sure it would be pain free... I've never killed myself.. see tha me still here?) I don't see how taking a bunch of pills and drinking alcohol could hurt... even jumping of a really high building would kill ya before you noticed the pain. Just use your mind... pretty much any sick thing that comes up in your head will probably work. But I would recommend seeing if you have the balls to do it in a slow or painful way, with a knife or gun or something like that... if you can do that, then I guess you are as ready as you can be to kill youself... if not... just take a valium, relax, and stop waisting my time....
01 Oct 2002 K.G. What is it like to get your stomach pumped?
01 Oct 2002 dee doo Il n'y a pas de "meilleure maniere"...
Le suicide est une chose affreuse pour la victime comme pour ceux qui restent.
Aucune souffrance personelle ne justifie un tel acte qui n'a pour effet que de contaminer toutes les personnes qui vous aiment ...
Si le monde vous parait assez moche pour vouloir le quitter, sachez qu'il existe d'autres mondes , a l'autre bout de la planete ou tout pres de vous, ou on ne se suicide pas tant la vie y est chere...
Sachez surtout que dans la tete de ceux qui vous aiment, vou s ne pourrez jamais disparaitre completement...
Ne faites JAMAIS ca..
La vie n'est pas faite que de souffrance, et chaque mauvaise passe a toujours une fin. Certains vont tomber amoureux a 70 ans, d'autre vont avoir leur premier orgasme a 35ans, devenir p eintre ou ecrivain, se prendre d'une passion pour un pays ou un animal a l'age de 60 ans...
Les passades suicidaires ne sont que des mauvais caps a passer, et qui, quand on y repense quelques annees apres ont une importance minime dans toute une vie...
La mort nous aura tous bien assez tot alors, ne lui donnons pas plus a manger qu'elle n'a d'appetit...
30 Sep 2002 dee doo 1) assurez vous que vous voulez vraiment vous suicider, assurez vous que vous voulez aussi détruire la vie de ceux qui vous aiment...
2) une fois que vous êtes certain de vouloir vous suicider, commencez à écrire votre journal... vous devez écrire une page tous les jours en expliquant les motifs de votre suicide, si vous ratez un jour, recommencez...
3) une fois que vous avez fini le cahier, c'est que vous voulez vraiment vous suicider...
4) si quand vous avez fini le cahier, vous avez plus de 13 ans, vous ne pouvez plus vous suicider, car ceci est une méthode pour les moins de 13 ans...
5) la méthode: prenez un pistolet à eau, une boite de tic tac, un fil de laine et un couteau en plastique. Avec une échelle (faites vous aider par votre papa, car ça peut être dangereux...) scotchez le fil de laine au plafond et faites un noeud coulant de l'autre coté... Remplissez le pistolet d'eau bien fraiche... Montez sur un tabouret, passez vous le fil de laine autour du cou, mettez vous un coup de couteau en plastique sur les veines (du coté ou il n'y a pas de dents, c'est moins douloureux)
Avalez d'un coup toute la boite de Tic Tac
Sautez en tirant avec le pistolet à eau...
Voilà c'est fait...
Si ça ne marche pas la première fois, recommencez... avec un autre cahier...
30 Sep 2002 drug addict your web page is fuckin gay and a waste of my time i'm looking for non painful affective methods of killing myself
29 Sep 2002 MitZY Oh God. My hunnys movin 2 australia. I mean, can u get any further away? (Bearin in mind im in the UK)
Well, yes, we're ALL gonna get bombed! Cos the world sux! And im gonna cry. Well, lemme c, im anorexic, doped up 2 fukd, alcoholic, neurotic, paranoid, manic depressive and i have small feet. So, u c, there really is no point. But dont worry, ill always stay alive, i made a promise 2 a girl, Donna Brown, that id never do she died a few days l8r.....

RIP Donna B, 26/02/02, i still miss u, keep watchin me, i know ure ashamed but it wont stop till we're done....

Donna was HERE u FUKAZ, she reached out 2 me but she did erself in! And now im losin my mind!


