Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Dec 2002 ryan walk into a police station and go burt flump. then u get arse raped
the end
03 Dec 2002 billy - after my recent disappearance i was advised to hold a press conference and have an interview with some honest journalist, i don't really remember the name of the journalist, because i was stoned and it don't really matter. anyways, here are some of the questions and my answers.

Q: billy, after you went missing in action alot of talk started running around, so the question is where have you been?
A: when i was younger my mother always said "why don't you join the circus?" so, i wanted to live up to her dream. i got a job shoveling elephant shit for a travelling circus. the job itself was horrible, but the benefits was worth all the shit, free popcorn and all the mountain dew i could drink, plus the ring master's daughter put out, and you know and for mom.
Q: that sounds exciting, so then what happened?
A: well, when they started calling me billy the shit boy i knew it was time to rock and roll, when we got to great britain, i ran seeking refuge with an old friend.
Q: who was this old friend?
A: lucy cortina.
Q: hey, isn't she the one with the big...
A: yeah.
Q: was she suprised to see you?
A: this was the first time we ever met, i guess she didn't expect me to be so handsome, so she threw me under the bed, in attempt to hide me from her snotty british friends. she wanted to keep me all for herself you see.
Q: of course, so billy, how did you feel being under the bed?
A: i felt with my hands, unfortunately i didn't get to feel much of lucy, for when my hand crept from under the bed -WHACK- with the hair brush handle, it was a neat handle because it doubled as a scalp massager, it vibrated. all in all it was good, but i had to go.
Q: why did you have to go?
A: her sister kept sneaking under the bed and insisting i play dolls with her. you see, i am a manly american man i don't play with dolls, unless the have on camo and little plastic guns, it's the american way.
Q: so where did you go from there?
A: first i went to the hard rock cafe in london, then i went home, i was pretty tired by then.
Q: one more question billy, what has happened to your email address?
A: i received a piece of email from afghanistan, and like a dope i opened it. my poor pc got anthrax, he didn't make it.
02 Dec 2002 kelley davis shoelaces, safety pins, bite sized razor bits, a large container of chocolate covered popcorn kernals and a heating blanket to wrap yourself in after consumption, and a LOT of heroin with dirty dirty needles from a Ugandan STD ward
02 Dec 2002 ryan Sell all your belongings (to an arab) then take all your money and spend it on drugs. then get really wasted say when a carnival is on. then put a pole up your arse then jump arse first off of a high building. (for added excitement aim for the carnival queen)
this is the best way of killing urself cos you'll die happy and definitely make the front page.
02 Dec 2002 morgan hum.. hey i don't know if this is the right place to be asking all this but ok: i'm on my schools debate team and i'm writing a case on suicide and if anyone has links to websites that have articles saying suicide is good could you please send them to me? i'm having a hard time finding some things... thanks
01 Dec 2002 wonder i know it's a lil off the subject but here i go anyway... i'm 16 years old.. and it's kind of cliche.. but i lost everything i ever thought was too fairytale like to happen to me... for the past 4 months.. i've been contemplating whether or not i should commit suicide or not... these past four months, i have endured all the necessary pain possible as a 16 year old chic.. and also having a broken heart... it's a stupid reason.. yes, i know.. but i've been so suicidal.. i act like i am fine and doing alright in front of other people but that's not me... i've tried so many times.. but whatever i do.. it never works.. i don't know what to do.. i don't know how to heal.. i feel like a completely different person.. my soul was taken away from me.. my innocence stolen... my heart broken... i'm planning to commit suicide on christmas eve...
01 Dec 2002 Lucy Cortina I'm going to see the new Bond movie soon, *ooh!* that Pierce Brosnan is such a hunk! And Halle Berry reminds me of myself, in the bosom department.
I remember seeing in the newspaper a picture of Guy Ritchie and Madonna greeting the Queen at the premiere of the film.
Call me weird, but it seemed as though the Queen was secretly thinking as he looked at Madonna: "You - Mrs Ritchie. Me - Mrs VERY richy!"
Bless her cotton socks.
01 Dec 2002 elena eat candies, chocolate, french fries until your guts explode
01 Dec 2002 Lucy Cortina Billy, I'm more of a kitchen table, garden shed or beach party girl, if you know what I mean.
Anyway glad you're back! Did you enjoy our last rendezvous?
01 Dec 2002 billy in the morning when the sun breaks over appalachia, i am in that limbo between night and day, i like to walk downtown when the streets are empty, i am alone with my thoughts. they seem to echo off the tall buildings then come back to me in whispers, my thoughts. the city agrees with me. the new light from aloft makes everything crisp and clear. i can see for miles. i can walk for miles. just me and my thoughts. so where will my thoughts take me today?
01 Dec 2002 billy lucy, i would never go to a party that i knew had cucumber sandwiches, unless that is, i knew you would be there, then the party would move upstairs.
01 Dec 2002 Anna I'm fourteen, and want to die. I'm thinking of taking sleeping pills. How many do I have to take to ensure death? I don't want to wind up on the hospital, I don't want attention.
30 Nov 2002 kazzz killing yourself. if you want 2 do it , first try to talk to someone who has tried it. in 1 moment it might seem like the only way out, but you need 2 remember there's always light after the darkness.
I tried to kill myself 4 years ago, if it had worked then i would have missed so much.
if you kill yourself, you only take your own chances away of things getting better. and you hurt the people that do care about you.
30 Nov 2002 Adam Dovenitz act mentally retarded so u go to a mental hospital. then grab a dozen drugs and inject them
30 Nov 2002 Lucy Cortina Moucchie! I'm afraid you are committing suicide yourself my dear, by allowing these plebs to dominate your site. I thought a revolution was taking place, but things seem to have leaped back 2 years.
It's like when you throw a party but only the posh people with the delicate-etiquette are invited (Billy and myself), but a load of rough baldies in leathers crash the party. And they knock over your stacks of delicately prepared cucumber sandwiches, which tumble into your champagne fountains. And the sausage rolls end up trodden in the floor like dead soldiers.

