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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 May 2003   i think this is a dumb website. whoever created this shame on you. specially for 13 years and younger. you should teaching that suicide is not good and prevent it not trying to show them to do it. if you are thinking of committing suicide the only way out is God and his is the only way out. May bless everyone.
06 May 2003 Stud Sleep with a Yo-Yo ball!
06 May 2003 tonkin right got to tell u all one thing. pills are most painful way to do ur self yeah. they destroy ur liver and u are still alive you will slowly die a painful death because ur body cant break down the poisons. well u think they can knock me out wrong. to those to take affect they have to go through ur liver to b prosseced through the body and with a fucked liver well pain pain pain... jump of a buildin u have fun fallin
...just tryin to help cos im not sucidal me just b very carfeull. and if you jump blow yourself up and that. think about the people who have to clean the mess up look at to see the results on wot you look like when u commit suicide and wot mess they have to clean up. think of others than just yourself.
you want me to tell you wot happen when you commit suicide eg the pain involved and that like the pills and wot cleanin up and that mail me dont b daft cos when u die there will always b pain
05 May 2003 REJ hi everyone. My name is ross and I have a serious problem. I got dumped about 7 months from today (today is 5/5/03) and I am having troubles. My ex-g/f can care less about me even though we hang out and claims to be my friend. My friends think im annoying. My parents think I am a mistake. I am a dork. I play and talk about videogames a lot, watch T.V. a lot, and play no sports. I like science-fiction stuff and I like comic books. Not a lot of people like me. People pick on me for being short and a wuss. I don't deserve to live. I would love to kill myself, just to see what people would do. I would be better off dead. No one would even change or even cry. In fact, everyone would be better off. My Mom once told me on my 15th birthday that I ruined her life. I wish I was never born. Everyday, something happens and I plot in my head "I am going to kill myself when I get home". I have tried hanging myself but I am too afraid to pull it off. One time I took some pills but I didn't die. Everytime I am about to kill myself, I think that I have something to live for. Then it ends up that I don't. Any good ways to kill myself immediately?
05 May 2003 mark Sorry I couldn't get the pills. I'll try again tonight
04 May 2003 carla-selene why would u kill yourself wen your only 13?
04 May 2003 Jordan start counting very slowly while you wiggle your toes and tap your fingers against the glass while i push it down against you
03 May 2003 mark people who are suicidal shouldn't be called stupid or weak. Suicidal people are just regular people who want out. It's true that killing urself wont bring back the dead or get you a better life, but you will leave this world which is enough for me. When you die all there will be is nothingness. So only kill urself. If u accept what will happen try to od on sleeping pills with a bag over your head youll get painlessly asphixiated in ur sleep. I'll try to try this method tonight. I'll write again tomorrow if it didnt work, or I couldnt get the sleeping pills. If it does work, keep an eye on the news or the paper for a 12 year old kid named MARK. Hope to die soon.
03 May 2003 Felicia Want excercise? Get a wet doggie.

There I was, tired with frustration and observing the wet dog. “Clint!” I yelled out. The dog was trying out my patience again, running frantically in circles around the pool. It was as though he was a helpless child that dropped a prized toy in the bottom of the pool. Actually it was one of those red Kongs; a rubber-like ball the shape of a pyramid shaped “Devo” hat. I wondered, now where can I locate that pool net? I checked the sauna room, nothing; I checked the room that operated the Jacuzzi pump with heater and sauna jets, nothing. More impatient, my brain lost all sense of memory and then a light bulb appeared on my head. Check behind the Cabana, and alas! There it was! I went down the steps by the Cabana and dragged a long pole, about ten feet long to the edge of the pool. With determination I eyed the “kong” at the bottom of the pool, penetrating the net all the way down by the drain. Instantaneously, I tried to scoop the Kong with the net, but it fell over despite the great effort. Augh!! I grunted in exasperation. Running back and forth around the pool, flowers, Jacuzzi rocks, while stampeding over me, like a wet elephant, as I lay to get the Kong, Clint, jumped into the shallow part of the pool and got wet. It was as though a bear with wet fur was frolicking around the lake for its prey. Out of frustration Clint stopped and eyed the Kong, coming up with the net, from the bottom of the pool. I gently glided the Kong to the shallow part of the pool within Clint’s distance. There he began prodding his face into the pool from the ledge, and using paws trying to scoop the Kong up.
And for the third time it fell to the bottom of the pool again.
With the fourth attempt out of frustration I grabbed the Kong myself and threw it down the pebbled stairs. Forgetting to close the slide door as Clint ran into the house with wet and muddy paws on beige white carpet, I sighed temporary relief, then closed the gate on a cold chilly evening.

