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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Apr 2003 adree voila ce que j'ai retenu :
-reperer une voie de chemin de fer ou le train ne passe pas trop souvent : ainsi vous aurez le temps de prendre (trop) de somniferes et de vous endormir sur les rails
-commettre un crime dans l'Oklahoma (ou un des 30 etats des usa ou on pouras vous soulager)
-insulter un chasseur
-overdose de drogue dure (classique mais son avantage : facilement realisable)
16 Apr 2003 ILLaToMiC (Preachin' da WERD) WORDS, So fukin many WORDS, FUCK WORDS! Fuck all the WORDS on this site, Fuck all these WORDS I type! WORDS are cheap thaz why there so miserbly plentifull, WORDS aint shit! ACTION iz Benificial so Stop reading and kill yo self Bitch! Say WERD...
16 Apr 2003 ILLaToMiC Jump off a really high building, I'd suggest at least 6 storys and not much higher because U want it to be quick.
16 Apr 2003 Monique did anyone else recieve an email saying that mouchette wanted to give up the website to them?????
i'm a little confused, someone help me out here :s
16 Apr 2003 Mr Mystery Dear Piss off,

U seying peepole wit bad gremmer und hoo cent spel wont comit sueicide?

You sound like a 15 year old punk that's just pissed off at his parents because they took away your playstation, and now your scared because you hit puberty and strange things are happening.


16 Apr 2003 Piss Off Does anyone know how to spell or use correct grammar? Of the people that posted in this room, how many of you have taken English??? No wonder you are too stupid to commit suicide. You can't even read or write.
15 Apr 2003 marcelo smelling me
15 Apr 2003 MediaHero When I killed myself and I was under thirteen, I went to the ocean an swam out to a sandbar and began drinking the salty water. It took some time and did not taste good but it worked
15 Apr 2003 super the best way is to read all the books your teachers give you
15 Apr 2003 The Priest lots of tylenol pm, some strong liquor like rum or vodka and then go to sleep the eternal slumber.
14 Apr 2003 suicidal chic the best way to kill ureself is to take a whole bottle of ibuprofen because it will thin ure blood out OR take a wholle bottle of morphine and take a bath so u'll drown ;)
14 Apr 2003 oscar braemore begin to forget you are alive before you are older than 13. be careful: do not remember to forget & do not remember this either. in a box, only yourself you find.
14 Apr 2003 Sara Marie Asphixiation
14 Apr 2003 dan i have take 40 sleeping pills, that did not work. I sat in my garage with the car running for 3 hours, that did not work. I jumped off a bridge....but the damn water was to didn't work either. The only true, painless, and quick way; I believe, is a gun to the head. Preferably a 357 magnum.
14 Apr 2003 Mr Mystery Hey everyone, I've been getting a few responses for help, that's great.

If you want to talk, or just have someone to tell your story to and give advice, give me an e-mail.
14 Apr 2003 Cameleopard To pose nude for a mafia-operated Ukrainian kinder porn site. I killed myself in similar fashion three times and rolled away a richer girl for having done it. In Japanese magazines I was regaled, oggled and feasted upon, highly esteemed especially for my second performance (my first fully post-mortem) where I purportedly "lost the cheeky rose blooms and discomfit posturing" (Yamasaki, 1997), though the luster had worn away for the third shoot, in which I "lost all momentum, posed stiffly with cataract eyes contemplating other misdeeds" (Yamasaki, 1998).

Sadly, ordering the Ukraine to be delivered via mailorder is not yet possible and the packaging is as yet unwieldy - bulky with extraneous pointed edges begging to be snagged on skin, clothing and other nations. On the upside there are numerous outlets offering the Ukraine at fair discounts and it is most certainly true the product is potently lethal, immediately inhibiting inhalation post-splaying before the unscrupulous instruments of its execution.
14 Apr 2003 dead Drugs could fail, leaving you with serious side effects for life. Cutting your wrists or hanging takes too long, and isn't very effective. More likely to get you in a psych ward. Gas is the way to go. Not explosive gas that could hurt others, and not carbon monoxide from a car (takes too long). Any gas that displaces oxygen will kill you quickly, but you have to seal the bag around your head so it won't fall off when you pass out (or fill an entire room, which could hurt others when they find you). Best of luck to us all. I'll meet you on the other side.
14 Apr 2003 mark Hey, life is a journey. We all have a personal legend that we can follow if we choose to. Most people don't want to deal with finding out the truth of life because it can be scary. The truth is the scariest thing for everybody. The truth that i'm talking about has nothing to do with what kind of person you are, if others like you, etc. The only truth that makes sense is that there is no good and bad in the world. Only our judgments make things good or bad. One of the greatest ones is that no one else has any power over our lives. We are the only ones who can decide to do or feel anything. We have just grown up in a society that has approved blaming other people for our unhappiness. We are the ones in control of our lives. It is hard to admit it, it is easier to just blame others for our shortcomings and unhappiness than to persuing what we really desire. It is ourselves that make life look impossible, not anyone else. If you would like to find out more about living life in a whole different way, e mail me. I support you in what ever it is that you want, because any dream or desire you have is open for your taking. Thanks for reading what i wrote. I am going to be in the Colorado area next year so talk to me. maybe we can go play in the snow. --Mark
13 Apr 2003 nomeD cilegnA FOREVER YOURS
Rise up from the river,
rise up in your grave,
rise up from your prison cell,
rise up inside your rage.
Release your hatred,
and release your grief...
give them to me.
Hide your face from the camera,
hide your skin beneath my touch.
Close the door to your bedroom,
close the eyes i Love to watch.
Show us the reason
revenge is the key...
then take it on me.
Now the yellow light's still bleeding
deep beneath your warm red sea.
Still silent in the soft black room,
your naked body kneels.
So hold me beneath a river
that is flooded with your pain...
then drown me.
i am just your servant
that swallows down your hook.
No God would dare replenish
the life or joy i took.
And i am the faceless Angel
who Lives through your allure...
there is no cure.
So rise up for the slaughter,
rise up from your muddy lake.
Rise up with your arms outstretched
and hold me while i beg.
My mouth it tastes like honey,
because you live on within my skull.
Now let me go...
And i shall be Forever Yours.
~AnGeL Of LiGhT
13 Apr 2003 Lucy Cortina Billy, I like the style of your quotation marks better than mine. Where did you get them? Why can't I have any?
it's ok for you, you can just have a little implant to give yourself tits if you wanted to. No one cares for girls wanting quotation marks. Hmmphh!

Oh, my latest mission, by the way, is to investigate the theft of Britney Spears' breast implants (god forbid!), and the theft of Kylie Minogue's underwear collection. There was also mention of an attempted raid on Christina Aguilera's mansion. I think someone wsas trying to steal her makeup collection. She wears so much of it that it is worth billions, as she only buys in bulk.
I will inform you all of the results. Well, I suspect the results would be that Christina would never leave the house again. Britney would use a ballon pump to fill her fakie-less tits with air, and Kylie would just wear no underwear. Which some people might like...

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