I want back my Billy and I want him now...
29 Nov 2002 firehead mix your hairgel with gasoline... put some of that mix on your hair.. turn it on... be like me :)
29 Nov 2002 marcos build your own 13 story house... jump off the floor to fly... enjoy!
29 Nov 2002 candace castrate yourself, then overdose
29 Nov 2002 Jenna Hello again,
I spoke on here the other day about how angry I was with trying to talk to people about my depression, and I just have to say that I feel somewhat better after venting some of my frustration. I also enjoyed reading about other peoples problems and frustrations, I guess it made me feel not so alone, and I hope that what I wrote maybe helped someone else feel the same way.

P.S. Some chick put a poem on here and I thought it was a good idea, so here's one of mine....

"In The Dark"

The night is still.
The silence is painful.
I am alone in a world of endless
thoughts and dreams.
I can't get out.
I am forever drowning in the sea which
we call "life".
Fighting for a breath of air,
but never quite reaching the surface.
I am at war with myself.
I am at war with the world.
Fighting for someone to see me.
I reach out, but my touch is invisible.
I want out, but I can't see my way.
Endless darkness is all I see
before me.
I fear I will never see the light
28 Nov 2002 Rodrigo Some things are beyond words, beyond comprehension, beyond forgiveness. I use to think that once i had succeeded in ending my life that no guilty conscious could possibly exist, so why not just do it and get it over with ??? I still mourn the random death of innocents; the death of innocents and the death of innocence. From the day i first drew breath, i stood alone, seperate, without love, without family, without hope. Nothing is more unpredictable as life, and change can strike like lightning. I always wonder about the life i've missed.... bravery just isn't enough is this world.

I'm not going to be the guy you blame for ruining your life, your choices are your own, the future is not fixed.
Things don't always turn out the way you plan, no matter how hard you try and it's sometimes for the best, even if it means sacrificing a little beauty, to safeguard the beauty that already exists.

It's so hard to find the strength to do what's right, but my resolve is greater then ever.

I find that u people have all the potential in the world and not the first idea how to use it

So go ahead and do whatever it is u want to do to yourselves, i can't stop you if that's what you really want.


It's funny how u can see someone everyday but not really see them

Dying is easy, Living is hard

Believe me, i wish i could just wish away my felings, but i can't. This is the only thing i can do for you people.

SO the question is how long are u people going to keep running away from ur problems ????????

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