So much for previous carpet steam cleaning and wet dog.
03 May 2003 seth there's no tablets left
there's no reason 2 live
i want out
and i want it asap

i've done it so many times
but the tablets just don't work
i ca'nt strangle coz it's 2 slow
i dont want help
i just want out

this ain't a joke
this i just can't cope
the cuts just aren't deep enough
i don't want hassle
i don't want 2 talk
i just want out
and i want it asap

this isn't meant 2 be a poem or song
it's just the way it came out

if u know how...
when where or why
if u want 2 pull the trigger
or be there when it happens
just do and don't hesitate
03 May 2003 Anonymous I'm not under 13 either but i have experience with suicide, i know this is not my place to say but suicide is not a good way to solve your depression.

I've tried different ways to kill myself and they're all painful, there is no painless way in the world to ever die and remember that.

please talk to someone about your problems if you can't seem to find a way out. and you really have to remember that your sadness will go away; you will never ever feel this bad again once you learn how horrible death will actually feel.

death is painful, there is no higher pain.
02 May 2003 Felicia-Your Advisor, The Next Dear Ann Landers Dear Depressed 24/7

You know, if you feel you are leery about being infected and money is not the option at the moment, please go to the nearest Planned Parenthood center for a diagnosis. This will clear your conscience through your horrible crisis, and give you back your sense of self worth. Violence in the streets is ever so prevalent in this world as well as at home. Feeling entrapped or entrapment, the feeling of being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea can drive one to deep depression. I support you through your hardship with sincerity. Please be gentle to yourself, and for the both of us, give yourself a hug. Realize that with every gray cloud in the sky, there is a silver lining.

As for the life of your two year old, please understand that contemplating on killing yourself is not a solution. A two year old needs his or her mother. A two year old without a mother is the greatest sadness in the world. Whether or not you have a disease, doesn’t mean life should end. If you are unable to handle life in general, seek the help of a friend or close relative. If all options are unavailable, come back to this site and have a talk with me, or talk to a suicide crisis center, because living the pain of living life on your own can be very scary. Hold strong to your convictions that all misery will soon pass and believed that things could only change for the better… only if you allow it to

Being isolated from friends who believe you have something contagious were not friends to begin with. A friend is one who sticks by you no matter what the circumstance is. Make new friends; get involved in organizations that support the less unfortunate. I found that volunteer work helping others has opened my eyes to other possibilities, and gave me additional help by just word of mouth, especially with your circumstance. If this is not for you and you feel there is never time, suicide should not be your option. Stare the fear out and have faith in yourself. Don’t believe the negative jargon that you hear, but stay with the positive. Stay away from negative people from now on.

This is not the end, but the beginning.

- Sincerely - Felicia
02 May 2003 Liz i am 13, and i really wanna die right now. the only thing holding me back is the memories that i will miss with my friends, and some of my family. how many pills will it take 2 kill yourself so i dont mess up? i dont wanna go 2 hell but i dont wanna be here either! email me with answers
01 May 2003 Lucy Cortina This just ain't funny anymore. Whoever offended God in my name must step forward now. Why does he hate me so much??
Surely he can't be jealous of my ability to grow such strong, healthy boobies? I mean, they were even bigger than Buddha's, and God planned to spike Buddha's jam doughnuts with Bust-reductO juice in the end.
I long to see the day when Britney Spears is aged 50 and still dancing around in bed-sheets and skirts that barely cover her ass. Well, she covers her face with makeup anyway, so we never get to see the real ass. Anyway, she's dancing at age 50, when suddenly her breasts explode live on stage, because God hates her – because on her 49th birthday she finally gave in and shed her virginity, by reading a Jackie Collins novel.
Back to the point – the latest horreur in my 'life' ('existence' might be a more suitable word), was waking up from a dream, where I was being chased by an enormous ass. For once, I wasn't being chased by Britney Spears. Or even J-Lo for that matter *snigger* (that reminds me – J-Lo attempted to poach Kylie Minogue's ass-makeup-stylist this week, as reported in recent news. Afraid to say it J-Lo, but the only makeup you will get on that ass will be a certain type from your Dear Ben).
Anyway – I went to the bathroom to cleanse and tone. As the warm water from the iron tap cascaded into the sink, I looked down.
And let out a scream.
There was poo in the sink! There WAS!! I'm not joking. So I ran screaming down the stairs and around the house, like a Marathon runner, and did about 10 laps of the whole place. Once the horreur had been released from my young and sensitive brain – which, incidentally, is like a sponge, and soaks up tragedy like this in an instant – I crept back into the bathroom. The sight was still the same, except I had left the tap running and now water was gushing over the rim of the sink. And the water was not alone. Poo was floating on top of it... and getting closer to me by the second! So I once again ran screaming down the stairs. But the poo was following me! Like a stalker!
The water was starting to rise to the level where my smoothly-shaved legs were. I ran faster. The poo floated faster. Then suddenly... I tripped over one of my sisters Barbie dolls.
Head first onto the water-filled floor.
The poo floated closer... and closer... and closer....
I couldn't get back up! Help! HELP me!
It floated closer.. and closer...
And I woke up.

