Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Nov 2002 emmanuel Se suicider jeune permet sans doute de profiter plus longtemps de la mort
15 Nov 2002 marie avaler une Barbie
15 Nov 2002 fuck you does not matter, as long as you die
15 Nov 2002 Clare u overdose on alcohol and pain killers (all the medicine in your medicine cabinet), im gonna try that, did u know im 13, i think its a great idea.
14 Nov 2002 Georges and Joe se suicider avec du yaourt périmé, plein de cyanure, et flingue sur la tempe, la corde au cou et en haut du 10° étage. Suicide réussi garanti.
14 Nov 2002 Peachie Suicide is not so much the desire to die, as it is the fear of living, but anyhow, umm, i don't think i know the best way.
14 Nov 2002 jaydon i'm jaydon and 17. i have as some would say made some fairly ordinary ways of trying to leave this earth. they call them cries for help or even an excuse for not facing reality. as a byproduct of suicide attempt is long councilling... i am serious and through doctor shopping have gained 400 valiums 5 mg. i am wondering if this mixed with alcohol will this kill me
13 Nov 2002 wierd phsyco chic Hey my life is really fucked up at the moment and i have seriously considered suicide a lot but haven't got the guts so i just self harm instead. ARGH!!!!! Lyf sux, the only thing that keeps me goin is my music and my mates. HELP ME PLEASE! I can't stand my shitty life no more! MY MIND IS SCREWED UP!!!
13 Nov 2002 gigi hey ive just been bulied at skoool i want to really hurt the guy. wot shall i do??? plz reply
13 Nov 2002 Sandi Well I'm 17, but I've been 13, and I'm still in the same state of mind. I wanna tell all those people who come to this site and tell you folks that you're selfish and that everything will be allright to STAND 1 DAY in a depressed person's shoes, then try and say everything's gonna be ok! It's hard to think of the future when you think everyone hates you, you're failing school, your family sucks. Teachers and preachers really don't give a shit as long as they're gettin paid! It's an Illness, not a frame of mind! If you think it's selfish for US to Want to commit suicide how much more selfish is it of YOU to think we deserve to live in this shit hole where we feel like this!!!! If you actually cared get off your LAZY fat computer geeked out ass and tell those depressed (supposedly loved) people that you in fact do Love them and how about this for a novel Idea, SPEND SOME TIME WITH THEM AND PROVE IT!!!!! if you can't do this think twice about calling us selfish!!!!

And if you have been here before, give a testimony and some support instead of some ridicule of how you can do it why can't they.

Thanks for putting this site up, especially for kids, It helps to know people feel the same and sometimes (rarely) care.
12 Nov 2002 Ronis Hi, if you are really considering to kill yourself, maybe better come to Latvia (little country in an eastern Europe). Start your new life here. I could help. See ya.
12 Nov 2002 nachtwandernde There are many ways to kill yourself. But you can not be proud of knowing this. You should feel ashamed to think about something like this. If you still want to live on and on, you're allowed to feel brave. Life is difficult and it´s a chance to learn and to make experiences. Don't lose it! Use it!
12 Nov 2002 billy i am back. i don't have an email any more, sorry i'll get one soon. thank you for your support lucy, jeanie, mouchette.

i didn't mean to stay away so long. i didn't mean to stay awake so long. when it comes down to it, i know you'll be there. when i come down from it, i know you'll be there. i'll see you soon. you'll see me soon.

mouchette if you don't believe it is me, you beta-test me.

12 Nov 2002 Mark I remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old I started to think about what it would be like to be dead. I had been alive for almost a decade and felt that there must be something better. Life was really difficult and so many people seemed to not really care about me. They were adults a lot of them and I was amazed at how off track they all seemed to be. Who was going to help me? I became very introverted as the only person I could trust was me and "I" seemed to have little or no say in the curcumstances of my life. Or did I ? Death seemed worthy of contemplation at least and I spent quite a bit of time doing that. How would I become dead? That was another good topic for deep contemplation. Introverted people do a lot of contemplating as it is basically an inward solo process. I am older now and death and suicide are an ongoing theme with me. Recently it has become more complicated and in a strange way that is interesting. A lot of people top themselves and are sucessfull, wouldn't mind chatting with one of them but so far it has not happened. Have not given up hope. I talk with spirits a lot, you know, people on the other side and sometimes from the future. Do I sound like I'm a little crazy? Wouldn't mind chatting with people on these and related topics. Help me if you can, I might be able to help you. Now that would be strange.
11 Nov 2002 mulhedu Orveloo. Overeat.
10 Nov 2002 Matt D Jump on a table saw and cut urself in two, then pick up a 12-gauge shotgun while you're bleeding all over the place and blow ur brains out. Slitting your wrists rarely work. I did that a lot and obviously I'm still alive. Maybe someone can kill me for myself.
10 Nov 2002 replying to nobody replying....

Yep not 18, but 17 though is that ok aswell?
10 Nov 2002 Skippy Make yourself late for the bus, start brushing your teeth while running to catch your bus. Accidentally fall and the toothbrush will go through the back of your neck and kill you.
10 Nov 2002 Rian Personally, i think the best way of killing myself would be when everyone's not home, take LOTS of sleeping pills and tie a scarf really really tight around ur neck to cut off the circulations. It's not painful and very easy. U can buy the stuff in any market store and nobody would even knows it.
10 Nov 2002 lala That is absolutely ridiculous! I just came across this site because of school, we are debating on whether suicide is selfish, and I can tell you, it IS selfish! It's cruel and proves that you couldn't give a damn about all your friends and your family! I think everyone hear should realise that suicide is not the answer, and there is better things to do!

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