Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Apr 2003 darkness okay.. so what i will tell.. i am 18 years old girl, and i think that my only choice is kill myself.. i cannot take this shit anymore!!! i'm so fucking sick of it.. life is not for me.. it's only hell, day after day.. well.. nobody knows me, and that's good.. and nobody wouldn't care if i die.. TODAY IS THAT DAY!!! I WILL END MY LIFE!!! that's all.. goodbye...
07 Apr 2003 Jayne I'm actually almost 19, but i've been anorexic with severe depression for four years.. i tried to take an overdose when i was sixteen, but my parents found me. A little later i tried to slit my wrists but again, my mum walked in on me. I h8 life 2, i've had so much shit since i was a baby, everything else has just piled on top of it.. shit happens, all i can do is swim through it. There is one way to die that is possible at 13. Get a syringe a half fill it with air and water, then inject it into the vein in your neck or arm- i would suggest the neck- it will cause a little pain but isn't that worth it when it'll all be over soon?
The reason i haven't done it yet is because of my dad, but he is dying so once he's gone, i'll go 2.
we're not alone, but we may as well be.
06 Apr 2003 kay its weird, im 20 years old, and lately ive been feeling down about my life. im a sociology major at my school but i think i want to change my major... but it led me to thinking, god i want to just get the hell out of my school. i just want to get the hell out of this country and go to some island with palm trees and set up a little grocery store and a little house by the beach and be happy forever after. sounds crazy? then i started thinking, god i hate my personality, i hate the fact that i have this fear of speaking in my classes, and in front of new people. i hate the way i have this fear constantly running my life, it has built me into this person i dont want to be. i want to be this, i want to be that, blah blah. all my life, since i was in junior high school, i remember being in this endless depression cycle. i remember getting these migraines from all the stress i was putting on myself by not facing my fears. i hated the way i looked, i hated everything about myself, i hardly had friends. so i changed. in high school it got a little better, i started forcing myself to do things that i would normally be afraid to do, like talk to someone who would intimidate me. i mean, but the change was sLOOOOW, but i see myself now as im writing this and i see a totally different person, maybe not the person i want to be but one who would be crushed if i was the same as how i was in junior high. but i remember there was a point in time where i would wake up and take the subway to school, and every morning i would feel like (even though it sounds mad corny) rejuvenated. like, damn its so beautiful outside, and im so fucking glad to be alive and be here, i can do anything i fucking want to because i have total control over my life and only i have total control over my own happiness. not anybody else. not my parents, nothing. as i write this, i feel like, damn i wish i had those feelings running through my veins again instead of this dead feeling. i feel like im stuck, and i feel ashamed to think of suicide because it seems like a self pity tactic. but you guys, you guys have your whole lives ahead of you. you're too young at age 13 to think of dumb things like this. yea, sometimes you're gonna feel like nobody gives a shit about you or that you wanna just get the fuck out of whatever situation you're in, or that you want to make people feel responsible for your unhappiness.... but your feelings are all a part of your perspective. each and everyone of you have the ability to be insanely happy and live the life that you want to live. only you have this control, fuck everyone else, live your life and dont give someone else the satisfaction of seeing you down. its weird seeing me write this. my boyfriend had a pep talk with me about this stuff last night cause i felt like i was going crazy. but sometimes being happy seems so far away from my grasp, and he says that its really all mental. im going to try to change.
06 Apr 2003 otto Don't do this man!
Go get some firearm + ammunition and give hell to who makes you depressed like this, be advice!
Don't kill yourself dude, killing others is a good way to solve your problems.
Don't get fuck man! Do some fuck! Give them suicide! Make their heads cracked open!
06 Apr 2003 Chad Just put a WHOLE lot of pills together drink it with vodka. drink it and sit for 10 mins and then go to sleep and u will NEVER wake up again. im going to try. see yall in hell.
06 Apr 2003 ticran macdonalds, nike apparel and other instruments of american imperialism