I had fallen asleep in the back yard in my sisters paddling pool, which may explain the watery dream. As soon as the thought occurred to me... it became reality. My sister was there too – and she was not alone.
It's a shame Mum doesn't affix a shopping bag around her legs instead of using cheapo nappies from Kwik Save.
How could anything else contain such an enormous, and smelly bulge?
01 May 2003 bob shoot yourself
30 Apr 2003 Felicia - Your advising Angel Dear Ender Wiggen,
That’s no problem. I’m glad you had the chance to stop by. I guess you read a few of my posts and realized that I gave more than my fair share of advice. If not, then you probably read through some funnier material in the favorites section of the “Mouchette” boards involving Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak. But for you to come here for some suggestions, I am going to lend a pair of open eyes… seriously.

When you feel pent up it is always best to talk to a stranger. Especially the ones who have experienced your situation.

It’s ironic at times. It seems that psychiatric help is just going to meeting sessions and pouring out your heart. Then you pay the listeners for listening to you and they give you medication for it. One or two hour sessions are not enough to eliminate your pain. Now I am not saying that psychiatric help is hopeless, I do agree that it is alright to have therapy, but you need to be picky by going to a trusted professional with great credentials. The same goes for looking for a great mechanic. Chose your helpers wisely and remember not to always give handouts to those who hunger for your loose change…sad to say, it’s not always the homeless that ask for handouts or “value meals”.

Don’t down yourself out in being a “geek”. I think geeks are “cool”. Many beautiful men and women like the sophisticated smart types. Sci-Fi games and science looked down by "normal" or "cool people"? I know of a drug dealer who loves to watch Star Trek, Star Wars, and Quantum Leap. He also plays Dungeons and Dragons for all hours of the night, and is still a bit of a shady character. His friends consider him cool and normal. As for me, I think he is a narcissistic sociopath with a cool smart guy appearance? I once dated him and he broke up with me because I was like a sheep to him. He changed his name to Scott. (Apologies to Scott Bakula) I have a nickname for him.... Scott Evil.

My suggestion though. Don’t get evil. It’s the silent, smart types that worry me.

And the people that scoff at you for being a typecast “geek”. Tell them they have issues that they should tend to themselves and to M.T.O.B. Some people never take the time to gather their thoughts and throw judgment to others and themselves way too quickly.

Drugs, even prescribed, can sometimes be hazardous to our system, even if it starts to makeone feel good. The main cure for all these disorders is exercise, eating well, and running with the dog on the beach (Well, that’s only if you have a dog.). If you are sitting in front of a computer terminal too long, blood starts to coagulate; you lose brain function through blood loss and have a tendency to get really depressed.
The blood and your engine need to get moving. Endorphins, nature's natural drug can do wonders every time. I swim in the pool every morning and run. My therapist gives back rubs and great tips on health. Okay, so it sounds expensive, but you can run for free and it doesn’t cost a dime, except for the expensive pair of Nike Running shoes and sore muscles. Honestly, they are cheaper than prescriptions.

Stay away from the placebos and use them as decoration in the office cube. If a fellow office workercomes about and is curious about them, have them take a few, and tell them to come back for more if there are no results.

Don’t consider that your friends that never contact you are unkind. Friends are really hard to find nowadays. Hmmm…Sounds like a Karen Carpenter song. Well if your friends never returned your calls just consider it their loss and concentrate on you.Perhaps they have issues to deal with and are too involved with other new things in their lives. Make new friends because you cannot have too many friends in this world.

It’s only natural that it takes time to get to know people. That proves that you are not fake. Getting to know people is very wise in the health department and money smart. Just a note, if you first meet someone, such as a blind date, and they try to borrow money from you right away from them… flee… flee... far away.

I worked for a large company too and got laid off. Don’t blame it on yourself that the economy is bad.
The economy is bad, period. I decided to go for freelance writing and getting published and doing part time work here and there. The only way you can make it big is buying stock (which I don’t think is wise right now) or thinking up an invention or a song lyric that comes to your mind. Look at some of the groups nowadays. They write musical lyrics with depressing words in it, and later, it becomes a big hit. Don’t ever think that you are not musically inclined. At 34 going on 14, I am thinking about taking piano lessons.

My friend you are not alone in this world of woes. It seems that suffering is an ongoing process which never stops. I for one can understand that even if you are succeeding, something always steps in the way. Just now I got a rejection note from a part time job in the mail. And a rejection note from a publishing company, and more rejections. I can write forever about my failures and rejections.

