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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Mar 2003 Lucy Cortina When I first came to this site I was jut a suicidal freak called Lucy, with larger-than-average 'bloomers'. I used writings from a book I was reading at the time to get my, er, 'talents' noticed. Which ain't easy when you're among suicidal people!
In musical terms I did a "cover-version" which presented my vocal (and breastial) skills to the world.
Since then I've (they've) literally been 'thrust' (*ooh!*) into the limelight, which is where I've (they've) remained.
Like Madonna, a bit of re-invention (and a few new bras!) was necessary. If no-one bought my records (or prodded my tits), and I didn't remain in the Top 10 (Mouchie's "favourites" list) then I would have floated away like a fart in space.
So, just like we're stuck with the likes of awful Aguilera, Britney Spears, etc. in this world, you are stuck with me, until I start turning to pills and booze to escape my showbiz life.

Now, if we can't resolve this conflict Michael - and I extend my bosom in the name of Peace - then let's start throwing our dollies at each other.
I have a new stock of bras just ready for action...

"We come in peace".
05 Mar 2003 Lucy Cortina Know the feeling Michael. It's like The Osbourne's. Sure, Ozzy is ok. But then comes Jack. And the dreaded daughter Kelly to murder a Madonna track.
Keep the family away! This site is not for children!
05 Mar 2003 Michael Mackellar In case any one is wondering... i caved-in last week. It was in consequence of reading far too many back catalogue postings by some wanker named Lucy Focking Cortina.
Needless to say, i have never been more offended by myself.
"The Higher Madness" awaits...
What ever happened to Sad King Billy?????????
05 Mar 2003 Lucy Cortina Felicia, I used to have the utmost respect for you until you started "dissing" and making a mockery out of my lushibuous breasts.
And they have feelings too!!!! They're a bit upset by all the press attention they have been getting recently. Forget about Justin Timberlake "grabbing Kylie Minogue's ass" being all over the news. Now it's just my tits. Reporters have such filthy minds! Shows how shallow the world is. I can't base my career on my chest, I have other qualities too! (Besides, it would fall off my chest). For example my eye lashes. They are so delicate, like silk.
05 Mar 2003 Dominique Mackellar [IT'S NOT] i keep going round and round on the same old circuit/a wire travels underground to a vacant lot/where something i can't see interrupts the current/and shrinks the picture down to a tiny dot/and from behind the screen it can look so perfect/but it's not//So here i'm sitting in my car at the same old stoplight/i keep waiting for a sign but i don't know what/so red turns into green turning into yellow/but i'm just frozen here on the same old spot/and all i have to do is to press the pedal/but i'm not//People are tricky/you can't afford to show/anything risky/anything they don't know/the moment you try/kiss it Goodbye//So Abbie, kiss me like a drug/like a respirator/and let me fall into the dream of the astronaut/where i get lost in space that goes on forever/and you make all the rest just an afterthought/and i believe it's you who could make it better/though it's not
04 Mar 2003 Hold on!!! okay, one more time, alcohol and drugs is NOT a good way to kill yourself as it can lead to painful kidney damage without killing you or you might end up choking on your own spit. If you can access the internet do a little research
04 Mar 2003 sonia je trouve votre site vraiment decevant et contre nature vous devriez vous faire soigner avant tout
04 Mar 2003 Felicia - Your Guardian Angel Dear Lydia,
I know that in life, we feel entrapped by discouragement and despair in this world. Because the economy is so bad, it’s even too expensive to ask for Dr. Kevorkian’s much needed assistance and it’s hard to find which pill to end never-ending turmoil. We all live through these horrible feelings each day and it’s maddening. Watching, reading the news, and countless evenings viewing “American Idol” doesn't help either. Living life under the scrutiny of a not so understanding family environment, unsupportive peers with toxic thoughts, is entrapment and emotionally draining. There is only one option that you and I can seek. That is to have peace amongst ourselves. We try to go through life trying to seek the approval of others but we shouldn’t let it go too far by contemplating on taking our own lives. It’s a family or friend issue that must be resolved and misunderstandings between you and them should be nipped in a bud. As you know, feeling hopeless and incompetent results from the lack of communication.
First, find something in your heart that means something to you, like your goals and dreams by making it happen. Second, observe your surroundings, such as purchasing a personal journal or scratch pad, hide it under lock and key, and remembering to write down good thoughts: Lifetime goals – short term/long term, positive quotes, pros/cons and future dreams. Refer back to it whenever you get depressed, just to lift your spirits. Throw in a few funny comics, pictures or write positive or true to life quotes from your favorite book, our your very own poem. Make jewelry. Start a fashion design trend, take pictures of the boys you like, first ask for their permission though, if they refuse, go to the next boy that you like. Have many positive contacts and friends overseas, but be sure to choose your chat mates wisely.
Don't react. Think first… and take a deep refreshing breath of fresh air outside. At this time, get busy and occupy your thoughts with positiveness, by observing the beauty outside that surrounds you and within rather than being negative and being down. Because... in the future you will find someone to love and they will find you. Give that special person a chance, and first begin with you.... Always.
This day is the beginning… chances are always blessings.
03 Mar 2003 de la selza Perform an exorcism on a Britney Spears CD. When the evil bitch is outta there, it may push u upwards as she flies into the sky and u bang ur head on the roof = death.
03 Mar 2003 jasen stewart Let's get down to the proverbial brass tacks gentlemen. There is no need to stygmatize suicide as some form of heretical injustice to society and the people around you. In fact, suicide has the noble distinction of being the ultimate act of self-determination.
03 Mar 2003 kinkyfairy What's this??? The Mackellar family a la "The Osbornes" stylie. SHARON!!!!!!!
03 Mar 2003 Tristan Mackellar THE SUN ARISES IN DARKNESS Every product of disgust capable of becoming a negation of the family is Dada; a protest with the fists of its whole being engaged in destructive action: Dada; Knowledge of all the means rejected up until now by the shamefaced sex of comfortable compromise and good manners. Dada; abolition of logic, which is the Dance of the Impotent to create. Dada; of every social hierarchy and equation set up for the sake of values by our valets. Dada; every object, all objects, sentiments, obscurities, apparitions, and the precise clash of parallel lines are weapons for the fight. Dada; abolition of memory. Dada; abolition of archaeology. Dada; abolition of the prophets. Dada; abolition of the future. Dada; absolute and unquestionable Faith in every god that is an immediate product of spontaneity. Dada; elegant and unprejudiced leap from harmony to the Other sphere, trajectory of a word tossed like a screeching phonograph record; to respect all individuals in their unavoidable folly of the moment: whether it be serious, fearful, timid, ardent, vigorous, determined, enthusiastic; to divest one's church of every useless cumbersome accessory; to spit out amorous ideas like a luminous waterfall, or coddle them... with the extreme satisfaction that it doesn't matter in the least... with the same intensity in the thicket of one's soul, pure of insects for blood wellborn, and gilded with bodies of Archangels.
FREEDOM: Dada Dada Dada, a roaring of tense colors, and interlacing of opposites and of all contradictions, grotesques, inconsistencies: LIFE.
03 Mar 2003 jasen stewart think of a clockwork orange theme...... strapped to a chair with toothpicks propping your eyelids, forced to digest hours of david schwimer movies......... death shall ensue shortly thereafter
03 Mar 2003 Felicia How To Give Water To A Dead Horse