06 Apr 2003 serban simply live another day, then another and so on. you won't commit suicide but you will kill the wish to die.
05 Apr 2003 pills blow not pills.. pills is the WORST way to kill yourself.. well i can't say the worst cause i haven't had experience in every other type of suicide. but if your overdose.. and "nothing happens" then that not overdose.. if you start puking.. then you know it's working. people don't seem to realize how pills kill you. you don't just fall asleep and not wake up.. you basically trip out in your head. like music and stuff just is too intense. fall asleep.. and wake up hurling fuckin shit everywhere man, u don't wanna puke your guts up for hours and hours.
I've been reading through and so many people are asking how can they kill themselves with pills.. so unless you're willing to puke for 7 hours straight ( that was 7 hours straight when the hospital was making me better so if i hadn't have been in hospital most, it likely would have been longer). don't overdose.. if you don't mind the violent throwing up, go for it, it's definitly the best way man. i'ts slow... very slow.. not painful.. just sickening.
05 Apr 2003 sarah suicide though however glorious or right it might seem, in the end, will never amount to what you're trying to do. if you're doing out of vengence, what the point if you're the one suffering in the end. if you want it for yourself, when you're alive, at least your mind can help you escape, but in death it's an eternity that may be far worse than what is here on earth. why bother, live out your life and prove those assholes who put you down wrong. they are not worth it. you're the only that matters!!! and OD is a very bad idea. if you don't die, the hospital and so called mental help is a bitch. all they do is sedate you till you die on the inside. get real help if you need it, but don't make a decision when your upset. im me if you like or email me at i be here, i might not be able to help you, but i'll be here if you want someone to listen
04 Apr 2003 bigbear If you are really under 13 and want to die just come to me and I will kill you... You'll enjoy it too. Even we can die together.
03 Apr 2003 Lucy Cortina I'm sorry Danny, but with my boobs, I don't want to..let's say "agitate" the situation. This is one mission Lucy's boobs will be taking a back-seat on.
Drunk, in the back of some dodgy Pakistani London-cabbie's taxi, yelling "Are youshh Osamshh Bin Binbag?"
03 Apr 2003 emma i don't know the best way to kill yourself, but i really need some help, plzzzzzzzzzzzz email me @
02 Apr 2003 Danny Keaton Lucy, come in Lucy. This is the D Train calling Lucy Cortina. Ive been trapped in some kind of worm hole, the entire SSSS brigades boobs are enlarging! This strange natural wonder will spread to the earth realm unless i stop it. You must help me Lucy, to fight this evil for the sake of humanity!
02 Apr 2003 Thomas Carlisle I'm not 13 but turn it around and you have my age. I want to commit suicide because I feel a sudden pressure. I feel like the flow of life is pushing me into something that I don't know of. Also because I still love a guy named Trey Thomas that I loved in high school I long for his embrace, but he is straight and his friends made that very clear in 93' when they harrassed me at the salon I was working at. All I wanted to do was love him and share life with him go fishing with him not pervert him and sit on the floor and eat take out while talking about god or whatever, go out to the bars, go to concerts whatever he wanted I was up for it. My mom doesn't accept me at all even though I still live in my parents house. I feel like there is too much that needs catching up in my life and homework is just one of them. I'm currently attending chattanooga state and feel tremendous pressure to come up with a major but my mind is blank. I was thinking of becoming a athletic trainer but my friends talked me out of it saying I'd get beat down looking at the athletes so much, so now my mind is a blank when I think of a major. I just wish I had Trey near me now when he's around I feel better about myself and I understand everything better and I feel loved. At school I feel like a freak especially when I see better looking guys and more popular guys than me and when I see guys who considered average or below by other people I feel every flaw that I have. It seems the popular people know more about themselves and like themselves and the ones who are not popular all they see in themselves is the flaws and believe that's all there is and don't know themselves.
02 Apr 2003 Chris Some say that we're insane because we talk about suicide. I'll prove them wrong. We are living a fucked up life in a fucked up world with fucked up people (like George.W.Bush & Saddam Hussein) all around. Here's what these people do and here's....

