Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
~Move on, you melodrama of life. Let no one call it a comedy, no one a tragedy, for none have held onto their reason to see it through to the End. Move on, you histrionic existence, where life is granted less merit than money is.
Why has no one returned from the dead? Because life does not have the persuasiveness that death has. Yes, death is quite persuasive if only one does not contradict it but lets it do the talking; then it is divinely convincing, such that no one has ever had an objection to make or has experienced a longing for return to the eloquence of life.
~Caring death... Become proud once more! Great is your compassion, and next to you there is no one who can speak a beautifully as the child whose sorrow gave him the name Cyren Hegesias, The Great Persuader of Suicide, and yet with his sorrow he deemed death as the only thing that makes life worth Living...
24 Mar 2003 Emerald take an overdose on drugs then lie in the middle of the street and fall asleep
24 Mar 2003 Robo I'm 16 years old and I wanna commit suicide. I just wrote my exams and i really fucked them up badly. i don't think that i deserve to live with these kind of studies. My parents are cool and my friends are too. But i hate my life. I look ugly. If only i had cyanide. that would be the best. I wanna have a painless suicide. Help Me.
24 Mar 2003 suicide... don't do it. All of us need help here and we don't know where to turn. THERE is a way to get help... call someone, tell someone... look in the mirror, do you even recognize who you see? Life is a gift and we all need to understand that. Any one can IM me i'll help you because I need help myself
23 Mar 2003 depressed Im fucking 14 and life has sucked since i was 11. i was doing well at school and then some new boy comes in and starts picking on me, im like wtf! piss off so he uses his 'money' to gain peoples respect, gets a load to bully me and shit so im like fuck, screw u all knock his fat ass out and go to a new school, which is for clever fucks which i did well but hate it, at home i get beaten by my parents and if i retaliate well im dead, then i saw a glimmer of was a game called runescape it was exellent the best thing to take my mind off it. then ive been playing for a while and my 'best' friend steals all my stuff... FUCK! that was my life! so i start again over 6 months then wen i share my stuff with people, BAM he does it again! Shall i end all now, or when im 18. All i have is music...
23 Mar 2003 odd nes Remove a cord from a standard household lamp. Attach the ends to a fork. stick it in your bum bum. plug the plug end into the wall.
23 Mar 2003 libs THe best way to commit suicide it to just get a hole of a gun.... and basically blow your brains out... but before you do, so you don't hurt people too much fake your death to see who would care. i tried this once, i took a gun and put blanks in it and then i took a pigs blood capsule and put that in the barrel. Then shoot yourself in front of your friends and if the people really freak out and like start crying then you would make an impact on them and DO NOT KILL YOURSELF FOR THE LOVE OF ALA, but if they don't cry they don't really care about you and go ahead (yeah screaming and running around doesn't mean they care, they only care if they cry) life is not that fun if you feel like shit, so have fun!
peace love and empathy
23 Mar 2003 Felicia - Your Guardian Angel in Disquise My offered suggestion. The world is a mess. The only way you can get out of this deep blue funk is by breathing. I see and hear people saying that committing suicide is stupid and they never tell you why. Committing suicide is too much of an easy way out. It's about as simple as opening a can of soda and drinking it. When people ask how they should kill themselves, it is because they are afraid to even attempt it. I can offer all the solutions in how one can kill themselves and offer imaginative ideas in how you can do it in a "dramatic way". But that would defeat my purpose in helping you. You know, I was walking one morning on an unpaved sidewalk in a city we always call "the place that Frank left his heart at" and happened to look at the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is the place I call home and I have many friends here. Though I am not homosexual, I have many homosexual friends and love all of them. I was talking to my friend Jimmy one day and he told me that I lacked common sense. I said, "Why?" Well, he said my place is a mess and it looked like shit, my home life is in shambles, my family sucks, and my Iguana is always starving. One day, I wanted to kill myself because I felt like it. Then I went to the search engine and found this website. Then I read about Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak's conversations, back and fourth, and it made me feel much better. Though I think Lucy Cortina may think that I have a few screws loose and she lost all respect for me, doesn't mean I can't look at her talented chats back and fourth with cool famous people with her momentous episodes of boob jokes. I laughed my ass off and said, "Gee, life is pleasant after all!” So you see, committing suicide is not fun. My friend, my young one, my old one, age doesn't matter, I feel your pain. If you can find one thing that makes you happy, go for it. Because you missed out on many things and people bring you down, doesn't mean you should end your life. It's sad to say that it will not bring someone close to you or love you more. You would just be a statistic. My suggestion is this, try something that you never attempted doing by taking a plane to a different town or country and see the world. If you can't afford it, save for it. I know that running away from your problems never helps, but taking a trip to see other countries or cities never hurt. Then explore what it would be like in a place that you never experienced before. My friend, life is full of new experiences. Look how beautiful it is in the sky at night and look out at the stars. Make a wish on every shooting one, and believe that wish. It’s when you don’t believe that you often fail. Wish yourself out of this deep blue funk and write the wildest things that you want to do. Buy a journal and write your dreams down. Do it as a favor for me? Please?