1.) I got rejected from Macy’s because I was too over qualified.
2.) A 30-year-old drug dealer rejected me.
3.) I once lived with a bitchy roommate and had to spend time taking care of a feisty, geriatric mother. Now I don’t live with the bitchy roommate.
4.) My car registration needs a change of address.
5.) I need an oil change.
6.) I feel bummed that I gained back ten pounds.
7.) My Micrel stock is plummeting.
8.) I’m a starving artist.
9.) Applied 100 times, replies 0.
10.) I telemarketed for a garbage company and recently got canned.
11.) I am not in love with the guy I am with and love somebody else.

If you feel that you are at the end of your rope. Try this method. Don’t over analyze your life. Never conform to the standards of this world. Just be you. Take the time to walk and gulp in a breath of fresh air. Look at the stars at night and remember that billions upon billions of these stars are both over our heads, and the shooting ones are the ones you make wishes upon. If you are way too analytic and not into this mushy stuff. Write a journal of your thoughts and begin with “I have every right to be here as much as anybody else and there is so much to life that I didn’t experience and never go to do". Think of that one thing that means something to you and do it, despite the boundaries. Suicide is not the suggestion though but living life is.

Never be sorry about your lengthy post. It is okay to fear the unknown and be reassured that loneliness can be broken if you start opening up to theirs.

Things to do if you want to begin (These are just suggestions):
1.) Take up piano lessons.
2.) Fold Origami
3.) Take up surfing (Don’t drown)
4.) Skydiving (Have a good parachute)
5.) Learn to cook
6.) Clean the house
7.) Read up on a good science fiction book
8.) Think up an invention
9.) Help an unfortunate one
10.) Adopt a pet
11.) Learn to fix cars
12.) Update your hard drive
13.) Set up a goal list.
14.) Draw
15.) Paint
16.) Take a nap
17.) Glass blowing
18.) Surfing
19.) Setting up an e-bay account
20.) Listening to positive music
21.) Good Spiritual cleansing
22.) Meditation
23.) Running
24.) Biking
25.) Swimming (Don’t drown…please!)
26.) Sun bathing
27.) Fishing
28.) Take classes
29.) Call your parent
30.) Eat at your favorite restaurant
31.) Go to Tower Records
32.) Build a Model rocket kit
33.) Buy a telescope
34.) Burn cds
35.) Throw away your weight scale
36.) Join a marathon
37.) Go on dates , be a mentor, and the list goes on.

I hope this advice helps you along the way. Good luck and think positive. I remember that you are trully are not alone in this world.
30 Apr 2003 guy behind the girl Wiggen, just to say, a lot of the thingz u suffer from, such as SA are things i also suffer from and is the reason I ended up at this website.
30 Apr 2003 Depressed24/7 Well I recently found out that I may have slept with someone who was infected and that i may too be indeed infected and it's scary to think that I might die from a sickness which is painful suffering and of course other will look at me as if i have cooties.
I haven't yet been diagnosed with anything but I have heard the rumours about him and what he is supposed to have and I can't ask him anything cause he has been shot and killed and now I'm left with this empty feeling and don't wanna suffer and die. I just would rather die with less suffering like in my sleep somehow or I'd even rather just be shot and die immediatly but I have a son and he is only 2 and I'm 20 and I would hate for him to see me suffer and in pain. I'm a weak person I suppose and I hate pain. I don't know if this would be right cause I don't totally agree with suicide and it's a Big Sin but what am I to do if I'm gonna die anyway of a slow suffering pain........ I'm so scared....... I contemplated on a few ways to take the plundge, overdose on some kinda pill maybe extacy or do something crazy that would make someone revenge on me and shoot and kill me or await my fate of death.... well if any of you have some helpful advise and ways that are painless of killing myself please tell me
30 Apr 2003 tonkin now im 17 and i think of suicide is a bad thing in many respects. people run away from problems and get stuck cant run anymore, and take a thew pills and ring the police. well this is not sucide this is a cry for help. real sucide is when u have had it with life and no point goin on. these people just die by jumping or shooting themselves. they do this and not tell anyone about what they r goin to do. that is true sucide, no letter, nothin cos real sucides dont get pity. people wanting help by tryin to commit sucide is the wrong way about it. look at ur self and think the life im leadin is shit make an other start again get lost somewhere else forget ur past and start a new person whatever ur done or what. the funny thing is u know that rule that americans my country britian go on about is freedom, u can do what u want. i think its ur choice if u want to end ur life not a mental hospital or ur mother father sister ur choice u control ur own life ur should have the choice to end it. i have no sympathy on people that take there lives because its stupid. the best option what i normally do when somthin happens just shrug it off dont care about it cos time is the answer to all problems and u need alot of that to get over on what u have problems with. if you want to point a different opinion mail me and post it on here.

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