“ Number one the horse is dead; so you flip him over with mouth open face forward towards the boat, positioned belly up. Then you tie a few ropes, loop the rope to a pulley, and rev your engine to sail using Lucy Cortina’s 40 DD bra. The water will surely go into the dead horse. Though you try to make sense of the whole thing, you’ve accomplished your goal. Never think that anything is impossible, because ‘impossible is but a word’. But never kill yourself for the sake of having to end a miserable life, because you never know what’s on the other side… it could be your Mother-in-law or someone you really can’t stand.”

End of story.
03 Mar 2003 mbday Yes!, I just turned 33, I am old. I can commit suicide and truly say that I have already lived the best years of my life.
In 7 years I'll be 40! Holy shit. Who cares if I end it now or not.
02 Mar 2003 Steffers When you're under 13... I believe the ways to commit suicide are similar to those of my age group... I am 17, deep vertical cuts along your wrists are the best, and to then lay in warm water to make the blood flow more quickly. Also, a good and painless way is vicadin and Jack Daniels... a lot of it, especially with mental meds
01 Mar 2003 lydia I have soluble asprin and paracetamol tablets, how many do i have to take before i die? has anyone taken these and narrowly survived, how does it feel? does it hurt? what happens if u dont take enough. I dont want to hurt my parents but there is nothing else to live 4. Only thing holding me back is the fact i dont want to screw their lives up. doubt anybody will find me for days-its sad.
01 Mar 2003 dez tell mom and dad that you are/ got someone- pregnant. play chicken in the middle of a railroad with the train coming and no one but yourself is around.
28 Feb 2003 YYYYYAAAAAAAKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Slowly happily, without no complains... dying in silence YAAAAAAKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
27 Feb 2003 Michael Mackellar Has anyone seen "Lord of Illusions"? i tend to feel that the way Swann faked his own demise was pretty slick. If anyone could actually pull that off, and manage to get it recorded on film... They would have my vote towards being served a ranking of 'best'. Just make certain you capture it all in Real Time...

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