And by the way, don’t let the state of the world get you down. Don’t even think of it, just think of you for a change and relax. And first start with breathing better and treating yourself to a nice cool glass of ice water. Please! Don’t drown yourself! Because you will not be breathing!!! Purchase a set of headphones and listen to your favorite songs. The world around you can be put on hold for just a moment and remember try not to analyze it so much. Just relax.
23 Mar 2003 Felicia My definition of “W A R” is quite simple. I think of it as two spoiled little boys fighting over ownership of an expensive toy gun. Both parents of the boys hate each other. Neither party likes each other nor they both make a mountain out of a molehill. Hatred becomes the conclusion of the situation. Big “WARS” like the ones we face now all derive from the mentality. Jealous and spoiled grown up boys trying to conquer the world creating dissension for everyone and peddling each others governmental assets on missiles and military equipment, rather than helping the unfortunate starving economy and unstructured businesses rebuild. With all the useless spending spent on shells I would have bought a mansion and a yacht, along with a Porsche Boxter. Useless spending? No wasted time, unnecessary loss of lives, and less mansions with yachts.

Bombs or mansions? Take your pick. Gosh?! I would have had great boob surgery by now and had a reservation table at Liza’s party. Opps! Forgot, she cancelled out because of the war fiasco…darn!
22 Mar 2003 psycho me NOTHING!! don't let kids experiment with things like this, it isn't something to laugh about!!!! it isn't funny, you silly one!!!
21 Mar 2003 Karen Call 911.
Tell them you are going to slit your rists.
Tell them your adress.
Leave the phone off the hook.
Go into the kitchen and slit your wrists so that you won't actually die.
Scream really loud.
Keep screaming, but get quieter and quieter.
Make gagging sounds.
When you hear sirens make no sound.
When the police/medics/firemen come in slit your throat, and stab yourself while screaming threats, and promising to return and take their lives.
21 Mar 2003 Karen Cut off your right leg with an ax.
Then cut off your left leg with a chain saw.
Then cut off your right arm with a bread knife.
Then cut off your left arm with a butter knife.
Then take two forks, stick them in your ears, and twist.
Now cut off your head with a sharp rock.
If this all fails you can stab yourself with a rusty telephone pole.
21 Mar 2003 Mary-Annette Mackellar SO DAMN INSANE.
Some of us are weak, and some endure.
Some people live their lives with a violence that is pure and clean. But i saw a man cry once, down on his knees, in a corner of a darkening cell, and his pain meant nothing to me. But i was younger then, and young men never cry. When i walked out in the sun i was strong, clear-minded and Blind.
Remove my hand from your pocket. Pluck my eye from your socket. i am your secret sharer. Bleeding beneath your covers. Show me the texture of your pregnant tongue. Prepare my mind with abortion. Drown me with rose scented honey-milk. Configure my soul with your voice of silk. Why am i so cruel? Why do i Love you? Why are you so beautiful? ...Because you are cruel. ~m.gira
21 Mar 2003 Michael Mackellar THE CORPSE WHO TRIED TO PORTRAY MERCY.
~It is Over. My life is afloat. Here i am where my soul's yearning was, where the ideas foam with elemental rage, where thoughts arise boisterously like emotions in migration, where at another season there is a stillness like the profound silence of the Dead Sea, so that no one can hear oneself speak even though the movement goes on in one's interior. There where one every instant loses and regains one's life.
i belong to the Idea. When that beckons me i follow, when it appoints a tryst i await it morning and night, though it never calls at Noon. When the Idea calls i forsake everything, or rather i have nothing that would refrain from forsaking itself. i deceive nobody, i grieve no one by being faithful to the Idea, still my spirit would not become grieved by having to grieve another if that were part of the Idea. When i return home~ not the place where i belong, but the place where i live~ no one reads into my looks, no one deciphers in my countenance, no one extorts from my being an explanation which even i could not give to any other... as to whether i am blissful in gladness or despondent in madness, as to whether i have earned this Loss or Gain of life.