The De-Creation Story

In the beginning was the earth,
and the earth was beautiful
But the people living on the earth said,
"Let us build skyscrapers
and expressways."
So they paved the earth with concrete
and said "It is good!"

On the second day,
the people looked at the rivers and said
"Let us dump our sewage into the waters."
So they filled the waters with sludge
and said "It is good!"

On the third day,
the people looked at the forests and said,
"Let us cut down the trees
and build things."
So they leveled the forests
and said "It is good!"

On the fourth day
the people saw the animals and said,
"Let us kill them for sport and money."
So they destroyed the animals
and said "It is good!"

On the fifth day
the people felt the cool breeze and said,
"Let us burn our garbage
and let the breeze blow it away."
So they filled the air with carbon
and said "It is good!"

On the sixth day,
the people saw other nations and said,
"Let us build missiles
in case misunderstandings arise."
So they filled the land with missile sites
and said "It is good!"

On the seventh day,
the earth was quiet and deathly silent
for the people were no more
And it was good!

You see!, your own neighbour is trying to kill you! Why give him the satisfaction? Kill yourself and if possibly your enemy with you. Glory to the Iraqi who blew himself up and another four American soldiers with him!

On a different note:
After having one of mine in the 'favourite' section I think it's high time I gave you my e-mail address. Drop a line on anything I write or anything you want at
02 Apr 2003 kerry I am such a shite little person i mean i don't deserve to live and i can't write anymmoreeeeeeeee i just have no friends no life everyone thinks i iz a slut and i have neve had sex or anything. Life is shit
I need so much help i have depression
Sorrry for wasting your time!!
Kez xxxx
02 Apr 2003 Felicia It was foggy this morning. I went down the long front porch steps and found a lizard (salamander) scurrying under my house slipper. I picked it up and it practically flew out of my hand and attached to my night robe. I screamed and the little varmint took a wet dookie on me. The salamander was brave as it stared at me with its beady little eyes. In one second, he jumped off into the rose bush, then headed off to some adventurous journey far, far away, never to be seen again. Later, the fog cleared and I can see the boats passing under the Golden Gate Bridge. At a distance, I can see a big sillouette of Ghirardelli Square and the Coit Tower. A beautiful morning in April as I sip my morning herbal tea.
...and a new day which is absolutely ...breathtaking.
02 Apr 2003 Un ami un peu psycho À 13 ans, j'ai essayé de me pendre dans mon garde robe et la pôle est tombée. J'ai juste eu très mal au crâne, c'est donc pas une bonne méthode.
Après avoir tenté l'ouverture de veines, le saut en bas du pont, j'ai réalisé que la meilleure façon était d'engager un ami un peu psycho. Il te tue à sa façon, quand il le veut, toi, t'attends, c'est comme une surprise sans surprise.
02 Apr 2003 staciey, aka sai im not 13, im almost 15 now tho it all started when i was 12. once i reached 14, that was when i really wanted to commit suicide and here i am... just 5 mins after my 3rd try. i want it to succeed right now. why is it so hard to just end my life? this time i want it to work. the fucked up bitch, what u said was almost my life as well, except ive got anthropophobia (fear of people), that was one of my triggers of wanting to die. i couldn't talk to any one; i was so afraid of them. i dont know why... it must have been a sickness i developed at an early age. this caused me to get no help whatsoever. i couldnt talk to anyone. and yet the person i loved most (my mother) made we worse and worse each day, because what i felt 4 her was not the same she had 4 me. she gave me no attention at all - zip, zero. and the thing that hurts the most is that she does it out of ignorance... she doesnt even know that shes doing it. this makes me so mad, and it makes me want to pay her back by making her feel quilty and regretful once she finds out that she caused my death. living with my dad helped me a little to gain my self esteem but after a while, my dad will go insane and say things like him wishing i was never born. god, i want to die so bad. here i am... surfing the web 4 the quickest and most pain free way to kill myself and i come upon this web site who specializes in suicidal advice. at first i thought my chances of finding a site like this would be slim. it would be ppl who were telling u the total opposite... commiting suicide is a wrong thing to do. FUCK THEM. dont they know how i feel? they have no idea what kind of hell im living through. sometimes its too late 4 help. and thats the truth. either way they are going to die. so whats the point of saving them this time and them dying the next? my depression is at a point of total destruction. its not my fault i was not loved, sometimes these things happen because the ppl who raised u were not healthy parents. ive tried everything i could. and nothing works. i know that this is the only way 4 me... to die. so give men some advice on the best and most painful way to kill oneself. i dont want to die slowly from a broken heart. right now, at the pit of my stomach and right where my heart is is something heavy weighing it down. it hurts so bad that its hard to breathe. i dont want to feel this pain any longer. my email is i'll be needing all of your peeoples advice on this. and make please sure that it actually works... thnx

He was indeed found slumped on the bathroom floor, surrounded by pill-bottles.
On closer inspection, the bottles were found to contain labelling of a suggestive nature: they were infact laxatives - 2 bottles of Ex-Lax, 2 bottles of Immodium plus, and one containing muscle growth powder.
This draws conclusion to the suspicions of many Americans, that indeed Bush *does* suffer from the fast-food binge-stick.
Billy had infact been ejected from George Dubya Bush's arse.
It does not, however, explain the reasons why Billy (Blair) leaped from the bathroom floor and proceeded to flap his arms like a chicken and yell "They're here! The weapons of mass destruction!"
We soon realised that he was not referring to Mrs SadMa'm Insane, who earlier this week had confessed, "I could tell you where my hubby's been hiding his weapon of mass destruction!"
He was infact referring to the 2 bulbous objects staring him in the face - my cleavage.
He escaped through the fire exit. Actually, he dived into the toilet.
We are tracking his movements using ultra-sensitive radar (a ribbed condom) and we believe he is currently residing in warm and moist Australian bush land (No, not Kylie Minogue or Nicole Kidman). We expect devastating fires to ignite anytime in the *coming* week.
The investigation continues...

Lucy Cortina, Agent 00 oh oh what a feeling! of the SSSS.

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