28 Sep 2002 Juicy Cortina Ps - Billy, stop stealing my panties!! I'm too poor to afford washing powder. The stains I find on them are atrocious!
28 Sep 2002 Lucy Cortina Why is the world so bloody ungrateful? I probably saved everyone, thanks to the wonders of my bust. And now I discover that my parents met in a mental home!!!
I found out my dad was in there to do with his belief that he was a woman. And mum for...god knows. They met each other, fell in love and ran away and gave birth to a goddess (me!) My uncle told me this.
She leaves me with childminders all the time... any parent should know not to leave me with Podger Pam! She would probably cover me in gravy and nosh me if I wasn't so tough. Beware mum. Your daughter is on the verge of schizophrenia and it's all your fault.
28 Sep 2002 poe se couper les veines, y a pas mieux, tu te bourres la gueule d'alcool, il faut que tu sois bien imbibé et après tu prends un couteau de cuisine bien aiguisé. tu mets a cote de ton poignet et tu tranches dans le vif, surtout fais le dans ta chambre, c'est beau du sang vermeil qui coule, quand tu sentiras que tu vas mourir appelle tes parents en gueulant pour qu'ils te voient crever et qu'ils n'oublient jamais ça et qu'ils en souffrent à vie, et la tu auras ta récompense !!!!!!!!!!!
28 Sep 2002 djipy try to cross the atlantic ocean by swimming
28 Sep 2002 jennie pitchford I didn't actually realise that it would be read, but i have to say i'm not bothered either way. My intention isn't to distract people long enough to make them realise they're being irrational or make them calm down before they take their own life. That's bullshit if they mean it they'll do it anyway when nobody will find them or they won't stop thinking about it until they do.

I couldn't give a shit whether 13 year olds kill themselves or not, i've tried twice one with about 100 ibuprofens and the second time with three packets or extra strength sleeping pills and alcohol. Neither of which were successful but managed to land me in the local psychiatric ward with people telling me i was too pretty to want to kill myself. Dumb fucks make me sick
27 Sep 2002 billy have you ever had something horrible happen to you?, and the only person you can blame is yourself. you beat yourself up. then lick your self inflicted wounds. then comes the pity.
i am my own worst enemy, as the saying goes. i am tired of being tired, and the fruits of my labor taste like boiled cabbage. my tainted spirit is only aided by distilled spirits, so please have a drink with me, i need a friend.
26 Sep 2002 meet the parents My parents are the stupidest morons on the planet earth. They make dumb look brilliant. If the world was run by my
parents we would still be in the stone age. They have done so many things which are stupid... I'm lucky to be alive/but
thanks to them I still whish I was dead.

But here is the thing stupid people don't KNOW that they are dumb and then on top of that they try to act STUPIDER than they really are.

Remember, if you are dumb you can do anything and never take any responsiblity for it, even if you really know what you are doing.

Right, that is the biggest bunch of bullshit on the face of the earth.

That goes for friends, teachers, politicains etc too. If you do something really DUMB that hurts someone don't play the "I'M TOO DUMB TO KNOW what I am doing" game. There are only two types of people in this world, those that take
responsability for there actions and those who don't. The vicitims live with the consequences regardless, forever...
25 Sep 2002 Lee The best way I would say would be overdosing. Its easy, just swallow a bottle of pills, Ive tried failed cos of my mom.
25 Sep 2002 jennie To take all your mother's valium with one of your father's many bottles of whisky
24 Sep 2002 billy when i was a young one, weed, didn't know what it was. then i realized i should always stay high, the weed makes me happy alright, and if you feel like i feel, i got half on your dime.

twenty dollar hollas all day every day, come around my way, you will want to stay. cause the weed makes me happy and hungry is all i can say. fall asleep between the sheets catch me, mary jane bless me.
24 Sep 2002 Lucy Cortina SO..Sadham Insane is gonna bomb us, is he?
Of course, Lucy predicted this in her famous vision of '96. That is why she donated her boobsters to the British army most recently. Taking the initiative in order to save her proud country. "Our country needs YOU" and all that malarchy.
I suspect that they've sent one of my boobs off to the US to protect them too. Not that it will make a difference, when Mr Bush's ego explodes and showers the americans with its poisonous bile. I so hope that Mr Blair is on his walkies with his master when this happens.
Dark times are a comin.. you mark Lucy's words.
(Or breasts - don't you dare!!!)
24 Sep 2002 MR.B well now that i'm on probation i'm going even more crazy than i already was and resorted back to slicing my body open in different places to take away my pain. i'm going through many things in my life and it's becoming very hard to hold on. marijuana used to be what kept me together but now all i do is think about dying and commiting suicide

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