That chalice of inebriation is again awaiting before me. Already i exhale its fragrance, already i am sensible of its sweetly insensible music...
but first a libation to Her who saved a soul which sat for so long in the solitude of despair. Hail to Feminine magnanimity! Long life to the far-flung flight of Thought, to moral danger in the service of the Idea! Hail to the dangerous dance within the vortex of the Infinite! Hail to our histrionic existence! Hail to that breaking wave which drowned me within my own abyss!
And Hail to the breaking wave which shall hurl us up among the Stars!!
21 Mar 2003 Jessie Dunaway Don't kill yourself, you are only thirteen!! Ya, life right now may suck, but it will get better. Don't be stupid!! Down deep no one wants to die. suicide is not the answer! You may just need someone to talk to. If you are desperate someone on the internet would even work. Suicide is the answer. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't screw it up because you are scared of a challenge.
21 Mar 2003 LAUREN FUCK THAT! I took a bottle of tylenol you shit face, and guess what, i'm still here! You wanna know what this site is... it's a way for us fucking manic depressives to take our shit out. If you don't like it then don't read this shit
21 Mar 2003 ash hi my name is ashley i just moved from a place where i knew everyone since kindergarten i was popular life was great my friends were genuine... now im living here and don't get me wrong i have a lot of friends and i still live that popular life... but friends aren't genuine. no one cares all my best friend cares about is herself... u do good stuff to ppl and u get shit on.... i crashed my car recently and it's taken a month to get fixed i finally got it back and my mom won't let me drive it... and my friends get pissed cuz they are like my taxi service... my dad wants nothing to do with me... he only likes my brother who is now living with him back home... my step dad used to smoke weed in the house and physically abuse the familty finally they got a divorce after 10 years of hell... it just makes me feel like my mom picked him over me the whole time they were together. now she is with a 54 year old... old man and is gone constantly and today my best friend didn't pick me up for skewl cuz she's sick of driving me everywhere when i have my own car... and i called my mom and told her i have no way of getting to skewl she was gunna call my friend's mom and ask why but i told her not to... she did it anyway behind my back and now i look like a dumbass.... also i recently quit my job at hooters cuz i'd rather do drugs and get drunk... i tried to find another job... i got an interview at a telemarketing place but didn't attend it cuz i have no car and now my mom just found out about my 2 speeding tickets i've been hiding from here... i recently experienced with a new drug and i crave it now i've only done it once but i want it so bad.... well i guess this is why i wanna die.... i wanna go easily though i really wanna just overdose... will taking like anything like ibuprofen like the whole bottle of it work?...will it hurt? or will i just like fall asleep and die...
20 Mar 2003 SmallTown,MN I'm 15 years old i live in small town usa i guess u would call it that i have a lot of friends but they all make me mad. i don't know why i wanna kill myself i just know that i'm sick of living and i don't wanna wake up tomorow. i'm sick of school and of sports i just wanna die
20 Mar 2003 Lucy Cortina Idiot - I've never been serious about killing MYself, I dunno about the others. But if I need to read another post like yours, I probably will be.
20 Mar 2003 Sophia Tedman I don't think age really matters. The idea is to end it all. I am afraid of being in pain or missing, but luckily i live near a river, and in winter it gets really cold : I am hesitating between :
1- buying some kind of anestaetic, taking it and sleeping outside when it has snowed (I read that in a book somewhere)
or 2-jumping in the river during winter with a stone tied to my feet and passing out with a wad of chloroform. I am so deseparate, that if by my 18th birthday, my life has not changed for the better, I will kill myself. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is my parents, but I can't continue like this forever.

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